"This is the radio that you want. This is the station that dares to be different that I'm sure you definitely know. And we are WXB102....we are greeting out there....". YUP!! Those were the words of LEGENDARY WXB102 DJ RICO GUITERREZ aka. "THE MORNING MAN" or "INGGO" for those who know him personally before greeting me,my brothers, and friends on his Request Round-Up Morning Show back in 1986 which I was able to record it on cassette tape . Well, I have to say "MORNING MAN" is my favorite XB DJ and I remember calling up XB very early just to make my shouts out and requests on his Legendary Morning Show entitled "REQUEST ROUND-UP" so that I'll be hearing the Greetings and the Requested songs just before going to school. He He He!! The technique is that you have to call the station around 5 minutes before 6 a.m. or else the phone line would just clogged up and you may not be able to penetrate the XB line. I was using the Old Traditional Telephone wherein you are dialing in circular motion. He He He!! Hmmmp!! Who would ever thought of during those times that Cellphone would be a hit today!! Nowadays, most of the Radio Stations here in MANILA have already their own TEXT LINE. If the MEN AT WORK Instrumental entitled "ANYONE FOR TENNIS" would play on XB then It means It's the start of "REQUEST ROUND-UP". Wheeew!! That's memories indeed!! I'm very glad to get in touch with Sir Inggo via KABAYAN DJ Clyde's WXB102 Forever Website back in MAY 2006 and It's really cool to know that the show is finally back on air but this time It's on the INTERNET RADIO. If you're a fan of the show then you will always remember Inggo's CHEECH AND CHONG Stingers which he was glad that I was able to share it to him especially "Hey!! what your trying to do? You've ruined my record man, I just bought it".... Funny and creative having those stingers in the morning. He He He!!

There was also this Informative Portion of REQUEST ROUND-UP entitled "NEWS WAVE" wherein Morning Man delivers the latest NEWS and INFOS about NEW WAVE. I made a special blogpost about NEWS WAVE back in DECEMBER 2007 wherein I also featured the Newsletter with same name . Hmmmp!! I can't imagine It's already 2009. Well, he was also glad that I helped him remember this portion of his.

Click the NEWS WAVE cover shared by ALDRIN of HARMONIC TREND to enter my NEWS WAVE Blogpost:

So how did Morning Man became an XB Jock? This is what he answered: "George Frederick and our Station Manager Jesse Gonzales were the cause of it all! Poor me getting sucked into one of the wildest musical rides of my life ...loving it, living it and, after more than a decade and a half, still obsessed by it."

I also informed him that I still remembered that one caller on the show asked him wayback 1987 why WXB102 was called "The Station That Dares To Be Different" and I really like his answer on air which goes like this "We are called The Station That Dares To Be Different because 99% of what you hear on our station, you can't hear on other stations, and 102% of the songs other stations play you can't hear it from us". Hmmmp!! This hit the mark because I was able to tape this too. He He He!!

Inggo had a stint on RK96 better known as 96.3WROCK(LiteRock) in the early 80s together with another Legendary NEW WAVE DJ "THE UNBEATABLE". Of course, PINOY WAVERS would recall "THE UNBEATABLE" because of the hit NEW WAVE radio program back in the 90s on 89DMZ entitled "WAVE 180". Morning Man was a former DJ of Stargazer in Silahis International Hotel and then Soundtrack in Ambassador Hotel during that period when PUNK ROCK and NEW WAVE started to hit the dance scene here in MANILA. . There was also a story that he shared to me regarding Ambassador Hotel at one time the XB phone conked out one-way wherein they could call but they couldn't receive calls. What they did was they routed the Requests & Greetings for Request Round-Up via Ambassador Hotel so that the listeners could call there. They then called up the telephone operator of Ambassador Hotel every 15 minutes and she read out to them what she had gotten. Well, according to the lady operator, it was a quiet morning for her as always until Inggo announced Ambassador Hotel's trunkline (she was tuned in). After that announcement , everything in her switchboard lit up and this went on till afternoon and that was long after the morning show. Wheew!! They never did that again. He He He!! Nice Improvising Sir!! Talking about FANS!! Well, I guess Morning Man's Show would definitely be the highest rated XB Radio Show back then. I also remembered that the Schedule was on Week Days MON-FRI 6am-9am, then few months after It's success, the show was extended to Saturdays.

Here's a photo of MORNING MAN with two Legendary XB DJs namely "THE GHOST" and "SIR GEORGE FREDERICK". "TRES LOS PANCHOS"?

What made WXB102 so unique for MORNING MAN? The music was definitely a prime factor. The line-up of jocks was another consideration for him. What with the likes of Cool Carla, George Frederick, The Ghost, Fat Albert, Julius Ceasar and everyone else around. He feel blessed to have worked with them and being "Underground" also created an ambience like no other for WXB102.

Here's an old WXB102 sticker:

Here's a VINTAGE Photo of WXB102 Booth Circa 80s!!

