Well, I have to say that what hit MANILA last weekend was the most devastating typhoon I've ever witnessed and experienced. I saw,I felt, I was moved and touched in the past few days of this natural calamity that just hit my country, the PHILIPPINES. The remnants of TYPHOON ONDOY was one terrible site!! Lives and Properties were lost and submerged by this CATASTROPHE. Many are still missing at the moment. A lot of stories and videos have already been read, heard and seen so personally I just wanna dedicate this blogpost of mine entitled "HEROES" for all my KABABAYANS who extended HELP and still continuing HELPING the victims of TYPHOON ONDOY. Two thumbs up for all of you especially those RESCUERS who also risk their lives to save others. Some of them even died saving people. SALUDO AKO SANYO!!! KEEP ON HELPING KABAYANS. Let's still PRAY for EVERYONE!! I'm involve right now as a volunteer to also help our KABAYANS in my very own little way so don't worry your friendly neighborhood Dr. Stirring Rhod is still fine. THANK GOD!! It's PINOY BAYANIHAN SPIRIT which is ALIVE right now here in the PHILIPPINES. MABUHAY kayo lahat KABAYANS!! YUP!! All parts of Philippine Society are one indeed in the SPIRIT of HELPING EACH OTHER. Very touching scenario guys!! I tell you!! Very Touching indeed!! The feeling is OVERWHELMING!! I just hope and pray that there would be no more typhoons like this one coming over here in the Philippines since these people who were badly affected have to yet recover. As of the moment, according to the Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration better known as P.A.G.A.S.A. there are two more typhoons that would enter the PHILIPPINE area of responsibility within this week. Wow!! Hope everything would be okay here in MANILA this coming week. GOD BLESS US!!

I uploaded two music videos of "HEROES" which I dedicate to all HEROES which also includes the Unsung HEROES that have helped those affected by "TYPHOON ONDOY". The original version from "DAVID BOWIE" from the Legendary 1985 LIVE AID CONCERT and the version of "THE WALLFLOWERS".


- David Bowie Lyrics


I'll leave you with a PINOY FOLK/ROCK CLASSIC SING-ALONG-VIDEO entitled "MASDAN MO ANG KAPALIGIRAN" from Legendary PINOY FOLK/ROCK Band which goes by the name "ASIN"(Salt In ENGLISH). KABAYAN and EVERYONE, this is just to remind us that we have to really TAKE CARE of our NATURAL ENVIRONMENT. Please do take note of the lyrics of this great song which is in TAGALOG. I find this song very relevant right now regarding what had happened and what will still happen in the future regarding GLOBAL WARMING. So everybody here in the planet must really take good care of our environment and EARTH is the only planet we have. THANKS AGAIN GUYS for dropping by my little blog "The Doctor Is In". GOD BLESS!!

We could all be HEROES
.....in our very own little way!!


Jay "deejayyaj" Laforteza's WIP MIX

I guess we are just flooding this little blog of mine with a lot of REAL PINOY 80s NEW WAVE MIXES again since "The Doctor Is In" is still the FIRST and ORIGINAL and a sort of CATALYST to these things in the Blogosphere showcasing "The Best Of Pinoy New Wave Mixes". This time I'm PROUD to present you one of the DJs who mixes on "THE VAULT" none other than DJ Jay Laforteza aka. "deejayyaj" !! YUP!! I'm here to give you again another MIX SET coming from this great guy who has the love and passion to mix music especially NEW WAVE. According to DJ Jay, his musical influences comes from New Wave, Cold Wave, Dark Wave, Synthpop, Britpop, Post Punk, Punk, Punk Rock, Glam Rock... All genres from the 80s and also the 90s. But most of the time It's 80s, New Wave and House. He also like the 90s RnB era which he termed “pang tweatams”. Hmmmp!! Can it be "pa-cute effect"? He He He!! DJ Jay Laforteza learned mixing music way back 1985 at Discontrol Manila which was one of the first and finest mobile disco back in the 80s and he started mixing music LIVE in mobile parties back in 1989 . His first mobile was MUSIC TONE SOUND back in 1989 and then he joined Straight Edge Mobile in 1990 and QMS Mobile in 1991 with Dindo Lopez ( not Snoog....just the same name) of Cardinal Audio. His first step in DISCO DJs booth was 1991 at Spirits Discotheque. They played several times in radio stations with 80s and 90s music. Right now, he also shares his mixes on "THE VAULT" which is an Obscure Music Internet Radio headed by our good friend Benjie"The Wonder"Collantes.

