"THIRD WAVE" was the Legendary Philippine New Wave Vinyl Compilation Series that was released back in the 80s and was very popular to PINOY NEW WAVERS. In the 90s a Philippine Bootleg New Wave compilation CD series called "3rd Wave" also made waves here in MANILA. In line with my little blog "The Doctor Is In" Third Year Anniversary, I'm featuring this series exclusively "The Dr. Stirring Rhod Way". I was lucky enough to have completed the entire series from the 80s Vinyl Records (THIRD WAVE) and the 90s CD Bootlegs (3rd Wave) . So why "THIRD WAVE"? I guess It's the Third Wave of British Invasion and that's pertaining to music. Just continuing my blog's 2010 Third Year Anniversary so let me present you.......a PINOY NEW WAVER classic "THIRD WAVE".

My entire THIRD WAVE collection

VINYL RECORDS (all released back in the 80s)
2) THIRD WAVE Volume 2
3) THIRD WAVE Third Stage
4) THIRD WAVE Final Chapter

BOOTLEG CDs (all released back in the 90s)
1) 3rd Wave One "The Best Of New Wave"
2) 3rd Wave Two "The Best Of Wave"

"THIRD WAVE" was a popular Philippine New Wave Vinyl Compilation that was released back in 1986 just after the Philippine February People Power Revolution and at the height of WXB 102. When this compilation hit the record bars here in MANILA, I immediately got my own copy. This first volume consist of 10 tracks from 10 different Artists/Bands. This was released by MERCURY RECORDS under DYNA PRODUCTS INC. and definitely PINOY WAVERS would recall this record. If not, then where were you then KABAYANS? The tracks here were either played by WXB 102, POWER 105, and NU107 back in the 80s. The Artists/Bands are Siouxsie & The Banshees, The Cure, ABC, WIN, Koo De Tah, The Kane Gang, In Parallel, Vitamin Z, Trillion, and recent MANILA visitor none other than Tears For Fears. The THIRD WAVE LOGO and JACKET DESIGN was by JHO SPRINGSTEEN. Well, I really don't have any idea who the baby was on the cover because It was not written on any part of the sleeves. I wonder how he looks like nowadays.

This compilation has an error on how the tracklist would have been written or which song was to be included. I'm referring to Track 2 of Side A which listed as Trillion's Step By Step. If you'll notice on the picture above, the name TRILLION has a different Lettering(Pink) compared to KOO DE TAH and WIN. YUP!! The name Trillion superimposed the name of Jeff Lorber. So It was found out that the producers of this compilation had a major mistake of not really knowing what to place whether the song Step By Step by Jeff Lorber or Step By Step by Trillion. Finally Trillion made it to the tracklist which I think is much better with the concept than the Jeff Lorber song which is a funk/jazz track.

I uploaded both "STEP BY STEP" songs for you to listen to and be the judge. I decided to let you listen to the 12" versions of both songs instead of the album versions to spice up this blogpost of mine.



"THIRD WAVE Volume 2" was the follow-up compilation also released in 1986 few weeks after the success of the first volume. YUP!! I rushed also to the nearest record bar when news of the release of this Vinyl leaked in campus. He He He!! It also consists of 10 artists/bands and this would be recalled by PINOY NEW WAVERS as the compilation that included the 1984 99.5RT controversial "Medium by Fade" or "Fade by Medium" which was popularly known as "More To Lose" by "SEONA DANCING". Yup!! This was the first Philippine release of the song and was also released on 45 single few weeks after. "More To Lose" was known to be a New Wave Anthem here in the Philippines and It's 12" extended remix was not really released here locally in MANILA so Pinoy New Wave collectors like me relied on getting an imported vinyl which is much expensive. The other artists and bands included were ABC, Bronski Beat, Alone Again Or (not to be mistaken with a POWER 105 DZBM classic song from THE DAMNED), Be Wild, Then Jerico, Zerra One, Elton John & Millie Jackson, Blancmange, and a personal favorite of mine which is a band called Twilight. This time ABC made it again to the compilation but with the song "Vanity Kills". The first volume included ABC's "Look Of Love". As expected, all songs in the compilation made it to the playlists of either WXB 102, DZBM POWER 105, and NU 107. I'll not go into details regarding what station played the songs first or even introduced the bands first. I'll try to indicate it when I make specific blogposts on each bands or songs next time. The same person was also responsible for the THIRD WAVE logo and jacket. Hmmmp? The baby just got older on the cover. Nothing also written on who the kid was on the cover.

