C is for COOKIE

Kids are afraid of MONSTERS and usually these MONSTERS are associated with HALLOWEEN. I guess with my Generation who wouldn't know this BLUE FURRYMONSTER with that unique GOGGLY EYES. Of course, I'm referring to "COOKIE MONSTER" who is that famous Fictional Muppet on that Legendary Children Show "SESAME STREET". I have to admit that I was a SESAME STREET kid because I did learn a lot of things watching that Television Show when I was still very young. Just to make things ALIVE and HAPPY around here so I'm featuring you COOKIE MONSTER as my FINALE HOLLOWEEN WEEK 2009 SPECIAL. The concept of COOKIE MONSTER started wayback 1966 when the Late James Maury Henson aka. JIM HENSON drew three monsters namely Wheels, Crowns and Fluteshree that ate cookies and appeared in a General Foods commercial that featured crunchy snack foods. Btw,JIM HENSON died of complications of PNEUMONIA on May 16, 1990 which shocked a lot of people because It was indeed an untimely death and It also brought up the awareness regarding the illness. Huh? Talking about "All Soul's Day" ah.The character of COOKIE MONSTER had a lot of transformation from the time It was at least conceptualized back in 1966 to It's Sesame Street Debut. Hmmmp!! I wasn't born yet that time. He He He!! Then finally, Cookie Monster made his First Appearance on Sesame Street wherein he was interfering with Kermit the Frog's "famous W lecture" by eating a model "W" bit by bit. Then, Cookie Monster turned the "W" letter into an "N", a "V", and finally an "I" which made KERMIT THE FROG( Another Legendary HENSON creation) very frustrated. The final scene ended wherein Cookie Monster was trying to eat Kermit. Wheew!! That's a lot of appetite I may say!! GUNS AND ROSES style of "Appetite For Destruction". Ha Ha Ha!! At first, Cookie Monster has a scary image to younger viewers because he personified the childhood fear of "being eaten by a monster". However, this did not last long because as time goes by, Cookie Monster quickly became one of the most popular and beloved characters on Sesame Street. Well, who wouldn't forget that famous Cookie Monster's theme song, "C is for Cookie", which I'm presenting you today. So are there monsters on your cabinet or even under your bed? Let's just remember the good old times of being a kid. Up to now, I still love this "C is for Cookie" song!! Definitely, a classic indeed. I know you also memorized the lyrics by heart. Don't you? Btw, we have also a Philippine Version of Sesame Street entitled "BATIBOT" before but this wasn't my generation already but I had still a chance to watch it back in the 80s. PINOY would remember PONG PAGONG and KIKO MATSING. How about KUYA BOJIE and MANANG BOLA? He He He!! Thanks for dropping by guys!! Let's ENJOY guys!!

Listen here for THE MONSTER MIX of "C is for Cookie" which I uploaded for you to listen to:

And here is the classic SESAME STREET Television Version uploaded by "starcatcha99" on YOU TUBE. WATCH AND SING WITH ME GUYS!! C is for COOOOOOKKIIIE!!

- Sesame Street Lyrics

Cookie, Cookie, Cookie
Starts with "C"!!



STAN LEE, the well known writer/editor of MARVEL COMICS ,created superhero DAREDEVIL back in 1964. Then in 2003, this fictional character was brought to life in the wide screen by 20th Century Fox. Ben Affleck played the role of Matthew Michael "Matt" Murdock who is a blind lawyer who fights for justice in the courtroom and out of the courtroom as the masked vigilante Daredevil. Daredevil's love interest Elektra Natchios was played by beautiful, hot, and sexy Jennifer Garner. Colin Farrell on the oherhand plays the merciless assassin Bullseye while Michael Clarke Duncan plays Wilson Fisk aka. Lord Kingpin. I was able to see this film in the wide screen back in 2003 while this was shown here in MANILA and definitely I enjoyed watching the movie. Of course, I'm also a MARVEL fanatic as well as a D.C. fan so if these superheroes which I grew up reading just in comics when I was a kid are being brought to life in the big screen then I'm one of those who just can't seem to miss these films. He He He!! The DEVIL is part of the dark side so make DAREDEVIL different from them. Hmmmp? HALLOWEEN Time indeed!!

