ISKUL BUKOL (20 years after)

"Iskwelang kwela ‘to dito’y enjoyable Konting aral lang konting bulakbol Dito nang lahat, madaldal at bulol Dito na nga, Iskul Bukol.Ah hah hah, ah hoo Yeah, Iskul Bukol".......that's a classic line from the "ISKUL BUKOL theme song" that PINOY would definitely remember which was sung by TITO VIC, and JOEY to the tune of "All Shook Up" by the King Of Rock And Roll ELVIS PRESLEY. Every Christmas Season, we usually try to watch at least one movie entry from the set of METRO MANILA FILM FESTIVAL entries and the film that we decided to watch last December 2008 was "Iskul Bukol 20 Years After: Ungasis and Escaleras Adventure" which starred the Phenomenal Comedy Trio of "TITO, VIC, and JOEY". This movie was actually the third of the series of Iskul Bukol films made before for wide screen viewing after 1977's "Iskul Bukol the Movie" and 1980's "Iskul Bukol Freshmen" which I all consider a treat for their fans since we all know that it was a succesful Comedy Television series which ran from 1978-1987 in IBC Channel 13. Hmmmp!! Whatever happened to IBC 13? Well, It is still the battle between GMA 7 and ABS-CBN 2 here in MANILA for a very long time. Basically, I enjoyed watching the film even though the story plot was simple enough to catch the new generation of PINOY who didn't grew up watching the T.V. series back then. Actually, It's almost three months since It was shown here on theaters but I still would like to blog about the movie itself and the TV series too. Of course, this would be another trip down memory lane for the people who grew up watching "ISKUL BUKOL".

Here's a MOVIE TRAILER last DECEMBER 2008:

If the youngsters are into "HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL", I guess by remembering this then we could call it "HIGH ISKUL BUKOL MUSICAL". He He He!! What do you think KABAYAN? It's nice to see the "REUNION SCENE" in the movie because we got to see those original casts that were popular during those times. YUP!! Who wouldn't remember the ever popular TEACHER "MISS TAPIA" played by Mely Tagasa who has a great crush on JOEY ESCALERA played by JOEY DE LEON. Of course, real life brothers TITO SOTTO as TITO ESCALERA (Joey's brother in the series) and bossing VIC SOTTO as VIC UNGASIS who is now an Archaeologist( ala INDIANA JONES) who has recovered the Kali of Humabon and is looking for the Kampilan of Lapu-Lapu and the Peseta, which reportedly gives the bearer the power of immortality. It was also nice to see many of the show's original cast member appearing in the movie like Anthony Roquel (Tonette Macho), Redford White (Redford), Bibeth Orteza (Bibeth), and Richard Reyes, otherwise known as Ritchie D'Horsie who was actually bailed out from prison by TITO, VIC , and JOEY just to be on the show and to give RITCHIE a last chance to change his ways regarding drug dependence. Hmmmp!! That's very kind and considerate for the TRIO since they've bailed him out several times before. What I clearly missed in the cast was Bing Angeles aka. MANG TEMI, the Canteen owner, who already passed away last 2001. The film was dedicated to both Mang Temi and former series director Emmanuel "Boy" Gatus, who also passed away last October 2008. The movie also has a special participation of MEGASTAR "Miss SHARON CUNETA" who have also guested several times on the original TV series back in the 80s.

The antics of TITO, VIC, and JOEY are still there and definitely these guys are LEGENDS on their field. They know their crop well and have been around for the longest time and still making people laugh and enjoy their brand of comedy. The movie is an action-adventure-comedy-reunion package that would make you travel back in time too like what I usually do here in my little blog. TIME TRAVEL I may say!! He He He!! Some classic footages of the ISKUL BUKOL T.V. series were also inserted on the movie especially when the Trio sang the classic and memorable Iskul Bukol Theme Song. Wheeew!! Btw, I remembered when ISKUL BUKOL ended back in 1987, a second generation Iskul Bukol TV series was created entitled "WANBOL HIGH" which starred KEEMPEE DE LEON(Joey's son NOT JOEY AND SON OKAY), ROMNICK SARMIENTA, and former Child Wonder NINO MULACH in late 1988. Well, definitely this time three young and famous teenagers represented the new class for WANBOL UNIVERSITY which is the name of the school in ISKUL BUKOL. Although, the series if I'm not misken lasted only a year and a half, my fond memories of that "WANBOL HIGH" was that "NEW WAVE MUSIC" was also featured in the background. YUP!! I can still remember music from New Wave bands like "FIGURES IN THE BEACH", "THREE O-CLOCK", "GRACEPOOL", and "RAMONES", just to name a few were played on the show. Can you still recall that KABAYAN? According to a friend of mine who knows someone from IBC Channel 13 back then, the New Wave songs that were played came from Boy Wonder himself NINO MULACH. I wonder if the Boy Wonder still listens to NEW WAVE and collect this music nowadays. Hmmmmp!! Well, I know my friend BENJIE "THE BOY WONDER" of THE VAULT is still collecting these stuffs. Right SER BENJIE?

