In the late 70s, a GENRE of DANCE MUSIC called DISCO was spreading all over the PHILIPPINES and around the globe. In 1980, a song entitled "FUNKY TOWN" invaded MANILA's Radio Airwaves and became a major hit. This song was sung by a group formed in Minneapolis called LIPPS INC or LIPPS, INC. which was pronounced as "lip sync" and have spread grooves over the PHILIPPINES. It was also considered as the last DISCO SONG to hit #1 in the U.S. via U.S. Billboard Hot 100, the U.S. Dance and R&B charts. It also had international success and definitely one song you could very well remember back then. I have to say that Cynthia Johnson has a cool voice don't you think? This song was covered by Australian band PSEUDO ECHO in 1986 wherein it gave a totally different version from the disco side towards the 80s rock that included a terrific guitar solo in the middle of the song. Pseudo Echo's version on the otherhand, spent 7 weeks at #1 in Australia and was also #1 in the U.S. WOW!! This two versions were also very popular here in MANILA during those times. NU107 and POWER 105 also played PSEUDO ECHO's version back then but It was other pop-culture radio stations that got this overplayed.

Here goes the Music Videos of both LIPPS INC. and PSEUDO ECHO:

FUNKY TOWN- Lipps Inc.

FUNKY TOWN- Pseudo Echo

Well KABAYAN, that's not all I got for you on this blogpost!! We have our very own Vincent Quilit aka. "VINCENT DAFALONG"!! YUP! It's VINCENT DAFALONG's version of "FUNKY TOWN" and this time with a PINOY Flavor entitled "MAHIWAGANG NUNAL" or better known only as "NUNAL" in English "MOLE". YUP!! You got it right PINOY WAVERS, PUNKS, and HARDCORE!! Actually, this song was considred to be one of the Pioneers of PINOY HIP HOP/RAP/RNB and was very famous back in the 80s. It was released around 1983 and it was really all over the radio and television and now it's considered to be a classic. Hmmmp!! Talking about exposure and promotion!! I wonder when will we see a REMASTERED CD of VINCENT DAFALONG's album or even "The Best Of VINCENT DAFALONG". Hmmmmp!! KABAYAN, if you know people from the P.A.R.I. or any Philippine Record Company maybe you could recommend the release. He He He!! I think VINCENT's songs are worth listening to again especially for the new generation. I can still remember him promoting the song on STUDENT CANTEEN and EAT BULAGA sporting a long hair and wearing shades and black shiny leather jacket. WHEEW!! MEMORIES INDEED!! One of the first PINOY RAP second only to GEORGE JAVIER's "Na Onseng Delight" which was copied from Sugarhill Gang's "Rappers Delight".

I just experimented on this file site and have uploaded the song "NUNAL" for you to listen to. ENJOY!!

"NUNAL"- Vincent Dafalong
The lyrics basically talks about all sorts of MOLES wherein PINOY usually associate the different location of MOLES on the body for a different character or attitude of the person.

So for our listening pleasure and since I have free time lately, I included MY VERY OWN BULLET PRESENTATION of the different sites of moles described by VINCENT DAFALONG. Of course, in PILIPINO okay!! FIRST TIME IN THE WEB!! Well, It's just like making POWERPOINT SLIDES for my students!! Ha Ha Ha!! YUP!! It's "The Dr. Stirring Rhod Way" again folks!!

- NUNAL sa ULO = mautak
- NUNAL sa BATOK = takaw tulog
- NUNAL sa LABI = chismosa
- NUNAL sa ILONG= dapang ilong
- NUNAL sa TENGA= tengang daga
- NUNAL sa KUKO= kukong patay
- NUNAL sa SIKO= comang
- NUNAL sa KILIKILI= talking about
- NUNAL sa DILA= daldalera
- NUNAL sa BALAKANG= sexsi dancer
- NUNAL sa LEEG= chikinini
- NUNAL sa BRASO= bakuna
- NUNAL sa DIBDIB= hikain
- NUNAL sa FINGER= kalyuhin
- NUNAL sa TALAMPAKAN= pala-alis


I hope you guys enjoyed my blogpost as much as I did!! UNTIL THEN!! Wheeew!! THANKS GUYS!!

