During the 80s MANILA was in political turmoil and one movement that was very present in the local underground music scene was the so-called "BRAVE NEW WORLD MOVEMENT" aka. "BNW" for short. Pinoys during those times wouldn't forget their experiences on both the MARCOS ERA and the People Power AQUINO GOVERNMENT. Wheew!! PHILTRADE located along ROXAS BLVD. was the site back then where this PINOY Underground Bands use to perform LIVE in a series of concerts organized by Twisted Red Cross big boss TOMMY TANCHANCO. My cousin who now resides in the U.S. has a lot of memories of this movement. Wheew!! It was back in 1980 that this great concert series was born and every year it became bigger and better. The late HOWLIN' DAVE and TRC's TOMMY T. were very instrumental in supporting these bands and have the guts to really be proud of them. YUP!! This is real Hard Pinoy Punk indeed on the loose!! WILD and WHOOLY I may say!!
In 1985, TOMMY TANCHANCO's Philippine Underground Record Label TWISTED RED CROSS finally released a cassette tape compilation of the said concert series entitled "BRAVE NEW WORLD LIVE Part III". I was able to buy this original tape at Harrison Plaza back in 1987 but regretted swapping it few years ago.WAAAAH!!! Well, at least I was able to colored photocopy the tape cover and inner sleeve. He He He!! It was TRC's second official release and there were 12 PINOY bands included on this LIVE compilation namely BETRAYED, URBAN BANDITS, WUDS, ETHNIC FACES, PRIVATE STOCK, DEAD ENDS, DEAD BEAT, TRASH, EXCOMMUNICATE, PUBLIC SCANDAL, SEX MILITANTS, and ZOOT SUIT. It was co-sponsored by KHUMBMELLA, L' ARTE LINEA, HOT SHOTS, and the Legendary JINGLE MAGAZINE. The art work and photo of the cassette tape were done by ROD SMITH and the late DODONG VIRAY. Angst and Rage would be a definite term for this revolution of sort that we could say that these bands were REBELS with a cause. PUNKS and HARDCORE making great music that's out of the boundaries of the ordinary. YUP!! I consider this guys EXTRA-ORDINARY!!

Well, here is the said LIVE compilation album I'm talking about. I divided the Tracklist into SIDE 1 and SIDE 2 in order to emphasize the original Tracklisting. I was able to acquire a Digitize copy of it with some help from my friends in the underground back in 2004. I would love to share and upload the whole compilation album but right now just to be safe from that COPYRIGHT thing we have to lay low. Hmmmp!! Maybe next time guys!!

Here's the cassette tape:

1. Teachers & Cheaters- WUDS
2. Peace Be With You- WUDS
3. Teenage Anger- TRASH
4. Complaints- DEAD ENDS
5. No Need To Exalt- SEX MILITANTS
6. It Was Never Meant To Be This Way- BETRAYED
7. Rockabilly Boogie- ZOOT SUIT

1. Within Tribes- ETHNIC FACES
2. Dead Beat Revolutionary War Cry- DEAD BEAT
3. Do You Rebel Rebel- URBAN BANDITS
4. Nagpapansin- URBAN BANDITS
5. Have More Fun- PRIVATE STOCK
7. Miss Bitch, Fuck Off!- EXCOMMUNICATE
8. Traitor and Depressed- PUBLIC SCANDAL

The music in this tape is indeed very raw. My favorites would be "Within Tribes" by ETHNIC FACES" and BETRAYED's "It Was Never Meant To Be This Way". Since the music was caught LIVE you could definitely hear the different ambience that would really make you wanna listen more and find out what makes these bands interesting back then when major Philippine Record Labels dare not touch. I guess it's more of the attitude that energizes these guys to continue making music. This tape was also played on WXB 102 and was featured on HERALD X. One great PINOY UNDERGROUND LIVE compilation!!
On my recent PHILIPPINES 80s HARDCORE blogpost you will notice the term "BRAVE NEW WORLD" included on this photo. If you haven't read it yet then just click the photo to enter that HARD HITTING ARTICLE.

Here's a glimpse of BRAVE NEW WORLD concert circa 2006 uploaded by a KABAYAN of mine.

Here's a photo of KABAYAN JUN MIRO with his favorite ROBOT SHIRT.... AATTEEEE!! Ooops!! That's a line of a famous juice commercial here in MANILA. Isn't it? Seriously speaking, that's JUN a Proud Owner of an exclusive "BRAVE NEW WORLD" T-SHIRT. ASTIG KA BRO!!

Just recently, OCTOBER 18,2008 to be exact "BRAVE NEW WORLD 2008" the concert was held at the ROSARIO SPORTS COMPLEX, Pasig City. Keeping the flames of BRAVE NEW WORLD spirit alive. YUP!! As the POSTER AD have stated "The Tradition Continues".KUDOS to you guys!! MABUHAY KAYO KABAYAN!!

There was even a Two Volume Philippine NEW WAVE Compilation entitled "BRAVE MUSIC FOR A NEW WORLD" released here in MANILA back in the late 80s which I am certain that the record company got It's title from the movement. But of course, the music on that compilation is very different okay. I will also feature that said compilation here in my blog in the future.

Well, here's just my little tribute to Philippines BRAVE NEW WORLD KABAYANS!! Hope you'll like it!!

We definitely live in a





THIS IS A Redone!!

Few days ago BLOGGER deleted my blogpost entitled "THE VAULT BEAT" without any prior notice. According to BLOGGER's email this is due to COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT thing I violated by including the NEW WAVE MUSIC MIX part two link of my friend "THE BEATMEISTER" on my blogpost. Huh? How could that be? Hmmmp!!

In order to know more about it click here to read my Blogpost on that Blogger Problem:


Since I was unable to save a copy of my "THE VAULT BEAT" blogpost I decided to make
another one. Well, I hope I could remember all what I've written on my original post. He He He!!


Last MAY 23, 2008 I've posted a NEW WAVE MIX created by my friend "THE BEATMEISTER" here in my blog. I've requested BEAT to do a special NEW WAVE MIX for me that would remind us of the good old HIGH SCHOOL PARTIES and SOIREES of the 80s. I'm very greatful that he complied on my request and made it a SLAMDANCING Treat indeed. HANEP Bro!! THANKS ulit!!

