Recently, I got an email from BLOGGER regarding a COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT issue about this little blog of mine. I was really annoyed on the move of BLOGGER ADMINISTRATORS deleting my BLOGPOST entitled "THE VAULT BEAT" without any prior notice. YUP!! I've read some co-bloggers of mine complaining about the system of BLOGSPOT.COM and I've been alarmed lately on what's happening on the Blogosphere. I just can't get the idea of deleting a Blogpost here in my blog without any kind of warning or even taking notice of why it should be deleted.

Here's my deleted blogpost:
My blogpost contained the special link to the NEW WAVE MIX volume two created by my friend "THE BEATMEISTER" and I don't know how I violated the COPYRIGHT thing. All I did was post my personal review (The Dr. Stirring Rhod way) of the MIX and promote my KABAYAN BEAT's site and "THE VAULT" site. If there was any complain on the MIX then at least the only thing that BLOGGER would have done was delete the link or just asked me to delete the link which I will do so. The NEW WAVE MUSIC MIX was uploaded by BENJIE since it was broadcasted LIVE on 'THE VAULT" and this is for sharing purposes only. But, what happened? My entire BLOGPOST "THE VAULT BEAT" was deleted and unfortunately I was unable to save a copy of that blogpost. I was definitely shocked of what happened because we just don't know what blogpost of mine would be deleted next. BADTRIP YAN!! I see to it that my blog is very different from other blogsite and this blog doesn't really concentrate on uploading music that much because that's the way I like to run it. Hmmmp!! All my posts are carefully done and have it very special so that It would be very PINOY.

I would like to thank all the supporters of this humble blog of mine and I hope you keep on supporting it. Regarding my next blogpost? Well, I just have to observe what's in store for us.

I'm just here to blog and share my inputs on the music scene here in MANILA and have fun remembering those YESTERYEARS. HE HE HE!! Of course, for relaxation on the usual working days.

I hope everything would turn out fine here in the BLOGOSPHERE. Any suggestions from you guys are very welcome.

UNTIL THEN, Enjoy your weekend!! BYE!!


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