Btw. I also made a Special blogpost of the recent WXB102 BOOTH Circa '08 back in MARCH, 2008 which MIKE SUTTON requested. MIKEY emailed me a photo of the XB Booth Circa 2008.
Click the XB Booth '08 photo to read my blospost on it:

So how's MORNING MAN doing right now? He his still a jock and still Morning Man on WXB102 Internet Radio. He now work for 107.1 SMOOTH FM, a Jazz Station in Baguio City. Hmmmp!! Interesting SIR!! His program is called "Jazzy Sunrise" and it's on 6-10am and goes by the name "SeƱor Blues" and not “Senior” blues okay. Sir Inggo, Is that something to do with a REQUEST ROUND-UP Favorite from LAIDBACK"Sunshine Reggae"? He He He!!

I made my own DIY "Then and Now" Photo Of MORNING MAN:

Morning Man on the XB BOOTH Circa 1987 and Circa 2007!!

Morning Man's message:
"Isn't this such a cool thing?!? The spirit truly lives on. The station that dared to be different back then is still alive, kicking and daring the odds again. I must give credit to Mike Sutton for this and, of course, George Frederick and the WXB102 staff.

To all our friends, I hope you can join me in the New Request Roundup every Friday, 6pm (pacific) in the u.s. that’s Saturday, 10am in the Philippines. It’s a 2-hr walk along memory lane and it would be nice to have you along.

and to you, DOC, Thanks for the interview"


Click here to enter XB NET RADIO:

I just wanna thank MORNING MAN for this great privilege to feature him here in my little blog!! For sharing his thoughts and memories of XB and also the photos in this blogpost of mine. MORE POWER TO YOU SIR!!


Good Morning!!!!.... MAN!!


Punk Rock Daddy said...

Great post man. It sure brings back memories! Actually, I entered a contest in WXB and I actually won. I think I got a Php 200 gift certificate from Arte Linea in Recto. I bought a Wire Train T-shirt.

Anyways, that was one of my fondest memories of XB.

More Power!!!

DrStirringRhod said...

Archived from my Chatbox:

inggo102: how is the unbeatable? does anybody know? we used to tandem in the morning show of rk96 (now lite rock) back in the early 80s?
24 Jan 09, 17:27
DrStirringRhod: Thanks WOWIE of Pinoy Rock Band "SHAMPOO NI LOLA" for dropping by and making comments on my "CHRISTMAS ON THE ROCKS" blogpost. MABUHAY!!
24 Jan 09, 17:25
DrStirringRhod: Thanks david!!
24 Jan 09, 12:45
david: Viva doc muzic!
24 Jan 09, 09:24
Rob-a-Dub-Dub: If the Morning Man is here... how's about the UNBEATABLE? Churn out all ye WXB Legendary DJs, pls!!! XD
23 Jan 09, 20:45
DrStirringRhod: WOW!! I'm not worthy Inggo"MORNING MAN" of XB!! Thanks sir for the shots!! Nice to hear from you again sir.
23 Jan 09, 13:27
inggo102: just want to say hi to doc SR


DrStirringRhod said...

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niloxx wrote on Feb 5
Hey any chance you could post those XB102 radio broadcasts? !^v^!

dsri wrote on Feb 5
niloxx said
Hey any chance you could post those XB102 radio broadcasts? !^v^!
MAHALO!! Ganun ba Neil? He He He!! :-)

luvspitluv wrote on Feb 6
meron ka ni cool carla? nostalgia trip, heheh...
if i only have a time machine i'd go back to '85-'87 and stay there forever....
those were the best years of XB and new wave releases: the smiths' 'queen is dead'. the cure's 'head on the door', woodentops' 'giant', housemartins' 'london 0, hull 4, prefab sprout's 'steve mcqueen', the bolshoi's 'lindy's party', etc...

inggo102 wrote on Feb 6
thanks for the feature on me, doc. i really appreciate it. you’re right about my feeling blessed…blessed for the opportunity of having been a new wave pioneer and, much more, for having worked with such a cohesive group of unique personalities. wxb102 jocks were a different breed indeed. we all worked for free! that's right, we didn't get paid for our services. as a matter of fact, we all had other jobs to help support the wxb102 habit we were stuck with.now, we have people like you who make it all worthwhile. i feel even more blessed. grazi again.

dsri wrote on Feb 8
You're very WELCOME Sir!! :-) THANK YOU ALSO!! :-) As I would say "Music Matters And Memories Of It Matters Most"!!

dsri wrote on Feb 8
luvspitluv said
meron ka ni cool carla? nostalgia trip, heheh...
if i only have a time machine i'd go back to '85-'87 and stay there forever....
those were the best years of XB and new wave releases: the smiths' 'queen is dead'. the cure's 'head on the door', woodentops' 'giant', housemartins' 'london 0, hull 4, prefab sprout's 'steve mcqueen', the bolshoi's 'lindy's party', etc...
You're very right on this one!! :-) I had a BLOGPOST about 1987 before.