Another year is about to end, and I guess It's now time to leave 2011 and It's memories. YUP!! This is my last blogpost for this year.....HELLO 2012!! This coming year is another Leap Year so It will be my Blog's 2nd Leap Year in the Blogosphere. MORE SURPRISE BLOGPOSTS this upcoming year that I'll try to create in my free time. Interesting Blogpost Header Photo? YUP!! Some bits of my collection again for viewing. It has been a very busy and successful year 2011 for me and I'm really looking forward to 2012 and what lies ahead. I thank the LORD for all the blessings he had given me and my family this year 2011 and always praying for a brighter year ahead. THANKS also to you guys, my Dearest Blog Readers, who once in a while still have time to visit my humble blog "The Doctor Is In". Like what I have written before my blog ever since is "OFTEN IMITATED, NEVER DUPLICATED". Hopefully these Copycats have a peaceful conscience this coming 2012. Ha Ha Ha!! GREAT YEAR for NEW WAVE CONCERTS here in MANILA and getting ready for some upcoming concerts. WHEEEW!! I do hope these Bands/Artists that are reported to be performing here in MANILA this 2012 will all push through. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012 EVERYONE!! Be sure to be SAFE this NEW YEAR'S EVE guys!! TAKE CARE of your Upper and Lower Extremities!! MAG-INGAT sa PAPUTOK KABAYANS!!!!!!!!! MANIGONG BAGONG TAON!!!

I'll leave you with a Classic Song from U2 and that's "NEW YEAR'S DAY" and it's the "TOP OF THE POPS" version.




It's this time of the year again when everyone is celebrating the birth of JESUS CHRIST. YUP!! Here in the PHILIPPINES, we have our very own way of celebrating CHRISTMAS and nothing beats the FILIPINO TRADITION. YUP!! Spending the holidays with Relatives, Friends, and Love Ones makes it very meaningful. Well, my little blog "The Doctor Is In" is one with the whole world in greeting everyone a very MERRY CHRISTMAS 2011!! This is my blog's 5th CHRISTMAS here in the blogosphere and hopefully we will continue to have more CHRISTMAS giving you the best CHEERS all year long. THANKS to everyone to continue to visit my blog once in a while. Hmmp? That's one kind of motivation!! That's one of my "BELEN" at home in the Blogpost Header photo together of course with my classic Rubik's Cube and my Vinyl Record of "A VERY SPECIAL CHRISTMAS". So this Yuletide Season, do spread the cheers, love, and joy to everybody. I'll leave you with a CHRISTMAS song from "MADONNA" which is included in my Vinyl Record of "A VERY SPECIAL CHRISTMAS" compilation. TAKE CARE EVERYONE!! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!! GOD BLESS!!




SILENT NIGHT...Sendong's wrath

The whole FILIPINO Community is grieving due to another devastating typhoon that just struck the Southern Part of my beloved country the Philippines. We had ONDOY before here in MANILA and now we have SENDONG in MINDANAO. Personally, I just can't bear seeing those photos of dead people most specifically the children. Of course, I can't post those photos here. It's a few days before CHRISTMAS 2011, then suddenly this tragedy happened only last Saturday December 17, 2011 thus the whole country is in "National State Of Calamity". My little blog "The Doctor Is In" is one with my KABAYANS in PRAYING for the victims of this catastrophe of great proportion.

"ALMIGHTY GOD, please pray for those affected by Typhoon Sendong and most especially pray for the souls of those who perished and that the survivors will have strength to cope up with this tragedy. Pray also for those who are continuing helping the victims and may you also give them endurance and courage too."

I'll leave you with one of my favorite CHRISTMAS song "SILENT NIGHT" sang by STEVIE NICKS and included in the 1987 CHRISTMAS Compilation album entitled "A VERY SPECIAL CHRISTMAS" which I have both in Vinyl Record and Cassette Tape. A simple song that would at least remind us that CHRISTMAS is around the corner and FILIPINOS are known to cope up with this kind of tragedy.


Let's continue PRAYING!!