One, Little Two, Little Three, Little Four



The PHILIPPINE PEOPLE POWER EDSA REVOLUTION back in February 1986 was one very historical moment for my country. It's the 23rd ANNIVERSARY of the EDSA REVOLUTION so here's my own BLOGPOST TRIBUTE to that historical moment. I can still remember that it was February 7,1986 when the "SNAP ELECTION" went on schedule between the late President FERDINAND MARCOS and the late Senator BENIGNO AQUINO's wife Mrs. CORAZON AQUINO(who would be the next Philippine President during those times). This was brought up by the growing clamor of change that the opposition and majority of the Filipinos were insisting. The combined forces of the late SALVADOR "DOY" LAUREL(UNIDO's leader) and MRS. CORY AQUINO made it clear that some change would happen back then. The election was filled with FRAUD and VIOLENCE, then a move to end up the dictatorship was being plotted by an Army General(General FIDEL RAMOS- Philippine President after President Aquino) and the Secretary of Defense( Senator JUAN PONCE ENRILE) who were based on both CAMP AGUINALDO and BONIFACIO. Of course, who would forget the call of the late Archbishop CARDINAL SIN for people power over the radio and I was tuned in that time because I got the news from my relatives living in MAKATI. NINOY's brother BUTZ AQUINO was also very vital to gather people back then. Incidentally, my FRIENDS were having a SOIREE PARTY when this was happening back then which I wasn't able to attend. He he he!! YUP!! I will never forget those times KABAYAN. It was February 22, 1986 when the papers broke the news about millions who came in to the 3-day revolt. We were there on the afternoon of the second day just after school and that was a MONDAY. Wheeew!! YO BEAT, you remember Brother PAUL's announcement right? He he he!! We just spent almost two hours at EDSA but It was really frigthening since you just don't know what would happen if all of a sudden bombs from the sky would just be dropped on the SEA OF HUMANITY who wanted change at that time. It was on February 25,1986 when the revolt ended and the first family left into exile. Definitely, a MIRACLE did happen during those times because It was very peaceful and have placed my country on the MAP of the WORLD and have also inspired some upcoming revolutions around the globe after that. An image of the VIRGIN MARY appeared on a vintage photo on the same spot where ROBINSONS GALLERIA is located right now. So that's why a big CHAPEL was constructed for the memory of the miraculous LADY OF EDSA. I was young back then but the images of EDSA will always remain in my memory banks.

It has been 23 years since that historical revolution and a lot of PINOY are still wondering what happened. WHAT NOW? Naaah!! I guess my KABAYAN knows the answer on this one so I don't have to elaborate on it okay. I'm here to feature this Album by VIRNA LISA which was originally released few months after that very PEACEFUL REVOLUTION and was remastered on CD by IVORY RECORDS in 1999. Well, I bought my own original copy of the CD so you will ask "Why did I buy It?"......my answer "Why Not?" He He He!!

The album entitled "MAGKAISA(The EDSA REVOLUTION A Tribute To The Filipino People)" has a total of 8 songs all sung by VIRNA LISA. The MAJOR HIT was the song "MAGKAISA" which was composed by TITO SOTTO of the fame PINOY comedy trio "TITO, VIC AND JOEY" who also became a SENATOR. Special THANKS were also given to TONY TUVIERA and VIC SOTTO for their assistance in the arrangement of the song "MAGKAISA". The album producer was TITO SOTTO and the arranger was HOMER FLORES. This was recorded at TASHA RECORDING STUDIO. I guess that's enough INFO for you guys regarding the album. So where's VIRNA LISA right now? Hmmmp!! I have no idea guys.

(The EDSA REVOLUTION-A Tribute To The Filipino People)
31.84 megabytes

8) MAGKAISA (Instrumental)

Since I haven't seen a copy of the CD for download in the web, I decided to upload and share the MUSIC FILES for you guys. KABAYAN, if you're just interested to have a copy then here it goes:


PASSWORD: http://docmuzic.blogspot.com/

This album is not NEW WAVE, POST PUNK, PUNK ROCK, or HARDCORE but definitely PINOY NEW WAVERS, PUNKS , and HARDCORES would remember these songs.

Here's a Music Video of MAGKAISA courtesy of jsoria30ver2. Remembering the good old days when PEACE and UNITY made a mark here in the PHILIPPINES and AROUND THE WORLD.

Magkaisa LYRICS

Ngayon ganap ang hirap sa mundo
Unawa ang kailangan ng tao
Ang pagmamahal sa kapwa"y ilaan

Isa lang ang ugat ng ating pinagmulan
Tayong lahat ay magkalahi
Sa unos at agos ay huwag padadala

Panahon na (may pagasa kang matatanaw)
Ng pagkakaisa (bagong umaga, bagong araw)
Kahit ito (sa atin Siya"y nagmamahal)
Ay hirap at dusa

Magkaisa (may pagasa kang matatanaw)
At magsama (bagong umaga, bagong araw)
Kapit kamay (sa atin Siya"y nagmamahal)
Sa bagong pagasa

Ngayon may pag-asang natatanaw
May bagong araw, bagong umaga
Pagmamahal sa Diyos, isipin mo tuwina

I included here in my blogpost a Music Video of the song "Handog Ng Pilipino Sa Mundo" courtesy of pilipinasmabuhay100. Although this song was not included on the album, I find it very relevant since this blogpost is about the 1986 EDSA revolution then It is proper to include this song because It was also a song which was composed that time and to be exact April 1986 by none other than JIM PAREDES of the famous singing trio "APO HIKING SOCIETY" and was very popular for Filipinos back then. YUP!! JIM, DANNY, and BUBOY of APO were very active back then in the political scene.Filipino Artists featured on the song were Apo Hiking Society, Celeste Legaspi, Coritha & Eric, Edru Abraham, Gretchen Barretto, Ivy Violan, Inang Laya, Joseph Olfindo, Kuh Ledesma, Leah Navarro, Lester Demetillo, Noel Trinidad, Subas Herrero. Hmmmp!! It's like a "WE ARE THE WORLD" Thing PINOY Version with a cause I may say. It is consider nowadays as one of the most known Filipino Patriotic Songs of all time.