Here's some clips from the Original TV Series courtesy of VSProduction:

In the past two years there a lots of TITO VIC and JOEY albums that were remastered on CD. YUP!! Their "TOUGH HITS". series were finally released in CD format and you get to have the music of TITO, VIC,and JOEY aka. TVJ which they made in the 70s and 80s, and even the 90s. Since we are talking about "ISKUL BUKOL", then here is the CD I bought entitled "ISKUL BUKOL TOUGH HITS" which was released by VICOR MUSIC CORPORATION. KABAYAN, I also uploaded my entire CD for you guys to download. This is still very much available on your suking tindahan so maybe you could also get an original copy because it's worth listening to once in a while when you think music is not anymore music and you get a good laugh on this one too. This would be the very FIRST PINOY NOVELTY CD that I have made available for download here in "The Doctor Is In". So here it goes...."ISKUL BUKOL TOUGH HITS CD".....I hope you'll enjoy listening to the TRIO "Sina TITO, VIC, and JOEY..Barkada'y.... Oooooops!! The EAT BULAGA Theme Song is not included here okay. He He He!! ENJOY THE MUZIC KABAYAN!!

Iskul Bukol - Tough Hits
~53.38 megabytes
1. Iskul Bukol
2. Naaalala Ka
3. Upakan
4. Ang Mga Babong (I'm Coming Home)

5. Manananggal
6. Mister Kong D.J.

7. Anak ng...Kuwan
8. Langgonisang Maong, Dagang Demins

9. Kajjo Department (Medley)
10. Elvis Department (Medley)

11. Jeproks Department (Medley)
12. Beatles Department (Medley)

13. O.P.M. Department (Medley)
14. Cho's Department (Medley)

15. B.B.B. Department (Medley)


PASSWORD: http://docmuzic.blogspot.com/

So while DOWNLOADING the entire songs on my CD I uploaded two of my favorite songs from the album aside from their "ISKUL BUKOL Theme" so that you can listen to.

spoof of a SHARON CUNETA original: "MISTER D.J.".

spoof of a FREDDIE AGUILAR original : "ANAK".

THE BLOOMFIELDS made their own version of the "ISKUL BUKOL" theme which I find very cool. I saw these guys performed at EASTWOOD CITY twice and I have to say that they play good Rock And Roll Jive Music. A combination of 60's Rock And Roll and Combo sound that certainly would make you wanna dance while listening to them playing LIVE MUSIC. You could hear THE BEATLES in their music. I bought their 2007 debut album because these guys really know their craft very well and It's a good thing that once in a while a PINOY BAND would come up with such kind of music. GOOD VIBES I may say!! Their choice of songs wherein It's a combination of ORIGINALS and REVIVALS. YUP!! That's "THE BLOOMFIELDS" for you guys.

Listen to THE BLOOMFIELDS version of "ISKUL BUKOL" theme song:


This is indeed
High "ISKUL BUKOL" musical!!


Ron Centeno said...

I was actually singing on the first lines of your post and it definitely brought a lot of memories. The only problem is, it made it more obvious to me how old I'm getting.

You've got a great blog here.

DrStirringRhod said...

THANKS RON for dropping by!! YUP!! MEMORIES INDEED!! Astig diba? :-)


Alan Paul Angeles said...

hi sir, do you have mp3 of other TVJ's tough hits? yung mga hindi pa niri-release ulit ng vicor or other recording companies? thanks

DrStirringRhod said...

I'm sorry Allan, but I don't have those mp3s. THANKS for dropping by my blog!!