MISS ME GUYS? Listen first and watch the Video:

It has been almost a month since my last blogpost and I guess everyone misses me. Hmmmp? Maybe not? He He He!! I've been very busy the past couple of weeks with some important things to prioritize so no time for blogging for quite a while. I guess you should always know what comes next in the things that you're doing. This is my first blogpost for OCTOBER 2009. It was also a very humble experience to help people who were victims of the recent typhoons here in my country. Hopefully, this people can recover soon. I'm still THANKFUL and very BLESSED that I have that chance to contribute and help in my own little way. A lot of things happening also here in the Philippines that made headlines but we wouldn't discuss that here so just read the morning papers or even search the net to know what's happening around you guys. Don't just sit there and be BLIND okay. He He He!! I included the Music Video of CULTURE CLUB's classic song entitled "MISS ME BLIND" just to spice up the start of this blogpost of mine. "MISS ME BLIND" was a big hit back in the 80s around the world and that definitely included the Philippines. This song was from the second album of CULTURE CLUB entitled "COLOUR BY NUMBERS" which was released back in 1984. Nice song indeed!! Don't Worry.......Be Happy coz' your Friendly Neighborhood Dr. Stirring Rhod is always present here in the blogosphere to give you everything and anything under the sun. Huh? Would it be that hot? Btw. to those Lurkers who frequents my little blog "The Doctor Is In", I hope you guys could say a simple "Hi!" to be recognized. To those who still continue downloading music here aka. Leechers, I hope you guys could say a simple "Thank You!". If you like or dislike any blogposts then It's still nice to hear from you guys. Your comments are always well appreciated here. So did you MISS ME? Naaahh!! So UNTIL THEN...... STAY TUNE GUYS for more good stuffs and surprises.Well, hopefully I get to have the time again to continue blogging. THANKS AGAIN for supporting my little blog for the past 26 months. GOD BLESS!!

I know you MISS ME,
I know you MISS ME,
I know you MISS ME BLIND,

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DrStirringRhod said...

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From otts and flor

27 Oct 09, 16:14
DrStirringRhod: Hi Otts!! Miss you too guys!! :-) No problem... next time gimmick naman tayo lahat lapit na Christmas!! Thanks for dropping by a line here. Luv ya all guys!! :-) INGATZ!! :-)
25 Oct 09, 19:11
otts: hi daddy! just dropped by your blog to get yout multiply id. haha hirap basahin ng blog mo eh, nosebleed ako. WAHAH! we miss you and mommy. hope we can still go out for dinner some time. God Bless!:)
11 Oct 09, 21:45
DrStirringRhod: hello flor!! Tnx 4 dropping by anak!! :-) from Daddy and Mommy!! Musta?
11 Oct 09, 21:40
flerrrr: hi daddy!hahaha.nice site.