Well, I guess the BLOGOSPHERE is getting FAST AND FURIOUS nowadays and a lot of things have changed drastically in blogging from MUSIC to PEOPLE who feel they just climbed Mount Everest to boost up their egos. Ha Ha Ha!! Just like CASEY KASEM would say "Keep your feet on the ground while reaching for the stars". I just wanna THANK YOU guys for the continued support of this little blog of mine and making it a success. I'm humbled with this. THANK YOU in Pilipino is SALAMAT. We will never know what lies ahead but definitely SOMETHING GOOD. Yeeeebbaaaah!! Like my two very own DICTUMS would say "MUSIC MATTERS AND MEMORIES OF IT MATTERS MOST" and "EVERYONE WANTS TO KNOW A LOT OF THINGS, BUT NO ONE KNOWS EVERYTHING". Ciao Baby!!

THANK YOU- Pale Fountains


SALAMAT Kabayans!!
THANK YOU very much guys!!



DJ PANGGAP's Pretentious Wave Mix

Two months ago Rob and Rhenzo referred me to their fellow Bedroom DJ on Multiply who also loves to make Music Mixes like them. DJ Joel Oris aka. DJ Panggap(in English "Pretend") is the person I'm talking about and I guess he joins both Rhenzo and Rob as Comfort Room este Bedroom DJs being featured here on "The Doctor Is In". He He He!! The Comfort Guys? Naaaah!! Well, DJ Joel would comfort you guys for another Great NEW WAVE MIX in this little blog of mine. YUP!! You got it right!! We're Pumping It Up Again!! Actually, I was the one who made this DJ Panggap Blogpost Picture and the MIX Title to make things groovie and shaking. He He He!! So another KABAYAN who I think deserves also to be featured here like the other KABAYANS who I have chosen before to SHARE some NEW WAVE MIXING for you guys.

DJ JOEL started DJing during his high school days back in 1986 as a Bedroom DJ, then on his college days he, together with his elder brother and their friends, put up a mobile disco when they were at Fort Bonifacio. He loves any type of music depending upon his mood from the late 70s music to the 80s NEW WAVE/DISCO and up to 90s dance hits. So why DJ Panggap? Hmmmp!! He admitted that he's not a veteran or an excellent DJ and confirms that he just know something about DJing. Pretending to be a DJ? Well, I guess he just humbly love doing this kind of things. He had some stint as an alternate DJ at PSG Officers Club House at MalacaƱang Park when his boss discovered that he has a talent in spinning. In 1996-1998 he was able to jam with the DJs at KILLER BEE in Lucena City during their "PARTY ON WEEKENDS" specials. So I present you another NEW WAVE MIXSET from KABAYAN DJ Joel.

FILE SIZE: ~42.65 megabytes
01) The Christians - Harvest For The World
02) Robin Wright – Give Me Back My Heart
03) Wild Swans – Bringing Home The Ashes
04) Echo & The Bunnymen – The Game
05) Psychedelic Furs – Pretty In Pink
06) The Pale Fountains – From Across the Kitchen Table
07) The The – This Is The Day
08) Aztec Camera – Walk Out To Winter
09) Marc Almond – Tears Run Rings
10) The Cult – She Sell Sanctuary
11) Seona Dancing – More To Lose
12) Propaganda – Duel
13) Ultravox – Dancing With Tears In My Eyes
14) Psychedelic Furs – Heaven

DOWNLOAD the MIX by clicking the NUMARK CUE PIX:

PASSWORD: http://docmuzic.blogspot.com/

The MIX started with "HARVEST FOR THE WORLD" which make it clear that this PINOY NEW WAVE MIXES I'm featuring here are true harvest for the world to hear. Nice incoming set of songs from Robyn Wright,Wild Swans, and EATB that would satistify your NEW WAVE cravings. Then increasing your mood with a classic movie theme song that every PINOY WAVER loves which is "PRETTY IN PINK" by PSYCHEDELIC FURS. It was so loved, that an all girl PINOY BAND was named after the movie/song which was "PRETTIER THAN PINK" which made a hit song entitled "KOOL KA LANG" back in the early 90s. Well, he also included a PINOY WAVER favorite in SEONA DANCING. Ending the set with "HEAVEN" so that's the way you felt? He He He!! It's really another time travel for you guys while listening to DJ Joel's Mix and hopefully you'll like it the way I did. THANK YOU VERY MUCH DJ JOEL FOR SHARING YOUR TALENT HERE!!

So Don't Pretend!!
Just ENJOY DJ Panggap's MIX!!


Similar Album Covers?

I came across the website of SHADOW BLUES who is from MILAN, ITALY and saw this bunch of Album Covers that have certain similarities which I believe would be interesting for you guys. He gave some descriptions about it and the Music Genre that he observed were diverse but I just picked up some of it that would be match for my blog's concept. Well, It's up to you to judge .


Btw, though this was not included on SHADOW BLUES' list, I made a BLOGPOST about MICHAEL JACKSON's "BEAT IT" and WEIRD AL's "EAT IT" before so do check it out by clicking the picture of both BEAT IT/EAT IT to enter my blogpost.

CCCP versus KLIMT918





Definitely, there are more of these stuffs if you have the time to really research on it like SHADOW BLUES did.




