IT'S FEBRUARY 29, 2012

Hello everyone!! Today is February 29, 2012 and the date "February 29" only comes by every four years and since It's Leap Year this year 2012 then It's a great honor for me to present a simple blogpost for today. YUP!! This is my second "February 29 Blogpost" here in the Blogosphere. You got it right!! My first one was wayback February 2008 and this was during the early years of my humble blog "The Doctor Is In" or better known also as "Docmuzic". WHEEEW!! That was Four Years ago. Hmmmp? I just realized that my blog will turn Five Years old this August 2012. Time just flies so fast and I'm just glad after all these years I'm still in the blogosphere. He He He!! I just wanna THANK everyone who still check my "blogspot.com" which is often imitated and never duplicated. Copying is still the best form of Flattery right? Well, my blogspot is still The One and Only ORIGINAL PINOY 80s/ NEW WAVE At Iba Pa Blogspot that's CUT ABOVE THE REST!! Ha Ha Ha!! So do always join me in the quest to travel back in time. This blogspot isn't exclusively New Wave nor It's Underground and of course don't forget I'm not a Concert King. Get my drift? He He He!! Haven't been blogging that much lately due to my busy schedule, but yet I'll still try to make more interesting, original, and unique blogpost "The Dr. Stirring Rhod Way". THANKS FOR DROPPING BY!!

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Well, KABAYANS here it goes again another of our NEW WAVE HEROES coming over here in MANILA. YUP!! This time It's O.M.D. and It's not "Oh My Doctor" okay!! Ha Ha Ha!! It's O.M.D. "Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark" LIVE IN MANILA on March 12, 2012 at the Smart Araneta Coliseum. So I guess It will be another trip down memory lane for all PINOY NEW WAVERS. Definitely, a treat for music lovers and music collectors like me. So travel into time when Vinyl Records spins on radio stations and dance floors. That's the 80s!! Unless if you don't have any Vinyl Records left in your collection then I might be talking aliens here. He He He!!I'll leave you with Andy McCluskey & Paul Humphreys invitation for you to watch their Concert here in MANILA.




News have been coming out here in the Philippines for a possible MORRISSEY CONCERT here in MANILA. Well according to the fansite "True To You" Morrissey now is setting his sights on Asia and New Zealand, and is also expected to tour Japan followed by concerts in Thailand,South America, and of course my beloved country the Philippines. Hmmmp? That's interesting don't you think KABAYANS? Then again, we will just wait for the final plans since If there are still no tickets then there is no concert right? PINOY NEW WAVERS are still hoping for the best. My Blogpost header Photo seems to show how much thinking Morrissey is doing regarding his Philippine Concert. He He He!! Just cross our fingers guys and it will be really good to see the front man of "THE SMITHS" performing "LIVE" here in Manila. I wonder if there would really be a reunion of "THE SMITHS"? Naaaah!! In our dreams right? Just making this blog makes me think of how much would his concert be here in Manila. Waaaaah!! I bet it will be EXPENSIVE and so save for the rainy day okay.




According to "EXUDE"... "Boys Just Wanna Have Sex", but for the original song.... It's CYNDI LAUPER and "GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN"!! This will be her second time here in MANILA performing LIVE. YUP!! I saw her performed back in 1989 at The FOLK ARTS THEATER on her "NIGHT TO REMEMBER TOUR '89", and It was definitely one of the memorable concerts I've watched back in the 80s. Well, I'm watching her again perform LIVE and this time at the SMART Araneta Coliseum. YUP!! "Cyndi Lauper Live in Manila!" on March 17, 2012 and where else but the latest venue of great 80s artist at SMART Araneta Coliseum. So KABAYANS, get ready to dance and go back in time again with the little girl that has a lot of Wrestlers as bodyguards back in the 80s. Remember that? Ha Ha Ha!! I just love the beat of her music and it just make you wanna dance to the groove. I guess in this time of digital music where people goes Gaga with Lady Gaga, you gotta go back to the basics when Vinyl Record really ruled. The memories of it are still very fresh and if you're only a CD collector and better yet a Pirated CD collector then who knows what you've missed if you know what I mean. He He He!!