THE WILD SWANS "Bringing Home The Ashes"

THE WILD SWANS were formed back in 1980 but it was only on 1988 that the band released their very fist studio album entitled "BRINGING HOME THE ASHES". Fronted by Legendary Musician PAUL SIMPSON and a recent visitor here in the Philippines. The band had a different line up when they did a concert here in MANILA and CEBU. Definitely one of the most memorable New Wave Concerts I have ever watched the past three decades. Hmmmp? Talking about longevity right? Ha Ha Ha!! By the time "BRINGING HOME THE ASHES" was released by SIRE/REPRISE Records back in 1988, THE WILD SWANS' members were PAUL SIMPSON, JEREMY KELLY (Lotus Eaters), and JOE FEARON. YUP!! That's the trio in the Album Cover. That means that two of the members were able to visit the Philippines already since JEREMY KELLY was in MANILA together with PETER COYLE as "THE LOTUS EATERS" back in 2002. YUP!! They were here in MANILA LIVE IN CONCERT and that was also a great concert which I definitely didn't missed out. The reason why JOE FEARON was included in the line up was that GED QUINN who was also one of THE LOTUS EATERS dropped out few months before the album was completed and released. The making of the album also included session players on both keyboards and drums to add up to the unique sound. "BRINGING HOME THE ASHES" was produced by PAUL HARDIMAN and the album officially yielded two singles namely "YOUNG MANHOOD" and "BIBLE DREAMS". As I've mentioned here in my blog on my "THE WILD SWANS: PLATINUM COLLECTION" Blogpost back in APRIL 5 of this year 2011 only few days before the news of their PHILIPPINE CONCERT was revealed to me. THE WILD SWANS were first introduced here in MANILA by NU 107 back in 1988 with the song "BRINGING HOME THE ASHES". The next MANILA hit was "WHIRLPOOL HEART" which was also introduced by NU 107. Then other songs from the album keep on getting airplay from DZBM POWER 105 and of course NU 107 wherein the two singles "YOUNG MANHOOD" and "BIBLE DREAMS" then became a regular playlist. "BITTERNESS" and "ARCHANGELS" also became MANILA hits when It became part of the playlist of the Two Month College Radio Format of 99.5 RT's "RHYTHM AND ROCK" back in 1989. While "NORTHERN ENGLAND", 'MYTHICAL BEAST", and "THE WORST YEAR OF MY LIFE" became POWER 105 DZBM Hits. The one and only song from the album that really didn't have that necessary radio exposure was "NOW AND FOREVER".

Definitely, PINOY NEW WAVERS should have this album on their music collection. In my case, I bought the "BRINGING HOME THE ASHES" Album both on Vinyl Record and CD formats which is shown on the photo. The album for me is a great buy and I consider all songs as CLASSIC indeed!! The album is very much lighter than the early works of THE WILD SWANS, but the messages of the songs here are very dark and enigmatic in a way. Hmmmp? Talking about RELIGION, WAR, ANGST, and REBELLION gave the whole content of a Protagonist's Life of a Preacher I may say. The Music and Lyrics are cut above the rest with a splendid Melody that perks you up whenever you listen to the whole album.


1. Young Manhood
2. Bible Dreams
3. Bitterness
4. Archangels
5. Northern England
6. Whirlpool Heart
7. Bringing Home The Ashes
8. Mythical Beast
9. Now And Forever
10. The Worst Year Of My Life

I decided not to upload the whole album for download because all the 10 tracks were also included on the "The Wild Swans Platinum Collection" which I have already featured here on my little blog "The Doctor Is In". Btw, THE WILD SWANS performed a record SEVEN SONGS from the album on their MANILA Concert at ONE ESPLANADE last OCTOBER 1, 2011 which I think would establish how good the album is. The songs they played were "Bible Dreams", "Archangel", "Northern England", "Now and Forever", "Whirlpool Heart", "Worst Year of My Life", and of course the album's title track "Bringing Home the Ashes" which was also the song the band sang on their only Philippine T.V. appearance on EAT BULAGA which I've also featured here in my blog recently.

Btw, this song was included on one of Philippine New Wave Legendary Vinyl Record Series called"THE BEST OF NEW MUSIC" which I already featured here on my blog wayback December 1, 2009 so just check my Labels/Archives.


There was a Tribute Party given to the Late RONALD TENGSICO aka. TAZMANIAN DEVIL who was one of the Legendary DJ of POWER 105 DZBM FM back in JULY 3, 2010 which was entitled "BRINGING HOME THE ASHES" and held at NOMIXX BAR and RESTO. TAZ, THE GODFATHER of THE POWER SWITCHERS CLUB as he was called, passed away MAY 24, 2010 then was cremated. Well, as the saying goes "ASHES TO ASHES; DUST TO DUST".

I also included Two VIDEO CLIPS of THE WILD SWANS CONCERT here in MANILA shared by fellow KABAYANS just to spice up this blogpost of mine. Well, since I'm not really into taking Videos that much in Concerts because of my experience of singing along with the songs while watching, then my voice would be much louder. Ha Ha Ha!! YUP!! I was supposed to upload Videos of The Lost 80s, Gene Loves Jezebel Concerts, just to name a few since I was lucky to attend all these NEW WAVE 80s concerts here in MANILA, but that problem couldn't be solved. Ha Ha Ha!! Up until now, I still have goosebumps recalling what transpired on THE WILD SWANS Concert. WOW!! THAT WAS INDEED AN EXCELLENT CONCERT TO BE CHERISHED!! THANKS to all KABAYANS who shared these Manila Concert Video Clips. MABUHAY!!