Well, I've seen this Wikipedia entry created by MIKE SUTTON who is half PINOY/half SCOTTISH about WXB102 in a lot of website so why not place it here on "The Doctor Is In" too. Actually, It's very interesting and definitely informative for people like me who grew up listening to "THE STATION THAT DARES TO BE DIFFERENT" WXB102 back in th 80s.

It's WikipediaXB102!!

So here it goes, this is as of MARCH 20,2009.

WXB102(formerly under the call sign and frequency DWXB-FM at 102.7 MHz, a frequency now used by Star FM) is a former Metro Manila FM radio station and current Internet radio station that plays New Wave, punk rock, dancepunk, synth pop and classic alternative from the UK, Philippines, and the rest of the world, available through Live365. Re-opened in 2005, WXB 102 is now owned and operated by a U.S. independent record label Sutton Records.


Nicknamed "The Station That Dares To Be Different", DWXB-FM was the first all-New Wave music radio station in the Philippines. Broadcasting at 102.7 MHz (initially at 102.5 MHz) on the
Prior to switching to New Wave, the DWXB-FM management flirted with disco in the late 1970s and then adopted the American Top Forty format in 1982, dubbing itself as Cute 102. By 1983, WXB 102 started including New Wave acts from the UK into the Top Forty mix, due to the FM dial and from inside a house in Pasay City, Philippines, DWXB-FM, also referred to as WXB-102, acquired legendary status since it vanished from the airwaves on June 9, 1987. DWXB-FM targeted the youth demographic, bringing New Wave music to the Philippine mainstream and inspiring regional rock artists such as The Dawn, The Identity Crisis, and Violent Playground, all of whom were championed by the station at a time when guitar-based OPM was ignored by the other local outlets with the exception of a weekly show on DZRJ-AM in the early 1980s. influence of the late DJ Mark Fournier. In 1984, New Wave began erupting in Manila's dance clubs thanks to the city's mobile discos, who often spun records imported from Europe, and the proliferation of New Wave music videos on Philippine TV. WXB 102 gradually evolved into a New Wave radio station with the Fournier; The Unbeatable, the alias of Dave Ryan; and Rico Severino, known as J.J.Michaels. WXB 102 briefly competed with another New Wave and disco radio station in Manila, DWBM-FM 105.1 MHz which then dubbed as Power 105 FM in 1985.

It was only in 1986 when the station went full-blown "new music" in format with the line-up of The Morning Man or Inggo & his Request Round-Up at sign-on; Cool Carla; Julius Caesar; George Frederick, who was also the Program Director; Fat Albert & his program Rock Wave; and The Ghost. Later, Allan K. joined the staff deejays after an on-air search. A pair of blocktime shows that caught the youth market by the neck back then were Radio Manila and Capital Radio, specializing in local underground punk scene and U.K. and U.S. imports that characterized a harsher or more avant-garde side to alternative music. At this point, "The Station That Dares to be Different" became station's the official slogan.
Despite its relatively low power of roughly 1 kilowatt, WXB 102 developed a huge following in places where its signal could be picked up.

In 1986, WXB 102 was the Philippines' most influential music station, its popularity putting pressure on regional labels to belatedly release the entire discographies of several new wave artists. On the surface, their New Wave format could be compared to overseas stations like KROQ-FM and CFNY-FM, but WXB 102 probed the genre for deeper cuts and more obscure acts, giving massive exposure to little-known or forgotten New Wave artists from the UK. Unable to compete with the ratings, Power 105 FM switched to mainstream pop in 1986. WXB 102, with the New Wave market to itself and surprising Top Ten ratings, concentrated on pleasing its followers and instead of trying to the masses.

While the New Wave era was already pronounced dead in America in 1987, the genre had not even yet peaked in Manila. Albums once unavailable were continuing to be licensed to Philippine labels, which was credited to WXB 102. However, 1987 would be its final year. The new Corazon C. Aquino-led government began sequestering properties owned by her predecessor Ferdinand Marcos and his cronies, including the home studio that WXB FM beamed from.

On June 9, 1987, despite attempts to keep it on the air, WXB 102 signed-off.


In November 1987, seeing that the absence of WXB 102 left a void on Manila radio that could be capitalized upon, NU 107 debuted at 107.5 MHz with a series of test broadcasts that resurrected the old WXB 102 format in what was termed a "New Rock" format. It essentially picked up where WXB 102 left off, debuting several late 1980s new wave acts such INXS, When In Rome, Johnny Hates Jazz, Sisters of Mercy, and Information Society. In 1988, Power 105 FM had returned to its short-lived New Wave format which lasted until the station went off-the-air in 1990.

In 1988, Mickey the Clown from WXB 102 reappeared on DWBC-AM as Mick Flame and hosted a 102-styled show often featuring former WXB 102 DJs as guests.

In 1995, 102.7 Star FM was launched by the Bombo Radyo Network.


On 10 September 2005, lifelong fan and New Wave historian Michael Sutton, CEO of the independent label Sutton Records, revived WXB 102 in cyberspace, fulfilling a decades-old fantasy that had its online roots in the no-budget taped broadcasts he and Magic recorded for the original WXB 102 tribute site (maintained with Luis Reyes, Jr.) in 1998. With Seattle-based DJ Brent Sanders as engineer and Los Angeles-based Filipino DJ Klyde using his WXB102 Forever website for as the station's HQ, Sutton brought WXB 102 back on the air. Sutton proceeded to recruit some of WXB's original staff, including Mick Flame, The Morning Man, and Cool Carla, to record their first WXB shows in 18 years.

