Remembering TEDDY DIAZ

It was 23 years ago AUGUST 21, 1988 when the Philippine Music Industry and PINOY NEW WAVERS/PUNKS were shocked by the news that the guitarist and founder of PINOY ROCK/NEW WAVE BAND "THE DAWN" TEDDY DIAZ was stabbed to death while on his way to his girlfriend's driveway on a dimly-lit Agno St. in Tatalon, Quezon City coming from a live guesting of THE DAWN at "Martin After Dark" hosted by Martin Nievera. It was a sad day indeed since THE DAWN was just becoming the #1 band in the Philippines back then. Well, this is just "The Dr. Stirring Rhod Way" of remembering the late Teodoro de Villa Diaz aka. Teddy Diaz , son of Filipino actor Vic Diaz of Sampaguita Pictures fame, who was born on April Fools' Day. Teddy Diaz spent both grade school and high school at Ateneo de Manila University and after graduating from high school he then enrolled at the University of the Philippines as an architecture student and stayed there for three years. He transferred to the Philippine Women's University after his third year in UP and took up music with guitar as his major. Teddy was also gifted with a talent in drawing and would spend time with Fine Arts students in PWU and would draw comic book characters and different electric guitar designs for relaxation. Hmmp? That's what you call great talent right? Just a proof of his willingness to improve his craft. Recently, THE DAWN just celebrated their 25th Anniversary and with this comes a Tribute Compilation CD for the band wherein 15 Pinoy Alternative Acts played their own renditions of 15 songs from the band. I'll feature this CD compilation too here in my blog "The Doctor Is In" in the future. There was also a T.V. special on "I-Witnesss" on GMA 7 hosted by Jay Taruc entitled "SALAMAT TEDDY" back in 2008 which I found very comprehensive review on the life of Teddy Diaz. I just do hope that GMA 7 would make this available on DVD package like some of their "I-Witness" episodes. That would be a cool material for every collectors like me. Btw KABAYANS, better also have a copy of "TULAD NG DATI" DVD because it's also very interesting. I definitely like the concept of the film.

"TED REMEMBERED: The Day The Music Died" was an article written by Manny Pagsuyuin aka. PAGZ and better known as DJ JIMMY JAM back in 1988 which was few weeks after the death of Teddy Diaz. The article was featured on a small student newspaper called "ISTUDYANTE". Well, it was a great piece of history I may say wherein Pagz wrote about his views and personal memories of Teddy Diaz as a Friend which he stated "Many people knew of him, but very few knew him." YUP!! Pagz knew Teddy well and his death really affected him too.

Here's a photo of a Young TEDDY DIAZ courtesy of Manny Pagsuyuin

Here's a great Video Clip of TEDDY DIAZ in action back in 1988:

"He was almost like a myth to us. There’s this rocker who never smoked, never drank alcohol and was also very in touch with his spiritual side. Teddy heard mass and prayed the novena everyday. He was also friends with the Sisters of The Holy Spirit. These people gave him the book "The Dawning of The Holy Spirit" from where he lifted the name of our band."
— Jett Pangan, Lead Vocalist of THE DAWN

I hope you guys enjoyed this little tribute of mine to our IDOL "TEDDY DIAZ". THANKS for dropping by again!!



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