Click BEAT's photo to enter my Blogpost on BEAT's First Exclusive NEW WAVE MIX:

Well this time BEAT is mixing NEW WAVE again but with added flavor in it because this mix was featured on LIVE 365 Obscure Internet Radio "THE VAULT" which is managed by a KABAYAN of ours BENJIE COLLANTES. HINDI KA NA MAABOT BEAT ah!! Kaya nayayari blog mo. HE HE HE!! Pati ako nadamay ba? Ha Ha Ha!! This NEW WAVE MIX volume two was broadcast LIVE on "THE VAULT last OCTOBER 4 and 5, 2008 and I made a blogpost about it but unfortunately it was GONE Daddy GONE....



1) Matador (12" Extended Version) - Xmal Deutschland

2) Gone Daddy Gone - Gnarls Barkley
3) Boys Don't Cry (Robbie Steel Dance Mix) - The Cure
4) Tear You Apart - She Wants Revenge
5) Whip It (SPiNTECH Remix) - Devo -
6) All Stood Still (12" Extended Version) - Ultravox
7) My Wild Flame (The Beatmeister's Remix) - The Colourfield
8) Crash (Replec Remix) - The Primitives
9) Head Over Heels (Fusion Mix) - The Go-Go's
10) Twist Of Fate (12" Extended Version) - Olivia Newton-John
11) Love Is A Battlefield (12" Extended Version) - Pat Benatar
12) Modern Love (Dodi's Bootleg Crossover Remix) - David Bowie

I'm sorry guys I can't include here the download link of the mix.

Click here to enter BEAT's Blogposts on this:

The Music Mix

The Premiere on THE VAULT

Well, I hope this time I don't violate anything here okay. On the first place I don't find any violation on my original post two weeks ago. Hmmmp!!

The Beatmeister NEW WAVE MIX volume two started with a BULLFIGHT with XMAL's classic "MATADOR". This was followed by a VIOLENT FEMMES original which was remaked by Charles Barkley este Gnarls Barkley entitled "Gone Daddy Gone". Incidentally, this version made it big here in MANILA and a lot of youngsters thought that it was a Gnarls' original. NOPE!!! VIOLENT FEMMES did it first in the 80s okay. I guess THE CURE's "Boys Don't Cry" is another of BEAT's favorite because it was the only song repeated from the NEW WAVE MIX Tracklist he did before. Hmmmp!! Definitely a SLAMDANCE Favorite here in MANILA back then. The next set of songs would really raise the roof!! So WHIP IT!! He He He!! Did you guys ALL STOOD STILL or you had a WILD FLAME CRASH while dancing to the beat? I went HEAD OVER HEELS listening to this mix. Ha Ha Ha!! Although, not a really Hardcore NEW WAVE MIX because of the infusion of OLIVIA NEWTON-JOHN and PAT BENATAR but still this could be consider on it's Genre since it's still the 80s. GREAT SET BEAT!!


Visit "THE VAULT" here:






Recently, I got an email from BLOGGER regarding a COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT issue about this little blog of mine. I was really annoyed on the move of BLOGGER ADMINISTRATORS deleting my BLOGPOST entitled "THE VAULT BEAT" without any prior notice. YUP!! I've read some co-bloggers of mine complaining about the system of BLOGSPOT.COM and I've been alarmed lately on what's happening on the Blogosphere. I just can't get the idea of deleting a Blogpost here in my blog without any kind of warning or even taking notice of why it should be deleted.

Here's my deleted blogpost:
My blogpost contained the special link to the NEW WAVE MIX volume two created by my friend "THE BEATMEISTER" and I don't know how I violated the COPYRIGHT thing. All I did was post my personal review (The Dr. Stirring Rhod way) of the MIX and promote my KABAYAN BEAT's site and "THE VAULT" site. If there was any complain on the MIX then at least the only thing that BLOGGER would have done was delete the link or just asked me to delete the link which I will do so. The NEW WAVE MUSIC MIX was uploaded by BENJIE since it was broadcasted LIVE on 'THE VAULT" and this is for sharing purposes only. But, what happened? My entire BLOGPOST "THE VAULT BEAT" was deleted and unfortunately I was unable to save a copy of that blogpost. I was definitely shocked of what happened because we just don't know what blogpost of mine would be deleted next. BADTRIP YAN!! I see to it that my blog is very different from other blogsite and this blog doesn't really concentrate on uploading music that much because that's the way I like to run it. Hmmmp!! All my posts are carefully done and have it very special so that It would be very PINOY.

I would like to thank all the supporters of this humble blog of mine and I hope you keep on supporting it. Regarding my next blogpost? Well, I just have to observe what's in store for us.

I'm just here to blog and share my inputs on the music scene here in MANILA and have fun remembering those YESTERYEARS. HE HE HE!! Of course, for relaxation on the usual working days.

I hope everything would turn out fine here in the BLOGOSPHERE. Any suggestions from you guys are very welcome.

UNTIL THEN, Enjoy your weekend!! BYE!!




AHOOO!! It's my "GHOST IN YOU" Blogpost!!

DARK Characters like ASWANG. TIKBALANG, MANANANGGAL, DWENDE and the like have been a part of MYTH and REALITY in the daily lives of every FILIPINOS. I must agree that PINOYS are very superstitious!! HALLOWEEN is near and I guess everyone is preparing for it. Though CHRISTMAS is much felt right now here in the PHILIPPINES in every corner yet HALLOWEEN would come first. Sorry we will not be talking about that but my blogpost for today is about "GHOST IN YOU" and anything related to it and as usual I'm doing it the "Dr. Stirring Rhod" way. He He He!! I included some Music Videos to spice up my post.

The guys are at it again organizing a POP DANCE, ALL 80s NEW WAVE party come this OCTOBER 24, 2008 here in MANILA specifically PASIG CITY with LIVE VINYL MIXING by CARDINAL AUDIO, THE CRATE CRUSADERS, 33 1/3 and RSL. COOL POSTER AD Guys!!!

So what's the "GHOST IN YOU" thing? Well for avid PINOY NEW WAVERS this is the title of the Classic PSYCHEDELIC FURS song which became a hit back in 1984. The song was written by Richard Butler lead singer of the band and his brother Tim Butler which was later released in their album "MIRROR MOVES" which was one of the early Vinyl Records I bought during those times. It was released as the second single from the album next to "HEAVEN" and charted both in the US and UK. Of course this song also made it very big here in MANILA especially the Music Video which would be seen in Video Shows in regular TV Programming.