Of course, here's The Two Music Videos of
THE WILD SWANS' official singles of the album:

WATCH the Music Video of "YOUNG MANHOOD" Here:

WATCH the Music Video of "BIBLE DREAMS" Here:

Btw, if you haven't read my "THE WILD SWANS: PLATINUM COLLECTION" Blogpost just click THE WILD SWANS Photo to ENTER it:

Well, I hope you guys ENJOYED another trip down memory lane here on "The Doctor Is In" by this blogpost special on THE WILD SWANS album "BRINGING HOME THE ASHES". I'll leave you with the Title Track of the album and do join me in singing it. THANKS for dropping by!!



To out of England
The pain never fades away after all these times

Word war...
And revolutions
The hat and the heart of England never dies

Bringing home the ashes
It's more than I can bear

Chained of sorrow
The curse of a thousand year beneath the gloves
Warm down and hardly breathing
The hat and the heart of England never dies

Bringing home the ashes
It's more than I can bear

When winter lightning flashes
You'll find me all way there

Bringing home the ashes
It's more than I can bear

When winter lightning flashes
You'll find me all way there

Word war...
And revolutions
The hat and the heart of England never dies

Bringing home the ashes
It's more than I can bear

Chained of sorrow
The curse of a thousand year beneath the gloves
Warm down and hardly breathing
The hat and the heart of England never dies

Bringing home the ashes
It's more than I can bear

When winter lightning flashes
You'll find me all way there




GO WEST Live In MANILA!! YUP!! You got it right guys!! Another of our 80s Heroes are coming over to MANILA this NOVEMBER 11 & 12, 2011. So KABAYANS, I guess 2011 just turned out to be a year of NEW WAVE 80s CONCERTS. GO WEST will perform LIVE at EASTWOOD MALL OPEN PARK on NOVEMBER 11 at 7pm and at VENICE PLAZA FORT BONIFACIO on NOVEMBER 12. Hmmmp? Familiar Concert Venues Concepts? Well, that's the same venues that CHINA CRISIS Return MANILA Concert back in JANUARY of this year 2011. So get ready for another trip down memory lane.




THE GELBOYS were a Five Piece PINOY 80s Rock and Roll Band formed back in late 1985 composed of RANDY STEPHEN CONCEPCION on Vocals and Lead guitar, JOEY BAXTER CONCEPCION on Bass, ROBIN JAMES CONCEPCION on Drums, PAUL RODERICK SANTIAGO on Rhythm Guitar, and MICHAEL CONCEPCION on Keyboards all hailing from MARYKNOLL COLLEGE. YUP!! You got it right!! The College that was dominated by Females. Btw, Maryknoll is now called Miriam College. I haven't seen or read any in-depth article yet about the band on the Web and so I decided to personally pay tribute to this great PINOY Band who also made a mark back in the 80s. YUP!! THE GELBOYS exclusively here on "The Doctor Is In". I remember seeing them twice played LIVE on two of their campus tours back in 1986. They played good vibes music with a blend of 60's beat and 80's attitude melody. The band's influences were Chuck Berry, Stray Cats, John Travolta, Elvis Presley, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, and Frank Sinatra. No doubt you could all hear the styles of these artists on all their songs. THE GELBOYS were really big back in those days especially for the so-called "Kolehiyalas" (College Ladies) since they project good looks accompanied with good grooming if you talk about hair style and their outfits. Btw, they also have a Catchy Band name that everyone cannot forget. Hmmmp? Clean-cut look and of course they use GEL. That's why they're called THE GELBOYS right? I don't know if anyone of you reading this blogpost never used GEL as your Hair Medium before. Wheeew!! I guess especially the males, we really had our time using GEL back on those days. MEMORIES INDEED!! THE GELBOYS made two hit singles namely "MONDAY" and "EVERY TIME YOU SMILE AT ME". I also remember that there was a T.V. Special about the band and their story back in 1986. I just can't recall the title of the show and the corresponding Channel it was shown, but definitely I remember watching it and that was around 8pm-9pm. I wonder if anyone has a Video copy of it. That would be interesting don't you think? THE GELBOYS had their time indeed since they also had T.V appearances on Legendary Philippine Television shows such as "Oh No Its Johnny", "Penthouse Live", "GMA Supershow", "Eat Bulaga", "Student Canteen", and "That's Entertainment". After being THE GELBOYS for two successful years, they changed their name into "THE STINGRAY" and then to "1-800 BOYSVILLE", but during these times the band already loss their magic thus fading away in the Philippine Music Scene.