Handog Ng Pilipino Sa Mundo
Words and Music by Jim Paredes

‘Di na ‘ko papayag mawala ka muli.
'Di na ‘ko papayag na muli mabawi,
Ating kalayaan kay tagal natin mithi.
‘Di na papayagang mabawi muli.

Magkakapit-bisig libo-libong tao.
Kay sarap palang maging Pilipino.
Sama-sama iisa ang adhikain.
Kelan man ‘di na paalipin.

Handog ng Pilipino sa mundo,
Mapayapang paraang pagbabago.
Katotohanan, kalayaan, katarungan
Ay kayang makamit na walang dahas.
Basta’t magkaisa tayong lahat.

Masdan ang nagaganap sa aming bayan.
Nagkasama ng mahirap at mayaman.
Kapit-bisig madre, pari, at sundalo.
Naging Langit itong bahagi ng mundo.

Huwag muling payagang umiral ang dilim.
Tinig ng bawat tao’y bigyan ng pansin.
Magkakapatid lahat sa Panginoon.
Ito’y lagi nating tatandaan.


Kabayan!! Tayo Ay




"War war is stupid and people are stupid. And love means nothin in some strange quarters. War war is stupid and people are stupid. And I heard them banging on hearts and fingers"........ as CULTURE CLUB would sing it, but we will not be talking about Boy George and the rest of the guys. I'll be featuring another of those PHILIPPINE released "INDIE series" CD which was produced wayback August 5, 1996 entitled "WAR OF THE INDIES". YUP!! I'm back again to give you great Music and Infos about this INDIE CD that was considered to be another follow-up Philippine NEW WAVE Compilation to both "And God Created Indie" and "The Rise Of Indie" CDs that I featured here in my little blog before. Just click the "INDIE series" in the lower right side portion of my blog on the "Information Society" labels to enter my blogposts on it.

WAR OF THE INDIES is another Philippine New Wave Compilation that showcased 14 songs from 14 different NEW WAVE Bands that are popular here in MANILA and had heavy rotations on XB, BM, and NU back in the 80s. It's a combination of Remixes and Original versions that is worth listening to. I guess this means "WAR", if you talk about the great music in this superb compilation. I was able to borrow an original copy of this back in 2000 but I wasn't able to have my own copy because during those times CD burning was not yet common. THANKS to both KABAYAN djrhom and slave2nuwave for sharing their original copies here in my little blog. I reuploaded the music files djrhom gave me and arranged it chronologically and editted it. Unfortunately djrhom already lost his Front CD cover but we are still lucky that slave2nuwave still have the front and back CD covers intact and the CD photo that I'll be using is his original copy. As usual, the art of the cover is fascinating as if you are going back to the "French Revolution" of the early 19th century which was headed by the great "Napoleon Bonaparte". Hmmmp!! Isn't that the term NEW WAVE has It's cultural origins of French-filmmaking in the late 1950s? I think there goes the inspiration....or the perspiration. He He He!! Are they barbarians in the cover? It would be devastating if it's WORLD WAR I and WORLD WAR II!! So here it goes!! WAR OF THE INDIES!!

FILE SIZE: 142.76 megabytes

Download the entire CD by clicking slave2nuwave CD pix:
The compilation started with a 99.5 RT classic "MORE TO LOSE" by SEONA DANCING which became a hit for PINOY WAVERS back in the 80s. There's a different version of "I GO CRAZY" and "BUILD" included in the CD. The DEPECHE MODE song "QUESTION OF LUST" was mixed with TEARS FOR FEARS' "MAD WORLD" in the set. MIRANDA STANTON's version of a JOY DIVISION classic "LOVE WILL TEAR US APART" is very refreshing on the tracklist which was first played by 89 DMZ "WAVE180" back in the 90s. I enjoyed listening again to the whole CD that made me travel back in time. Btw, Culture Club's "The War Song" is not included here okay. Let us make PEACE not WAR!! So there you go guys I just presented you "WAR OF THE INDIES". So what do you call the WAR of HANFORD versus JOCKEY and TRIUMPH versus SOEN? Hmmmp!! WAR OF THE UNDIES? He He He!! Well, just making you smile for a WAR-TORN blogpost I may say. So ENJOY THE MUZIC and GIVE PEACE A CHANCE!!




It was late 1983 when I saw this Dance Contest in the Longest Running Philippine Television Noon Time Variety Show "EAT BULAGA" called "RENO'S MODERN DANCE CONTEST" and was amazed on the music and dance steps of the contestants. Well, this was the year when NEW WAVE/PUNK ROCK was becoming a hit here in MANILA just before XB, BM, and NU opened up the minds of PINOY to a different form of NEW WAVE in 1985-1990. I was also just starting to be interested in buying Vinyl Records during those times so when I saw this PHILIPPINE VINYL NEW WAVE COMPILATION entitled "RENO'S MODERN DANCE" on the record shop weeks after the said contest on EAT BULAGA was concluded then I remembered the music played on that contest which made me bought the record. Little did I know, that a VOLUME TWO was also released and of course just to have it on my collection I also bought the second volume.