It was also remake by COUNTING CROWS for the Alicia Silverstone movie "CLUELESS" back in 1995. Mark McgGrat of SUGAR RAY has also his version in the 2004 Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymoore movie "50 FIRST DATES".



A man in my shoes runs a light and

All the papers lied tonight

But falling over you

Is the news of the day

Angels fall like rain
And love (love, love)
Is all of heaven away

Inside you
The time moves

And she don't fade

The ghost in you

She don't fade

Inside you

The time moves

And she don't fade

A race is on, I'm on your side and

Here in you my engines die
In a mood for you
Or running away

Stars come down in you

And love (love, love)

You can't give it away

Inside you

The time moves

And she don't fade

The ghost in you

She don't fade

Inside you

The time moves

And she don't fade

Don't you go
It makes no sense when

All your talk and supermen just

Take away the time

And get in the way

Ain't it just like rain?

And love (love, love)

Is only heaven away

Inside you

The time moves
And she don't fade

The ghost in you

She don't fade

Inside you
The time moves

And she don't fade

The ghost in you

She don't fade

Inside you
The time moves
And she don't fade
The ghost in you

She don't fade


ROBYN HITCHCOCK 1989 Unplugged

Wheeew!! So before Counting Crows did an unplugged version there was this ROBYN HITCHCOCK style. WOW!! Thanks Doughmash for this great clip

BTW, I still remember XB LEGENDARY DJ Manolet Rodrigo aka. "The Ghost" playing this song back then and his statement on his radio broadcast which I was able to record on cassette tape. It goes like this as I quote THE GHOST saying "102 MUSIC, that was music from PSYCHEDELIC FURS with the "GHOST IN YOU".... Good Evening this is THE GHOST IN YOU on your radio on WXB102" WHEEEW!! Memories indeed!!

I just wanna add to this post is the classic 1990 Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore "GHOST" movie which was a MAJOR HIT here in MANILA. YUP!! PINOYS went gaga of this classic romantic fantasy film that also starred Whoopi Goldberg who was really funny. So how did this film became memorable for PINOYS? I have a friend who works on the Movie Industry and "GHOST" went on to earn a lot here in the Philippines. And mind you "GHOST" was shown here in movie houses with a record breaking 10 straight months. WHEEW!! WOW!! Ten months and it was still shown in Philippine Theaters? That's Incredible!! Righteous Brothers' Unchained Melody also became a massive hit on Philippine Radio back then. That famous lyrics "Oh, my love, my darling,I've hungered for your touch a long, lonely time. " was all around. He He He!! One memorable movie indeed!!


This is another classic movie from 1984 which had sequels and even a cartoon series. Of course who would forget PETER VIENKMAN and SLIMER. Hmmmp!! RAY PARKER JR. singing the movie theme song.
Just helping you out remember our YESTERYEARS!! NAKS NAMAN!!

I'm the "GHOST IN YOU"!!


Philippines 80s Hardcore

Have you ever wondered what the Philippine Hardcore scene looks like in the 80s? Well, there is this great website that have detailed what was going on here in MANILA in the aspect of HARDCORE as we know. This KABAYAN of mine have written what was really happening in terms of the Underground scene here in the Philippines that would mezmerized you enough to reflect on it. I remember back in High School when there was this controversy regarding Satanic Groups that were spreading around bad vibes. One group in my vicinity was named "HAVOC" and this created rumors and deception back then. YUP!! I know someone who was even called on the Principal Office just to shed light on the HAVOC's matter. I may say it was one controversial issue indeed especially for Catholic Schools. Good thing it was resolved. Hmmmp!! There's was even a joke that time that "HAVOC" means HABA BUHOK (Long Hair in English). He He He!! So let's deviate for a while about NEW WAVE and let's travel back again to the late 70s and 80s but this time with a "KISS ASS" attitude". So for my blogpost today I decided to share this article to you guys from that very comprehensive website I'm talking about. PROUD TO BE PINOY!!


1978 A wave of wealthy teenage Pinoy expatriates brings punk to Philippine shores from Britain. Filipino punkdom, however, would derive most of its features from punk fanzines from the U.S. DZRJ-810 AM, the Rock of Manila, radio jock Dante Howlin Dave David introduces punk rock to stunned Manila listeners via the Sex Pistols Anarchy in the U.K.. RJ also got the rights to air BBC-Londons Rockline which regularly featured the music of the Sex Pistols, The Clash, and the Boomtown Rats among others. The awareness becomes apparent.

1980 Manila is treated to more punk and new wave releases from the Sex Pistols, Ramones, XTC, The Cars, The B-52s, Devo, The Police, Joe Jackson, Elvis Costello, and The Clash. / Channel 9s noontime TV show Eat Bulaga launched Punk Rock Philippines, a dance contest participated in by weird-dressed couples. Howlin Dave and wife Delilah were among the judges during its grand finals. / The very first BRAVE NEW WORLD concert was organized at the conservative Philippine Trade Exhibits grounds . It saw the debut of CHAOS, a teenage punk quartet led by concert organizer Tommy Tanchanco. Music is just part of the punk lifestyle. What bothered me was that bands were just copying foreign pop music... I got bands to submit original music. They could only play at the concert if they did, so they were forced to write. -- explained guitarist Tommy. The BNW Movement was born.

1983 Formed in BNW Part 5 and dubbed the fastest band in the land, Betrayed -- a quartet composed of U.P. jocks -- introduced hardcore to euphoric punk concert goers as gigs became more violent than ever.

Now it is 1984...punks organized themselves into regional or area tribes (or armies) with names like the Two-Tones, Slabs , Mess, Nazi-Haters, Wasted Youth, Exploited, Criminals, Dead Paranoids, Rebels (Philippine Rebellious Youth), Abnormals, Hazards, S.A.D. Army (Search And Destroy), and many others, each supporting a certain band or musical style. Dyna signed CHAOS to an unprecedented five-year contract under the Tower label. Anyway its just a piece of paper for us. -- was Chaos say on the deal. The group released their first and only album New Move for Error under the name THIRD WORLD CHAOS The LP suffered from poor promotion and minimal radio exposure, thus finding its way into the bargain bins of record stores. DEAD ENDS debuts as a HC trio at the Crappy Halloween concert organized by the promoters of BNW at the Pasay City Sports Complex. Dead Ends was the Philippines answer to the Dead Kennedys. And though they started out as a heavy metal band (Traffic Jam) practicing in their home studio in Navotas, their lyrics were probably the most thought-out in the scene.

