It was early 1988 when I first heard of this band when NU107 played the classic "VATICAN MIX" of "THE PROMISE" then everything was history. WHEN IN ROME was first introduced here in MANILA in 1988 by NU107. MIKE SUTTON informed me that "THE MAN", "THE MYTH" of WXB102 Sir GEORGE FREDERICK got "THE PROMISE" single just after WXB102 went off the air so they weren't able to play it on XB back then. "HEAVEN KNOWS" became the second MANILA hit for this trio from ENGLAND composed of Clive Farrington and Andrew Mann on vocals, and Michael Floreale on keyboards. Their self-titled album sold a lot of copies here in the Philippines and because of their massive success NU107 had invited the band to do a concert here in MANILA on January 1990. I heard the concert commercial on NU107 on November 1989 and with unknown reasons the band just cancelled their MANILA concert. SAYANG talaga!! 99.5RT's 1989 "RHYTHM AND ROCK" format included the extended version of "SIGHT OF YOUR TEARS" on their playlist while DZBM POWER105 played a lot of songs of their self-titled album which also includes the powerful ballad "EVERYTHING". My friend DJ RON SOUTH of LITEWAVE has "WIDE WIDE SEA" as his personal favorite, while my own personal choice would be "CHILD'S PLAY". SULIT NA SULIT talaga ang album na ito for PINOY WAVERS.

I was able to buy their one and only album both on Vinyl and CD format which is seen in the photo together with two 12" Vinyl remixes namely "THE PROMISE" and "HEAVEN KNOWS". Last 2004 the song "THE PROMISE" was featured on the NAPOLEON DYNAMITE film and the band had a recent concert with GENE LOVES JEZEBEL, DRAMARAMA, and A FLOCK OF SEAGULLS who are all also popular here in MANILA.

The Promise Of

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