The PHILIPPINE PEOPLE POWER EDSA REVOLUTION back in February 1986 was one very historical moment for my country. It's the 23rd ANNIVERSARY of the EDSA REVOLUTION so here's my own BLOGPOST TRIBUTE to that historical moment. I can still remember that it was February 7,1986 when the "SNAP ELECTION" went on schedule between the late President FERDINAND MARCOS and the late Senator BENIGNO AQUINO's wife Mrs. CORAZON AQUINO(who would be the next Philippine President during those times). This was brought up by the growing clamor of change that the opposition and majority of the Filipinos were insisting. The combined forces of the late SALVADOR "DOY" LAUREL(UNIDO's leader) and MRS. CORY AQUINO made it clear that some change would happen back then. The election was filled with FRAUD and VIOLENCE, then a move to end up the dictatorship was being plotted by an Army General(General FIDEL RAMOS- Philippine President after President Aquino) and the Secretary of Defense( Senator JUAN PONCE ENRILE) who were based on both CAMP AGUINALDO and BONIFACIO. Of course, who would forget the call of the late Archbishop CARDINAL SIN for people power over the radio and I was tuned in that time because I got the news from my relatives living in MAKATI. NINOY's brother BUTZ AQUINO was also very vital to gather people back then. Incidentally, my FRIENDS were having a SOIREE PARTY when this was happening back then which I wasn't able to attend. He he he!! YUP!! I will never forget those times KABAYAN. It was February 22, 1986 when the papers broke the news about millions who came in to the 3-day revolt. We were there on the afternoon of the second day just after school and that was a MONDAY. Wheeew!! YO BEAT, you remember Brother PAUL's announcement right? He he he!! We just spent almost two hours at EDSA but It was really frigthening since you just don't know what would happen if all of a sudden bombs from the sky would just be dropped on the SEA OF HUMANITY who wanted change at that time. It was on February 25,1986 when the revolt ended and the first family left into exile. Definitely, a MIRACLE did happen during those times because It was very peaceful and have placed my country on the MAP of the WORLD and have also inspired some upcoming revolutions around the globe after that. An image of the VIRGIN MARY appeared on a vintage photo on the same spot where ROBINSONS GALLERIA is located right now. So that's why a big CHAPEL was constructed for the memory of the miraculous LADY OF EDSA. I was young back then but the images of EDSA will always remain in my memory banks.

It has been 23 years since that historical revolution and a lot of PINOY are still wondering what happened. WHAT NOW? Naaah!! I guess my KABAYAN knows the answer on this one so I don't have to elaborate on it okay. I'm here to feature this Album by VIRNA LISA which was originally released few months after that very PEACEFUL REVOLUTION and was remastered on CD by IVORY RECORDS in 1999. Well, I bought my own original copy of the CD so you will ask "Why did I buy It?"......my answer "Why Not?" He He He!!

The album entitled "MAGKAISA(The EDSA REVOLUTION A Tribute To The Filipino People)" has a total of 8 songs all sung by VIRNA LISA. The MAJOR HIT was the song "MAGKAISA" which was composed by TITO SOTTO of the fame PINOY comedy trio "TITO, VIC AND JOEY" who also became a SENATOR. Special THANKS were also given to TONY TUVIERA and VIC SOTTO for their assistance in the arrangement of the song "MAGKAISA". The album producer was TITO SOTTO and the arranger was HOMER FLORES. This was recorded at TASHA RECORDING STUDIO. I guess that's enough INFO for you guys regarding the album. So where's VIRNA LISA right now? Hmmmp!! I have no idea guys.

(The EDSA REVOLUTION-A Tribute To The Filipino People)
31.84 megabytes

8) MAGKAISA (Instrumental)

Since I haven't seen a copy of the CD for download in the web, I decided to upload and share the MUSIC FILES for you guys. KABAYAN, if you're just interested to have a copy then here it goes:


PASSWORD: http://docmuzic.blogspot.com/

This album is not NEW WAVE, POST PUNK, PUNK ROCK, or HARDCORE but definitely PINOY NEW WAVERS, PUNKS , and HARDCORES would remember these songs.

Here's a Music Video of MAGKAISA courtesy of jsoria30ver2. Remembering the good old days when PEACE and UNITY made a mark here in the PHILIPPINES and AROUND THE WORLD.

Magkaisa LYRICS

Ngayon ganap ang hirap sa mundo
Unawa ang kailangan ng tao
Ang pagmamahal sa kapwa"y ilaan

Isa lang ang ugat ng ating pinagmulan
Tayong lahat ay magkalahi
Sa unos at agos ay huwag padadala

Panahon na (may pagasa kang matatanaw)
Ng pagkakaisa (bagong umaga, bagong araw)
Kahit ito (sa atin Siya"y nagmamahal)
Ay hirap at dusa

Magkaisa (may pagasa kang matatanaw)
At magsama (bagong umaga, bagong araw)
Kapit kamay (sa atin Siya"y nagmamahal)
Sa bagong pagasa

Ngayon may pag-asang natatanaw
May bagong araw, bagong umaga
Pagmamahal sa Diyos, isipin mo tuwina

I included here in my blogpost a Music Video of the song "Handog Ng Pilipino Sa Mundo" courtesy of pilipinasmabuhay100. Although this song was not included on the album, I find it very relevant since this blogpost is about the 1986 EDSA revolution then It is proper to include this song because It was also a song which was composed that time and to be exact April 1986 by none other than JIM PAREDES of the famous singing trio "APO HIKING SOCIETY" and was very popular for Filipinos back then. YUP!! JIM, DANNY, and BUBOY of APO were very active back then in the political scene.Filipino Artists featured on the song were Apo Hiking Society, Celeste Legaspi, Coritha & Eric, Edru Abraham, Gretchen Barretto, Ivy Violan, Inang Laya, Joseph Olfindo, Kuh Ledesma, Leah Navarro, Lester Demetillo, Noel Trinidad, Subas Herrero. Hmmmp!! It's like a "WE ARE THE WORLD" Thing PINOY Version with a cause I may say. It is consider nowadays as one of the most known Filipino Patriotic Songs of all time.