"THIRD WAVE: Third Stage" was the third installment of this Philippine New Wave compilation series which was released back in 1987 few weeks before WXB102 said farewell on MANILA airwaves. Comparing to it's two predecessors, this compilation is a bit underground in concept with more songs included in it. This included 12 songs from 9 Artists/Bands wherein two songs each from The Cure, Siouxsie and The Banshees, and X-mal Deutschland. The other Artists/Bands are Fine Young Cannibals, Communards, The Call, and The Mission. We also see the return of both Then Jericho and Zerra One on the line-up which added up greatness in the compilation. Songs here also made it to the playlists of either WXB 102, DZBM POWER 105, and NU 107. Definitely, I didn't missed out buying this Vinyl too once it hit the record bars back in 1987. The sleeve design this time was by DIANE SPACEY and resleeved by JHO SPRINGSTEEN too.

The "THIRD WAVE" series was a big hit to PINOY NEW WAVERS that on December 17, 1993 there was a New Wave Party entitled "THE THIRD WAVE" organized by Legendary Manila New Wave Mobile 33 1/3. YUP!! That's the ticket shared to us by Eric Pascual of 33 1/3 Mobile when I featured them here on "The Doctor Is In" wayback December 2008. Wheeew!! Time flies so fast indeed!! Well, as you can see the ticket design was based on the "THIRD WAVE: Third Stage" compilation.

"THIRD WAVE: Final Chapter" was the last of the series in Vinyl which was released back in 1988 at the height of the POWER 105 and NU107 New Wave Radio competition. Of course WXB 102 was not on air anymore when this hit the record bars here in MANILA and so most of the songs here were introduced by BM and NU. I also bought the Vinyl immediately when it was released. This included 12 songs from 11 different Artist/Bands because Violent Femmes has two songs here. The Cure and Xmal Deutschland made a comeback and the others are Camouflage, March Violets, All About Eve, King Kurt, Voice Of The Beehive, The Jam, The Fountainhead, and Hard Rain. Artwork is by the same person who worked throughout the entire series and that's JHO SPRINSTEEN. Another great line-up indeed!! Finally ending the Vinyl Series with a bang which started 1986 up to 1988. "THIRD WAVE" made a mark for PINOY NEW WAVERS back then. All "THIRD WAVE" Vinyl series were released by MERCURY RECORDS under DYNA INC. So was this the Final Chapter of THIRD WAVE? I guess not!! ENTER THE CDs!!

"3rd Wave One: The Best Of New Wave" was a Philippine New Wave Bootleg CD compilation released back in 1997 which hit the underground shops in Greenhills. Well, we thought that's the end of "THIRD WAVE". I guess we were wrong!! Though, this was the last piece of the puzzle in my collection and I bought it on a much later date I'm still happy that when I finally got an original copy then my THIRD WAVE collection was finally completed. According to the sleeve, this was released by a certain "HK HOT HITS RECORDS". Wheeeew!! Is that a nice name for a record label? He He He!! This Bootleg CD compilation contains 17 songs from 14 Artists/Bands from the New Wave Era of the 80s since this was released already in the 90s. All songs here were played by either WXB 102 , DZBM POWER 105, and NU 107 back in the 80s and of course 90s Legendary New Wave Program 89 DMZ's WAVE 180 since it was still popular during those times. The Artists/Bands are Echo And The Bunnymen, The Alarm, The Smiths, The Adventures, 10,000 Maniacs, Cactus World News, The Bolshoi, Red Flag, Translator, Soup Dragons, Aztec Camera, The Church, and two former MANILA Visitors namely Real Life and Gene Love Jezebel. Echo And The Bunnymen has 3 songs in this CD while Gene Loves Jezebel has 2 songs. Another great compilation and if you'll notice It's "3rd Wave" already and not "THIRD WAVE". I guess that's to distinguish the Legendary Vinyl from this CD. Since the compilation title was "3rd Wave One" so there should be a follow-up.