EAT BULAGA Photo Archives (Circa 80s)
(Going 30 years this JULY 30,2009)

The music of the compilation was pretty good and the most common song being performed on the contest was the classic hit "LIES" by THOMPSON TWINS. YUP!! Majority of them danced to this tune which probably was the reason that the song was a massive hit here in MANILA back then. "LIES" was also the song that broke THOMPSON TWINS into both UK Singles Chart and the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 back in 1983. This song was from their third album Quick Step and Side Kick simply called Side Kicks in the U.S. HmmmP!! LIES? Well, sad to say a very common thing in the recent political arena here in the Philippines. Haaaaay!! KABAYAN, Let's just sing to these people "Lies lies lies yeah (they're gonna get you), Lies lies lies yeah (they won't forget you)." Naaah!! Some things never change. There were two other songs that were used by the contestants and these were "DON'T GO" by YAZOO and " "JUST CAN'T GET ENOUGH" by DEPECHE MODE. Both songs also had their share of airplays on MANILA radio. I also remember this YAZOO song being played on the classic 80s movie of Sylvester Stallone entitled "Over The Top" which I watched on Betamax back then. Why RENO'S MODERN DANCE? Well, during those times there was this RENO'S Jeans which I bought once and It has the same "HAT LOGO" of the said PHILIPPINE NEW WAVE Compilation released by OCTOARTS INTERNATIONAL INC. under NEW YORK RECORDS back in 1983 so I guess It's about that jeans. I also noticed that most of those who performed were wearing hat and jeans. Hmmmp!! I guess that's it!! So nothing to do with a brand of Liver Spread very popular here in MANILA. He He He!! MEMORIES INDEED!!


Volumes One And Two

So instead of posting the Tracklist of both compilations I will just mention the 11 NEW WAVE BANDS that were included.

The band list are as follows:

Some of the bands have two or more songs included on both compilations. Volume One has 12 songs in it and Volume Two on the otherhand has only 10 songs. This was compiled and coordinated by STEVE BEAVER and graphic design by ILLUSTRATION WORKSHOP. Only Volume One was featured on the contest because Volume Two was released few weeks after the dance contest was finished and I guess this was because of the success of the first one. The song "LIES" are present on both volumes. The Single Version on Volume One and the Extended Version was on Volume Two. GREAT COMPILATION INDEED!!

I included Four MUSIC VIDEOS on this blogpost to recapture the times.


Just Can't Get Enough- Depeche Mode

This DEPECHE MODE song remains to be a PARTY CLASSIC for PINOY NEW WAVERS up to now, they "Just Can't Get Enough" dancing with the tune.

Well, I hope you enjoyed my blogpost as much as I did while conceptualizing and posting it. THANKS AGAIN!!

(They're gonna get you)!!



Here's another NEW WAVE mp3 compilation which was released here in MANILA wayback 2004 entitled "NEW WAVE DANCE (All New Remix Versions)". My good friend JACK J. finally was able to dig this mp3 selection from his vaults. NEW WAVE mp3 again? So what's this genre again all about? I'm just glad we have another "ONLY IN THE PHILIPPINES" classic. He He He!! Well, I'm going to include here in my blogpost the exact contents of the Back Cover that explains about NEW WAVE. So here it goes:

NEW WAVE.... What is it? Well, essentially It's POST-PUNK ERA Music(starting circa 1979), that journalists, record label A&R people, disc jockeys, and assorted music-biz folk didn't want to call PUNK ROCK. Despite PUNK's grassroots success, to describe "PUNK" still doomed it commercially. Why? Mainly because PUNK ROCK was relegated outsider status; music that was considered too harsh, radical, and alienating to speak to larger, more traditional rock and pop audiences. Hence, the term "NEW WAVE" (whose cultural origins go back to it's use as description of Avant-Garde French-filmmaking in the late 50s) was substituted to indicate bands that were progressive, different, but not necessarily threatening, nor devoid of commercial potential. A YIN/YANG concept in the truest sense, NEW WAVE yielded many fine bands and great records. Many of which are included in this Ultimate New Wave mp3 collection.

That's the entire content that was written on the mp3 collection's Back Cover. Hmmmp!! I find it very interesting. The compilation includes 75 great extended, remix versions of the songs from the NEW WAVE ERA that was very popular here in MANILA. Bands like DEAD OR ALIVE, INFORMATION SOCIEY, HUMAN LEAGUE, SOFT CELL, REAL LIFE, and a lot more that could let you dance all day and all of the night. He He He!! All remixes here guys and no album or single version included so definitely once you start listening to it you just can't stop dancing. Uploading the entire 75 songs? Naaah!! I'm very sorry because that's too heavy for a file and no time for me to do such a toxic thing. Let's leave it to other Blogs that specialized on it. How about the Tracklisting? Hmmmp!! Let's see what CAPTAIN HOOK will do about it, if you got my drift. He He He!!

There are lots of NEW ORDER, DEPECHE MODE, ERASURE, and TEARS FOR FEARS stuffs here for those who loves these bands.

So Let's Dance To The



These photos I shot clearly say it all for today's Blogpost!!