When I saw the film, the Hard-Hitting music score caught my attention so I decided to look for the Movie Soundtrack on the nearest Record Bar. Well, It' not my usual cup of tea of NEW WAVE, POST-PUNK, PUNK ROCK or even INDIE but It's something to listen to for a different ALTERNATIVE touch. Nevertheless, I bought the CD. The music here could be use for waking you up in the morning. Ha Ha Ha!! Personally, I know nothing regarding most of the bands here since It's mostly on the ALTERNATIVE ROCK scene which I'm not really into right now. For the Youngsters back then? YUP!! It's for them and I'm still young too. He He He!! I made the Soundtrack available for download just in case you wanna listen to it. The TRACKLIST will again guide you on both the Artists and Song Titles since I can't really have the time to include it on each mp3 file. Just to be different for a while here in my little blog so I decided to feature this "DAREDEVIL OST". Of course, EVANESCENCE's "My Immortal" is the most popular one and this was taken from the band's "FALLEN" album released also back in 2003. There are also songs here from MOBY, THE CALLING. and SALIVA. Huh? A band called "SALIVA"? Wow!! What if a PINOY BAND would call themselves "LAWAY"? What do think KABAYANS? He He He. There are lots of DEVILS around so better call our GUARDIAN ANGELS.!! So guys, Young and Old, just ENJOY THE MUZIC from the DAREDEVIL film. I can't believe it, this was 6 years ago already. Time is just too fast. THANKS for dropping by again my humble blog "The Doctor Is In"!! KABAYANS, Be safe this HOLLOWEEN and UNDAS Holidays.

Daredevil: The Album

1.Won't Back Down - Fuel
2.For You - The Calling
3.Bleed For Me - Saliva
4.Hang On - Seether
5.Learn the Hard Way - Nickelback
6.Man Without Fear, The - Drowning Pool/Rob Zombie
7.Right Now - Nappy Roots/Marcos Curiel
8.Evening Rain - Moby
9.Bring Me to Life - Evanescence
10.Until You're Reformed - Chevelle
11.Right Before Your Eyes - Hoobastank
12.Fade Out/In - Paloalto
13.Caught in the Rain - Revis
14.High Wire Escape Artist - Boy Sets Fire
16.Daredevil Theme - Graeme Revell/Mike Einziger
(Blind Justice remix)

17.My Immortal - Evanescence
18.Sad Exchange - Finger Eleven
19.Simple Lies - Endo
20.Let Go - 12 Stones


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I'll leave you with an ENCHANTING and HUNTING MUSIC VIDEO from EVANESCENCE shared by "evanescencevideo" on YOU TUBE:

Do you DARE to be a DEVIL?



OINGO BOINGO was an American NEW WAVE band who were best known for their soundtrack contributions and their high energy Halloween concerts. A blogpost that's very appropriate since It's Halloween Time!! They also influenced a lot of bands with their very unique sound and stage presence. OINGO BOINGO was first introduced here in MANILA by WXB102 by playing the song "WEIRD SCIENCE" from a classic JOHN HUGHES film of the same title back in 1985. Both the film and the song became famous to all PINOY NEW WAVERS. The band was founded back in 1972 as a performance art group called The Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo. Hmmmp!! Nice name I may say!! This group was led by vocalist and songwriter DANNY ELFMAN in 1976 who has achieved substantial success as a composer for film and television. The group's format changed twice then in 1980, it changed from a semi-theatrical music and comedy troupe into a SKA-influenced New Wave OCTET and shortened their name to OINGO BOINGO.Their next MANILA HIT would be my personal favorite from the band entitled "DEAD MAN'S PARTY" from the same album title which was OINGO BOINGO's fourth studio album. Btw, WEIRD SCIENCE is also included in this 1985 album. It's HALLOWEEN, and I just featured a NEW WAVE HALLOWEEN CD last blogpost of mine then It's fine time to feature this 1985 album from OINGO BOINGO entitled "DEAD MAN'S PARTY" wherein the song was included in the said Holloween compilation. PINOY WAVERS should have this album on their collection since their third MANILA HIT "STAY" is also included in the album. I also love the song "NO ONE LIVES FOREVER" which was included on the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack of one of the CHAINSAW MASSACRE movies back in the 80s. So I guess this album is worth the buy itself. There are still a lot of OINGO BOINGO songs that made it to the playlist of XB,BM, and NU back on those days but I just mentioned all those included in this album since It's the blogpost topic. Btw, the song "DEAD MAN'S PARTY" was also included on the playlist of the Legendary 1989 THREE-MONTH COLLEGE RADIO FORMAT of 99.5 RT.