Listeners can now hear WXB 102 through webstreaming powered by Live365. In 2006, WXB 102 started playing the most recent songs from New Wave legends, current indie and alternative acts such as Bloc Party, Franz Ferdinand, Kaiser Chiefs and The Killers, as well as reggae and ska.

On October 23, 2006, WXB 102 became the first online music station to have a countdown hosted by DJs in various countries.

On January 15, 2007, WXB 102 began broadcasting live for the first time since going off the air nearly 20 years before. WXB 102's legendary Program Director/DJ George Frederick returned to the airwaves along with The Ghost, Mick Flame, and Naughty Natty, one of the station's original volunteers. Two days later, Julius Caesar came back to the station, also broadcasting live from Manila. WXB 102 is the only Internet-based New Wave radio station with live DJs broadcasting daily.

On July 26, 2007, WXB 102 became the highest rating Internet radio station in the dancepunk, 80s, and new wave category on Live365.

Current WXB 102 Staff
* George Frederick, DJ/Programme Director
* Cool Carla, DJ
* Fat Albert, DJ
* The Ghost, DJ
* The Morning Man, DJ
* Allan K., DJ
* Julius Caesar, DJ
* Mick Flame, DJ
* Naughty Natty, DJ
* DJ Hilary, DJ
* Michael Sutton, General Manager/Assistant Programme Director/Current Owner


The Station That Dares To Be Different!!



1st Year Anniversary!!

Time flies so fast that you just don't know what hit you. YUP!! It has been ONE YEAR since I featured SNOOG MIX here in my little blog "The Doctor Is In". WOW!! I can't believe it!! I asked my good friend Snoog last month FEBRUARY 2009 to prepare for another NEW WAVE MIX because it's his MIX ANNIVERSARY here. Hmmmp!! FINALLY!! Better late than never because he had difficulty uploading the files where he is working right now in KUWAIT. We have another masterpiece from the MAN himself who started it all here in my blog. I still remember last year JANUARY 2008 when Snoog send me a personal message suggesting to feature his mix here on my blog.....and the rest was HISTORY I may say!! I'll be having a SPECIAL BLOGPOST on MY STORY ON HOW THESE NEW WAVE MIXES evolved the past year I featured them and just hang on to your seats because that would be an interesting blogpost I promise since these mixes have all been a part of "The Doctor Is In". More NEW WAVE MIXES to come guys so better get ready. Of course, I can't do this without the help of my KABAYANS who have been supporting my blog for the past 19 months of existence. This would be the 6th NEW WAVE MIX from KABAYAN DINDO LOPEZ aka. SNOOG.

I made a simple picture here to celebrate the FIRST BIRTHDAY of SNOOG MIX and so that means more SNOOG MIXES to come in the future on "The Doctor Is In". So here we go again giving you THE BEST OF PINOY NEW WAVE MIXES and ENJOY LISTENING PEOPLE.

What You Get Is What You Seek..Desire
SnooGs 2009 Mix)
Bitrate: 192kbps
File Size: 70mb
Playtime: 51 Minutes

01 The Box That Holds A Secret
02 Tinsletown In The Rain
03 Crazy
04 Bring On The Dancing Horses
05 Beds Are Burning
06 Away
07 Like A Hurricane
08 Disintegration
09 The Truth
10 Love Like Blood
11 Cities In Dust
12 Rain
13 Sweetest Thing
14 All Day & All Of The Night
15 Desire

Download the MIX by clicking Snoog's New Avatar:

Definitely, another trip down MEMORY LANE with music from SECESSION beginning the MIX SET to start the groove which was followed by another cool song from BLUE NILE. I love the entry of ICEHOUSE that makes the beat faster and it gets even better with one of my favorite ECHO AND THE BUNNYMEN song and it's the extended version so let's BRING ON THE DANCING HORSES while the BEDS ARE BURNING. Screaming "AWAY" by THE BOLHOI and THE MISSION on their respective hard hitting songs would blow you away LIKE A HURRICANE. Prepare for DISINTEGRATION on the next set of dark songs from KILLING JOKE, SIOUXSIE, and THE CULT. Better listen to these songs ALL DAY AND ALL OF THE NIGHT and dance with grace. He He He!! Two songs from GENE LOVES JEZEBEL would wrap up this great music mix........and that's THE SWEETEST THING to end it with the title of the mix "What You Get Is What You Seek" ..........Deeessssiiiiiiiiiirrrrrre!! I enjoyed listening to the mix so I hope you guys will also like it. THANKS AGAIN SNOOG!!

DESIRE to dance to
Come And Get(3x)!!



Last month FEBRUARY 2009, I had a chat with my friend BENJIE "The Boy Wonder" of "THE VAULT" and asked some stats and new infos about this obscure internet radio. It's run by a KABAYAN and the DJs are MOSTLY PINOYS who shares their talents on the NET . Some GREAT GUEST FOREIGN DJs also jam with the station. I'm a great advocate of "PROUD TO BE PINOY" thing so I'm definitely proud of these guys. I'm also THANKFUL and very GREATFUL for some of my KABAYANS who shared also their NEW WAVE MIXES here in my little blog "The Doctor Is In" which I may say was the FIRST and right now THE ONLY BLOG that features EXCLUSIVE PINOY NEW WAVE MIXES. SALAMAT SA INYONG LAHAT!!