THE GELBOYS released their one and only album entitled "EVERY TIME YOU SMILE " back in 1986 under OCTO ARTS INTERNATIONAL which was produced by BOB GUZMAN of "THE BOYFRIENDS". I uploaded their two hit singles "MONDAY" and "EVERY TIME YOU SMILE AT ME" for you to listen and reminisce. The beat and melody of "MONDAY" is just as energetic as any energy drink. Well, in "EVERYTIME YOU SMILE AT ME", they sounded like the New Wave band "JIMMY JIMMY" who also made an impact here in the Philippines. I just love these two songs!!

MONDAY - The Gelboys DSR by DrStirringRhod

Everytime You Smile At Me - The Gelboys by DrStirringRhod

I uploaded Three Video Clips of THE GELBOYS here in my Blog which were all shared by RANDY CONCEPCION.

Video Clip #1:
THE GELBOYS on "THAT'S ENTERTAINMENT" together with Bing Loyzaga, Ronnel Victor, The Vicor Dancer, and the Late Great FRANCIS M. performing "MONDAY" which was an original song composed by Randy Concepcion.

Video Clip #2

Video Clip#3
THE GELBOYS performing Chuck Berry's rockabilly song "Johnny B. Goode". On the Video Clip were T.V. Hosts Aga Muhlach, Gigi Posadas, Cristina Gonzales and Jograd Dela Torre.

THE GELBOYS Lead Vocalist RANDY CONCEPCION who is a composer, a musical arranger, and seasoned guitar player is right now active as a Solo Artist. Btw, he was also a member of "The Cantana Band" back in the 90s. His music career, which is his real passion, was put on hold when his busy schedule as former president of a Amelco Desiccants Inc., became demanding. But now that his brother is managing the company, Randy is back in show business for good.

Well, I hope you ENJOYED another trip down memory lane "The Dr. Stirring Rhod Way" again giving tribute to this great PINOY 80s Rock And Roll Band "THE GELBOYS". THANKS for dropping by!!

There goes
.......THE GELBOYS!!



DRAGON is a Popular Progressive New Zealand – Australian rock band that was formed in Auckland, New Zealand back in January 1972 and relocated to Sydney, Australia in May 1975. The band was lead by the Hunter Brothers namely Todd and Marc. Like any other bands, they have also gone through a lot of members revamp. Other known members were Ray Goodwin (Guitarist), Neil Reynolds (Drummer), and Paul Hewson (Keyboardist). The band's name "DRAGON" came from a consultation of I Ching cards by early band vocalist Graeme Collins. Their first major gig was an appearance at The Great Ngaruawahia Music Festival in early January 1973. DRAGON was introduced here in MANILA by WXB 102 back in 1986 with the song entitled "RAIN". It was also a massive hit on DZBM POWER 105 and it became a global hit too by reaching # 2 in the music charts. "RAIN" would be the one and only MANILA hit for this band. YUP!! That's the only song from the band that PINOY NEW WAVERS/PUNKS will be familiar with. The Hunter brothers with Todd's partner, Johanna Pigott, wrote the song "Rain". It's been raining here in MANILA for so long and It's not only rain, It's TYPHOONS!! This reminded me of the song "RAIN" and It's lyrics. Wheeew!! Even though "RAIN" was the only hit here in MANILA, DRAGON had massive success in other parts of the globe such as songs like "April Sun in Cuba" which peaked at #2 on the 1977 Australian singles chart; "Are You Old Enough?" reached #1 in 1978; and "Still in Love with You"reached #15 also in 1978.

DRAGON have endured tragedy and notoriety in their musical career with members dying from illnesses and drug/heroin overdoses. Of course, this would include the on and off reincarnation of the band that spanned almost four decades. Well, they released a lot of singles and albums in that period which proved the lasting sound of the band. No need to enumerate all of their releases because that would be too many to count if you get my drift. DRAGON even performed three songs namely "Speak No Evil", "Rain" and "Are You Old Enough?" for the Oz for Africa concert back in JULY 13, 1985 which was part of the Global LIVE AID Program which was broadcast in Australia on both Seven Network and Nine Network and of course MTV in the US.

My "DRAGON" Materials:
1) "BODY AND THE BEAT"(1984) Vinyl Record
2) The Very Best Of "DRAGON" (2010) CD

Definitely these two Music Materials are a must-have for PINOY NEW WAVERS. YUP!! Fellow KABAYANS would be satisfied already to have the "BODY AND THE BEAT" Vinyl Record since It includes the MANILA Hit "RAIN" and with a lot of releases that the band have in their discography I personally wouldn't buy any other record from them. Why? Because the "The Very BEST Of DRAGON" CD is indeed already a treat for music lovers who would just love to listen to their other songs. I made my CD available for download just in case you are interested to have a copy and this is FOR PROMOTIONAL USE ONLY okay so I still encourage you guys to get the original materials.


