What would happen if the TOP PHILIPPINE BEER and the TOP PINOY BAND would unite? A great single entitled "IISANG BANGKA TAYO (We Are In One Boat)". San Miguel Beer and The Dawn joined hand in hand for the release of this single in 1991. "IISANG BANGKA TAYO" was actually released as a single and became also the TITLE of the first GREATEST HITS compilation album of THE DAWN which includes hits of the band in all their 80s albums. I bought this cassette tape when the single hit the airwaves. This compilation was only released in cassette tape format with no CD or VINYL RECORD version. This is the second time that THE DAWN collaborated with San Miguel Beer, the first one was when the band's song tribute to TEDDY DIAZ entitled "SALAMAT (Thank You)" was used as a commercial jingle. "IISANG BANGKA TAYO" was also the first song with an official MTV of The Dawn. As the song goes "Basta't kasama mo ako, iisang bangka tayo. Anuman ang mithiin ay makakamtan natin."

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