Here are the following SPECIAL EVENTS VAULT BROADCAST from 2008-present

02-14-08 THE LOVE VAULT – Classic Dance Mixes
08-02-08 BACK TO THE EIGHTIES – Non Stop 80’s Mixes
09-20-08 THE VAULT MEGAMIX SPECIAL - a night of non-stop new wave megamixes
09-27-08 BACK TO THE EIGHTIES II – Non Stop 80’s Mixes [BIGGER N BETTER]
11-05-08 1ST YEAR ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION – all day/all night mixes

Recap of station’s stats month of FEBRUARY 2009:

Total Listening Hours
January: 1490
February: 1677

Total Station Launches
January: 1501
February: 1820

Station Presets
January: 279
February: 311

(1) US
(2) Spain
(3) Philippines
(4) Brazil
(5) Sweden
(6) UK
(7) Japan
(8) Germany
(9) Peru
(10)Hong Kong

NEW WAVE #5 and 6


THE VAULT DJs on cue!!

DJ Aaron [Manila, Philippines]
DJ Handsome Devil [Berlin,Germany]
DJ Yaj [Manila, Philippines]
DJ Caz10 [Georgia,USA]
DJ Dragon [California, USA]
SPiNTECH [Manila, Philippines]

Check out THE VAULT's MULTIPLY SITE by clicking the Old School RADIO PIX:


THE VAULT Radio Online
P.O Box 6415, Burbank, CA 91510 USA



Alive N Kicking (ANK)

"ALIVE AND KICKING" is a common idiomatic expression that means to continue to live or exist and be full of energy. I still remember the officers in the Reserve Officers Training Corps or R.O.T.C. back in my college days use to shout to us in the company "Are you Alive And Kicking!!!!" Well, that seemed to be a wake-up call of sort in the field. R.O.T.C. is a requirement to all Males in college back then and I think these days It's optional already. Definitely, you guys are familiar with this expression and I guess you have used this too before. What I'll be featuring today is another Philippine New Wave Compilation CD entilted "ANK: ALIVE N' KICKING". Not that much to say about this CD but my KABAYAN Rhenzo was the one who informed me that this compilation is almost the same as "THE RISE OF INDIE" New Wave Compilation I featured here in my blog before so I then got interested on to feature his CD because I got curious about it.

Here's the "ANK" CD:


The difference between the Tracklist of "ANK" to the Tracklist of " The Rise Of Indie" is on the last two songs. ANK has "THE MORE YOU LIVE, THE MORE YOU LOVE" from a former MANILA Visitor A FLOCK OF SEAGULLS, and "NEVER YOU DONE THAT" by GENERAL PUBLIC, while "TROI" has "LIONS" by TONES ON TAILS which means that ANK has a total of 15 songs while "TROI" has only 14 songs. Well, better check out my "THE RISE OF INDIE" blogpost for more.

Click "The Rise Of Indie" Logo to enter my blogpost and download my CD:

"ALIVE AND KICKING" is also the NEW WAVE SONG from the Scottish band SIMPLE MINDS which was released as a single from the band's 1985 "Once Upon a Time" album which incidentally became #1 in album sales here in MANILA back in 1985 according to the Legendary Philippine Music Songbook Magazine called "JINGLE MAGAZINE". I bought the Vinyl Record of the album and for me It's still my favorite SIMPLE MINDS album. I first heard the song via DZBM POWER105 back in 1985. Btw, this song is not included on the "ANK" CD compilation. Weird Isn't it?

Here's the Music Video of SIMPLE MINDS' "Alive And Kicking":

Are you still all



DJ JOVEN's Wave Addiction MIX

Few months ago I spotted this PINOY MUSIC MIXES website called MIX MINISTRY and I got to know KABAYAN Dj Joven Balin on that site. YUP!! Full of good music mixes from my KABAYAN on that site from different musical genres and so I got a chance to get in touch with DJ Joven aka. "Boy Kislot" and asked him if he's willing to contribute a NEW WAVE MIX here in my little blog. The first MIX MINISTER that I'm going to feature. Would that mean that there would be more of them? Well, that depends on them. He He He!! According to DJ Joven, the music of the late FRANCIS M. have a lot to do in making him a music lover. He is a great fan of THE MASTER RAPPER!! FRANCIS M. was known to be "THE MOUTH" at 89DMZ and he had a radio show back in the 90s which DJ JOVEN loved to listen to. He was also very saddened with the death of his Idol FRANCIS M. like everyone here in MANILA. A self-confessed HIP HOP fan, he also opened up for other genres especially NEW WAVE and was greatly influenced by 89 DMZ's New Wave Radio show "WAVE180" hosted by "THE UNBEATABLE". Hmmmp!! I guess I have to say he is an avid DMZ fan don't you think. He had also some mobile experiences being a member of an obscure Taguig Mobile called "JSL Mobile" from 1998 to 2002. Actually, he loves any form of music as long as it satisfies his taste. So why the aka "Boy Kislot"? Well, he got it from reading XEREX XAVIERA's portion in a well known Philippine Tabloid called "ABANTE" which was very famous in the 90s. "Kislot" is one of the "For Adults Only" slang XEREX used back then. I wonder where XEREX is right now? Any ideas DJ Joven? He He He!! So guys I present you KABAYAN DJ Joven's WAVE ADDICTION MIX.