Handog Ng Pilipino Sa Mundo
Words and Music by Jim Paredes

‘Di na ‘ko papayag mawala ka muli.
'Di na ‘ko papayag na muli mabawi,
Ating kalayaan kay tagal natin mithi.
‘Di na papayagang mabawi muli.

Magkakapit-bisig libo-libong tao.
Kay sarap palang maging Pilipino.
Sama-sama iisa ang adhikain.
Kelan man ‘di na paalipin.

Handog ng Pilipino sa mundo,
Mapayapang paraang pagbabago.
Katotohanan, kalayaan, katarungan
Ay kayang makamit na walang dahas.
Basta’t magkaisa tayong lahat.

Masdan ang nagaganap sa aming bayan.
Nagkasama ng mahirap at mayaman.
Kapit-bisig madre, pari, at sundalo.
Naging Langit itong bahagi ng mundo.

Huwag muling payagang umiral ang dilim.
Tinig ng bawat tao’y bigyan ng pansin.
Magkakapatid lahat sa Panginoon.
Ito’y lagi nating tatandaan.


Kabayan!! Tayo Ay



Nebz said...

Thank you for this post. I was looking for something to write about in my post related to EDSA when I chanced upon your blog.

I used your Magkaisa lyrics and I put a line at the end of my post saying that you have the complete songs of the Magkaisa album.

Thank you.

DrStirringRhod said...

THANKS Nebz for the comment and BIG THANKS also for dropping by my blog!!


The Pope said...

Let's be proud to be part of the historic event that has taught the world of a peaceful and non-bloody revolution.

Mabuhay ka Dr. Stirring Rhod. Salamat din sa pagbisita mo sa aking blog.

The Pope said...

It's a great feeling to be part of the EDSA Revolution which has shown the world that we can be united to change the country through a peaceful revolution.

Thank you DrStringRhod for visiting my blog.

God Bless.

Vic said...

I am very proud to be a part of the EDSA revolution, my late father and I went to EDSA on the first night...there are very few people then, the following day the number swelled when Cardinal Sin urged everyone to support the peaceful revolution.

Most of the younger generations specially the post martial law babies do not know the importance of that historic event. Your blog brings back memories...thanks!

DrStirringRhod said...

Salamat din sa pagbisita dito. MABUHAY ANG PILIPINO!!


DrStirringRhod said...

YUP VIC!! EDSA was indeed very memorable for us!! :-) THANKS for the dropping by!!

DrStirringRhod said...

Archived from my CHATBOX:
25 Feb 09, 21:32
workshy: kakapanindig balahibo tong people power 1...pero bago ako sumama dati sa edsa 1, nakipag kapit bisig din ako ng mag rally dati ng tanggalin ni marcos ang wxb 102 hehehe

Gov. workshy, nalito ako dito sa pahayag mo ah. :-) Diba ang PCGG under MADAM CORY na nung ipinasasara ang XB. :-) Nauna yung sa EDSA bago dun sa XB ORTIGAS. He He He!!


DrStirringRhod said...

Archived from my CHATBOX:
25 Feb 09, 11:32
beatmeister: ayos docstir, nadamay pako sa post mo ah. hehe. ano nga ba sinabi ni bro. paul? hmmm. malamang no classes lang yan. nyahahahaha.

YO BEAT!! Bale may pasok tayo nung MONDAY ang layo daw natin hindi tayo affected. TAMA BA YUN? Ha Ha Ha!! Halfday nalang ginawa saten gthat day. Declared no classes for tomorrow (TUES)(tumpak ka dun).


Rock Ed Radio said...

Thank you for posting this. I needed to see this again and I didn't even know it. :)


DrStirringRhod said...

THANKS Rock Ed Radio!! :-) I'm very glad you like my blogpost!:-)


venice said...

thanks for the album. pero di ko sya ma extract, wrong password daw yung http://docmuzic.blogspot.com/

DrStirringRhod said...

Hi venice!! Be sure walang space. Exact URL ng blog ko w/o any extra space before or after. THANKS for dropping by!! :-)


lestat said...

thanks po...salamat!!!!

lestat said...


by any chance my copy ka ng magkaisa intrumental sa funeral ni tita cory? yung slow down version….TIA

DrStirringRhod said...

Hi lestat!! THANKS for dropping by my site.:-) Alam mo sa daming nagdownload nitong CD ko in the past FOUR DAYS ng WAKE and FUNERAL ni TITA CORY kaw lang nagpasalamat. Haaay ang PINOY nga naman. Yung INSTRUMENTAL lang na nasa CD nito meron ako eh. I'll try to look. THANKS AGAIN!!


taneaux said...
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DrStirringRhod said...

taneux, natawa ako dun sa video link na binigay mo. Ha ha Ha!! Dinilete konalang ha baka madiscover kayo ni VIRNA. Ha Ha Ha!! THANKS for dropping by.