OINGO BOINGO was an American NEW WAVE band who were best known for their soundtrack contributions and their high energy Halloween concerts. A blogpost that's very appropriate since It's Halloween Time!! They also influenced a lot of bands with their very unique sound and stage presence. OINGO BOINGO was first introduced here in MANILA by WXB102 by playing the song "WEIRD SCIENCE" from a classic JOHN HUGHES film of the same title back in 1985. Both the film and the song became famous to all PINOY NEW WAVERS. The band was founded back in 1972 as a performance art group called The Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo. Hmmmp!! Nice name I may say!! This group was led by vocalist and songwriter DANNY ELFMAN in 1976 who has achieved substantial success as a composer for film and television. The group's format changed twice then in 1980, it changed from a semi-theatrical music and comedy troupe into a SKA-influenced New Wave OCTET and shortened their name to OINGO BOINGO.Their next MANILA HIT would be my personal favorite from the band entitled "DEAD MAN'S PARTY" from the same album title which was OINGO BOINGO's fourth studio album. Btw, WEIRD SCIENCE is also included in this 1985 album. It's HALLOWEEN, and I just featured a NEW WAVE HALLOWEEN CD last blogpost of mine then It's fine time to feature this 1985 album from OINGO BOINGO entitled "DEAD MAN'S PARTY" wherein the song was included in the said Holloween compilation. PINOY WAVERS should have this album on their collection since their third MANILA HIT "STAY" is also included in the album. I also love the song "NO ONE LIVES FOREVER" which was included on the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack of one of the CHAINSAW MASSACRE movies back in the 80s. So I guess this album is worth the buy itself. There are still a lot of OINGO BOINGO songs that made it to the playlist of XB,BM, and NU back on those days but I just mentioned all those included in this album since It's the blogpost topic. Btw, the song "DEAD MAN'S PARTY" was also included on the playlist of the Legendary 1989 THREE-MONTH COLLEGE RADIO FORMAT of 99.5 RT.

I lost my VINYL RECORD of this album in a party back in 1989 but I was able to purchase the CD. Who knows I might just buy the Vinyl again in the future. He He He!! I was able to buy the locally pressed 7" Vinyl of "STAY" back in 1986 at the Legendary MUSIKLAND at ALI MALL CUBAO. Wheeew!! Talking about the memories of buying Vinyls. Even though It's Philippine made, the memory of buying it with my little allowance back then makes it nice to recall. Ha Ha Ha!! Btw, the B-side of the single is "NO ONE LIVES FOREVER". So right now, I'll just be sharing to you my "DEAD MAN'S PARTY" CD so if you're interested then feel free to download it. But always remember that the music here in my blog are FOR PROMOTIONAL USE ONLY okay. It's an mp3 file so I suggest you still buy the original. Collectors like me definitely go for the ORIGINAL STUFFS. This CD is still a trip down memory lane especially for those who grew up with this kind of music. The CD holds on 9 great tracks to ENJOY and RE-LIVE NEW WAVE. The TRACKLIST will guide you since I wasn't able to include the song titles on each music files.

Here's my memorable 7" STAY Vinyl:


1) Just Another Day
2) Dead Man's Party
3) Heard Somebody Cry

4) No One Lives Forever
5) Stay
6) Fool's Paradise
7) Help Me
8) Same Man I Was Before
9) Weird Science


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and SING-ALONG with it HERE:

Lyrics | Oingo Boingo lyrics - Dead Man's Party lyrics



Joel said...

Thanks for this, medyo na recall ko, oo nga dyan nga galing si danny elfman sa group na oingo boingo, his name usually seen in movies as musical director or something, right?

Thanks again, more power!

DrStirringRhod said...

YUP!! You're right!! :-) Pang CHRISTMAS naman ang surname. :-) THANKS AGAIN!!


djjack7007 said...

Thanks for this, I remember I use to have a tape of this album, my very first Oingo Boingo until I found in a Marketplace in Australia a CD of their Boingo Alive (Celebrating a Decade 1979-1988). I could not believe that they were just selling that for 2 Australian Dollars.

DrStirringRhod said...

You're very welcome JACK!!We will be featuring that CD too in the future!! :-)


Fabio said...


My name is Rita and I'm brazilian, I don't use my english for a long time so forgive my "english mistakes". I did the download but I couldn't open the winrar because I don't have the password. I tried to find it in your post but I didn't find it. Could you please give the pass to open the archive, please? By the way... I found your blog and I love it, congratulations to you!

DrStirringRhod said...

Hi RITA!! The password is already written on this blogpost which is the URL of my blog. THANKS for dropping by!!