Punks declared war against preppies (also called chongs or new wavers) and breakdancers (rappers), and vice versa. The Glorietta in Makati became the most frequent battlefield. Tommy Tanchanco of CHAOS forms Paralyzed Body Inc., an indie entrepreneurial company. TWISTED RED CROSS, an underground cassette label, was his first business venture. TRCs first release Rescue Ladders & Human Barricade was a compilation of sample recordings from the Urban Bandits, Wuds, Betrayed, Dead Beat, Private Stock, Sex
Militants, and Public Scandal.

Punk becomes a profitable business for T-shirt and RTW manufacturers based in Cartimar, Recto.These shops made a killing in selling punk and new wave gear and clothing. Likewise, the stairways of Tandem Cinema became the favorite hangout of punks and hardcores, and the nearby Dapitan Sports Complex, the favorite concert place. The coming of the 90s, however, saw these shops closing down and going out of business, and the stairs of Tandem, vandalized and deserted. Imported vinyls and cassettes of locally unreleased punk and new wave albums, as well as their pirated pre-recorded counterparts, proliferated in the underground market. Tape piracy was born. DWXB-102 FM, the Capital Radio, became the station that dares to be different. 102 Music to the stations listeners meant the music of New Order, Joy Division, The Cure, the Sex Pistols, The Clash, and occasionally BETRAYED, URBAN BANDITS, and PRIVATE STOCK. TWISTED RED CROSS released more UG cassettes: Brave New World Live! Part 3 featuring the live acts of Betrayed, Wuds, TRASH, Sex Militants, Dead Ends, Dead Beat, Urban Bandits, Private Stock, Public Scandal, Excommunicate, Ethnic Faces, and rockabilly group Zoot Suit at BNW Parts 8 & 9; Dead Ends debut Complaints ; Urban Bandits debut Independence Day; Wuds debut A.R.M.S.T.A.L.K. and the Rescue Ladders & Human Barricade second compilation, Fatal Response, featuring Dead Ends, G.I. & The Idiots, Wuds, Urban Bandits, and Zoot Suit. The tapes, mixed and recorded at Jim Sarthous Studio Z, were sold cheap at 33 pesos each and generally have poor sound quality. Lyrics sheets were also provided to enable the listeners to relate to words uttered in a rapid half-yelp, half-bark, half-scream. The bands, with producer Tommy, also dropped by mainstream TV shows like the Big, Big Show and Eat Bulaga to promote their cassettes to the public. BETRAYED released their long-awaited self-titled debut under the DMZ label. It was the fastest selling indie recording at that time.

More TRC releases, including the re-issue of Betrayeds debut, invaded the underground market. Among them were Dead Ends second effort Second Coming, G.I. & The Idiots debut Fascinating World of Garbage; the last Rescue Ladders & Human Barricade compilation 3rd Bombardment which featured the Phil. Violators, Private Stock, Deceased, R.D.A., Chaos, Betrayed, Collision, and I.O.V. (Intoxication Of Violence); and Katrinas Live! (Tamana Away!!!) recorded live during the last gig at the said pub featuring Betrayed, Wuds, G.I. & The Idiots, and Private Stock. More than 700 punks, mistaken for drug addicts, were rounded up by the police during the concert Suicide: The Only Alternative at U.E.-Recto while G.I. & The Idiots was playing. The incident made headlines in such broadsheets as the Philippine Daily Inquirer and tabloids like the Peoples Journal. The drug charges were later dropped by the cops due to lack of sufficient evidence. Well, what were the police supposed to think? All these people in black, slamdancing, the music. Many people don't understand us, even some people in the movement itself. -- George Imbecile on the arrest.

The Philippine National Red Cross threatens to sue Tommy Tanchanco in court for using the international Red Cross symbol on his TRC products and tapes. Tommy, being the son of an influential ex-government minister, just brushed the threats aside. Dead Ends, with G.I. & The Idiots, IOV, Genocide, and others, took their acts to Olongapo City. The gig, sponsored by Tropical Viruses, was marred by skateboard-bashing, bottle-throwing, several knifings, and good old fistfights. The concert eventually ended in total chaos and violence as Manilas punks clashed with Olongapos punks. The tribal war between Manilas punks and Olongapos punks had begun. TRC tapes also found their way into the review section of Maximum Rock N Roll, the U.S. (and probably the worlds) longest-running punk fanzine. Local punk bands couldnt be any prouder. Punk fanzine HERALD X hit the newsstands. Sold at 20 pesos and published by Tommy Tanchanco and friends, HX became known as the alternative music read for the countrys bored generation. Published in newsprint, it became a first of sorts in the local d.i.y. publishing industry and immediately became the official paper of the local underground movement. The Catholic Church and other religious groups, with the help of the countrys leading print and broadcast media, discredited the local punk scene and branded hardcore as satanic. Rumors and black propaganda falsely accusing punk tribes as satanic cults roaming Manilas streets and stalking elementary schools to look for human sacrifice [as in eating childrens hearts and all that shit] struck the scene. Satanism became the main course in most talk shows (TV and radio) and made newspaper headlines, and made punk their favorite whipping boy. In response, some punks reluctantly forbade the wearing of black clothing for a time until the hubbub and rumors died down. How can we be Satanists when some of us dont even believe in a god? -- blurted one devout punkster.

1989 Punk concerts became harder to get by as TRC released Philippines: Where Do We Go From Here?. TRC-19 was a punk-thrash compilation featuring the music of Discant X, Infernal Wrath, MAD, Banned, VOD, Death Threat (not that rap group), Fatal Disguise, Distorted Minds, and UdK. Produced by Benjie Sengson of GI, the compilation became TRCs last as the music that makes headlines and the tapes that tell the story ceased to be. In fact, the question posed by the compilations title is in itself a sad statement on where the punk scene was heading. TRC tapes would later be re-issued in the mid-90s by the bands themselves after ending their long leave of absence.

As the 80s came to a close, many punk/hardcore bands either had to disband or lie low. Some groups pursued the thrash/death metal genre while others joined the core of future mainstream/ alternative acts. As for the average punk-on- the-street, some chose to grow their hair to chest-length and become head bangers while some decided to just cut their mohawks and spikes and live regular lives. Though some may have moved on and forgotten the whole underground scene which they've helped sustain, still, a few brave souls would remain to continue the struggle in the 90s and carry on with what the movement had earlier begun and stood for. Punks not dead!

