"War war is stupid and people are stupid. And love means nothin in some strange quarters. War war is stupid and people are stupid. And I heard them banging on hearts and fingers"........ as CULTURE CLUB would sing it, but we will not be talking about Boy George and the rest of the guys. I'll be featuring another of those PHILIPPINE released "INDIE series" CD which was produced wayback August 5, 1996 entitled "WAR OF THE INDIES". YUP!! I'm back again to give you great Music and Infos about this INDIE CD that was considered to be another follow-up Philippine NEW WAVE Compilation to both "And God Created Indie" and "The Rise Of Indie" CDs that I featured here in my little blog before. Just click the "INDIE series" in the lower right side portion of my blog on the "Information Society" labels to enter my blogposts on it.

WAR OF THE INDIES is another Philippine New Wave Compilation that showcased 14 songs from 14 different NEW WAVE Bands that are popular here in MANILA and had heavy rotations on XB, BM, and NU back in the 80s. It's a combination of Remixes and Original versions that is worth listening to. I guess this means "WAR", if you talk about the great music in this superb compilation. I was able to borrow an original copy of this back in 2000 but I wasn't able to have my own copy because during those times CD burning was not yet common. THANKS to both KABAYAN djrhom and slave2nuwave for sharing their original copies here in my little blog. I reuploaded the music files djrhom gave me and arranged it chronologically and editted it. Unfortunately djrhom already lost his Front CD cover but we are still lucky that slave2nuwave still have the front and back CD covers intact and the CD photo that I'll be using is his original copy. As usual, the art of the cover is fascinating as if you are going back to the "French Revolution" of the early 19th century which was headed by the great "Napoleon Bonaparte". Hmmmp!! Isn't that the term NEW WAVE has It's cultural origins of French-filmmaking in the late 1950s? I think there goes the inspiration....or the perspiration. He He He!! Are they barbarians in the cover? It would be devastating if it's WORLD WAR I and WORLD WAR II!! So here it goes!! WAR OF THE INDIES!!

FILE SIZE: 142.76 megabytes

Download the entire CD by clicking slave2nuwave CD pix:
The compilation started with a 99.5 RT classic "MORE TO LOSE" by SEONA DANCING which became a hit for PINOY WAVERS back in the 80s. There's a different version of "I GO CRAZY" and "BUILD" included in the CD. The DEPECHE MODE song "QUESTION OF LUST" was mixed with TEARS FOR FEARS' "MAD WORLD" in the set. MIRANDA STANTON's version of a JOY DIVISION classic "LOVE WILL TEAR US APART" is very refreshing on the tracklist which was first played by 89 DMZ "WAVE180" back in the 90s. I enjoyed listening again to the whole CD that made me travel back in time. Btw, Culture Club's "The War Song" is not included here okay. Let us make PEACE not WAR!! So there you go guys I just presented you "WAR OF THE INDIES". So what do you call the WAR of HANFORD versus JOCKEY and TRIUMPH versus SOEN? Hmmmp!! WAR OF THE UNDIES? He He He!! Well, just making you smile for a WAR-TORN blogpost I may say. So ENJOY THE MUZIC and GIVE PEACE A CHANCE!!



DrStirringRhod said...

Archived from my CHATBOX:

23 Feb 09, 10:08
DrStirringRhod: Rhenzo,I'm still looking for the last series w/c is "The Last Of The Indiependents". Hopefully we could get hold of a copy.
23 Feb 09, 10:07
DrStirringRhod: slave2nuwave,Thanks also bro!!
23 Feb 09, 10:06
DrStirringRhod: Salamat Ministers Joven and Workshy sa pagbisita. Balik ulit kayo KABAYAN!!
22 Feb 09, 20:22
Rhenzo: aba si fafa joven at workshy nadalaw sa fave spot ng mga WAVER hehehe , gandang araw doc .... may kasunod pa ba itong war of indie
22 Feb 09, 14:37
Slave2nuwave: Mabuhay to all Pinoy Wavers specially to you DOC!!!! GALING! kita ko agad yung War of the Indies!!! I was excited to download it, i forgot may copy na pala ako nyan! hehehe


Kenshin said...

Gud day DSR, I enjoyed reading all your blogpost. Especially yung tungkol sa mga New Wave Bands and Stations. Galing mo talaga DSR pati na rin memory mo..Very nice journey down memory lane. DSR, pwede ba request, if you have time baka pwede paki-upload uli yung War Of The Indies..Deleted na kasi yung dating file mo e....THANX IN ADVANCE AND MORE POWER TO YOU AND TO YOUR BLOGSPOT AND MAY MANY MORE BLOGPOST TO COME....HEHEHEHE!!!