BAUHAUS "Go Away White"

BAUHAUS was first introduced here in MANILA by WXB102 back in 1986 by playing the classic hit "SHE'S IN PARTIES" which instantly became the trademark Bauhaus song for PINOY WAVERS and PUNKS. This would then be followed by "Bela Lugosi's Dead" and "Third Uncle" which were also played first by WXB102. Originally called Bauhaus 1919 from the 1920's German Bauhaus Art Movement, this great GOTHIC BAND is compose of PETER MURPHY on vocals, DANIEL ASH on guitars, DAVID J. on bass, and KEVIN HASKINS on drums. Their status have always remained in the Underground for Pinoy music enthusiasts. The band broke up in 1983 but reformed last 2005 and have made a tour on 2006. Late last year(2007) I got news that they were working on a new album which would be release this MARCH. And finally, the "Go Away White" album was released last March 4 and this is the first new material for Bauhaus after 25 years and also the band decided to call it quits this time without any accompanying tour to promote this album

Recently, I recieved an email first from my friend ED WALLACE then another from MIKE SUTTON reviewing the album. So I decided to share their thoughts about the new BAUHAUS album. So here it goes:


I come into the darkness / And go away white
Bauhaus (Bauhaus Music)

The pure white cover features a departing angel. Bauhaus having risen again with its original members, leaves us with a final revelation of heavenly music.

Starting with glam rock, and growing more goth as it progresses, Go Away White covers all the strengths of raw punk Bauhaus, while adding skills the members grew during their years apart: Peter Murphy's expanded croon, Daniel Ash's Hendrix-ian psychedelic guitar effects, and David J / Kevin Haskin's dance rhythms.

Take the opener 'Too Much 21st Century'. Murphy rocks out like Ziggy Stardust as an updated Tones On Tail Ball of Confusion theme blends in with the hook and the lyrics. The follow up 'Adrenaline ' is a red meat, pulse pounding T-Rex attack. 'Undone' is Bowie's 'Sons of The Silent Age' if the son was the son of Dracula. 'International Bullet Proof Star' combines 'Terror Couple Kill Colonel' and the feel of early Iggy Pop, with love rockets going off in the background.

'Endless Summer of the Damned' strips away the pop, for a chanting, stomping 'Stigmata' seance, with a live feel - like you're in the room, as the end of the world is foretold.

One of the greatest tracks is 'Saved'. Murphy's delivers his best undead Frank Sinatra singing EVER. (Yes, better than 'Marlene' from Deep). There's a secret to this. When a youth, Peter Murphy had to adopt the baritone of an older man. Now it flows naturally. As the song progresses, he switches to spoken word, delivering lines like "You are entering a pale corridor" like a New Wave Dungeon Master controlling our fate. [Creepily and fittingly, while I was hearing that song, I first read that the creator of D&D, Gary Gygax, died on Tuesday]. 'Saved'' slides perfectly into 'Mirror Remain' where time runs amok and "Anorexic monsters" lurk.

'Black Stone Heart' track Eight seals the deal - an obvious single with the refrain "I come into the darkness / and go away white" and a whistle catchy hook that infects faster than a zombie bite. Its early, but I'm declaring it one of the finest Bauhaus songs ever created. It seems to close the album early, making the next song come across as a bonus track, or encore.

Track #9, The Dog's a Vapor' is a reworked bonus track classic: a Satanic shanty with mysterious voices and noises over a dead pan tale on canines and the moon. I'm reminded of 'Mask' and Siouxie & The Banshee's 'Quartering of the dog'

The coda 'Zikir' fades with Peter Murphy receipting "She Loves Me / She Loves me not" as though plucking funeral petals by his dead love's grave near a bazzar of exotic, Arabian sounding instruments.

My love for this album is clear. In my opinion, it's on par with their classics, and whips their modern imitators with a barbed cat-o-nine tails.

Bauhaus go into the sunset victorious.

Songs can be previewed here: http://www.bauhausmusik.com/

Bauhaus circa 80s


OK, I just started playing the new Bauhaus album -- their first since 1983, and unfortunately their last as they have parted ways again -- and it's kicking my ass. This has the most badass bass lines I've heard in decades. Thumping, throbbing, pulsating bass. Peter Murphy is a vampire; I'm convinced of it. All these guys are. This is early '80s Batcaver music all the way. Highly, highly recommended. Makes me wish Ian Curtis were still alive because I bet Joy Division would be rocking like this. Must rip these tunes for WXB 102 regular rotation! I won't keep ya waiting, George! We have to get these on the air!