My personal view on this? Definitely, this is indeed an in-depth and very comprehensive review of the Local Underground scene that have flourished here in the Philippines back then. KUDOS to you KABAYAN for this well written Historical piece that's quite very relevant on the PINOY ROCK culture. SALUDO AKO DITO!! Ayuz!!!

Click here to check out the site:

Click here to check out their MY SPACE:



The Home Of The Real WXB102

Last year I was able to browse the Internet and saw a website about "The Home Of The Real WXB102" which I found very interesting. YUP!! It's not basically related to the other famous WXB102 website that I linked here in my blog. It's basically a recall of 99.5 RT DJ Joe Schmo regarding this Legendary Radio Station here in MANILA called WXB102 "The Station That Dares To Be Different". I was able to meet DJ Joe Schmo only once when I visited K-LITE before. I just I wanna share it to you guys.


Joe Schmo of 99.5 RT
Written by Joe Schmo
Wednesday, 17 January 2007

One of the questions people ask me all the time is "what inspired you to take a different direction from Human Resources to Broadcasting?" The simplest answer would be that it runs in the family. My older Brother started way before I did and eventually showed me the ropes. But, when it comes to inspiration, I guess it would be his good friend Rico Severino Aka JJ Michaels of XB fame. I was able to see him in action playing a different set of songs (not pop, not metal, but somewhere in between). They said it was New Wave but that's debatable. He was kept in a small, murky, smelly booth with rotary knobs for a broadcast console - his Technician was only good for buying cigarettes , the records were all soaked in a pail of water, commercials were not a plenty and the worst part of it all was, he didn't know when he was going to get paid for his broadcast services. Still, he looked cool behind the mic and seemed really happy. Little did he know that he, Andy Santillian, Mark Fournier (RIP) and this guy named Fat "o - clocko" Albert would change the radio scene albeit become pioneers of the college radio format. Programming wasn't that harcore yet since there was a disco show at night (from 10 - 12mm) called DISCO ON FIRE with Station Manager Jesse Gonzales of Cute 102 fame. But, during the day you would hear the latest from the UK and some American Bands whom one would think were English! One example of that would be the group PSICOM who had a Filipino member playing bass (eventually, it would regroup to become one-half of Jane's Addiction). Of course it played The Cure, Smiths, Fiat Lux, Lotus Eaters and even Seona Dancing which RT claimed to be Medium by Fade.

The station was located on Donada St. along Taft Ave. and was seconds away from the Rizal Coliseum. It had a black gate; a staircase that led to the studio and ....that was it! The signal was bad but still, people managed to get it - somewhat reminiscent of the FEN Antennae days. Their Top of the Hour line was "This is the Station that dares to be different, DWXB-FM, broadcasting from the Bay Area ( a rip-off of KROQ San Francisco), member KBP. Yeah!

Oh, the parties. My Brother and Rico would often take me with them to places where Goth and New Wave ruled! Vaults in Greenhills, Billboard on Makati Ave. and Times Square where most XB parties were held which was adjacent to the sari-sari store called MANANGS! and the now defunct Halfway Inn on Annapolis St. There were also the St. Scho high school dances/fairs to take into consideration.

I learned more about the station when it transferred for a few months to Merville Pque due to renovations. I saw most of the materials they used, some on Lps, the rest on Cassettes. Still, that didn't stop me from thinking that someday, I would be a jock too! XB no longer exists but the legacy is still alive. Kudos to Manny Pagsuyuin, The Crate, Short Wave Radio Show and the station's one and only sponsor - Khumbmela bags!

JV Faner aka Joe Schmoe
Kiss-Fm/Kiss Jazz
103.5 K-lite
Last Updated ( Tuesday, 06 February 2007 )

Then came WXB 102....
Written by Vincent M. Faner
Sunday, 14 January 2007
In the early eighties, FM radio in the Philippines was entering a new phase. The choices back then were very limited as the formats were either Top 40 or "soft rock" adult contemporary. Stations like Trans-Radio Broadcasting's 99.5 RT capitalised on playing songs that were not released locally by the record companies. I remember hits from Michael Jackson, Bruce Springsteen, Men at Work, etc. all of which were under the CBS label. 99.5 RT had a subscription service that provided them with these exclusive records and they were the first and only station to play them. Alternative stations at that time were RJ-FM and WK 101.9. The former was experimenting with a rock-jazz format while the latter was on it's way out. Then came WXB 102....
I had a short stint at 96.3 WrocK (it was known as RK 96 then) because it was difficult to balance school and work. Besides, my father was ill at the time. I decided to quit radio to study full time to fulfill a promise I made to him shortly before he passed on in 1984. But WXB aroused my interest in radio again and before night classes started, I'd visit my friends at the station along Donada St. in Pasay just to observe and pass the time away. I was invited to join the staff but declined as I couldn't afford the time. I had decided to be a full-time student, preparing for that long overdue graduation day.

Andy Santillan (aka Unbeatable) and Rico Severino (aka J.J. Michaels) knew they had a format that catered to a different kind of audience. It was modern rock/post punk at it's infancy. The listeners were different, had a different lifestyle and expressed it openly. Colored or spiked hair, chains wrapped around clothing, lace-up boots were the preferred clothing. They liked to party too. There was one almost every weekend sponsored by the station.

The station had an untimely death after the EDSA revolution. They knew it had potential but with no support from the owner, it couldn't survive commercially as it's transmitting power was 10 times weaker than the other stations. Two stations capitalized on WXB's demise and had considerable success with it. By 1987, I was back in radio and our office and studio were located right on top of the PCGG office in Philcomcen along Ortigas St. There were a few hardcore WXB listeners picketing outside the building demanding that the radio station be reinstated along with it's format. Unfortunately, the sequestered frequency was sold to a network which was quite successful in the Visayas and Mindanao but had no presence in Metro Manila. They had other things in mind.

WXB 102 stint was short-lived but it's demise started a trend among radio programmers all over the Philippines. Suddenly, new formats popped-up and others were trying cross-formats. Audience rating was shifting among stations and everyone was trying to hold on to their share of listeners. Looking back at it now, FM radio in Metro Manila during the eighties became very exciting after WXB 102 disappeared. I'm just glad to have been a part of that era.