It's Called A HEART!!

"There's something beating here inside my body And it's called a heart"....is the opening lyrics of the classic Depeche Mode song entitled "IT'S CALLED A HEART". Well, since HEART's DAY(February 14) "VALENTINES DAY" is fast approaching then It's fine time to feature the HEART. In my world of MEDICINE, The HEART is a pump that creates the pressure that drives the flow of blood throughout the system. The CARDIOVASCULAR SYSTEM wherein "cardio" means "heart" and "vascular" means "vessels". The HEART is a hollow, muscular organ that is divided into four chambers. The right and left atrium receive venous blood from the veins, while the right and left ventricles pump blood into the arteries. Although the heart is a single organ, it functions as two separate pumps. The right half pumps blood into the Pulmonary circulation, while the left half pumps blood into the Systemic circulation. The Arteries carries Oygenated Blood while the Veins carries Deoxygenated Blood. "I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART!!"......Hmmmp!! Very familiar with these words? Well, I always tell my students that it is more clinically and anatomically right to say to your love ones that: "I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HYPOTHALAMUS!!". What? Did you get it right? YUP!! The HYPOTHALAMUS is the part of the brain which is the seat of all our EMOTIONS. So there you go, some love notes from your friendly neighborhood "Dr. Stirring Rhod". Btw, KABAYAN do you remember JOE "D' Mango"? Very famous because of his critically acclaimed "LOVE NOTES". He He He!! The Normal HEART BEAT is 60-100 beats per minute. It beats as "lub dub, "lub dub", "lub dub"......Hmmmmp!! Isn't it "love dove"?

I first heard DEPECHE MODE's song entitled "It's Called A Heart" back in 1985 on POWER105 DZBM-FM. The music video of the song was also all over MANILA's Music Videos Television shows. "It's Called A Heart" was the 14th single of the band which was not released on an actual studio album but was released on the compilation "DEPECHE MODE The Singles (81-85)" which I also bought immediately when it was released here in MANILA back in 1985. I bought my VINYL copy at SM CUBAO and this DEPECHE MODE compilation is a must for PINOY WAVERS because It contains a lot of great hits from the band which were played both on WXB102 and POWER105 DZBM-FM. SULIT TALAGA!! XB and BM explored a lot of DEPECHE MODE songs during both stations heydays on MANILA airwaves from the common down to their rare, extended remixes, live, and obscure songs. MARTIN GORE was also noted to have stated that "It's Called A Heart" is his least favorite Depeche Mode single. ALLAN WILDER considered it to be one of Depeche Mode's weakest songs.


"Valentine's Day"

It's Called A HEART's DAY!!



Friday I'm In Love W/ The TAZMANIAN DEVIL

The Tasmanian Devil (Sarcophilus harrisii) which is the only extant member of the genus Sarcophilusis is the largest carnivorous marsupial in the world found only in the Australian island state of Tasmania. It's the size of a small dog, but stocky and muscular. That's the real Tasmanian Devil!! But If we will be talking about the cartoon character then we have to say that The Tasmanian Devil, often referred to as "Taz" is a Warner Bros. Looney Tunes favorite animation character created by Robert McKimson back in 1954. Wheew!! That's how old TAZ is? Well, at present TAZ is one of the most recognizable members of the Looney Tunes roster because of both marketing and television appearances that helped increased the popularity of TAZ in the 1990s and up to now. One of those who pisses off Bugs Bunny and who would forget his whirls about like a dust devil that's similar to a tornado and sounds like several motors whirring. That's a classic "TAZ" indeed!! Here in MANILA if you're talking about NEW WAVE and TAZ then there's one thing that would pop-up in every PINOY WAVER's mind. YUP!! It's Legendary DZBM POWER105 DJ "The Tazmanian Devil" or "TAZ" for short. One of my favorite BM DJs I may say!!

This blogpost was requested by KABAYAN Jordan Victor Luciano aka."lunatic jordan" as HARRY NOLAN would call him and greet him on air. Lunatic? A "Looney"? A Looney Tunes character too? He He He!! Actually, Jordan(not Michael ok) is a freelance DJ and have been part of some other mobiles. He's also a part of this upcoming PRE-VALENTINES Party as DJ Jordan Luciano which is entitled "FRIDAY I'M IN LOVE with THE TAZMANIAN DEVIL" on February 13, 2009 at ROUTE 168 SPORTS AND DINER NO. 41 VISAYAS AVENUE, BARANGAY VASRA, QUEZON CITY...Together with Legendary POWER 105.1 DEEJAYS.... CHELE D, RANDY BROWN, SMILIN HARRY NOLAN, PAUL HUNTER, BOB KING!!! WITH SPECIAL GUEST DJs!... ERIC PASCUAL AND MIKE TIMBOL OF 33-1/3, RAMSEY GUZMAN OF RSL AND DJ DINDO LOPEZ OF CARDINAL AUDIO (Snoog!!! is that you? OoooopS!! Just having the same name.) , and with EXILE MOBILE. Hmmmp!! Star studded line-up guys!!