1. April Sun In Cuba
2. Are You Old Enough
3. Still In Love With You
4. Rain
5. Celebration
6. Get That Jive
7. This Time
8. Konkaroo
9. Island Nights
10. Love's Not Enough
11. Magic
12. Young Years
13. Speak No Evil
14. Dreams of Ordinary Men
15. Western Girls
16. River
17. Summer


PASSWORD: http://docmuzic.blogspot.com/

I uploaded three Music Videos of the band just to spice up this special blogpost of mine about a fire breathing band called "DRAGON". He He He!! Hmmmp? I just remembered this "DRAGON Katol" Commercial back in the 80s here in MANILA. Ha Ha Ha!!



For the finale here's the
so do sing a long with me!!

Lyrics | Dragon lyrics - Rain lyrics

Well, I hope you ENJOYED another trip down memory lane here in my little blog "The Doctor Is In". This is not about DRAGON BALL Z...It's just about "DRAGON"..the band!! THANKS for dropping by!!

Enter the


THE WILD SWANS on Eat Bulaga!!

Well, can't get enough of that Nostalgic Concert by THE WILD SWANS here in Philippines? Definitely, It was one of the most memorable New Wave Concert I ever watched here in MANILA!! I have already watched a couple of these New Wave 80s concerts here in MANILA before and THE WILD SWANS Concert will be marked as One of the BEST or if not, It's THE VERY BEST indeed!! Even though there was a typhoon, their concert really made a blast like a typhoon too so THANK YOU to those people who brought them here in the Philippines where the term NEW WAVE Genre is very unique and different in terms of definition comparing from other countries around the globe. I'm featuring right now here in my little blog "The Doctor Is In", the Legendary band's performance on the Philippine Legendary Noon Time Show "EAT BULAGA" last SEPTEMBER 28, 2011. What's very interesting here was EAT BULAGA Host Julia Clarete's comments on the band and on Echo And The Bunnymen. Wheeew!! Nice One Miss Julia!! Rock On Girl!! PAUL SIMPSON also introduced his Band Line up which for me is as Legendary as this Liverpool band. Btw, EAT BULAGA just recently launched their COFFEE TABLE BOOK which featured the Three Decades of the Show. The Mastermind of this extraordinary book is Joey De Leon. THANK YOU THE WILD SWANS for a GREAT PERFORMANCE!!




"The Human League,Howard Jones and Belinda Carlisle" LIVE in Manila!!

Ovation Productions proudly presents “Human League, Howard Jones and Belinda Carlisle Live in Manila!” Concert on October 10, 2011 at the newly named Smart-Araneta Coliseum. Well, three Legendary 80s Artists in one concert that PINOY NEW WAVERS shouldn't miss.



Holly, Ivy And Mistletunes

Well, since It's the BER Months already and I've been hearing a lot of CHRISTMAS Songs around MANILA so I decided to feature this Pinoy Christmas Indie Compilation released back in 2009 by "Filipino Indie Pop Scene". This great compilation is entitled "Holly, Ivy And Mistletunes" and includes 12 very interesting Pinoy Indie Pop Bands based in different parts of the globe. I guess that's really a treat right? Even though this compilation was two years ago, It will always sound fresh especially Christmas comes only once a year. Like what I've written before here in my little blog Four Christmas ago, Filipinos start their Christmas Season on September 1 and that's a fact. Definitely, Christmas Songs don't grow old. Btw, I have already featured the "Filipino Indie Pop Scene" here in my blog back in January 1, 2010 so just check my archives. So without further a do may I present you "Holly, Ivy And Mistletunes" here on "The Doctor Is In".

Holly, Ivy And Mistletunes (2009)
The Filipino Indie Pop Scene

1) Just Like Christmas [Low cover]
by The Wentletraps
by Sugarspun
3)One Christmas Catalogue [Captain Sensible cover]
by Apple Orchard
4)Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) [Darlene Love cover]
by The Jealous Sea
5)Away In A Manger [Traditional]
by Archaster
6)Christmas Is All Around [Billy Mack cover of a Troggs cover]
by Scattered Pearls
7)Blue December [The Pearlfishers cover]
by That Lingering Feeling
8)Undercover Angel
by Soft Pillow Kisses
9)Parang Awa Mo Na, Bayaran Mo Na Utang Mo
by Love In Athens
by Some Gorgeous Accident
by Self Portrait
12)Winter Wonderland [Traditional]
by Mary Anna Logue

DOWNLOAD the compilation here:

I'll leave you with a cover version of CAPTAIN SENSIBLE's "ONE CHRISTMAS CATALOGUE" done this time by APPLE ORCHARD who I also featured here on "The Doctor Is In" back in February 25, 2010 so just search it on my archives. THANKS "Filipino Indie Pop Scene" for sharing this compilation!! MERRY CHRISTMAS in SEPTEMBER 2011!! THANKS for dropping by!!


