FORMER PHILIPPINE PRESIDENT CORAZON AQUINO needs our PRAYERS right now KABAYANS because according to my colleagues our former dear president is in critical condition due to her illness which is COLON CANCER. Her current condition is serious after she was admitted to the Makati Medical Center last week. Mrs. Aquino has been confined in the hospital since Tuesday last week due to poor appetite. She has been transferred to the hospital's intensive care unit (ICU) where doctors are closely monitoring her condition and no one have given details about Mrs. Aquino's present medical condition. Last JUNE 14, 2009, we were able to attend SUNDAY MASS at STO. DOMINGO CHURCH and It made me realized that I haven't been to that church for the longest time. This was the CHURCH that cradled the wake of the late SENATOR BENIGNO AQUINO back in 1983 after his assassination back in AUGUST 21, 1983. Well I do remember that day(AUG21) indeed because my family and I just got home from a visit to ANTIPOLO CHURCH when we heard the bad news on TV wayback 1983. Wheew!! MEMORIES INDEED!! As we finished mass we went straight to the church's bookstore to buy a new rosary, then I saw this CATHOLIC NEWSPAPER on the store. There was this interesting article in the FRONT PAGE entitled "ROSARY RALLY FOR THE HEALING OF FORMER PRESIDENT AQUINO" which really strucked me. YUP!! President Cory Aquino have been battling the "BIG C." for such time and BISHOP SOCRATES VILLEGAS which was the former secretary of the late JAIME CARDINAL SIN was leading a PRAYER CAMPAIGN for the former President. I was really moved and touched by this news article and once again reminded me how fragile life is. The levelling power of HUMAN ILLNESS I may say that would really affect any person whether who you are. BISHOP VILLEGAS was inviting his DIOCESE in BATAAN and all Rosary Devotees to pray the 20 mysteries of the HOLY ROSARY. I carry a rosary myself wherever I go and It's really in the heart of every BLUE AND GOLD to practice this everyday. President Cory is also well-known for her devotion for MAMA MARY and of course she usually visit the PINK SISTERS. I was saddened when I heard the latest news regarding our former President who was really a driving force back in the 80s here in the PHILIPPINES during those political turmoil times. I refer to her as the SYMBOL OF DEMOCRACY back then. We just don't have NEW WAVE/PUNK explosion wayback then but a POLITICAL explosion too.

Here's the photo I took of that news article so that it will be included here on my blogpost. Well, I have to say that I have encountered a lot of COLON CANCER patients before and definitely they are really suffering from the agony and pain especially while in CHEMOTHERAPY. You just don't want to see them suffering in front of you or else your heart will just bleed and you will have to say to them "Please Hang On and continue". When you say "COLON" It refers to the LARGE INTESTINES which has the functions of DIGESTION and ABSORPTION of nutrients from food. The colon also CONCENTRATE FECAL MATERIALS by absorbing fluid and electrolytes then It STORES and CONTROLS It's evacuation. COLON CANCER is usually HEREDITARY which means It increases the risk 2-3x if your first degree relative has a history of it. Though there are also a lot of causes too which I'll not anymore elaborate on it. Definitely, we have to offer our Fervent Prayers for Madam Cory Aquino.

(A musical message of concern)

In 1990, only few months after another the coup de etat, a PHILIPPINE compilation album entitled "DEAR CORY(A musical message of concern)" was both released on VINYL RECORD and CASSETTE TAPE FORMAT under DYNA RECORDS. I uploaded the whole compilation for you regular visitors of my little blog "The Doctor Is In" and I have to pay for the ripping of the music files so I hope you'll like it. Well, since It was not released on CD format then I made my very own DIY CD of this great compilation. He He He!! The songs here are mostly protest songs during the time of the AQUINO GOVERNMENT. Of course, I just included it here in my blogpost since It's about our Madam President Cory Aquino. I decided to divide the music files into two groups to preserve the original TRACKLISTING of SIDE ONE and SIDE TWO which I've well indicated. Of course It's "The Dr. Stirring Rhod Way" again and hopefully you'll like it. ENJOY THE MUZIC guys!!