I lost my VINYL RECORD of this album in a party back in 1989 but I was able to purchase the CD. Who knows I might just buy the Vinyl again in the future. He He He!! I was able to buy the locally pressed 7" Vinyl of "STAY" back in 1986 at the Legendary MUSIKLAND at ALI MALL CUBAO. Wheeew!! Talking about the memories of buying Vinyls. Even though It's Philippine made, the memory of buying it with my little allowance back then makes it nice to recall. Ha Ha Ha!! Btw, the B-side of the single is "NO ONE LIVES FOREVER". So right now, I'll just be sharing to you my "DEAD MAN'S PARTY" CD so if you're interested then feel free to download it. But always remember that the music here in my blog are FOR PROMOTIONAL USE ONLY okay. It's an mp3 file so I suggest you still buy the original. Collectors like me definitely go for the ORIGINAL STUFFS. This CD is still a trip down memory lane especially for those who grew up with this kind of music. The CD holds on 9 great tracks to ENJOY and RE-LIVE NEW WAVE. The TRACKLIST will guide you since I wasn't able to include the song titles on each music files.

Here's my memorable 7" STAY Vinyl:


1) Just Another Day
2) Dead Man's Party
3) Heard Somebody Cry

4) No One Lives Forever
5) Stay
6) Fool's Paradise
7) Help Me
8) Same Man I Was Before
9) Weird Science


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and SING-ALONG with it HERE:

Lyrics | Oingo Boingo lyrics - Dead Man's Party lyrics



NEW WAVE Halloween

It was HALLOWEEN 2007 when I mentioned here in my blog this 1998 compilation CD entitled "Just Can't Get Enough: New Wave Halloween" and so It's about time to feature the CD itself here on my little blog "The Doctor Is In" for MY HALLOWEEN WEEK 2009 Special. So how did the term HALLOWEEN evolved? Halloween which is originally spelled Hallowe’en is shortened from All Hallows' Even – e'en which is a shortening of even, which is a shortening of evening. This is ultimately derived from the Old English "Eallra Hālgena ǣfen".It has It's roots in the Celtic festival of Samhain and the Christian holy day of All Saints Day. Here in MANILA It's most associated with the EVE of UNDAS(All Saints' Day), which is November 1st which is then followed by "All Souls Day" which is November 2nd. YUP!! HALLOWEEN is on the EVE of October 31st.

It was 2001 when I purchased this CD on the now Defunct TOWER RECORDS at MAKATI. Originally released back in 1998 by Rhino/Wea, this 15-track collection of basically HALLOWEEN MUSIC spans on the NEW WAVE GENRE and It's SUB-GENRES. It brings about the danceable and noisy music that's very fit for the occasion. My favorite in this compilation would be OINGO BOINGO's "Dead Man's Party". Hmmmp!! The song title speaks for itself. He He He!! Some dark and eerie music in the line-up like THE RAMONES "Pet Sematary", B-52's' "Devil in My Car" and of course who wouldn't forget the SIX SONGS in the compilation with the same title "HALLOWEEN". Well, we also have THE DEAD KENNEDYS in the CD which I featured here on my blog before. So do we hear goblins, witches, and any of those creatures of the dark? Naaah!! PINOY are just well-known to be very superstitious. This is indeed a great compilation of Halloween Party music that would keep you awake all night long. Ha Ha Ha!! I uploaded the whole CD but due to lack of time I wasn't able to indicate the song titles and the artists on each music file. The TRACKLIST is already here so It would at least help you okay. So guys just ENJOY THE MUZIC!! We JUST CAN'T GET ENOUGH right?