It's A Holly Ivy CHRISTMAS!!


X Simple Minds Live In MANILA!!

X Simple Minds? A new band? Wattaname? Well, this is minus Jim Kerr their Lead Vocalist. Let's just see how they sound like. X Simple Minds has been tried and tested in its long musical journey which started in 1977 for this band from Glasgow. From the original four members (Jim Kerr, Charlie Burchi ll, Brian McGee, and Derek Forbes) in the 70s, the current members are bassist Derek Forbes and drummer Brian McGee. A new addition to the band is Brian’s younger brother, Owen Paul McGee, who stepped in as their lead vocalist. This trio is sure to hit the right notes and get you swaying to the beat of both their new and old songs.

Catch them perform live at Eastwood Mall Open Park in Eastwood City, Quezon City on September 10 (8pm) and at Venice Piazza in McKinley Hill, Fort Bonifacio on September 11 (8pm). Check out the legendary band as they strike the right chords this September at the Megaworld Lifestyle Malls.



IDENTITY CRISIS Archived Articles

In anticipation of the IDENTITY CRISIS Reunion on REQUIEM's "REBEL YELL", I decided to feature again the Legendary Pinoy Gothic Band "IDENTITY CRISIS" here in my little blog "The Doctor Is In" by featuring Archived Articles of the band from 1988 to 1990 which COOL CARLA shared back in March 2006. YUP!! THANKS to COOL CARLA we can reminisce again the IDENTITY CRISIS so definitely It's another trip down memory lane "The Dr. Stirring Rhod Way". The band's reunion according to the group will also be a sort of tribute to the late "BOGS AMBROSIO" who was their Bass Player who passed away two years ago (February 9, 2009). IDENTITY CRISIS became one of the pioneering alternative bands in the Philippines which was formed back in 1986 composed of Carla Arbaya aka. "Cool Carla" on Lead Vocals, Buddy 'Boy' Arceo on Vocals, Leni Llapitan on Keyboards & Programming, Resty Cornejo on Guitars, Bogs Ambrosio on Bass, and Marvin Mendiola on Drums. Of course, every PINOY NEW WAVER/PUNK knows that they released two albums back then namely "TALE OF TWO" in 1987 and "WATER CAME RUNNING" in 1990 which I have both on Cassette Tape Formats which you can see on my archived Identity Crisis blogpost I created back in September 7, 2007. Wheew!! That's also Four Years ago!! Up until now PINOY NEW WAVERS are still hoping that these two albums will be remastered in CD Formats. That would be totally cool right KABAYANS? Are we all wishing for a falling star? One great band who was also coined back in the 80s as "The Band who's ahead of their time".

So here it goes, may I present you archived articles of IDENTITY CRISIS all courtesy of COOL CARLA. THANKS Cool Carla!!

May-June 1988 Issue

We start off with an interesting and very colorful article of IDENTITY CRISIS on the Legendary Philippine Alternative Music Magazine "THE SCORE MAGAZINE". It's the feature on "SCORE FOCUS" entitled "NOT A CRISIS AFTER ALL". The interview was done by CRISTINA SALES and by reading it, I found the article focusing on the real Identity of IDENTITY CRISIS in terms of their music, lyrics, and their performances on gigs. When asked about the subject on drugs, the members mentioned that the band is "STRAIGHT" although they do a lot of drinking after every concert but nothing dealing on drugs.

So when asked about the influences of Cool Carla on music, definitely everyone knows that SIOUXSIE AND THE BANSHEES top the list. Another influences she mentioned was COCTEAU TWINS, THIS MORTAL COIL, and DEAD CAN DANCE. Their compositions according to Cool Carla were heavily inspired by these bands which according to her "It's something you don't hear everyday, not too heavy nor too light". Well, I just transcribed some of the contents of the articles. Ha Ha Ha!! One great PINOY BAND that really made a mark in the PINOY UNDERGROUND Scene.

