ALL ABOUT EVE formerly called "The Swarm" is a British rock/pop band composed of Coventry-born JULIANNE REGAN on vocals and ANDY COUSIN on bass guitar, with an ever changing line-up over the years of the band's existence. These two members together with guitarist TIM BRICHENO were the initial core of the band which was formed back in 1984. Julianne was a former journalist and have played bass in the early line-up of previous MANILA visitor Gene Loves Jezebel before joining All About Eve. She also sang back-up vocals on THE MISSION's classic album "GOD'S OWN MEDICINE" which gave the band a little boost of attention thus they were signed up by Phonogram to release their self titled debut album in 1988 wherein they were joined by drummer MARK PRICE in the line-up. ALL ABOUT EVE was introduced here in MANILA by POWER 105 DZBM-FM back in 1988 with their classic song "FLOWERS IN OUR HAIR" from the band's self titled "All About Eve" album. This song is a classic for PINOY NEW WAVERS back then and was included on one of the "THIRD WAVE" series which was a Legendary Philippine Vinyl New Wave Compilation. YUP!! It's on the "THIRD WAVE FINAL CHAPTER" Vinyl Record which I will feature here in my little blog "The Doctor Is In" in the future. "FLOWERS IN OUR HAIR" was the main song of ALL ABOUT EVE here in MANILA back on those days. Their self-titled album peaked at #7 in the U.K. chart but their U.K. hit single "MARTHA'S HARBOUR" didn't really made any impact here in MANILA. The band had Four Studio Albums namely All About Eve(1988), Scarlet And Other Stories(1989), Touched By Jesus(1991), and Ultraviolet(1992). They had also produced a couple of Live Albums in their career. Marty Wilson-Piper which came from another New Wave band "THE CHURCH" also popular among PINOY NEW WAVERS even had a stint in the band when they made the "Touched By Jesus" album back in 1991. Their self-titled "All About Eve" album is still the only album from the band that became popular here in MANILA back then.

I bought the band's 1988 self-titled "ALL ABOUT EVE" album both on Vinyl and CD formats just to remember the band and of course both formats have different tracklists.YUP!! The Vinyl Record contains only 11 Tracks while the CD includes 3 bonus tracks giving you a total of 14 songs. It's the only album that every PINOY NEW WAVE collectors should have in their music collection among the band's releases. Aside from "FLOWERS IN OUR HAIR", three more songs in the album got a little airplay in POWER 105 back in 1989-1990 and these were "WILD HEARTED WOMAN", "SHELTER FROM THE RAIN", and "EVERY ANGEL" which I bought the 12 inch Vinyl shown in the photo along side their self-titled album. Well, these three songs didn't really became popular back then comparing with "FLOWERS IN OUR HAIR" that made massive radio airplay back in the 80s and of course it also invaded the playlists of other Legendary MANILA NEW WAVE Radio shows in the 90s and the millennium like WAVE 180, CLUB RETRO, and LITEWAVE. Definitely, this album is worth having on your collection so just in case you wanna have a copy of it then I uploaded my CD that contains 3 bonus tracks for your listening pleasure. What kind of music ALL ABOUT EVE presents to us? Hmmmp!! I consider the blending of Gothic Rock with Traditional Folk infusion in their music.




1.Flowers in Our Hair

2.Gypsy Dance
3. In the Clouds
4.Martha's Harbour

5.Every Angel

6.Like Emily - (bonus track)
7.Shelter From the Rain
8.She Moves Through the Fair

9.Wild Hearted Woman
10.Never Promise (Anyone Forever)

11.Apple Tree Man - (bonus track)

12.What Kind of Fool

13.In the Meadow

14.Lady Moonlight - (bonus track)


Well, if you ask the common Filipino people(MASANG PINOY) nowadays regarding "All About Eve", then they will mention to you the KOREAN TELENOBELA which was dubbed in Pilipino entitled "All About Eve" that was shown on GMA7 back in 2008. That's not all!! They will also mention the Pilipino Version of this Telenobela starred by Filipina Actresses IZA CALZADO and SUNSHINE DIZON last year 2009 also shown on GMA7. Both versions made it big in Philippine Television. Wheeew!! How did this topic got into this blogpost? Ha Ha Ha!! Do you wanna include Sandra Bullock's "All About Steve" movie? Naaah!! It's not about Steve, It's about Eve!!

I hope you enjoyed another trip down memory lane with my blogpost regarding "ALL ABOUT EVE". It's not about Adam and Eve's explosion on New Year's Eve okay. He He He!! It's about a band that didn't quite made it big in the Pop Charts but will still be remembered with the kind of music they made.

I'll leave you with the controversial TOP OF THE POPS appearance of "ALL ABOUT EVE" performing "MARTHA'S HARBOUR" uploaded by "aliveinsound" on You Tube. As you will notice, Julianne Regan and Tim Bricheno can't hear the backing track for the first half of the song and so they were caught live on camera just sitting on the stage while the track was already playing to TV viewers. That's all folks!! THANKS for dropping by again!!


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