DJ Joven's
Wave Addiction Mix:
Time: 44:58
01. The Lightning Seeds - All I Want
02. Book Of Love - Modigliani (Lost in Your Eyes)
03. Book Of Love - Boy
04. Flesh For Lulu - I Go Crazy
05. Lloyd Cole And The Commotions - My Bag
06. Big Audio Dynamite - E=MC2
07. Bolshoi - Please
08. Japan - Quiet Life
09. Camouflage - Love is a Shield
10. The Ocean Blue - Drifting Falling
11. Echo And The Bunnymen - Over You
12. Modern English - After the Snow
13. The Mighty Lemon Drops - Into the Heart of Love
14. Modern English - Hands Across the Sea
15. H2O - Who'll Stop the Rain
16. Everything But The Girl - Ballad of the Times
17. Positive Noise - When Lightning Strikes
18. Siouxsie And The Banshees - The Killing Jar
19. A Flock Of Seagulls - Who's that Girl? (She's Got It)

Click the Black & White Pix of DJ Joven to Download the Mix:

PASSWORD: http://docmuzic.blogspot.com/

Nice entry song with "ALL I WANT" by THE LIGHTNING SEEDS because of the water effects on the song as if you started listening to the MIX underwater. My favorite part of this MIX would probably be the Back To Back BOOK OF LOVE songs namely "Modigliani" and "Boy" which follows next. Of course, who would not go crazy with FLESH FOR LULU classic "I GO CRAZY" which is a favorite among PINOY WAVERS because of the movie "SOME KIND OF WONDERFUL". Great choices of songs and definitely another time travel dancing for you guys. MODERN ENGLISH have two songs also in the set. For DJ Joven, he loves creating Plain and Simple Mixes without too much Loops, Samples, and Effects. This would make the sound very Analog for him which he greatly love. It's a 45minutes of reminiscing the good old days again by enjoying this superb mix. H20 singing about the rain and POSITIVE NOISE about lightning killing the jar of SIOUXSIE. He He He!! NU107 current NEW WAVE Program's theme EBTG "Ballad Of The Times" says it all for this Mix. Nice Set KABAYAN!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH DJ JOVEN FOR SHARING YOUR TALENT HERE IN MY BLOG!!

This is another



It was 1983 when Danish group LAID BACK invaded PHILIPPINE RADIO with their worldwide hit "WHITE HORSE". The band was formed in Copenhagen by Tim Stahl on vocals/keyboards and John Guldberg on vocals/guitars back in 1979. I also remember that EAT BULAGA had a "Ride A WHITE HORSE Dance Contest" back in 1983 and this time the song went on to conquer PHILIPPINE TELEVISION too. I find the contestants being influenced by the METALLIC GIGOLO thing back then while performing their dance number. Wheeew!! Here we go again"MEMORIES INDEED!!". He He He!! Few months after the success of the contest, EAT BULAGA then introduced LAID BACK's second MANILA HIT entitled "HIGH SOCIETY GIRL" with another dance contest. Hmmmp!! This time the contestants were wearing a "TANGGA" thing wherein they showed some skin in their lower extremities. I guess this was before the TANGGA battle between LOVELINESS' "Miss Alma Moreno" and THE STAR OF ALL SEASON "Miss Vilma Santos". So that's two dance contests for the band LAID BACK here in MANILA but PINOY would just remember these two songs and not the band name itself.

Then in late 1986, the THIRD SONG from the band entitled "SUNSHINE REGGAE" was played on MORNING MAN's Morning XB show "REQUEST ROUND-UP" which then became a staple on the program. YUP!! It's definitely one of MORNING MAN's favorite song and everytime I hear this song nowadays it reminded me of those times. Though, SUNSHINE REGGAE didn't achieve the popularity of both "WHITE HORSE" and "HIGH SOCIETY GIRL" in terms of MANILA RADIO airplay, it still remained a classic for PINOY NEW WAVERS especially the XB FANATICS. Well, It has a reggae beat that could let you dance through the summer heat. Btw, summer is really on the air here in MANILA because the temperature seems to be getting hotter and hotter by the day. Wheeew!! Of course, that's if you're out of the air conditioned place you're staying, be it at your office, the mall or even the vehicles you're riding. I find this song very COOL to listen to and good jives can be felt I may say. Btw, I requested SUNSHINE REGGAE to POGZ last February 26,2009 for the next episode of NU1O7's New Wave Radio show called "LISTEN ON: THE BALLAD OF THE TIMES". YUP!! The song was on the show's fourth episode ( EPISODE 304) playlist aired last MARCH 4, 2009. Of course, I dedicated the song to INGGO aka "THE MORNING MAN" who was also listening that evening from BAGUIO CITY. I wanna thank POGZ for including the song on the playlist and of course SIR GEORGE FREDERICK for playing it and for greeting me and Inggo on air. He He He!