Here's my DIY DEAR CORY CD which I personally made myself for collection purposes:


12.6 megabytes

1) Intro" chant/ DEAR CORY- LOKAL BROWN
2) Start With The Children- LOKAL BROWN
3) Nagustuhan Mo Ba?- ASIN
5) Buhay At Bukid- BUKLOD
6) Soldier's Corner- ETHNIC FACES


13.18 megabytes

1) Brutal Scar- ETHNIC FACES
2) Bayang Inutang- ANG GRUPONG PENDONG
3) Tumindig Ka- BUKLOD
5) If I Were President- ED FORMOSO
6) Dahan-dahan, Hinay-hinay- ANG GRUPONG PENDONG

CLICK here to DOWNLOAD side two:

PASSWORD for both FILES: http://docmuzic.blogspot.com/

Here are some added INFO from my personal DIY CD I made:


All compositions published and administered by ED FORMOSO

Well, basically this compilation is politically motivated and all songs have deep lyrics within that could definitely activate your senses. The bands like ANG GRUPONG PENDONG headed by Alfredo “PENDONG” Aban, Jr. who was a former member of the LEGENDARY PINOY FOLK/ROCK band ASIN would boost up your political awareness. Of course there is also music here from ASIN which is "SALT" in English. The songs that I really love in this complitation are LOKAL BROWN's "START WITH THE CHILDREN", ED FORMOSO's "IF I WERE PRESIDENT", BUKLOD's "TUMINDIG KA" and the two ETHNIC FACES songs namely "SOLDIER'S CORNER" and "BRUTAL SCAR". Definitely PINOY WAVERS would remember ETHNIC FACES because of that legendary "10 OF ANOTHER KIND" PINOY NEW WAVE compilation album wayback in 1989 that included their classic hit "GOLDEN BOY". If you're an activist back in those times then the music here is definitely for you. If you are a music enthusiast like me then this is a good music treat for you. CLASSIC PINOY MUSIC I may say. "SARILING ATIN" mga KABAYAN!!

I uploaded two of my favorite songs for your LISTENING PLEASURE!!

LISTEN to "Start With The Children" by LOKAL BROWN:


I also made a special PEOPLE POWER blogpost last FEBRUARY 25,2009 and featured this special CD entitled MAGKAISA which I bought. I also uploaded my whole CD so if you haven't read my "MAGKAISA" blogpost and is interested to download the entire CD then just click my MAGKAISA CD photo to enter my blogpost.


Here are two TIME Magazine covers that featured our beloved President:



Hello Madam President. I know you don't know me personally but I'm one of your supporters back in the 80s even though I was young back then. Your passion for PEACE and DEMOCRACY have lifted and inspired a lot of people around the globe. I just like to let you know that you are also included in my PRAYERS. A lot of people LOVES you and would really like to see you recover from your illness and sufferings right now. I PRAY to the LORD that he may give you more strength to carry on the journey of life. THANK YOU VERY MUCH for all your contributions in our country. Hoping and praying for your speedy recovery. GOD BLESS!!



The Pope said...

Me and my family are big fans of Pres. Cory Aquino. We have been following her since the campaign period for the Snap Election until she completed here terms as our first woman President. She is the woman of strength, courage and determination, and a woman of faith.

Thank you for putting up this post, and let us join in one voice to beg the Lord for His miraculous power to heal Pres. Aquino.

God bless.

DrStirringRhod said...

THANKS POPE for the comments!! :-) MADAM CORY is really a FIGHTER and a SYMBOL OF PEACE and UNITY.


Anonymous said...

hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

DrStirringRhod said...

THANKS hapi for dropping by!! I'm HAPI that you dropped by. :-)


Punk Rock Daddy said...

Sorry this is in no way related to the post man. Actually, I really need your help - I got this song in my head and I first heard it on BM 105. I forgot who sang the it and the title as well (mahirap na talaga kapag bumabata, heheheh) Anyways, the chorus goes something like this:

"i will, i will, i will, i will remember
i will, in the summertime"

Kelan ko lang uling naalala tong kantang to, madalas kong kantahin to habang naliligo eh. Pero di ko talaga maalala tong kanta. Patulong naman ma-name tong kantang to (kasama na rin yung banda) at kung meron ka nito pwede bang pa upload to ng song na to.

Though I think the band is dutch (if my memory serves me right). At medyo Goth yung feel ng song eh. Pinapatugtog lang to sa BM 105 at bihirang patugtugin. I think once ko lang narinig na na-mention yung band name.

Anyways, thanks in advance and more power to your awesome blog!

punk rock daddy

eriq said...

nice site... i was searching for the Dear Cory album (Lokal Brown songs are hard to find)when I stumbled on your site. I tried to download it but it was apparently removed. Could you bring it back? Thanks

DrStirringRhod said...

Hi eriq!! THANKS for dropping by my blog. :-) I'll try to re-upload it on my freetime.