BAUHAUS circa 2008

Well, I personally have heard some songs from the "GO AWAY WHITE" album, I'm still considering buying the original copy. I find the songs very reminiscent of the band's original sound. YUP!! It's excellent GOTH music again from this GOTH Heroes which I really admire since the 80s and up to now. GREAT COMEBACK and DEPARTURE........ That's BAUHAUS in the middle of the street!!

Click here for the song downlink for Track 8 of the album

Do check out the link ED mentioned and if you really love the album then support the artist by buying the songs or the entire album.




It's EASTER SUNDAY today!! Lenten Season starts with "ASH WEDNESDAY" and ends 40 days after which is equivalent to EASTER SUNDAY or "PASKO NG PAGKABUHAY". Today the whole CHRISTIAN community is celebrating JESUS CHRIST's resurrection. For me, HOLY WEEK or what Pinoys called it as "SEMANA SANTA" which started last "PALM SUNDAY" is the time for reflection and recollection, forgetting for a while my daily activities and of course my work. I don't go on vacations or even on beaches but I spend it with my Family and Love ones and never miss out the "BISITA DE IGLESIA" where Pinoys visits number of churches and prays the 14 STATIONS OF THE CROSS either on "MAUNDY THURSDAY" or "GOOD FRIDAY". I'm very touched to see every Filipino with their Families,Love Ones, Friends and even Co-workers being together doing the "Bisita De Iglesia". BILIB talaga ako sa mga taong ito!! This is another Filipino Tradition that I'm proud of which despite the heat and daily trials in life they're still together doing this in every church I visited. This is also the time I do my Yearly Confession that gives me inner peace and harmony. Of course EASTER SUNDAY here in the Philippines starts with the "SALUBONG" and is celebrated by a mass and definitely the Renewal of Faith for Catholics is always recited. A happy moment indeed after few days of Fasting.
Another tradition here in the Philippines is the Easter Egg Hunting which is usually done on villages, subdivisions, communities, and even the malls. The children are usually enjoying the hunt.
Just to share a TEXT MESSAGE:
The season of LENT reminds us that the life we have and the material possessions we hold are LENT to us. We are not immigrants but pilgrims on the road who will pass by only once. We bring nothing when we die... But we can leave behind the love we have shared, the hope we have given, and the goodness we have done.




Well, we officially start the "HOLY WEEK" or "SEMANA SANTA" here in the Philippines today. CHRISTIANITY was spread here by the SPANIARDS headed by FERDINAND MAGELLAN on MARCH 16,1521. YUP!! It's very amazing that's exactly 487 years ago since today is MARCH 16, 2008. WOW!! I just realize it while writing this post. Wheeew!! That's very weird and coincidental I may say. So 13 years from now the entire Philippines would be celebrating it's 500 years discovery of Magellan.Majority of Pinoys are CATHOLICS and one tradition that we really follow is the "HOLY WEEK" that describe the Passion And Death Of JESUS CHRIST.

Here's a link about PALM SUNDAY:

Here's a link about FERDINAND MAGELLAN:

The feast of PALM SUNDAY for Pinoys starts with buying "PALASPAS" with all different designs and sizes that shows a true Filipino Creativity which only cost 10bucks just before entering the Church to hear mass. Then during the Mass the Priest would remind everybody that it's the start of recollection and repentance again for the whole "Holy Week". Then after the Mass the "PALASPAS would then be held up high by everyone so that it will be Blessed by Holy Water either by the Priest or the Lay Ministers.



-SnooG- MIX!

Well, before we Pinoys officially start the HOLY WEEK this SUNDAY March 16(Palm Sunday) let's hear some music mix from a KABAYAN and Friend of mine who I met in Multiply. DINDO LOPEZ aka "-SnooG-" at the Multiply World has recently emailed me a copy of his very own MIX entitled "SnooGs New Wave Electro House Mix 2008" and asked me if I could share it in this little blog on mine. Of coure, MY PLEASURE SnooG!! This would be my very first time to post a Music Mix in my blog. I asked him if he got his USER NAME from the word "GOONS" and to my surprise he did lift it from that word. HE HE HE!! Actually he got it from a Post Punk Band named "The Snoogs" who themselves got it from the word "Goons". His cousins who came back from the UK back in the early 80s in his Teen-age years brought a lot a New Wave Punk Cassette Tapes with them and Dindo liked this postpunk band "The Snoogs" and so his cousins called him "Snoog" which up to this time he his popularly known as.

