Friday I'm In Love W/ The TAZMANIAN DEVIL

The Tasmanian Devil (Sarcophilus harrisii) which is the only extant member of the genus Sarcophilusis is the largest carnivorous marsupial in the world found only in the Australian island state of Tasmania. It's the size of a small dog, but stocky and muscular. That's the real Tasmanian Devil!! But If we will be talking about the cartoon character then we have to say that The Tasmanian Devil, often referred to as "Taz" is a Warner Bros. Looney Tunes favorite animation character created by Robert McKimson back in 1954. Wheew!! That's how old TAZ is? Well, at present TAZ is one of the most recognizable members of the Looney Tunes roster because of both marketing and television appearances that helped increased the popularity of TAZ in the 1990s and up to now. One of those who pisses off Bugs Bunny and who would forget his whirls about like a dust devil that's similar to a tornado and sounds like several motors whirring. That's a classic "TAZ" indeed!! Here in MANILA if you're talking about NEW WAVE and TAZ then there's one thing that would pop-up in every PINOY WAVER's mind. YUP!! It's Legendary DZBM POWER105 DJ "The Tazmanian Devil" or "TAZ" for short. One of my favorite BM DJs I may say!!

This blogpost was requested by KABAYAN Jordan Victor Luciano aka."lunatic jordan" as HARRY NOLAN would call him and greet him on air. Lunatic? A "Looney"? A Looney Tunes character too? He He He!! Actually, Jordan(not Michael ok) is a freelance DJ and have been part of some other mobiles. He's also a part of this upcoming PRE-VALENTINES Party as DJ Jordan Luciano which is entitled "FRIDAY I'M IN LOVE with THE TAZMANIAN DEVIL" on February 13, 2009 at ROUTE 168 SPORTS AND DINER NO. 41 VISAYAS AVENUE, BARANGAY VASRA, QUEZON CITY...Together with Legendary POWER 105.1 DEEJAYS.... CHELE D, RANDY BROWN, SMILIN HARRY NOLAN, PAUL HUNTER, BOB KING!!! WITH SPECIAL GUEST DJs!... ERIC PASCUAL AND MIKE TIMBOL OF 33-1/3, RAMSEY GUZMAN OF RSL AND DJ DINDO LOPEZ OF CARDINAL AUDIO (Snoog!!! is that you? OoooopS!! Just having the same name.) , and with EXILE MOBILE. Hmmmp!! Star studded line-up guys!!

TAZ' photo

So who's the star of the party?..........It's "THE TAZMANIAN DEVIL"!!! YUP!! Ronnie Tengsico aka. "THE TAZMANIAN DEVIL" or "TAZ" became the sidekick of HARRY NOLAN back in 1987 as what I've written before. According to "lunatic jordan" It was Harry who gave the name "The Tazmanian Devil" to Sir Ronnie because during those times TAZ sported a long hairdo with a great smile. Hmmmp!! Both Harry and Taz met on 99.5RT just before going to DZBM POWER105. The Tazmanian Devil will be having a Pre-Valentines Party this FRIDAY THE 13th organized by ART OF SOUND and the POWER SWITCHERS. Nope!! It's not JASON. It's the DEVIL. He He He!!Definitely, "FRIDAY I'M IN LOVE" would be the right theme for this Party since It's going to be held on a Friday and I suppose they are all IN LOOOOVE. YUP!! The title was taken from one of my favorite songs from "THE CURE"!! Btw, lunatic jordan informed me that Taz is now working at Santa Ana Park as Race Analyst. Well, I guess the whirlwind tornado is "In The Running". I only met him once when we visited BM back in 1988. NICE GUY!!

I first heard of "FRIDAY I'M IN LOVE" on NU107 back in 1992 and saw the Video few days after at Channel 2's VIDEO HOT TRACKS and I fell IN LOVE with it. WOW!! GREAT VIDEO!! "New Wave na New Wave Talaga!!" It was taken from THE CURE's "WISH" album and was nominated for a Grammy Award and won the BEST MUSIC VIDEO from MTV. That's why the video was great. Hmmmp!! The single became #1 in U.S. MODERN ROCK CHARTS which definitely made it one of the most popular songs from THE CURE. In the Lyrics "I don't care if Monday's blue" refers to New Order's Classic Dance hit "Blue Monday". So how about Tues, Wed, Thurs, Sat, and Sun? Naaaah!! I DON'T CARE if Monday's Blue. He He He!!