Vincent M. Faner
aka "Barry Kaye" of RK 96Vince of KY 91.5"Rockin V" of Magic 89.9Station Manager of Smooth Jazz, Citylite 88.3 (1997-1998) Vince of 103.5 K-lite
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Before the advent of DVDs and VCDs there were the classic BETAMAX and VHS Video Tapes. But, do you guys recall the LASER DISC or LD? What is a LASER DISC? Hmmmp!! It's an Obsolete home video format.....OBSOLETE>>>> YUP!! You got the term right!! It was considered as the very first optical disc storage medium which was initially marketed as Discovision in 1978. Well, it's basically a big CD that's the size of a VINYL RECORD Album. That's very interesting!! Especially for the Kids of this New Generation. Does it mean that I'm getting old to dicuss this? Ha Ha Ha!! I must cut that Generation Gap. He He He!! The funny thing is that this BIG DISC is really like the good old VINYL RECORD. Hmmmp!! We had a LASER DISC Player back in the early 90s which is still functional right now. ANTIQUE BA MGA KABAYAN? Of course, my TURNTABLE is much older than my LD. He He He! It's like the good old VINYL RECORD in size and if you watch the movie you have to turn it SIDE A and SIDE B in order to finish the show. BTW, you can't do some MIXING here okay. This isn't use for DJing. "Let's Hear Some Scratch!!". NaaaH!! Here's what's left of the 18 LD we had before....."Lucky 13". We usually rent some LD on our nearest Video Rental Shop back then so we didn't buy that much because it was really expensive back on those days. Nevertheless, I just wanna share this blogpost of mine as a TRIBUTE to this Video Format called LASER DISC. THIS IS DEFINITELY MEMORIES OF ANCIENT CIVILIZATION!! Ha Ha Ha!! ENDANGERED VIDEO FORMAT? NOPE!! My term is EXTINCT!!!

The LASER DISC....the forerunner of CD, VCD, and DVD.




SNOOG MIX Part Three

Well, two months ago my KABAYAN and friend SNOOG gave me a link on a Special Music Mix on his old archives. I've been very busy and quite uninspired blogging recently so I guess this is the right time to be back. BTW, THANKS TO MY BLOGOSPHERE BUDDIES "THE BEATMEISTER" and "DJ DOCT" for encouraging me to blog again. Hmmmp!! The other TWO Music Bloggers who also shared their talents in this little blog of mine. NAKS NAMAN!! This SNOOG MIX Part Three has been long overdue but here it goes. Let's WELCOME BACK The Very First NEW WAVE MIX Contributor in my blog....... SNOOG on the mix!!

Total Time: 30:31
Quality: VBR kbit/ 44.1 KHz


PASSWORD: www.snoog.multiply.com

SNOOG entitled this "DANCE TO THE RADIO( Dark Over Manila)".I find this entire mix very different from the first two he shared for us here in my blog. SNOOG informed me that this was his early kind of music. Very Dark indeed don't you think? GOTHIC If I may say so because of THE SISTERS OF MERCY and THE MISSSION on the playlist making it a WITCHING HOUR for you guys. Oooops!! It's WITCHING HALF AN HOUR because it's just 30 minutes. He He He! Of course, let's add the gloomy voice of the late IAN CURTIS of JOY DIVISION.....This mix would TEAR US APART AGAIN. I will be WALKing AWAY as a SPIRIT WALKER after listening to this excellent mix. Hmmmp!! I really like this set for a change. So I do hope you guys also enjoyed listening to it while travelling back to the 80s again.



XB Countdown 2008 Edition

HI GUYS!! I'm back again!! My first blogpost for the so-called BER MONTHS here in MANILA. CHRISTMAS TIME is fast approaching again and PINOYS have the Longest CHRISTMAS SEASON. He He He!! Last OCTOBER 2006 WXB102 Internet Radio broadcast the "TOP 102 MOST SEQUESTERED SONGS" which I made a blogpost about it.
CLICK HERE for the 2006 countdown
YUP!! I was the one who first published this list on THE NEW WAVE OUTPOST back in 2006 and made a blogpost here on my blog last year 2007. I wonder why I wasn't given credit on the same list on another blogsite? Hmmmp!! I guess that's life. Well, last SEPTEMBER 15, 2008 WXB102 Internet radio made another poll and this time it was the "TOP 102 SONGS OF ALL TIME". Is there a real difference on the countdown theme? It's up to you to decide KABAYANS. The result was quite interesting and it's very different from the first one. Personally, I consider the First Countdown more intense and appropriate in a way. Hmmmp!! I think the original is always "THE BEST!". The most memorable part of that 2006 countdown broadcast for me was MORNING MAN's TOP20 songs. YUP!! MIKE SUTTON gave me an mp3 copy of it as part of the price of the said poll. CLASSIC INDEED that I will treasure!! So here it goes!! The list of the recent "TOP 102 SONGS OF ALL TIME" which I got from the 102 people.
September 15, 2008
Program Director: George Frederick
Assistant PD: Michael Sutton