Click my DIY Then And Now Morning Man PIX to enter my REQUEST ROUND-UP blogpost:

MORNING MAN Circa 1987/2007

Since I love the song so much that I bought only the "SUNSHINE REGGAE" EP vinyl record under SIRE RECORDS instead of the LAID BACK album. Nice Vinyl Cover guys which really depicted on the song title. SUNSHINE REGGAE became a major hit in EUROPE and SOUTH AMERICA. The B-side of this EP is WHITE HORSE. I really love the musical intro and the reggae beat of this song which makes you wanna wear those summer outfits or even go swimming in BORACAY. He He He!! LAID BACK were able to focus on their music after being fired from their daytime jobs in a dispute over $100 with a drunken publisher, which led them to the climax of their art, "SUNSHINE REGGAE". Since this is the season in the sun here in MANILA, so why not listen to any reggae and island rhythms and be sure to include WXB102 Classic "SUNSHINE REGGAE".



- Laid Back Lyrics

Let the Good Vibes
Get a lot stronger!!


Francis M. (R.I.P)

My country, the PHILIPPINES, just loss a TRUE PINOY CULTURAL ICON last MARCH 6,2009 at 12:20pm when FRANCIS DURANGO MAGALONA aka. "FRANCIS M.",THE MASTER RAPPER, passed away due to severe complications after waging a battle from LEUKEMIA specifically Acute Myelogenous Leukemia or simply A.M.L. at THE MEDICAL CITY HOSPITAL. I have some patients before having the same Medical Diagnosis and I have to say in practice that it has a very poor prognosis. So when I got the news last August, 2008 of FRANCIS M.'s medical health condition I was really saddened because majority of my patients with the same diagnosis sadly didn't lived that long. Though, there are treatments indeed in this kind of leukemia, It's is still the "BIG C." (Cancer) and definitely due to some proliferative mutations the patients can have a poor immune system thus leading with other complications. I personally shot this photo of the HEADLINE NEWS that would really start this blogspost tribute of mine.

A lot of TRIBUTES has been made already in the WEB, Television, Radio, and other MEDIA FORMAT, but here's my own tribute giving my last respect to one great FILIPINO ARTIST .....and that's FRANCIS MAGALONA. From the RAPublic of the PHILIPPINES!!

Last weekend, I was able to tune in to the TRIBUTE done by EAT BULAGA for the FATHER OF PINOY RAP and was really touched on the production. GALING!! Like me, FRANCIS M., is also an advocate of "PROUD TO BE PINOY" theme and the MAN FROM MANILA would always be forever in the hearts of every FILIPINOS. As you have noticed, ever since I've started this little BLOG wayback 2007 and entitled my very first blogspost as "BIG NEW BEGINING", I have already placed the PHILIPPINE FLAG on the right side of my blog to remind everyone that this blog is definitely "MADE IN THE PHILIPPINES". YUP!! Francis M. is very nationalistic and patriotic too and that reflected a lot on his songs for the entire generation to keep. One very key person to be missed in the PHILIPPINE MUSIC INDUSTRY and the NATION itself. This reminds us that life is indeed very fragile and we have to make the most out of it. Our stay here on earth is only temporary and everytime we breathe that's a major "THANK YOU" to our creator. We may be here today...and gone tomorrow. HEALTH IS WEALTH!! We will miss you FRANCIS M.!!!

Here are some VIDEO CLIPS from




I have uploaded some of my favorite FRANCIS M. songs for you guys, so if you're interested to download it just click FRANCIS M,'s "Thinking Picture" to get my music files. Btw, I went to five record shops lately and all of them doesn't anymore have any FRANCIS MAGALONA Original CDs. Hmmmmp!! HARD TO FIND? I guess we will see some RE-ISSUES coming up in the future like what happened to all ERASERHEADS album wherein after the FIRST REUNION CONCERT you could already see all their albums back in the market. Btw, on the FINAL SET of the ERASERHEADS CONCERT, the guys from E-HEADS sang their version of "KALEIDOSCOPE WORLD" which they dedicated to their dear friend FRANCIS MAGALONA.

27 MB

1) A Whole Lotta Lovin'
2) Cold Summer Nights
3) Girl Be Mine
4) Ito ang Gusto ko
5) Kaleidoscope World
6) Man From Manila
7) Meron akong ano!
8) Mga Kababayan ko

Click FRANCIS M. pix to download the songs:

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Here's the music video of KALEIDOSCOPE WORLD

Ripped by: BAD BURN

Just to quote MR. JOEY DE LEON's POEM which I was able to watch on JESSICA SOHO REPORTS: "The Master Rapper just Wrapped-Up to meet his Master".



I guess without KIKO we will be having






ISKUL BUKOL (20 years after)

"Iskwelang kwela ‘to dito’y enjoyable Konting aral lang konting bulakbol Dito nang lahat, madaldal at bulol Dito na nga, Iskul Bukol.Ah hah hah, ah hoo Yeah, Iskul Bukol".......that's a classic line from the "ISKUL BUKOL theme song" that PINOY would definitely remember which was sung by TITO VIC, and JOEY to the tune of "All Shook Up" by the King Of Rock And Roll ELVIS PRESLEY. Every Christmas Season, we usually try to watch at least one movie entry from the set of METRO MANILA FILM FESTIVAL entries and the film that we decided to watch last December 2008 was "Iskul Bukol 20 Years After: Ungasis and Escaleras Adventure" which starred the Phenomenal Comedy Trio of "TITO, VIC, and JOEY". This movie was actually the third of the series of Iskul Bukol films made before for wide screen viewing after 1977's "Iskul Bukol the Movie" and 1980's "Iskul Bukol Freshmen" which I all consider a treat for their fans since we all know that it was a succesful Comedy Television series which ran from 1978-1987 in IBC Channel 13. Hmmmp!! Whatever happened to IBC 13? Well, It is still the battle between GMA 7 and ABS-CBN 2 here in MANILA for a very long time. Basically, I enjoyed watching the film even though the story plot was simple enough to catch the new generation of PINOY who didn't grew up watching the T.V. series back then. Actually, It's almost three months since It was shown here on theaters but I still would like to blog about the movie itself and the TV series too. Of course, this would be another trip down memory lane for the people who grew up watching "ISKUL BUKOL".