TAZ' photo

So who's the star of the party?..........It's "THE TAZMANIAN DEVIL"!!! YUP!! Ronnie Tengsico aka. "THE TAZMANIAN DEVIL" or "TAZ" became the sidekick of HARRY NOLAN back in 1987 as what I've written before. According to "lunatic jordan" It was Harry who gave the name "The Tazmanian Devil" to Sir Ronnie because during those times TAZ sported a long hairdo with a great smile. Hmmmp!! Both Harry and Taz met on 99.5RT just before going to DZBM POWER105. The Tazmanian Devil will be having a Pre-Valentines Party this FRIDAY THE 13th organized by ART OF SOUND and the POWER SWITCHERS. Nope!! It's not JASON. It's the DEVIL. He He He!!Definitely, "FRIDAY I'M IN LOVE" would be the right theme for this Party since It's going to be held on a Friday and I suppose they are all IN LOOOOVE. YUP!! The title was taken from one of my favorite songs from "THE CURE"!! Btw, lunatic jordan informed me that Taz is now working at Santa Ana Park as Race Analyst. Well, I guess the whirlwind tornado is "In The Running". I only met him once when we visited BM back in 1988. NICE GUY!!

I first heard of "FRIDAY I'M IN LOVE" on NU107 back in 1992 and saw the Video few days after at Channel 2's VIDEO HOT TRACKS and I fell IN LOVE with it. WOW!! GREAT VIDEO!! "New Wave na New Wave Talaga!!" It was taken from THE CURE's "WISH" album and was nominated for a Grammy Award and won the BEST MUSIC VIDEO from MTV. That's why the video was great. Hmmmp!! The single became #1 in U.S. MODERN ROCK CHARTS which definitely made it one of the most popular songs from THE CURE. In the Lyrics "I don't care if Monday's blue" refers to New Order's Classic Dance hit "Blue Monday". So how about Tues, Wed, Thurs, Sat, and Sun? Naaaah!! I DON'T CARE if Monday's Blue. He He He!!

Here's a photo of the real marsupial "Tasmanian Devil"

Here's Two Different Live Performances Of "FRIDAY I'M IN LOVE" by "THE CURE" courtesy of "cure msg" and "hangin72back". THANKS GUYS!!



HEY WAIT!!!! There's an interesting version of it in YOU-TUBE sang by Kokosingers on Kenyon College Family Weekend 2007 uploaded by mjanie314.

So KABAYAN do celebrate Pre-Valentines Day with TAZ and the rest of THE POWER SWITCHERS together with Legendary BM DJs and mobiles on February 13, 2009!! THANKS JORDAN!! Jordan for three!! Woooooosssh!!

So let me greet you guys a:
Happy ValenTAZ Day!!



LISTEN ON!! LISTEN ON GUYS!! Or just LISTEN? Do you wanna know a secret? Do you promise not to tell? Wooo hooo wooo hooo!! Oooops!! We will not be talking about the "FAB FOUR". Maybe a sort of like that...."FEB FOUR" I suppose? This FEB 11,2009 FOUR great guys will reveal a secret and fulfill a promise to all NEW WAVERS here in MANILA. That's not all KABAYAN!! We will be hearing the Return of WXB102 Legendary DJ Sir George Frederick on MANILA's FM radio dial and this time on NU107 "The Home Of Nu Rock". YUP!! You got it right!! "The Program Director" himself will be back on the airwaves via NU107 New Wave Radio Program entitled "LISTEN ON: THE BALLAD OF THE TIMES - RADIO SHOW". It's not John, Paul, George, and Ringo okay....... It's FRED, POGZ, GEORGE, and CHARLIE that will be giving you THE HITS & BEATS OF NU WAVE on their Pilot Broadcast this coming February 11, 2009 Wednesday Evening from 10:30 PM TO 12 MIDNITE. Hmmmp!! This would be something to look forward to everyone.

I was able to talk to POGZ, one of the host of the show and currently the Lead Vocalist of PINOY SMITHS Tribute Band "DEAD POP STARS", personally last weekend and he was glad to hand me down this great news. I guess It's ripe for the scene right now to have this kind of Radio Show here in MANILA. According to POGZ, this was FOUR years in the making and finally the finishing touches was laid down last week. Hmmmp!! What's this about the number FOUR? He He He!! So what do we expect here POGZ? This is what he has to say "We'll be playing the dumbest to the best NEW WAVE TUNE, (He! He!)...and again We're not Deep". Oh ayan POGZ exact message mo yan ah. Well, definitely one good reason to be happy about. Sir George Frederick was POGZ personal choice when handed down the authority to choose the people to host the show so that for him there would be "Authenticity Of PINOY Style Of NEW WAVE". That's a great choice I may say!! HATS OFF with this one!! Definitely, looking at the Poster Ad and the title of this show, you would not think of otherwise that It's really a NEW WAVE SHOW. The poster was taken from THE THE's "SOUL MINING" album and the show title"LISTEN ON" is a great track from THE RAILWAY CHILDREN and THE BALLAD OF THE TIMES from EVERYTHING BUT THE GIRL which was the last song played on WXB102 by another Legendary XB DJ ALLAN K.(not related with the pinoy comedian Allan K. of Eat Bulaga) back in 1987 before it finally signed-off.