1. MORE TO LOSE - Seona Dancing
2. (Tie) TEARS - the Chameleons; TWO RIVERS - the Adventures
3. (Tie) TOTAL RECALL - the Sound; THE PAN WITHIN - the Waterboys
5. (Tie) ABSOLUTE REALITY - the Alarm; NEW YEAR’S DAY - U2
6. (Tie) STATE OF THE NATION - Industry; (FEELS LIKE) Heaven - Fiction Factory
7. (Tie) THE KILLING MOON - Echo & the Bunnymen; WITH OR WITHOUT YOU - U2
8. (Tie) THE PROMISE - When In Rome; BURNING FLAME - Vitamin Z
10. (Tie) WISHFUL THINKING - China Crisis; TOGETHER IN ELECTRIC DREAMS - Philip Oakey and Giorgio Moroder
11. (Tie) LOVE VIGILANTES - New Order; SUNDAY MORNING - the Bolshoi
12. (Tie) MATADOR - Xmal Deutschland; SAVE A PRAYER - Duran Duran; GOLD - Spandau Ballet; HUMAN - the Human League
13. (Tie) I GO CRAZY - Flesh for Lulu; DON’T YOU (FORGET ABOUT ME) - Simple Minds; IT’S MY LIFE - Talk Talk
14. (Tie) THE FIRST PICTURE OF YOU - the Lotus Eaters; STEPPIN’ OUT - Joe Jackson; C.R.E.E.P. - the Fall; LEFT OF CENTER - Suzanne Vega
15. (Tie) COME WITH ME - Translator; CHAMBER OF HELLOS - Wire Train; OUR LIPS ARE SEALED - the Go-Go’s
16. (Tie) LOVE MOVES IN STRANGE WAYS - Blue Zoo; WHEN LOVE BREAKS DOWN - Prefab Sprout; CITIES IN DUST - Siouxsie & the Banshees
17. (Tie) THINKING OF YOU - the Colourfield; DON’T DREAM IT’S OVER - Crowded House; TIME (CLOCK OF THE HEART) - Culture Club
18. (Tie) CHINA - the Red Rockers; ROCK THE CASBAH - the Clash; WHIP IT - Devo
19. (Tie) DUEL - Propaganda; TURN BACK THE CLOCK - Johnny Hates Jazz
20. (Tie) IT HURTS - the Lotus Eaters; EVEN NOW - the Call; RICH - Lloyd Cole & the Commotions; CHINA GIRL - David Bowie
21. (Tie) WHATEVER POSSESSED YOU - Care; THIS CORROSION - the Sisters of Mercy; BRING ON THE DANCING HORSES - Echo & the Bunnymen; NEMESIS - Shriekback
22. (Tie) STATE OF ART - Friends Again; BIRDS FLY (WHISPER TO A SCREAM) - the Icicle Works; HEAVEN (MUST BE THERE) - the Eurogliders
23. STREET BEAT - Toni Basil
24. (Tie) JUST CAN’T GET ENOUGH - Depeche Mode; MY EVER CHANGING MOODS - the Style Council; CENTERFOLD - J. Geils Band
25. (Tie) HEAVEN KNOWS I’M MISERABLE NOW - the Smiths; 99 LUFTBALLONS - Nena; THE MODEL - Kraftwerk; EYES WITHOUT A FACE - Billy Idol
26. (Tie) LOSING MY RELIGION - R.E.M.; EVERYDAY IS LIKE SUNDAY - Morrissey; HAPPY BIRTHDAY - Altered Images; DON’T YOU WANT ME - the Human League
28. (Tie) OWNER OF A LONELY HEART - Yes; CARS - Gary Numan; ENOLA GAY - O.M.D.; DEEP - the March Violets
29. (Tie) LIPS LIKE SUGAR - Echo & the Bunnymen; SOMETHING ABOUT YOU - Level 42; APPETITE - Prefab Sprout; ONE - U2
30. (Tie) INBETWEEN DAYS - the Cure; DOWN UNDER - Men at Work; Take on Me - a-ha; SEND ME AN ANGEL - Real Life
31. (Tie) HANDS ACROSS THE SEA - Modern English; ALIVE AND KICKING - Simple Minds; NO EXPLANATION - the Church
32. (Tie) A WAY - the Bolshoi; SHE SELLS SANCTUARY - the Cult; HOW SOON IS NOW? - the Smiths
33. (Tie) I MET HER IN PARIS - Jimmy Jimmy; THE GHOST IN YOU - the Psychedelic Furs; (I JUST) DIED IN YOUR ARMS - Cutting Crew
34. (Tie) EVERYTIME I SEE YOU - Fra Lippo Lippi; TRUE - Spandau Ballet; THE WHOLE OF THE MOON - the Waterboys; LET’S DANCE - David Bowie
35. (Tie) THE WORST YEAR OF MY LIFE - the Wild Swans; DANCING WITH TEARS IN MY EYES - Ultravox; NO PROMISES - Icehouse
36. (Tie) COME ON EILEEN - Dexy’s Midnight Runners; ORIGINAL SIN - INXS; 1963 - NEW ORDER; RENT - the Pet Shop Boys
37. (Tie) HEARTACHE - Gene Loves Jezebel; BUT NOT TONIGHT - Depeche Mode; I MELT WITH YOU - Modern English; SEND MY HEART - the Adventures
38. (Tie) SO IN LOVE - O.M.D; BACKWARDS AND FORWARDS - Aztec Camera; HOLD ME NOW - the Thompson Twins
39. (Tie) WHEN ALL’S WELL - Everything But the Girl; EVERYBODY WANTS TO RULE THE WORLD - Tears for Fears; DEVIL INSIDE - INXS; RELAX - Frankie Goes to Hollywood
40. (Tie) HOW CAN I FALL - Breathe; BE NEAR ME - ABC; TRAIN IN VAIN - the Clash; MORE THAN THIS - Roxy Music
41. (Tie) MY BOYISH DAYS - Care; STILL ON FIRE - Aztec Camera; THE HIGHEST HIGH - China Crisis; HONEY BE GOOD - the Bible
42. (Tie) THE MOTION OF LOVE - Gene Loves Jezebel; KISS ME - Stephen Duffy; BROKEN LAND - the Adventures
43. (Tie) WALK AWAY - the Sisters of Mercy; THE DISTANCE BETWEEN US - Fra Lippo Lippi; UNCERTAIN SMILE - The The; RAIN - Dragon
44. PERSONAL JESUS - Depeche Mode
45. INCUBUS SUCCUBUS - Xmal Deutschland
46. (Tie) THANK YOU - the Pale Fountains; BEAUTY AND MADNESS - Fra Lippo Lippi; LOVESONG - the Cure; CALL ME - Go West
47. (Tie) SECRET SEPARATION - the Fixx; SHATTERED DREAMS - Johnny Hates Jazz; EVERY BREATH YOU TAKE - the Police
48. (Tie) FOREVER YOUNG - Alphaville; LIFE IN A NORTHERN TOWN - the Dream Academy; HERE COMES THE RAIN AGAIN - the Eurythmics; OPPORTUNITIES (LET’S MAKE LOTS OF MONEY) - the Pet Shop Boys
49. (Tie) STRAY CAT STRUT - the Stray Cats; DANCE HALL DAYS - Wang Chung; WE GOT THE BEAT - the Go-Go’s