SnooG's FPJ stance! He He He!

This Pinoy music enthusiast has a vast collection of CDs. YUP!! I'm talking about Massive volumes of CD Collection in his LIBRARY from NEW WAVE, PUNK, ALTERNATIVE, PINOY ROCK and anything that satisfies his listening pleasures. I personally haven't seen one like this before as a personal collection. IDOL!! Well aside from CDs he has also some Vinyls and Cassette tapes in his Vaults.

Here's his seperate OPM(Original Pilipino Music) Section

Click Here The Mix Title To Download The File:

Mixed By: Dindo F. Lopez a.k.a. SnooG
Genre: House/Electro
Date: Jan-18-2008
Encoder: LAME 3.97 (Final)
Quality: VBRkbps / 44,1kHz / Joint-Stereo
Playtime: 1:12:31
Size: 99.5 MB

01 Intro [Envelope Ideas Female Intro]
02 More to Lose [SnooG's 2008 House Remix]
03 Everybody Wants to Rule The World (Beach House Remix)
04 Don't You Forget About Me (Twin Space Mix)
05 There Is A Light That Never Goes Out (Dalminjo Remix)
06 Take On (Me) This (2008 Club Mix)
07 Master & Servant (2008 Club Mix)
08 New Years Day (Super Electro Mix)
09 Just Can't Get Enough (Dirty South Remix)
10 Situation (2008 Housemaniac Remix)
11 Shout (House Anthem Remix )
12 Sweet Dreams (Twin Space Mix)
12 Major Tom (Hard Style Remix)
13 Tainted Love (Techno Remix)
14 Outro
I personally find the entire music mix cool and relaxing to my eardrum. Well, it's over an hour but you'll enjoy the cruise. The Mix started with the haunting voice of KLAUS NAOMI singing the intro of THE DAWN's classic "Enveloped Ideas" and followed by the I.D. tag "OK Party people in house!! Snoog in the mix" then the 1 hour music cruise begins. Very interesting arrangement of songs which included different versions of what we usually hear. No SLAM DANCING here okay. HE HE HE!! Of course there's a different "More To Lose" kick in it. Cool female vocals for "Everybody Wants To Rule The World" and the infusion of "New Years Day" and"Shout" increased the tempo a bit. Going to the tail-end of the mix was a little bit of "Major Tom" instrumental and how to end it up with "Tainted Love" with Outro of Francis M. "Mga Kababayan". I hope you'll enjoy Snoog's mix which he personally shared for us in my blog like the way I did. AYUZ BA MGA KABABAYAN!!

PASSWORD for the MIX: www.snoog.multiply.com
Visit -SnooG- multiply site to view his collection:
THANKS -SnooG-!!






Kay dilim at kay ginaw sa kalawakan ng dagat
Ubod lakas kung humiyaw ang galit na hanging habagat
Ngunit buo ang puso mo’ng ang daluyong ay sugurin
Magkasama tayong katahimika’y hahanapin
Saan ang tungo mo mahal ko’ng kaibigan
Saan sasadyain hanap mo’ng katahimikan
Basta’t tayo’y magkasama laging sasabayan kita
Pinagsamaha’y nasa puso kaibigan kabarkada
Iharap natin ang layag sa umaawit na hangin
Kapit-bisig tayong ang gabi ay hahawiin

Dahon ng damo, tangay ng hangin
At di mo matanaw kung saan ka dadalhin
Ngunit kasama mo ako, nakabigkis sa puso mo
Daluyong ng dagat ang tatawirin natin

Ating liliparin, may harang mang sibat
Ating tatawirin, daluyong ng dagat
Basta’t kasama mo ako, iisang bangka tayo
Anuman ang mithiin ay makakamtan natin

Check out my Previous post:



Today's WXB102 Booth

WXB 102 booth!
My friend MIKE SUTTON requested me to post here in my blog the latest picture of the XB Booth two months ago and just today I have received another recent photo of the booth. WOW!! IMPRESSIVE INDEED Mikey and Sir George Frederick!! I Haven't been there yet but it real ROCK!! Hi-tech ang dating!!
Here is a short description by SIR GEORGE FREDERICK about the XB BOOTH included on the e-mail send to me by Mikey:
From George Frederick:

1) All 3 monitors are the identical 19" widescreen LCD monitors,
2) Router is wifi ready. If you take your wifi stuff with you to the station, you will be free to use this feature.
3) Extra hard drive space available... Thanks to Binky Lampano!
4) New Logitech G15 Keyboard with orange back-lighting,
5) New On-Air Sign (not that home made box I took from the old station)
WAY TOO COOL GUYS!! Keep it up!!


