Another year is about to end, and I guess It's now time to leave 2011 and It's memories. YUP!! This is my last blogpost for this year.....HELLO 2012!! This coming year is another Leap Year so It will be my Blog's 2nd Leap Year in the Blogosphere. MORE SURPRISE BLOGPOSTS this upcoming year that I'll try to create in my free time. Interesting Blogpost Header Photo? YUP!! Some bits of my collection again for viewing. It has been a very busy and successful year 2011 for me and I'm really looking forward to 2012 and what lies ahead. I thank the LORD for all the blessings he had given me and my family this year 2011 and always praying for a brighter year ahead. THANKS also to you guys, my Dearest Blog Readers, who once in a while still have time to visit my humble blog "The Doctor Is In". Like what I have written before my blog ever since is "OFTEN IMITATED, NEVER DUPLICATED". Hopefully these Copycats have a peaceful conscience this coming 2012. Ha Ha Ha!! GREAT YEAR for NEW WAVE CONCERTS here in MANILA and getting ready for some upcoming concerts. WHEEEW!! I do hope these Bands/Artists that are reported to be performing here in MANILA this 2012 will all push through. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012 EVERYONE!! Be sure to be SAFE this NEW YEAR'S EVE guys!! TAKE CARE of your Upper and Lower Extremities!! MAG-INGAT sa PAPUTOK KABAYANS!!!!!!!!! MANIGONG BAGONG TAON!!!

I'll leave you with a Classic Song from U2 and that's "NEW YEAR'S DAY" and it's the "TOP OF THE POPS" version.




It's this time of the year again when everyone is celebrating the birth of JESUS CHRIST. YUP!! Here in the PHILIPPINES, we have our very own way of celebrating CHRISTMAS and nothing beats the FILIPINO TRADITION. YUP!! Spending the holidays with Relatives, Friends, and Love Ones makes it very meaningful. Well, my little blog "The Doctor Is In" is one with the whole world in greeting everyone a very MERRY CHRISTMAS 2011!! This is my blog's 5th CHRISTMAS here in the blogosphere and hopefully we will continue to have more CHRISTMAS giving you the best CHEERS all year long. THANKS to everyone to continue to visit my blog once in a while. Hmmp? That's one kind of motivation!! That's one of my "BELEN" at home in the Blogpost Header photo together of course with my classic Rubik's Cube and my Vinyl Record of "A VERY SPECIAL CHRISTMAS". So this Yuletide Season, do spread the cheers, love, and joy to everybody. I'll leave you with a CHRISTMAS song from "MADONNA" which is included in my Vinyl Record of "A VERY SPECIAL CHRISTMAS" compilation. TAKE CARE EVERYONE!! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!! GOD BLESS!!




SILENT NIGHT...Sendong's wrath

The whole FILIPINO Community is grieving due to another devastating typhoon that just struck the Southern Part of my beloved country the Philippines. We had ONDOY before here in MANILA and now we have SENDONG in MINDANAO. Personally, I just can't bear seeing those photos of dead people most specifically the children. Of course, I can't post those photos here. It's a few days before CHRISTMAS 2011, then suddenly this tragedy happened only last Saturday December 17, 2011 thus the whole country is in "National State Of Calamity". My little blog "The Doctor Is In" is one with my KABAYANS in PRAYING for the victims of this catastrophe of great proportion.

"ALMIGHTY GOD, please pray for those affected by Typhoon Sendong and most especially pray for the souls of those who perished and that the survivors will have strength to cope up with this tragedy. Pray also for those who are continuing helping the victims and may you also give them endurance and courage too."

I'll leave you with one of my favorite CHRISTMAS song "SILENT NIGHT" sang by STEVIE NICKS and included in the 1987 CHRISTMAS Compilation album entitled "A VERY SPECIAL CHRISTMAS" which I have both in Vinyl Record and Cassette Tape. A simple song that would at least remind us that CHRISTMAS is around the corner and FILIPINOS are known to cope up with this kind of tragedy.


Let's continue PRAYING!!