Here's a photo of the real marsupial "Tasmanian Devil"

Here's Two Different Live Performances Of "FRIDAY I'M IN LOVE" by "THE CURE" courtesy of "cure msg" and "hangin72back". THANKS GUYS!!



HEY WAIT!!!! There's an interesting version of it in YOU-TUBE sang by Kokosingers on Kenyon College Family Weekend 2007 uploaded by mjanie314.

So KABAYAN do celebrate Pre-Valentines Day with TAZ and the rest of THE POWER SWITCHERS together with Legendary BM DJs and mobiles on February 13, 2009!! THANKS JORDAN!! Jordan for three!! Woooooosssh!!

So let me greet you guys a:
Happy ValenTAZ Day!!

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DrStirringRhod said...

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11 Feb 09, 09:38
macoy: uy sayang yung sa chakiks birthday ko pa man din yung araw na yan.
11 Feb 09, 09:31
macoy: very nice site sir!
10 Feb 09, 13:26
JOHNJOHN: ganda-ganda naman ser.... nice new posts. i enjoyed reading it!
9 Feb 09, 21:42
lunatic jordan: doc.nakita na ni taz un blogpost! tuwa tuwa, pilitin mo daw makapunta sa party!!
9 Feb 09, 18:30
DrStirringRhod: You're WELCOME Jordan!! This is the Home of PINOY WAVERS, PUNKS, HARDCORES etc.
9 Feb 09, 18:00
DrStirringRhod: WOW!! Another XB DJ in mick flame on my blog!! Hi mick!! Musta na?Long time no see!! Congratz with your new baby!! Tnx for the visit!!
9 Feb 09, 12:50
mickflame: great blog amigo!
9 Feb 09, 12:11
lunatic jordan: doc. juz receive ur email. thanks a lot for the blogpost!
9 Feb 09, 08:54
DrStirringRhod: Hi GUYS!! I just updated my FRIDAY I'M IN LOVE blogpost do check it out again. Tnx!!
9 Feb 09, 08:53
DrStirringRhod: Ooops!! sama name pala Snoog.
8 Feb 09, 15:57
SnooG: Hello DOC Nope! hindi po ako yung Dindo Lopez of Cardinal Audio..Not Me. Same name lang po.
8 Feb 09, 10:31
lunatic jordan: btw, taz is working with sta ana park as race analys. basta gus2 mo kumuha ng tips sa race horsing?? LOL
8 Feb 09, 10:29
lunatic jordan: gus2 nga makita ni taz un ginawa mo blogpost, wala pa syang time mag open ng pc
7 Feb 09, 23:00
DrStirringRhod: Yo Jordan!! Hope you like my TAZ blogpost!!
7 Feb 09, 15:57
DAVID: Doc, nice site!!!
7 Feb 09, 14:11
DrStirringRhod: Got it jordan!! Uuuy!! I remember nga HARRY NOLAN use to say your name on air.
7 Feb 09, 11:49
the lunatic jordan: doc balita ko, naghahanap ka ng identity crisis na album??
7 Feb 09, 11:48
the lunatic jordan: doc i just received your email
7 Feb 09, 10:16
DrStirringRhod: jordan. pls check ur mail again. tnx!!
6 Feb 09, 15:07
lunatic jordan: naka post pla un ticket ng trek to the deck! ako nag design nun!!
6 Feb 09, 14:29
lunatic jordan: doc sabi ni taz kng pude ka raw pumunta sa party sa route 168?
6 Feb 09, 11:42
DrStirringRhod: No problem Jordan!!
6 Feb 09, 11:36
lunatic jordan: try to listen at jam 88.3 now! new wave ata cla ngaun
6 Feb 09, 11:35
lunatic jordan: recieved your email doc! thanks
6 Feb 09, 11:34
lunatic jordan: recieved your email doc
6 Feb 09, 11:08
DrStirringRhod: Hi Jordan!! You got mail!! Nandun instructions Thanks for dropping by my blog again KABAYAN!!
6 Feb 09, 10:46
lunatic jordan: DOC pa Pa post naman ng party in tazmanian devil paty un poster ?? please! thanks
6 Feb 09, 10:33