Here's my DIY photo of SIR GEORGE FREDERICK and POGZ:

So we've been talking about POGZ and Sir George Frederick so who are the two other guys in the show? POGZ informed me that CHARLIE is from the U.K. and a pure BRIT and so I guess this would infuse some inputs on the British side of the story. FRED on the otherhand plays in the band. FRED sounds like ROBERT SMITH and plays like BILLY BRAGG.Hmmmp!! Very interesting Line-up I may say!! And so there you go guys the FOUR gentlemen that would be dishing out something great this February 11,2009 on NU107. That's FRED, POGZ, GEORGE, and CHARLIE!! It's THE BALLAD OF JOHN AND YOKO? Nope!! It's "THE BALLAD OF THE TIMES".

Here's some lines from the LYRICS of WE'RE NOT DEEP

"You'd do yourself a favour if you gave yourself a break
But that's one risk you'd never take
The evenings yours, the mornings mine
But don't knock me, I'm doing fine
You'd do yourself a favour if you gave yourself a rest
But just for now you know what's best

And I know what you think
What you think about me
Thoughts like that sink home
To you we're not deep"

Listen On everyone!!
To The Ballad Of The Times!!



"This is the radio that you want. This is the station that dares to be different that I'm sure you definitely know. And we are WXB102....we are greeting out there....". YUP!! Those were the words of LEGENDARY WXB102 DJ RICO GUITERREZ aka. "THE MORNING MAN" or "INGGO" for those who know him personally before greeting me,my brothers, and friends on his Request Round-Up Morning Show back in 1986 which I was able to record it on cassette tape . Well, I have to say "MORNING MAN" is my favorite XB DJ and I remember calling up XB very early just to make my shouts out and requests on his Legendary Morning Show entitled "REQUEST ROUND-UP" so that I'll be hearing the Greetings and the Requested songs just before going to school. He He He!! The technique is that you have to call the station around 5 minutes before 6 a.m. or else the phone line would just clogged up and you may not be able to penetrate the XB line. I was using the Old Traditional Telephone wherein you are dialing in circular motion. He He He!! Hmmmp!! Who would ever thought of during those times that Cellphone would be a hit today!! Nowadays, most of the Radio Stations here in MANILA have already their own TEXT LINE. If the MEN AT WORK Instrumental entitled "ANYONE FOR TENNIS" would play on XB then It means It's the start of "REQUEST ROUND-UP". Wheeew!! That's memories indeed!! I'm very glad to get in touch with Sir Inggo via KABAYAN DJ Clyde's WXB102 Forever Website back in MAY 2006 and It's really cool to know that the show is finally back on air but this time It's on the INTERNET RADIO. If you're a fan of the show then you will always remember Inggo's CHEECH AND CHONG Stingers which he was glad that I was able to share it to him especially "Hey!! what your trying to do? You've ruined my record man, I just bought it".... Funny and creative having those stingers in the morning. He He He!!

There was also this Informative Portion of REQUEST ROUND-UP entitled "NEWS WAVE" wherein Morning Man delivers the latest NEWS and INFOS about NEW WAVE. I made a special blogpost about NEWS WAVE back in DECEMBER 2007 wherein I also featured the Newsletter with same name . Hmmmp!! I can't imagine It's already 2009. Well, he was also glad that I helped him remember this portion of his.

Click the NEWS WAVE cover shared by ALDRIN of HARMONIC TREND to enter my NEWS WAVE Blogpost:

So how did Morning Man became an XB Jock? This is what he answered: "George Frederick and our Station Manager Jesse Gonzales were the cause of it all! Poor me getting sucked into one of the wildest musical rides of my life ...loving it, living it and, after more than a decade and a half, still obsessed by it."

I also informed him that I still remembered that one caller on the show asked him wayback 1987 why WXB102 was called "The Station That Dares To Be Different" and I really like his answer on air which goes like this "We are called The Station That Dares To Be Different because 99% of what you hear on our station, you can't hear on other stations, and 102% of the songs other stations play you can't hear it from us". Hmmmp!! This hit the mark because I was able to tape this too. He He He!!

Inggo had a stint on RK96 better known as 96.3WROCK(LiteRock) in the early 80s together with another Legendary NEW WAVE DJ "THE UNBEATABLE". Of course, PINOY WAVERS would recall "THE UNBEATABLE" because of the hit NEW WAVE radio program back in the 90s on 89DMZ entitled "WAVE 180". Morning Man was a former DJ of Stargazer in Silahis International Hotel and then Soundtrack in Ambassador Hotel during that period when PUNK ROCK and NEW WAVE started to hit the dance scene here in MANILA. . There was also a story that he shared to me regarding Ambassador Hotel at one time the XB phone conked out one-way wherein they could call but they couldn't receive calls. What they did was they routed the Requests & Greetings for Request Round-Up via Ambassador Hotel so that the listeners could call there. They then called up the telephone operator of Ambassador Hotel every 15 minutes and she read out to them what she had gotten. Well, according to the lady operator, it was a quiet morning for her as always until Inggo announced Ambassador Hotel's trunkline (she was tuned in). After that announcement , everything in her switchboard lit up and this went on till afternoon and that was long after the morning show. Wheew!! They never did that again. He He He!! Nice Improvising Sir!! Talking about FANS!! Well, I guess Morning Man's Show would definitely be the highest rated XB Radio Show back then. I also remembered that the Schedule was on Week Days MON-FRI 6am-9am, then few months after It's success, the show was extended to Saturdays.