Just Can't Get Enough:
New Wave Halloween


1. Time Warp The Rocky Horror Picture Show
2. Everyday Is Halloween - Ministry
3. Devil in My Car - The B-52's L
4. Dead Man's Party - Oingo Boingo
5. Pet Sematary - The Ramones
6. Theme from Halloween - MX-80 Sound
7. Munsters Theme - Comateens
8. Creature from the Black Lagoon - Dave Edmunds
9. Halloween - Siouxsie and the Banshees
10. Halloween - Dream Syndicate
11. Halloween - Sonic Youth
12. Halloween - Dead Kennedys
13. Halloween - The Misfits
14. Halloween - Mudhoney
15. Creature with the Atom Brain
- The Aliens, Roky Erickson & the Aliens


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uploaded in YOU TUBE by thays1990




Well, another HALLOWEEN TREAT for you guys, and this time from my good friends from THE VAULT Internet Radio. This coming OCTOBER 31, 2009 do listen to the BEST OF 80s and 90s NON-STOP MIXES, MEGAMIXES...and all sort of MIXES. Wheeew!! That would be a lot I may say. YUP!! Different crossover of GENRES that's cut above the rest. So mark down your calendars guys and take your TRICK OR TREAT Pumpkin bags down to THE VAULT LIVE 365 this HALLOWEEN. Don't be afraid of the dark!!

"The Dr. Stirring Rhod Way" would sing it:



Kudos to you guys!!


SNOOG's halloweeNINE MIX

Hello everyone!! Here I am again giving you the BEST OF PINOY NEW WAVE MIXES in the blogosphere. HALLOWEEN is fast approaching so It's time to HOWL some NEW WAVE MIX again. Where else? But on the FIRST and ORIGINAL website that features the great PINOY MIXES on the GENRE that's called NEW WAVE......."The Doctor Is In". It's my priviledge to hand down another Mixset from my good friend Dindo Lopez aka. SNOOG who helped me started this all which led my blog to be IMITATED. Ha Ha Ha!! Of course.... It will never be duplicated okay. He He He!! Nevertheless, let's just enjoy the MUZIC that's cut above the rest. "DARK ALL OVER MANILA III" is the official title of this 9th Mixset Contribution by Snoog here in my humble blog. Well, "The Dr. Stirring Rhod Way" will put is as "SNOOG's halloweeNINE MIX". Lately my country, the PHILIPPINES ,was affected by huge storms which claimed LIVES and PROPERTIES. Literally speaking, It was DARK ALL OVER MANILA. Not only here in MANILA but on most parts of LUZON. What you see right now in the picture is the MONUMENT of our NATIONAL HERO "DR. JOSE RIZAL" which is located at LUNETA PARK here in MANILA. Hmmmp!! Very Dark huh? Btw, nice cover Snoog!! Now, let's go for the KILL as we feature a sort of DARK WAVE MIXSET that would horrify you guys. It's another THRILLER and KILLER!! So listen up guys and enjoy your trip again down memory lane but this time much darker than before.


SNOOG's halloweeNINE MIX:
Time: 62:00 minutes
Quality: 192 kbps
Channels: Joint Stereo / 44 khz
Archive size: 86mb

01 Israel
02 First and Last and Always
03 The Pan Within
04 Heartache
05 Watch
06 Wild World
07 Illusion

08 A Rock and a Hard Place
09 Paradise
10 Please
11 Heaven
12 Bugg's Bruises
13 Hold On
14 The Border
15 Worlds Apart
16 Cry For Love
17 Wasteland
18 The Killing Jar

I reuploaded the file so that you could listen to it.