March 1989 Issue

On this JINGLE MAGAZINE Issue back in 1989, two articles about IDENTITY CRISIS were written by BERT JR. and PSYKOKEELER. "TALE OF IDENTITY CRISIS" by Bert Jr. and "RECOGNIZING ONE'S IDENTITY" by Psykokeeler are both interesting articles which discussed about the band's humble beginnings and their "PORTABLE PLAYGROUND" Gig Series. It was written here that IDENTITY CRISIS was formed mid 1985 by both Leni Llapitan and Resty Cornejo who knew each other during their college days. Bogs Ambrosio and Marvin Mendiola were hustled in preceding the band's original male vocalist Buddy Arceo. After the band's very first Gig at TIME SQUARE, they hurled in WXB102 Jock Cool Carla to be their Lead Vocalist and the rest was history I may say. Btw, Resty was the one who came up with the band's name "IDENTITY CRISIS" due to the members different musical influences from Jazz, New Age, Classical to New Wave. Wheeew!! Definitely a crisis indeed don't you think?Well, I guess that's another transcribed article by yours truly. Ha Ha Ha!! I just love this nostalgic trip!! Btw, I just remembered Buddy mentioning on their Reunion Guesting on NU 107's "BALLAD OF THE TIMES" last year 2010 that he still have a copy of the band's early gig minus Cool Carla when he was still the lead vocalist of the band on Betamax Tape. Hmmp? That would be a great video clip to watch and hoping he could share it to all of us.

July 1990 Issue

This last article of IDENTITY CRISIS I'm featuring right now was taken from the "PLATINUM MAG" which was written by DIDITH GONZALES and it focused on the band's feelings just before any performances and gigs. The author expressed her great admiration of the band and mentioned seeing them performed at a place called "CLUB A." and loves their song "IMAGINING OKTOBER". According to the members, IDENTITY CRISIS is a combination of both work and play so when It becomes work then the fun's over. I guess that's my last transcribed article for today's blogpost.

I hope you enjoyed another trip down memory lane here on "The Doctor Is In" giving tribute to a Legendary Pinoy Band called "IDENTITY CRISIS". I'll leave you with a Video Clip from the MYX AWARDS Night that featured RICO BLANCO of RIVERMAYA together with two members of IDENTITY CRISIS namely Cool Carla and Leni Llapitan back in March 15, 2007 which was few months before I finally created this little blog of mine back in August 24, 2007. YUP!! This video clip was also Four Years Old like my blog. He He He!! Like what I usually say here on my blog "MUSIC MATTERS, AND MEMORIES OF IT MATTERS MOST". So get ready KABAYANS for the upcoming IDENTITY CRISIS Reunion!! THANKS AGAIN for dropping by!!





Hello Everyone!! It's this time of the year again when my dearest blog "The Doctor Is In" celebrates it's Birthday. YUP!! Today is my little blog's 4th Year Anniversary and time flies so fast indeed that you just think of how life goes by. It's DocMuzic's 4th Birthday!! I haven't blog that much the past couple of months but definitely I'm happy to be back in the blogsphere trying to dish out the Original and Real Scores of Music and anything under the sun. Wheeew!! A lot have changed since the day I created this blog Four Years ago and It's really great to have this blog of mine existed and survived the test of time even though with a lot of concept copycats all around the web. Good thing the essence of just creating original blogposts is still in my craft which I'll continue as long as I'm motivated and of course not very busy in my own personal life. THANK GOD that in my free time I can still look upon the vast and rich history of DocMuzic especially my archives which always makes me smile. It's a sort of Diary of the past Four Years of what I've placed here in my blog as creative entries which up until now I'm still proud of. Supporters may Come and Go but my drive to create blogposts with a touch of excellence will always remain in my heart as long as there are still visitors or even silent supporters coming in. YUP!! I still see some movements on my blog's traffic so that's a good sign that there are still people who visits the blog. Do check out my Blog Labels (Information Society) entitled "ANNIVERSARY" in the right lower corner of my site and you'll see all my Blog's Birthday Blogposts for the past Four Years. See what I mean? It's still nice to reminisce my old blogposts don't you think? I still believe that it's not about Quantity of Blogsposts but rather It's about QUALITY of Blogsposts. As what I have written before here in my blog "I just don't make blogpost, I CREATE them." From my blog's humble beginnings on 2007 to where it is now on 2011, I promise to continue this one of a kind trip down memory lane. Hmmmp? That's 7/11? He He He!! So do join me always in a sort of time machine. Where else? But here exclusively on "The Doctor Is In". THANK YOU VERY MUCH my Dearest Blog Supporters and Visitors!!

MY MUSIC MATERIALS on the photo:
2) WHITE CHINA - "REAL WORLD" 7 inch single
5) KHUMBMELA BAND- "108" Cassette Tape

I'll leave you with a DIY Music Video of a BIRTHDAY song
from the Greatest Band on Earth.
My favorite "THE BEATLES":

HAPPY 4th Year Anniversary
....The Doctor Is Still In!!