Here's a MOVIE TRAILER last DECEMBER 2008:

If the youngsters are into "HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL", I guess by remembering this then we could call it "HIGH ISKUL BUKOL MUSICAL". He He He!! What do you think KABAYAN? It's nice to see the "REUNION SCENE" in the movie because we got to see those original casts that were popular during those times. YUP!! Who wouldn't remember the ever popular TEACHER "MISS TAPIA" played by Mely Tagasa who has a great crush on JOEY ESCALERA played by JOEY DE LEON. Of course, real life brothers TITO SOTTO as TITO ESCALERA (Joey's brother in the series) and bossing VIC SOTTO as VIC UNGASIS who is now an Archaeologist( ala INDIANA JONES) who has recovered the Kali of Humabon and is looking for the Kampilan of Lapu-Lapu and the Peseta, which reportedly gives the bearer the power of immortality. It was also nice to see many of the show's original cast member appearing in the movie like Anthony Roquel (Tonette Macho), Redford White (Redford), Bibeth Orteza (Bibeth), and Richard Reyes, otherwise known as Ritchie D'Horsie who was actually bailed out from prison by TITO, VIC , and JOEY just to be on the show and to give RITCHIE a last chance to change his ways regarding drug dependence. Hmmmp!! That's very kind and considerate for the TRIO since they've bailed him out several times before. What I clearly missed in the cast was Bing Angeles aka. MANG TEMI, the Canteen owner, who already passed away last 2001. The film was dedicated to both Mang Temi and former series director Emmanuel "Boy" Gatus, who also passed away last October 2008. The movie also has a special participation of MEGASTAR "Miss SHARON CUNETA" who have also guested several times on the original TV series back in the 80s.

The antics of TITO, VIC, and JOEY are still there and definitely these guys are LEGENDS on their field. They know their crop well and have been around for the longest time and still making people laugh and enjoy their brand of comedy. The movie is an action-adventure-comedy-reunion package that would make you travel back in time too like what I usually do here in my little blog. TIME TRAVEL I may say!! He He He!! Some classic footages of the ISKUL BUKOL T.V. series were also inserted on the movie especially when the Trio sang the classic and memorable Iskul Bukol Theme Song. Wheeew!! Btw, I remembered when ISKUL BUKOL ended back in 1987, a second generation Iskul Bukol TV series was created entitled "WANBOL HIGH" which starred KEEMPEE DE LEON(Joey's son NOT JOEY AND SON OKAY), ROMNICK SARMIENTA, and former Child Wonder NINO MULACH in late 1988. Well, definitely this time three young and famous teenagers represented the new class for WANBOL UNIVERSITY which is the name of the school in ISKUL BUKOL. Although, the series if I'm not misken lasted only a year and a half, my fond memories of that "WANBOL HIGH" was that "NEW WAVE MUSIC" was also featured in the background. YUP!! I can still remember music from New Wave bands like "FIGURES IN THE BEACH", "THREE O-CLOCK", "GRACEPOOL", and "RAMONES", just to name a few were played on the show. Can you still recall that KABAYAN? According to a friend of mine who knows someone from IBC Channel 13 back then, the New Wave songs that were played came from Boy Wonder himself NINO MULACH. I wonder if the Boy Wonder still listens to NEW WAVE and collect this music nowadays. Hmmmmp!! Well, I know my friend BENJIE "THE BOY WONDER" of THE VAULT is still collecting these stuffs. Right SER BENJIE?

Here's some clips from the Original TV Series courtesy of VSProduction:

In the past two years there a lots of TITO VIC and JOEY albums that were remastered on CD. YUP!! Their "TOUGH HITS". series were finally released in CD format and you get to have the music of TITO, VIC,and JOEY aka. TVJ which they made in the 70s and 80s, and even the 90s. Since we are talking about "ISKUL BUKOL", then here is the CD I bought entitled "ISKUL BUKOL TOUGH HITS" which was released by VICOR MUSIC CORPORATION. KABAYAN, I also uploaded my entire CD for you guys to download. This is still very much available on your suking tindahan so maybe you could also get an original copy because it's worth listening to once in a while when you think music is not anymore music and you get a good laugh on this one too. This would be the very FIRST PINOY NOVELTY CD that I have made available for download here in "The Doctor Is In". So here it goes...."ISKUL BUKOL TOUGH HITS CD".....I hope you'll enjoy listening to the TRIO "Sina TITO, VIC, and JOEY..Barkada'y.... Oooooops!! The EAT BULAGA Theme Song is not included here okay. He He He!! ENJOY THE MUZIC KABAYAN!!