50. (Tie) SANCTIFY YOURSELF - Simple Minds; TENDERNESS - General Public; I SEND A MESSAGE - INXS
51. (Tie) PEOPLE ARE PEOPLE - Depeche Mode; A NIGHT LIKE THIS - the Cure; THE GREAT COMMANDMENT - Camouflage; SKIN DEEP - the Stranglers
53. (Tie) BREAKING US IN TWO - Joe Jackson; DRIVE - the Cars; FOUND OUT ABOUT YOU - the Gin Blossoms; REGRET - New Order
54. (Tie) THIS CHARMING MAN - the Smiths; ATMOSPHERE - Joy Division
56. (Tie) MAJOR TOM (COMING HOME) - Peter Schilling; HEAD OVER HEELS - Tears for Fears; SMILES AND JOKES - White China
57. (Tie) VERONICA - Elvis Costello; GERMAN GIRL - the Lotus Eaters
58. (Tie) YOUR WILDEST DREAMS - the Moody Blues; ANGEL - Fra Lippo Lippi; CASTLES IN THE AIR - the Colourfield; YOU’RE THE BEST THING - the Style Council
60. (Tie) SOMEWHERE IN MY HEART - Aztec Camera; I WILL FOLLOW - U2
62. (Tie) THE METRO - Berlin; RED SKIES - the Fixx; BRINGING HOME THE ASHES - the Wild Swans; BIG NEW BEGINNING - the Big Dish
63. (Tie) BLISTER IN THE SUN - the Violent Femmes; DESIRE - Gene Loves Jezebel; WEST END GIRLS - the Pet Shop Boys
64. (Tie) DAMAGED GOODS - Gang of Four; TRANSMISSION - Joy Division
65. EIGHTIES - Killing Joke
66. (Tie) HONG KONG GARDEN - Siouxsie & the Banshees; BOYS DON’T CRY - the Cure; SHE’S IN PARTIES - Bauhaus; CATCH MY FALL - Billy Idol
67. MEXICAN RADIO - Wall of Voodoo; FREEZE-FRAME - J. Geils Band; SWEET DREAMS (ARE MADE OF THIS) - the Eurythmics
68. (Tie) LIES - the Thompson Twins; THE SAFETY DANCE - Men Without Hats; EVERYTHING COUNTS - Depeche Mode
69. (Tie) A VIEW TO A KILL - Duran Duran; WHIRLPOOL HEART - the Wild Swans; NO STARS - Figures on a Beach
70. (Tie) PEOPLE ARE STRANGE - Echo & the Bunnymen; PRETTY IN PINK - the Psychedelic Furs; THIS IS THE DAY - The The
71. (Tie) LESSONS IN LOVE - Level 42; NEED YOU TONIGHT - INXS; THE ANIMAL SONG - the Europeans
72. (Tie) WHY CAN’T I BE YOU? - the Cure; BLUE MONDAY - New Order; FLAMING SWORD - Care
73. (Tie) WALK OUT TO WINTER - Aztec Camera; JACKSON POLLOCK 9 - the Pin-Up Girls; ABRACADABRA - the Steve Miller Band
74. (Tie) EARACHE MY EYE - Cheech & Chong; WHO CAN IT BE NOW? - Men At Work; I WANT CANDY - Bow Wow Wow
76. (Tie) HYPNOTIZE ME - Wang Chung; ALL I NEED IS A MIRACLE - Mike + the Mechanics; EVERYWHERE I GO - the Call
77. (Tie) LEAN PERIOD - Orange Juice; WHAT FOR - James; BRIGHTER - the Railway Children
78. SOME LIKE IT HOT - the Power Station
79. (Tie) RIGHT HERE - the Go-Betweens; TRUE FAITH - New Order; NEW DREAMS FOR OLD - the Room; RAIN - the Cult
80. (Tie) LOVE MISSILE F1-11 - Sigue Sigue Sputnik; SHE’S LOST CONTROL - Joy Division; ALL STOOD STILL - Ultravox
81. ENVELOPED IDEAS - the Dawn
82. (Tie) GROOVY TRAIN - the Farm; ROCK LOBSTER - the B-52’s; MY WAY - the Sex Pistols; REBEL YELL - Billy Idol
84. (Tie) MAD WORLD - Tears for Fears; TAINTED LOVE - Soft Cell; WASTELAND - the Mission U.K.
85. (Tie) UPSIDE DOWN - Two Minds Crack; BACK ON THE CHAIN GANG - the Pretenders; WONDERWALL - Oasis; SET SAILS FREE - the Origin
87. (Tie) A LETTER FROM AFAR - B-Movie; WALKING ON SUNSHINE - Katrina & the Waves; METROPOLIS - the Church
88. (Tie) WE BELONG - Pat Benatar; THIEVES LIKE US - New Order; NEW SENSATION - INXS; TIME IS RIGHT - Fiction Factory
89. (Tie) FALL ON ME - R.E.M.; PASS THE DUTCHIE - Musical Youth; SQUARE ROOMS - Al Corley; HAPPY HI - Frankie Goes to Hollywood
90. BEDS ARE BURNING - Midnight Oil
91. (Tie) CASTLES IN SPAIN - the Armoury Show; THIS FINAL FRAME - Stories; ONE SMALL DAY - Ultravox
92. (Tie) PURE - the Lightning Seeds; CRASH - the Primitives; NO MYTH - Michael Penn; SOMETHING SO STRONG - Crowded House
93. (Tie) SALAMAT - the Dawn; WELCOME NOW - Eyeless in Gaza; SILENT RUNNING - Mike + the Mechanics
94. (Tie) MIDDLE OF THE ROAD - the Pretenders; MTV - GET OFF THE AIR - the Dead Kennedys; LOVE REMOVAL MACHINE - the Cult; MODERN INDUSTRY - Fishbone
95. (Tie) PALE SHELTER - Tears for Fears; WONDERFUL LIFE - Black; WORLDS APART - Cactus World News
96. (Tie) BEAUTIFUL IMBALANCE - Thrashing Doves; A GIRL LIKE YOU - Edwyn Collins; THINKING OF YOU - Paul Weller
97. (Tie) MARIGOLD - the Ocean Blue; HERE’S WHERE THE STORY ENDS - the Sundays; HUNTING HIGH AND LOW - a-ha
98. (Tie) SEVEN SEAS - Echo & the Bunnymen; MY SANCTUARY - the Identity Crisis; THE SHADOW CABINET - the Church
99. (Tie) THE CHURCH OF LOGIC, SIN & LOVE - the Men; BROKEN WINGS - Mr. Mister; BITTERSWEET - Big Head Todd & the Monsters; EVERYDAY I WRITE THE BOOK - Elvis Costello
100. (Tie) BUBBLING - Aswad; RIGHT ON TRACK - the Breakfast Club; INVINCIBLE - Pat Benatar; BLUE DIAMOND - H20
101. (Tie) MADE OF STONE - the Stone Roses; I GOT YOU - Split Enz; ONLY A MEMORY - the Smithereens
102. (Tie) GENTLE TUESDAY - Primal Scream; I LOVE YOU MORE - the Beloved; HEADHUNTER - Front 242

Another 102 Countdown!!