Here's a photo of MORNING MAN with two Legendary XB DJs namely "THE GHOST" and "SIR GEORGE FREDERICK". "TRES LOS PANCHOS"?

What made WXB102 so unique for MORNING MAN? The music was definitely a prime factor. The line-up of jocks was another consideration for him. What with the likes of Cool Carla, George Frederick, The Ghost, Fat Albert, Julius Ceasar and everyone else around. He feel blessed to have worked with them and being "Underground" also created an ambience like no other for WXB102.

Here's an old WXB102 sticker:

Here's a VINTAGE Photo of WXB102 Booth Circa 80s!!

Btw. I also made a Special blogpost of the recent WXB102 BOOTH Circa '08 back in MARCH, 2008 which MIKE SUTTON requested. MIKEY emailed me a photo of the XB Booth Circa 2008.
Click the XB Booth '08 photo to read my blospost on it:

So how's MORNING MAN doing right now? He his still a jock and still Morning Man on WXB102 Internet Radio. He now work for 107.1 SMOOTH FM, a Jazz Station in Baguio City. Hmmmp!! Interesting SIR!! His program is called "Jazzy Sunrise" and it's on 6-10am and goes by the name "SeƱor Blues" and not “Senior” blues okay. Sir Inggo, Is that something to do with a REQUEST ROUND-UP Favorite from LAIDBACK"Sunshine Reggae"? He He He!!

I made my own DIY "Then and Now" Photo Of MORNING MAN:

Morning Man on the XB BOOTH Circa 1987 and Circa 2007!!

Morning Man's message:
"Isn't this such a cool thing?!? The spirit truly lives on. The station that dared to be different back then is still alive, kicking and daring the odds again. I must give credit to Mike Sutton for this and, of course, George Frederick and the WXB102 staff.

To all our friends, I hope you can join me in the New Request Roundup every Friday, 6pm (pacific) in the u.s. that’s Saturday, 10am in the Philippines. It’s a 2-hr walk along memory lane and it would be nice to have you along.

and to you, DOC, Thanks for the interview"


Click here to enter XB NET RADIO:

I just wanna thank MORNING MAN for this great privilege to feature him here in my little blog!! For sharing his thoughts and memories of XB and also the photos in this blogpost of mine. MORE POWER TO YOU SIR!!


Good Morning!!!!.... MAN!!


A Taste Of Love

It's........."The Looooooooovvvvvvve Month Again Everyone!!". Hmmmp!! I guess It's that time of the year that we spend it for our special someone. So the title of my blogpost for today is " A TASTE OF LOVE" and definitely you guys will have it. He He He!! DEN HARROW is an Italian NEW WAVE project which was fronted by a fashion model from Milan, Italy named STEFANO ZANDRI. They made a big ITALO hit around the globe back in 1984 with the song "A TASTE OF LOVE". The name "Den Harrow" was invented by the producers of the said project, which according to them was based on the Italian word "Denaro" which meant "MONEY". I first heard this song on 99.5RT back in 1984 and It became a hit for PINOY WAVERS because of It's dancable tune and great vocals. My cousin and I immediately went to a record bar in Quezon City just to have the song taped and we used it on a birthday party we attended on that week. Of course, we recorded the extended mix of the song which was really great. Although, I personally didn't hear this song played on XB,BM, and NU it still got good radio airplay on other MANILA FM dials does making it popular for PINOY WAVERS back then. There was even a controversy about the "DEN HARROW" project because it was revealed later on that Stefano didn't actually sang those songs and the producers admitted that he was essentially a character who lip-synched to the vocals of the songs. WheeW!! What's this? A precursor of the Milli Vanilli and Vanilla Ice Lip-synched controversies also of the 80s?

According to Tom Hooker it was the voice of Chuck Rolando who was used in the vocals of "A Taste Of Love". I think this is really nuts since the deep vocals of the song was excellent for a dance tune especially from that NEW WAVE ERA.

Well, I'm just wondering why "A Taste Of Love" wasn't included on "THE BEST OF DEN HARROW" CD. Maybe because of this controversy? Actually, It was the only DEN HARROW Hit here in MANILA during those times.

Here's the Music Video of that controversial song entitled:

Well, another thing that triggered me to make a blogpost of this song because my KABAYAN on "THE VAULT Live 365" will be having a VALENTINES SPECIAL entitled "A TASTE OF LOVE: The Ultimate Retro Dance Party" on FEBRUARY 14, 2009. Hmmmp!! That's something to look forward to. Isn't it? BENJIE"The Boy Wonder" and the rest of the guys are at it again!! Hmmmp!! "THE LOVE VAULT"? Sounds familiar!!

LISTEN TO "THE VAULT" by clicking their logo:

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