Iskul Bukol - Tough Hits
~53.38 megabytes
1. Iskul Bukol
2. Naaalala Ka
3. Upakan
4. Ang Mga Babong (I'm Coming Home)

5. Manananggal
6. Mister Kong D.J.

7. Anak ng...Kuwan
8. Langgonisang Maong, Dagang Demins

9. Kajjo Department (Medley)
10. Elvis Department (Medley)

11. Jeproks Department (Medley)
12. Beatles Department (Medley)

13. O.P.M. Department (Medley)
14. Cho's Department (Medley)

15. B.B.B. Department (Medley)


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So while DOWNLOADING the entire songs on my CD I uploaded two of my favorite songs from the album aside from their "ISKUL BUKOL Theme" so that you can listen to.

spoof of a SHARON CUNETA original: "MISTER D.J.".

spoof of a FREDDIE AGUILAR original : "ANAK".

THE BLOOMFIELDS made their own version of the "ISKUL BUKOL" theme which I find very cool. I saw these guys performed at EASTWOOD CITY twice and I have to say that they play good Rock And Roll Jive Music. A combination of 60's Rock And Roll and Combo sound that certainly would make you wanna dance while listening to them playing LIVE MUSIC. You could hear THE BEATLES in their music. I bought their 2007 debut album because these guys really know their craft very well and It's a good thing that once in a while a PINOY BAND would come up with such kind of music. GOOD VIBES I may say!! Their choice of songs wherein It's a combination of ORIGINALS and REVIVALS. YUP!! That's "THE BLOOMFIELDS" for you guys.

Listen to THE BLOOMFIELDS version of "ISKUL BUKOL" theme song:


This is indeed
High "ISKUL BUKOL" musical!!


The RnR NWMix

The CONTROVERSIAL Blogpost concept that the two Jollybe Wannabee DJs have copied without even giving any credits to my blog and even copied the Cover Art. I didn't erased this because this would be the ultimate basis of It's originality. Just BEWARE of FAKE PEOPLE and BACKSTABBERS guys!!

Hello guys!! I'm back again to bring you good NEW WAVE MIX in this little blog of mine. This time I wanted it to be different from the other mixes I've featured here before. YUP!! The "Dr Stirring Rhod's Way" of conceptualizing a blogpost. He He He!! I wanna experiment on something new and so I asked my KABAYAN Rhenzo and Rob to help me out on this project. I entitled this MIXSET "RnR NWMix" and was done by RHENZO N' ROB who consider themselves Bedroom DJs with good appreciation of any kind of musical genres especially the RETRO side. One New Wave Mix done by two people which are apart with each other on two different countries namely the U.S. and the PHILIPPINES. Rhenzo in the Philippines and Rob in the U.S. YUP!! You got it right guys!! What a creative way to start the month of March 2009!! Hopefully, the beat would make you unwind and dance you back in time when these songs were very new to our ears. Over an hour of good vibes NEW WAVE Music for you to enjoy!! They divided the Mixset into four parts wherein each of them had their turn of songs which they have chosen to mix. Rhenzo taking care of the very interesting INTRO and STINGERS to enter Tracks 1-6 and 11-14, while Rob in control of Tracks 7-10 and 15-19. I have to give it up to these guys who worked on this NEW WAVE MIXSET which I really love to listen to. Well, I hope you guys will like it too. So let me present to you RnR (Rhenzo N Rob) NewWave MIX on "The Doctor Is In" .

Presents: The RnR New Wave Mix
by Rhenzo N' Rob
Total running time : 69:20
File Size: 94.73MB
01. Intro - The Doctors Telephone Call
02. (mix 1 by Rhenzo) Alive Roses (2 Tracker Mix)
Book Of Love - I Touch Roses
Simple Minds - Alive And Kicking
03. The Colourfield - Running Away ( ST Mix)
04. Simple Minds - Dont You Forget About Me ( RetroShock Mix)
05. U2 - With Or Without You - (Indie Mix)
06. Tears For Fears - Shout (Rhenzo Mix)
07. (mix 2 by Rob)Mighty Lemon Drops - Out Of Hand ( Remix)
08. Pet Shop Boys - Was That What It Was (Special Mix)
09. Ice House - Crazy (Remix)
10. China Crisis - Black Man Ray (Album Version)
11. (mix 3 by Rhenzo)When In Rome - Heaven Knows ( PWL Powerhouse Mix)
12. Pet Shop Boys - Opportunities (Disco 1 Version)
13. Camouflage - The Great Commandments (Razormaid Mix)
14. The LA's - There She Goes (Rhenzo Mix)

15. (mix set 4 by Rob)Duran Duran - All She Wants Is (Special Mix)
16. R.E.M. - Orange Crush ( Album Version)
17. Stephen 'Tin Tin' Duffy - Kiss Me (Remix)
18. New Order - Fine Time (Remix)
19. Big Country - In A Big Country (Pure Mix)


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Nice MIXSET and Tracklisting I may say!! This two guys just don't know when to stop mixing because they are into it nowadays on their respective Multiply Sites. Definitely, one good reason I have chosen them to share both their talents on one whole Mixset to be different this time. ROB considers Rhenzo as his mentor and have influenced him a lot regarding this kind of things on DJing. I have already featured their individual mixing talents here in my blog before so why not do a combine effort for a change. THANKS AGAIN KABAYAN RHENZO AND ROB for doing this NEW WAVE MIXSET for my little blog!! MORE POWER TO YOU GUYS!!

Let's Rock N Roll

to this New Wave Mix!!