CHINA CRISIS "Collection"

CHINA CRISIS is an English New Wave Duo/Band composed of vocalist/keyboardist GARY DALY and guitarist EDDIE LUNDON that was formed back in 1979 in Kirkby, near Liverpool, Merseyside. Their output on pop music is of a broader range of musical influences and occasional flirtation with political commentary. With the advent of Music Videos in the early 80s, CHINA CRISIS invaded the shores of the Philippines via their classic song "WISHFUL THINKING" which up to date is the most popular song of the duo here in my country. YUP!! Their concerts here both on December 2002 and January 2011 proved that "WISHFUL THINKING" is their trademark since everyone was active singing to the tune. I'm just glad to see these guys here in MANILA both on 2002 and in their recent 2011 visit. Manila's Legendary New Wave Radio Stations such as WXB 102, DZBM POWER 105, and NU 107 were all responsible in playing their songs back in the 80s that's why they are popular among PINOY NEW WAVERS. Since there were lots of songs from the band on the playlist of XB, BM, and NU then I'll not elaborate on it further.

Throughout their career, China Crisis has seen moderate success in the United Kingdom with ten hit singles between August 1982 and January 1987 and six albums namely Difficult Shapes & Passive Rhythms, Some People Think It's Fun to Entertain (1982),Working with Fire and Steel - Possible Pop Songs Volume Two (1983),Flaunt the Imperfection(1985), What Price Paradise (1986), Diary of a Hollow Horse (1989), and Warped by Success (1994). Of course the band has released Compilations, Live set, and some bootlegs too. They had some commercial success in Western Europe, Australia,the Americas, and here in the Philippines if we're just talking about the PINOY NEW WAVERS/PUNKS during the 80s.

"China Crisis Collection - The Very Best of China Crisis" is a compilation of CHINA CRISIS' best songs which was released back in 1990 and it contains 14 outstanding tracks that you'll enjoy listening from beginning to end. Although 14 songs aren't really enough to be reminded of the band, I still bought the CD back in 1992 since it was their first compilation CD back on those days. Well just in case you wanna have a copy of it, I made my CD available for download here on my special China Crisis blogpost and It's for Promotional Use only okay. YUP!! It's for your listening pleasure!!

(The Very Best of China Crisis)

1 African and White
2 No More Blue Horizons
3 Christian
4 Tragedy and Mystery
5 Working With Fire and Steel
6 Wishful Thinking
7 Hanna Hanna
8 Black Man Ray
9 King in a Catholic Style
10 You Did Cut Me
11 Arizona Sky
12 Best Kept Secret
13 It's Everything
14 St. Saviour Square


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I uploaded three Music Videos of CHINA CRISIS directly here on blogger to spice up my blogpost and also for you to enjoy the good old days.




I hope you guys enjoyed another trip down memory here on "The Doctor Is In" by reminiscing CHINA CRISIS. THANKS for dropping by!!

This is "The Very Best Of CHINA CRISIS"



CHINA CRISIS "Acoustically Yours"

Can't get enough of the CHINA CRISIS Concert here in MANILA KABAYANS? Well, the duo's concert back in 2002 was much better than their recent Manila stint last month January 2010 but nevertheless they made a lot of people happy listening to their kind of music. Here's the very first official CHINA CRISIS Live album entitled "ACOUSTICALLY YOURS". YUP!! The first one that's according to the duo themselves GARY DALY and EDDIE LUNDON which was written on the inner sleeves of my CD. This is a must have CD for PINOY NEW WAVERS indeed because It's a different version that we usually hear so when this was available on the local record stores back in 1995 I didn't had second thoughts of buying it at once. Well sadly, record stores here in MANILA aren't that interesting anymore. The death of TOWER RECORDS and MUSIC ONE added to that scenario. This CD was produced by Mark Phythian and recorded digitally at The Neptune Theatre in Liverpool by the Wigwam Mobile. All songs in this set was mixed at The Winding Studio at North Wales. One great acoustic compilation indeed that you'll not get tired of listening especially in this Era Of Music Files It's still nice to own the original CD. YUP!! Nothing compares to the Original CD that has the Album Cover and the sleeves because the Physical thing made CDs for me still attractive.

ACOUSTICALLY YOURS is a Live Set Acoustic Compilation CD by CHINA CRISIS which was released back in 1995 which composed of 14 of their greatest hits sang in an acoustic session. The beautiful art works included in the CD sleeves were done by GARY DALY. I uploaded my entire CD for those who are just interested to have the copy.


1) African And White
2) No More Blue Horizons
3) Wishful Thinking
4) Everyday The Same
5) It's Everything
6) Christian
7) Good Again
8) Hands On The Wheel
9) Black Man Ray
10) King In A Catholic Style
11) Thank You
12) Singing The Praises Of Finer Things
13) Working With Fire And Steel
14) Diary Of A Hollow Horse


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The acoustic versions here of WISHFUL THINKING, AFRICAN AND WHITE, and BLACK MAN RAY were all WAVE 180 classics. YUP!! It's on the regular playlist of the 90's Philippine Legendary New Wave Radio show of 89 DMZ entitled "WAVE 180" which I had made a special and exclusive blogpost here on "The Doctor Is In'" wayback April 2009 so just check it out on my Blog's Labels archives if you have missed it. I uploaded both Black Man Ray and African and White for your listening pleasure to relive the good old days.



I'll leave you with an acoustic set from CHINA CRISIS recent visit here in MANILA. This Video was taken from their ANC guesting wherein they sang the classic "WISHFUL THINKING" which reminds me of the version also in the "Acoustically Yours" CD. YUP!! I uploaded it here directly on blogger and also included the lyrics to spice up my exclusive China Crisis blogpost. Hope you enjoyed another trip down memory lane. THANKS for dropping by again!!


Lyrics | Crisis China lyrics - WISHFUL THINKING lyrics
China Crisis


New Improved DOCMUZIC!!

HELLO EVERYONE!! I just got some Major Blog Make-over. YUP!! It's the New Improved DOCMUZIC "The Doctor Is In". I've been really busy lately and so I haven't got any time to blog but I promise these coming days that I'll start to Rock The Blog again for you guys. So stay tune for more here on the original and the best PINOY NEW WAVER Oriented Blog in the blogosphere. THANK YOU VERY MUCH to you guys who keep on visiting this little blog of mine for the past 3 years and we're going 4 years this coming August 2011 so expect more interesting blogposts. Any form of motivation would do too. So until then, Bye Bye for now!!

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25th on the 25th

Well, I haven't made that much blogpost lately due to my very busy schedule and trying to accomplish priorities but definitely I have to make a blogpost about the 25th Anniversary of the Philippine EDSA People Power Revolution of 1986 happening tomorrow February 25, 2011. YUP!! That's why my blogpost title is "25th on the 25th" and created my DIY blogpost header photo. Wheeew!! With the recent political instability in the Middle East primarily in Egypt and Libya, I just wondered that Filipinos had such inspiring uprising back in 1986 which I think trancends the true meaning of the word "CHANGE". The question right now is: "How is my country today after 25 years?". I don't have to answer that question since my blog is not a Political Oriented Blog. He He He!! I know KABAYANS that you have your very own way of answering it which will be a little negative I suppose if there were indeed "CHANGE". Two years ago I had my very first blogpost regarding the 1986 EDSA Revolution by featuring my "MAGKAISA" CD and I guess I just have to get back blogging anytime. But for now, I just wanna wish that some real "CHANGE" can happen in the GOOD way since It has been 25 years already.

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25 years of EDSA on Feb 25!!