In the late 70s, a GENRE of DANCE MUSIC called DISCO was spreading all over the PHILIPPINES and around the globe. In 1980, a song entitled "FUNKY TOWN" invaded MANILA's Radio Airwaves and became a major hit. This song was sung by a group formed in Minneapolis called LIPPS INC or LIPPS, INC. which was pronounced as "lip sync" and have spread grooves over the PHILIPPINES. It was also considered as the last DISCO SONG to hit #1 in the U.S. via U.S. Billboard Hot 100, the U.S. Dance and R&B charts. It also had international success and definitely one song you could very well remember back then. I have to say that Cynthia Johnson has a cool voice don't you think? This song was covered by Australian band PSEUDO ECHO in 1986 wherein it gave a totally different version from the disco side towards the 80s rock that included a terrific guitar solo in the middle of the song. Pseudo Echo's version on the otherhand, spent 7 weeks at #1 in Australia and was also #1 in the U.S. WOW!! This two versions were also very popular here in MANILA during those times. NU107 and POWER 105 also played PSEUDO ECHO's version back then but It was other pop-culture radio stations that got this overplayed.

Here goes the Music Videos of both LIPPS INC. and PSEUDO ECHO:

FUNKY TOWN- Lipps Inc.

FUNKY TOWN- Pseudo Echo

Well KABAYAN, that's not all I got for you on this blogpost!! We have our very own Vincent Quilit aka. "VINCENT DAFALONG"!! YUP! It's VINCENT DAFALONG's version of "FUNKY TOWN" and this time with a PINOY Flavor entitled "MAHIWAGANG NUNAL" or better known only as "NUNAL" in English "MOLE". YUP!! You got it right PINOY WAVERS, PUNKS, and HARDCORE!! Actually, this song was considred to be one of the Pioneers of PINOY HIP HOP/RAP/RNB and was very famous back in the 80s. It was released around 1983 and it was really all over the radio and television and now it's considered to be a classic. Hmmmp!! Talking about exposure and promotion!! I wonder when will we see a REMASTERED CD of VINCENT DAFALONG's album or even "The Best Of VINCENT DAFALONG". Hmmmmp!! KABAYAN, if you know people from the P.A.R.I. or any Philippine Record Company maybe you could recommend the release. He He He!! I think VINCENT's songs are worth listening to again especially for the new generation. I can still remember him promoting the song on STUDENT CANTEEN and EAT BULAGA sporting a long hair and wearing shades and black shiny leather jacket. WHEEW!! MEMORIES INDEED!! One of the first PINOY RAP second only to GEORGE JAVIER's "Na Onseng Delight" which was copied from Sugarhill Gang's "Rappers Delight".

I just experimented on this file site and have uploaded the song "NUNAL" for you to listen to. ENJOY!!

"NUNAL"- Vincent Dafalong
The lyrics basically talks about all sorts of MOLES wherein PINOY usually associate the different location of MOLES on the body for a different character or attitude of the person.

So for our listening pleasure and since I have free time lately, I included MY VERY OWN BULLET PRESENTATION of the different sites of moles described by VINCENT DAFALONG. Of course, in PILIPINO okay!! FIRST TIME IN THE WEB!! Well, It's just like making POWERPOINT SLIDES for my students!! Ha Ha Ha!! YUP!! It's "The Dr. Stirring Rhod Way" again folks!!

- NUNAL sa ULO = mautak
- NUNAL sa BATOK = takaw tulog
- NUNAL sa LABI = chismosa
- NUNAL sa ILONG= dapang ilong
- NUNAL sa TENGA= tengang daga
- NUNAL sa KUKO= kukong patay
- NUNAL sa SIKO= comang
- NUNAL sa KILIKILI= talking about
- NUNAL sa DILA= daldalera
- NUNAL sa BALAKANG= sexsi dancer
- NUNAL sa LEEG= chikinini
- NUNAL sa BRASO= bakuna
- NUNAL sa DIBDIB= hikain
- NUNAL sa FINGER= kalyuhin
- NUNAL sa TALAMPAKAN= pala-alis


I hope you guys enjoyed my blogpost as much as I did!! UNTIL THEN!! Wheeew!! THANKS GUYS!!

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DrStirringRhod said...

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27 Feb 09
SnooG: Doc send mo nga sa akin nunal mo..este version ni vincent? play ko dito sa radio..TY
26 Feb 09, 22:23
djjack7007: Nakakatuwa naman tong Nunal mo, galing mo talaga!
26 Feb 09, 16:19
Rhenzo: sarap talaga magbasa dito .... napatawa mo pa ako dyan sa nunal info mo :P