C is for COOKIE

Kids are afraid of MONSTERS and usually these MONSTERS are associated with HALLOWEEN. I guess with my Generation who wouldn't know this BLUE FURRYMONSTER with that unique GOGGLY EYES. Of course, I'm referring to "COOKIE MONSTER" who is that famous Fictional Muppet on that Legendary Children Show "SESAME STREET". I have to admit that I was a SESAME STREET kid because I did learn a lot of things watching that Television Show when I was still very young. Just to make things ALIVE and HAPPY around here so I'm featuring you COOKIE MONSTER as my FINALE HOLLOWEEN WEEK 2009 SPECIAL. The concept of COOKIE MONSTER started wayback 1966 when the Late James Maury Henson aka. JIM HENSON drew three monsters namely Wheels, Crowns and Fluteshree that ate cookies and appeared in a General Foods commercial that featured crunchy snack foods. Btw,JIM HENSON died of complications of PNEUMONIA on May 16, 1990 which shocked a lot of people because It was indeed an untimely death and It also brought up the awareness regarding the illness. Huh? Talking about "All Soul's Day" ah.The character of COOKIE MONSTER had a lot of transformation from the time It was at least conceptualized back in 1966 to It's Sesame Street Debut. Hmmmp!! I wasn't born yet that time. He He He!! Then finally, Cookie Monster made his First Appearance on Sesame Street wherein he was interfering with Kermit the Frog's "famous W lecture" by eating a model "W" bit by bit. Then, Cookie Monster turned the "W" letter into an "N", a "V", and finally an "I" which made KERMIT THE FROG( Another Legendary HENSON creation) very frustrated. The final scene ended wherein Cookie Monster was trying to eat Kermit. Wheew!! That's a lot of appetite I may say!! GUNS AND ROSES style of "Appetite For Destruction". Ha Ha Ha!! At first, Cookie Monster has a scary image to younger viewers because he personified the childhood fear of "being eaten by a monster". However, this did not last long because as time goes by, Cookie Monster quickly became one of the most popular and beloved characters on Sesame Street. Well, who wouldn't forget that famous Cookie Monster's theme song, "C is for Cookie", which I'm presenting you today. So are there monsters on your cabinet or even under your bed? Let's just remember the good old times of being a kid. Up to now, I still love this "C is for Cookie" song!! Definitely, a classic indeed. I know you also memorized the lyrics by heart. Don't you? Btw, we have also a Philippine Version of Sesame Street entitled "BATIBOT" before but this wasn't my generation already but I had still a chance to watch it back in the 80s. PINOY would remember PONG PAGONG and KIKO MATSING. How about KUYA BOJIE and MANANG BOLA? He He He!! Thanks for dropping by guys!! Let's ENJOY guys!!

Listen here for THE MONSTER MIX of "C is for Cookie" which I uploaded for you to listen to:

And here is the classic SESAME STREET Television Version uploaded by "starcatcha99" on YOU TUBE. WATCH AND SING WITH ME GUYS!! C is for COOOOOOKKIIIE!!

- Sesame Street Lyrics

Cookie, Cookie, Cookie
Starts with "C"!!

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