(No password)

(Coming from Snoog)


The DARKWAVE Mixset started very gloomy with a LIVE VERSION of "Israel" by SIOUXSIE AND THE BANSHEES and followed by the GOTHIC GODS themselves, THE SISTERS OF MERCY. If you ask me, definitely you can feel the different ambience of this MIXSET and try to listen to it at Midnight coz' It will give you the CREEPS. He He He!! Bands like THE DANSE SOCIETY, THE MISSION, X-MAL DEUTSCHLAND and last year's MANILA VISITOR GENE LOVES JEZEBEL adds up to the creepiness of the set. Whoooahh!! I remember those Gothic People back in the 80s while listening to this Mixset. All those Black, Velvet, and very profound make-ups!! I also love the infusion of NEW ORDER's "Paradise" coz' I haven't heard it for the longest time and I was happy to hear it again here. I ENJOYED remembering those YESTERYEARS of DARKWAVE and definitely It's worth the travel. I hope you'll like it too!! Great TRACKLIST indeed!! HEADS UP again to SNOOG for sharing his talents again here on "The Doctor Is In" for the 9th time and more to come. Nowadays, with the "never-ending copying without credits" happening in the blogosphere, It's still nice to hear these ORIGINAL STUFFS. As I have said before "The Dr. Stirring Rhod Way" is "OFTEN IMITATED, NEVER DUPLICATED"!! Yun na yun!! That's an EXCLAMATION POINT that I'm back again here in the blogosphere!! Of course, If I get to be very busy, I can't really have the time to update this little blog of mine....but don't you worry as long as you guys are still supportive of my blog then we will continue to keep the flame alive. This blog is just the other side of me and I don't earn here okay. I'm just doing it on my own ORIGINAL WAY of sharing. NO MORE... NO LESS... EGGLESS!! Ha Ha Ha!! So again SNOOG MARAMING SALAMAT!! A pre-HALLOWEEN TREAT indeed!! So don't forget those COSTUMES okay. The UGLIER...THE BETTER!! Ha Ha Ha!! Get those broomsticks witches!! YUP!! It's an HOUR of GREAT GLOOMY NEW WAVE MIX for you courtesy of SNOOG!! AAAwoooooooohhhh!!

Happy Halloweenine!!



MISS ME GUYS? Listen first and watch the Video:

It has been almost a month since my last blogpost and I guess everyone misses me. Hmmmp? Maybe not? He He He!! I've been very busy the past couple of weeks with some important things to prioritize so no time for blogging for quite a while. I guess you should always know what comes next in the things that you're doing. This is my first blogpost for OCTOBER 2009. It was also a very humble experience to help people who were victims of the recent typhoons here in my country. Hopefully, this people can recover soon. I'm still THANKFUL and very BLESSED that I have that chance to contribute and help in my own little way. A lot of things happening also here in the Philippines that made headlines but we wouldn't discuss that here so just read the morning papers or even search the net to know what's happening around you guys. Don't just sit there and be BLIND okay. He He He!! I included the Music Video of CULTURE CLUB's classic song entitled "MISS ME BLIND" just to spice up the start of this blogpost of mine. "MISS ME BLIND" was a big hit back in the 80s around the world and that definitely included the Philippines. This song was from the second album of CULTURE CLUB entitled "COLOUR BY NUMBERS" which was released back in 1984. Nice song indeed!! Don't Worry.......Be Happy coz' your Friendly Neighborhood Dr. Stirring Rhod is always present here in the blogosphere to give you everything and anything under the sun. Huh? Would it be that hot? Btw. to those Lurkers who frequents my little blog "The Doctor Is In", I hope you guys could say a simple "Hi!" to be recognized. To those who still continue downloading music here aka. Leechers, I hope you guys could say a simple "Thank You!". If you like or dislike any blogposts then It's still nice to hear from you guys. Your comments are always well appreciated here. So did you MISS ME? Naaahh!! So UNTIL THEN...... STAY TUNE GUYS for more good stuffs and surprises.Well, hopefully I get to have the time again to continue blogging. THANKS AGAIN for supporting my little blog for the past 26 months. GOD BLESS!!

I know you MISS ME,
I know you MISS ME,
I know you MISS ME BLIND,