My E.J. Rock Musical REVIEW

I made a post about "EJ ROCK MUSICAL featuring THE DAWN" last month. Here's the link to my post:

I was able to get a pair of tickets for this show given to me by my friend Danny. It was on a Saturday evening that I was able to watch this great Rock Musical.I would say that the show was very relevant in the recent political crisis that's happening right now here in the Philippines. I would not really touch on the delicate political messages on the play but I definitely find the story plot and the scene created by the Production Staffs and the Casts very interesting and overwhelming. WOW TALAGA!!

WHY E.J.? Well, E.J. stands for the two important political characters that were portrayed in the Musical Play namely EVELIO JAVIER and EDGAR JOPSON. Both activists in their respective ideals and both are Ateneans.

EVELIO JAVIER (October 14,1942- February 11,1986)
Alternate: Juliene Mendoza

EDGAR JOPSON (September 1,1948- September 20,1982)
Alternate: RODY VERA

A special booklet souvenir was sold on the gate which I find very informative. It also included a Songlist and Lyrics on the songs by THE DAWN which was sung on the play.

The show opened up with a narration that sets on a Historical Content of the Philippine Martial Law Era. Although the evening I watched the play it wasn't Ricky Davao and Jett Pangan on stage I still find the two Alternate Casts as great stage actors. BRAVO TALAGA!!! The story mainly focuses on the struggles of these two young boys going through a different path of life. They were both active in the political scene back then and have inspired a lot of our Kababayans to fight for their rights. Sadly. taking photos during the play was prohibited. The Multi-awarded Mr. ED MARANAN wrote this play and I have to really congratulate him for what he have done that mainly mixed HISTORY, POLITICS, HUMAN DRAMA, and of course MUSIC. I love the interpretation on every THE DAWN songs which were sung as the play progressed. Instead of THE DAWN, The Sisig Band was the one who performed on stage that night. I began to appreciate again deeply the lyrics on every song by THE DAWN like "ABOT KAMAY", "SALIMPUSA", "HARAPIN ANG LIWANAG". My favorites would be when the casts sang "IISANG BANGKA TAYO" and "SALAMAT". GRABE ASTIG YUNG DATING!! These two young lads, Evelio and Edgar, have their own beliefs and ideals that they stood up and never did they back out on it. Although, both of them never met each other in real life they have made a great influence on a lot of people during their times. A story filled with so much social and emotional resonance of great proportions. I was also touched when the play tackled on their respective families which were very much affected by the crisis especially their wives who have also been very supportive to them. Well, It was just sad that both Evelio and Edgar were killed fighting their ideals. To know more about Evelio and Edgar just click the link on my previous post. To wrap up the play was the song "SALAMAT" sung in Acapela. I was really blown out with this final song.




SINCE YESTERDAY (Manila Wave Party!)

POGZ and the guys are at it again. This March 14,2008 get ready to party. I really like this poster ad. Cool photos of New Wave Vinyls !! ANG GALING!! Ayuz!!

HAPPENING ON MARCH 14, 2008 @ "I LOVE 80'S BAR" (JULIA VARGAS AVE., PASIG CITY) live spinning from: the cratecrusaders, radicals, bebop records and NU107


"Just close your eyes and then remember
The thoughts you've locked away
When tomorrow comes you'll wish
You had today
And as we sit here alone
Looking for a reason to go on
It's so clear that all we have now
Are our thoughts of yesterday
If you're still there when it's all over
I'm scared I'll have to say
That a part of you has gone
Since yesterday
And as we sit here alone
Looking for a reason to go on
It's so clear that all we have now
Are our thoughts of yesterday
Well, maybe this could be the ending with nothing left of you
A hundred wishes couldn't say I don't want to
And as we sit here alone
Looking for a reason to go on
It's so clear that all we have now
Are our thoughts of yesterday
It's so clear that all we have now
Are thoughts of yesterday"