DANCE TRAX is a Vinyl Record Compilation of some of DJ JON TUPAZ Mixes. YUP!! We have already featured DJ JON TUPAZ last September 21, 2009 that included an Archived New Wave Mix from this great Deejay here in my blog before. Here's "The Dr. Stirring Rhod Way" again of featuring the works of DJ JON TUPAZ, who is still considered as one of the hottest DJs here in MANILA. DANCE TRAX was conceptualized wayback 1992 by DJ JON TUPAZ, ROBBIE LOPEZ, and LAWRENCE CORDERO of SONOROUS MOBILE(Another Manila Legendary Mobile). Their sound engineer was MARK GOROSPE. This was released back in 1993 when HOUSE MUSIC was already being introduced in the music scene here in MANILA. As a Deejay, JON TUPAZ has a dream of releasing his works on Vinyl Record for other DJs to be played and used either locally or internationally. It just started as having a fun and light conversation between JON, ROBBIE and LAWRENCE which ended up being serious in thinking of producing and releasing a compilation Vinyl. The group's main ambition was to release their own Vinyl Compilation of Mixes back then . True enough their dream came into reality. A great motivation I may say!! Lawrence Cordero had to even asked permission from the original producers of the music for this vinyl release of compilation of remixes which were done by DJ JON TUPAZ himself. Well, according to JON,this was supposed to be in series format that would go from VOLUMES 1 to 4. Unfortunately, due to the incoming trend of Vestax and Denon CD Mixer wherein people were already favoring the CD format more than the VINYL, the others weren’t released anymore.

DANCE TRAX Vinyl Record

I uploaded the entire compilation for you to LISTEN and DOWNLOAD. Of course, THANKS to DJ JON TUPAZ for sharing the whole compilation here in my blog that always believe in ORIGINALITY. The Compilation Cover was inspired to be a caricature of the "LIFE OF A DJ" done LARRY ALCALA style. Btw, the late Lauro Zarate aka. Larry Alcala was a well-known illustrator and editorial cartoonist here in the PHILIPPINES who passed away back in 2002. According to JON, It was not that HITECH back then and he only used 1 6track Fostex audio mixer, 1 Technics mark, 2 Turntables, and 1 Numark 1975 digital sampler in making this classic mix during those times. This is just another trip down memory lane for you guys who loves music. I really love listening to ALL FOUR DJ JON TUPAZ Track Mixes from TOAD THE WET SPROCKETS, FORREST and two former MANILA visitors namely SYBIL and ANDREW GOLD. I hope you'll like it too the way I did. Great mix of musical genres that will travel you back to the 80s. So start DANCING to DANCE TRAX to remember those party days. Btw, you could also hear the "pops" on each music file which will remind you that this was indeed pure Vinyl music mix.

1) Never let her slip away – Andrew Gold (J2 remix)
2) All i want –Toad the Wet Sprocket (J2 remix)

1) When I’m good and ready- Sybil (J2 Remix)
2) Rock the Boat – Forrest (J2 Remix)


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Some added INFOS regarding the Vinyl Record:
Celine Almeda – aka of Lawrence Cordero
Smurfette – aka of Robbie Lopez
William Duffy at the Hill – aka of Mark Gorospe
J2 – aka of Jon Tupaz

Here's my FAVORITE MIX on the line-up:

DJ JON TUPAZ would like to give credit to Robbie, Lawrence, and Mark for their great contribution in fulfilling his dreams of releasing a Vinyl Record of his Mixes. Personally, I would like to THANK both DJ JON and Miss PEACHY for helping me out in featuring this "DANCE TRAX" compilation here in my little blog "The Doctor Is In".

Listen to the other THREE TRACKS Here:
Never let her slip away – Andrew Gold (J2 remix)

When I’m good and ready- Sybil (J2 Remix)

Rock the Boat – Forrest (J2 Remix)

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I do hope you ENJOYED another DJ JON TUPAZ Special Blogpost here on "The Doctor Is In". More to come in the future so just stay tune. THANKS again guys for dropping by!!

Let's dance to


Joel said...

Thanks Doc for another feature regarding to my one of my idol DJ, keep it up and more power.


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THANKS JO for appreciating the blogpost. Kalako kaw din yung Joel sa Chatbox. Iba pala. :-)


Joel said...

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