"3rd Wave Two: The Best Of Wave" was definitely a follow-up New Wave Bootleg CD compilation released back in 1999 by Soundwave and remastered by 24bit and this time I was able to buy this CD when It was available at Greenhills back in 1999. This also included 17 songs but this time It's from 15 different Artists/Bands namely Morrissey, Camouflage, Pale Fountains, Flesh For Lulu, The Bolshoi, H20, White China, The Mighty Lemon Drops, 10,000 Maniacs, Concrete Blonde, Information Society, Alphaville, Book Of Love, and former MANILA visitor China Crisis. There was a typographical error on the back sleeve because instead of Flesh For Lulu, the tracklist showed "Fresh For Lulu". Hmmmp? That was fresh!! He He He!!! Btw, Flesh For Lulu has two songs in this compilation. This CD was also the chance for PINOY NEW WAVERS to have a clear CD copy of POWER 105 EXCLUSIVES "Smiles And Jokes" by WHITE CHINA and "Blue Diamond" by H2O. This is the final compilation of 3rd wave and it ended the THIRD WAVE/3rd Wave series. Those were the good old days of Vinyl Records and CDs. Nowdays, a lot of youngsters are just contented to have those mp3 copies of songs being played on the airwaves/internet. A lot has changed indeed in the music industry. I still prefer to have the physical copy of the songs I love listening to via CDs or Vinyl Records."THIRD WAVE/3rd Wave" will always be remembered by PINOY NEW WAVERS of my generation.

Inside my "3rd Wave" CDs

I think that's all for now folks!! I hope you enjoyed another trip down memory lane with this very exclusive blogpost of mine as much as I enjoyed creating it. THANKS for dropping by and taking time to visit again "The Doctor Is In". Do come back for more.

This is the
THIRD WAVE of Docmuzic!!



"The Doctor Is In" 3rd Year Anniversary!!

Hello Everyone!! It's been quite a while since my last blogpost and I've been very busy lately with a lot of things but definitely I'll not forget this Anniversary post of mine. Today is August 24, 2010 and It's the 3rd Year Anniversary of my little blog "The Doctor Is In"!! HAPPY 3rd Birthday indeed!! Well, "docmuzic.blogspot.com" is on it's Third Year and I'm just thankful that after 3 years I'm still here in the blogosphere even though I have recently trimmed down the number of my blogposts. It was very different back in 2007 comparing this year 2010 and a lot have changed indeed. Although there were also rough times that my blog experienced along the way, the important thing is that you're still tuned in on the same site I have created back in August 24, 2007. YUP!! This is without changing URLs and that for me is an achievement already. THANK YOU EVERYONE who have supported my blog and also to those who still visit and lurk here in my blog my gratitude too. So we're going to FOURTH YEAR or 4th gear if you want that for a change. We will be shifting gears and so watch out for some upcoming surprises anytime. Just stay tuned okay. Time just flies so fast and I just realized that It has been that long.

I'll leave you with an NU107 classic and one of my favorite New Wave Birthday songs. Let me present you "CONCRETE BLONDE" with "HAPPY BIRTHDAY". Music Video uploaded by bia0.


"I just don't MAKE blogposts....... I CREATE them".