Carla Abaya better known as "COOL CARLA" is one of the Legendary WXB102 DJs who fronted the Legendary PINOY Gothic Underground Band IDENTITY CRISIS. After two albums under DYNA RECORDS, IDENTITY CRISIS disbanded in 1991, but COOL CARLA still continued her musical experience in the PINOY ROCK ARENA by forming MARIYA'S MISTRESS in 1993. MARIYA'S MISTRESS only released one album entitled "UNANG PAG-AGOS" in 1995 this time under VICOR RECORDS and disbanded on 1999. Right now, this PINOY ROCK ICON is working as a CHEF and sometimes as DJ on XB INTERNET RADIO owned by MICHAEL SUTTON of SUTTON RECORDS. RIVERMAYA(Another PINOY ROCK ICON) made renditions of two Classic IDENTITY CRISIS songs namely "MY SANCTUARY" and "SUMIGAW UMAWIT KA" on the band's Tribute to PINOY NEW WAVE/PUNK CD entitled"Isang Ugat, Isang Dugo" in English " One Vein, One Blood". A true MUSICIAN!!! That's how Cool "COOL CARLA" is!!

Here are two archived classic articles that featured Cool Carla:

Here's a 1986 Comic Strip on how Cool "Cool Carla" is.

Here's an archive article of "The Best DJ" on "MOVIE FLASH Magazine"
published back in APRIL 9, 1987.

Here are the two Legendary Bands of COOL CARLA:


Check out my IDENTITY CRISIS blogpost by clicking their Logo:


Carla Abaya - Lead Vocals
Leni Llapitan - Keyboards
Ian Monsod - Bass
Ronald Yumul - Guitars
JB Medrano - Drums

This is Cool!!
....Cool Carla!!


TheWadeThomasReports said...

Wow! This is a really great blog... Lots of interesting music, some well-remembered and others new to the ears :) Please keep posting! I espescially want to know more about Identity Crisis! Keep up the great work here.

DrStirringRhod said...

THANKS "TheWadeThomasReports" for appreciating my blogpost!! GLAD you like it!! :-)