My Fiance loves Bossa Nova Music so when she saw this compilation entitled "BOSSA NOVA MEETS NEW WAVE" at ODYSSEY RECORDS she bought it for her collection and of course that comes with sharing the music to me. The CD title itself represents the comparison of musical genres that me and my Fiance listen to. It's a hybrid of what music she likes and what music I like. It's a compilation of Common New Wave Hits of the 80s. It is release by Synergy Music Corporation.I find the songs here very relaxing and smooth. Just like the PROZAK compilation CD I featured in this blog before, this CD can be heard best when you're very tired and exhausted from work. All songs here were sung by Female Vocalists that makes it more refreshing to the eardrum. Very interesting compilation!!

1) Bizarre Love Triangle
2) Upside Down
3) I Melt With You
4) Everytime I See You
5) Build Me Up Buttercup
6) Karma Chameleon
7) You To Me Are Everything
8) True
9) Somebody
11)The Ghost In You
12)I Just Can't Get Enough
13)Always Something There To Remind Me
14) Just Got Lucky
15)Friday I'm In Love
16)Take On Me

This is when Bossa Meets New Wave!!


Quistis said...

Hi im Rich, im 18 yrs old and i love Bossa nova and New wave

here's my FB ardie_rages19@inmail24.com

where can we download some of the songs "Bossa meets New Wave" ? pls give me some links! or upload all the songs in the internet.. pleaseeee

Maria Paula said...

I love Bossa N Everything, but this is the one album I was VERY dissapointed! Her voice is so out of tune and it hurts my ears.