KUDOS LOVE EIGHTIES aka. KL80s is an ultimate six piece PINOY 80's Tribute Band playing music from 80s pop, love songs, dance hits, synth-pop to new wave composed of RICHARD SOTO on Lead Vocals/Guitar/ Percussion, YOHAN on Guitars/Synth/ Vocals, MARC on Drums/Percussion, RALPH on Bass/Vocals, JOMAR on Keyboards/Vocals, and MELAI KATSUMI on Vocals. KUDOS LOVES EIGHTIES plays the music of The Police, Mike Francis, Boomtown Rats, New Order, Violent Femmes, Big Country, and of course The Wild Swans just to name a few. Definitely 80s as the band name stands for. Since these guys will play on REQUIEM's REBEL YELL and will also be the front act on THE WILD SWANS Philippine Concert then I thought of featuring them here in my little blog "The Doctor Is In". I already saw them perform LIVE and definitely I have to say they really play good music and they know their craft very well. I guess the only thing we have to anticipate from this band is an all Original Album which I think would be very interesting. One of the hottest bands indeed right now if you talk about gigs regarding Retro. RICHARD has a great voice and the female vocals of MELAI just adds up to the variety of music that this band can perform. So if you're into 80s music then do check them out KABAYANS so that you'll know what I'm talking about and experience a different type of time travel.

rendition of

Well, that's my little blog about this great PINOY RETRO Band that's leaving a mark in the Music Scene. KUDOS to KUDOS LOVE EIGHTIES!! I hope you like it guys. THANKS for dropping by!!

KUDOS to the 80s!!


Remembering TEDDY DIAZ

It was 23 years ago AUGUST 21, 1988 when the Philippine Music Industry and PINOY NEW WAVERS/PUNKS were shocked by the news that the guitarist and founder of PINOY ROCK/NEW WAVE BAND "THE DAWN" TEDDY DIAZ was stabbed to death while on his way to his girlfriend's driveway on a dimly-lit Agno St. in Tatalon, Quezon City coming from a live guesting of THE DAWN at "Martin After Dark" hosted by Martin Nievera. It was a sad day indeed since THE DAWN was just becoming the #1 band in the Philippines back then. Well, this is just "The Dr. Stirring Rhod Way" of remembering the late Teodoro de Villa Diaz aka. Teddy Diaz , son of Filipino actor Vic Diaz of Sampaguita Pictures fame, who was born on April Fools' Day. Teddy Diaz spent both grade school and high school at Ateneo de Manila University and after graduating from high school he then enrolled at the University of the Philippines as an architecture student and stayed there for three years. He transferred to the Philippine Women's University after his third year in UP and took up music with guitar as his major. Teddy was also gifted with a talent in drawing and would spend time with Fine Arts students in PWU and would draw comic book characters and different electric guitar designs for relaxation. Hmmp? That's what you call great talent right? Just a proof of his willingness to improve his craft. Recently, THE DAWN just celebrated their 25th Anniversary and with this comes a Tribute Compilation CD for the band wherein 15 Pinoy Alternative Acts played their own renditions of 15 songs from the band. I'll feature this CD compilation too here in my blog "The Doctor Is In" in the future. There was also a T.V. special on "I-Witnesss" on GMA 7 hosted by Jay Taruc entitled "SALAMAT TEDDY" back in 2008 which I found very comprehensive review on the life of Teddy Diaz. I just do hope that GMA 7 would make this available on DVD package like some of their "I-Witness" episodes. That would be a cool material for every collectors like me. Btw KABAYANS, better also have a copy of "TULAD NG DATI" DVD because it's also very interesting. I definitely like the concept of the film.

"TED REMEMBERED: The Day The Music Died" was an article written by Manny Pagsuyuin aka. PAGZ and better known as DJ JIMMY JAM back in 1988 which was few weeks after the death of Teddy Diaz. The article was featured on a small student newspaper called "ISTUDYANTE". Well, it was a great piece of history I may say wherein Pagz wrote about his views and personal memories of Teddy Diaz as a Friend which he stated "Many people knew of him, but very few knew him." YUP!! Pagz knew Teddy well and his death really affected him too.

Here's a photo of a Young TEDDY DIAZ courtesy of Manny Pagsuyuin

Here's a great Video Clip of TEDDY DIAZ in action back in 1988:

"He was almost like a myth to us. There’s this rocker who never smoked, never drank alcohol and was also very in touch with his spiritual side. Teddy heard mass and prayed the novena everyday. He was also friends with the Sisters of The Holy Spirit. These people gave him the book "The Dawning of The Holy Spirit" from where he lifted the name of our band."
— Jett Pangan, Lead Vocalist of THE DAWN

I hope you guys enjoyed this little tribute of mine to our IDOL "TEDDY DIAZ". THANKS for dropping by again!!