So here goes Jay "deejayyaj" Laforteza's WIP MIX:


Chambers Of Hello - Wire Train
Always - Real Life
Crash - The Primitives
Take On Me - A-Ha
Sometime's A Fantasy - Billy Joel
Head Over Heals - Go-Gos
Just Got Lucky - The Joe Boxer
We Got The Beat - Go-Gos
I Got The Message - Men Without Hats
Never You Done That - General Public
Duel - Propaganda
We Built This City -The Starship

DOWNLOAD the "WIP MIX" here:

In A Chamber ......In A Chamber.....Hello..Hello..Hello started this cool mix that brings down the house loud. An XB classic from WIRE TRAIN that's also a favorite PINOY Slam Dance song back then. This was followed by last year's MANILA Visitor REAL LIFE with their classic POWER 105 EXCLUSIVE in "Always". Then we gonna "Crash" with THE PRIMITIVES. The beat is geting faster as we progress while singing Sometimes A Fantasy which was considered also a Party Anthem here in MANILA back then. As the party animals would sing on the beat in the dance floor. "It's just a fantasy..oooh ho hoo hooo .....It's not the real thing....oooh..ho hoo..hooo". Definitely, this MIX is the real thing. Whoooa!! Well, that's Head Over Heels and we Just Got Lucky that We Got The Beat of Deejayyaj here on "The Doctor Is In". I Got The Message and really enjoyed listening to this 80s Wave Mixset and I hope you guys did too. This isn't a Duel okay? Never You Done That? Hmmmp!! We are just remembering the good old days!! We Built This City here in the blogosphere!! Got my drift guys? He He He!! THANKS "deejayyaj" for bringing us back again in time which is worth the travel I may say. MABUHAY ka!! You could also listen to his Mixes from my friends from "THE VAULT" via LIVE 365 Internet Radio just check on his schedules.It's more than a wipcream....It's a Wip Mix!! Let's just ENJOY THE GOOD VIBES MUZIC MIX!!


Here's a simple message from Jay "deejayyaj" Laforteza:
It’s a pleasure for me to be featured and have a single space in your blog page. Thank you very much to Dr. Stirring Rhod for having me here, thank you also for those who will appreciate and appreciated my mixes.Enjoy listening and happy downloading. Have Fun!!!!

It's Work In Progress with
deejayyaj WIP MIX!!


RUMOURS (Dance Hits Of The 80s)

In 2004, an 80s/ITALO Philippine Compilation CD was released by EMI Philippines Inc. which contains 15 great tracks for time travelling and dancing. YUP!! Let's blast off to the past again as I feature this CD entitled "RUMOURS: Dance Hits Of The 80s" which I find very cool for sound tripping and if you really like ITALO and 80s Music then this would be very good on your collection. Definitely, I love the simple CD Cover which features the MIRROR BALL which is very ICONIC if you talk about remembering those PARTY DAYS back then. Wheeew!! I still remember attending a soiree party wherein the motor of the Mirror Ball just stopped working so what the guys did was to spin it manually. Ha Ha Ha!! Good thing It started spinning again. He He He!! So what kind of rumours do you hear? Would it be the famous PINOY TERM "Tsismis" (Gossip in English)? Nope!! It's just plain rumours in the form of music just for listening pleasure.

Well, It's locally pressed but that's not important to me when I saw this CD because I considered the CD content since I still don't have a good quality copy of these songs back in 2004 which was the year this was released so I considered it as a good buy. Definitely, good vibes music that would activate your memory banks again and recall the good old days. There was also the famous and Legendary "RUMORS DISCO" Club in MAKATI which was also the place for party animals. He He He!! I just visited the place only once and I really enjoyed dancing the night away with my friends. Hmmmp!! MEMORIES INDEED!! I love the choices of the songs included here which includes "LIFEDANCE", "SAHARA NIGHTS", and "LANCA PERFUME" just to name a few.

The title of the CD also reminded me of this 80s PINOY SHOWBIZ TALK SHOW entitled "RUMORS, FACTS, AND HUMOR" hosted by ALFIE LORENZO which became controversial when Actress Miss Divina Valencia hit the microphone on the head of Reporter Rey Dela Cruz. YUP!! I was able to watch that back then and I was really laughing and shocked because It was LIVE on Television.Wheeew!! Talking about heated argument. He He He!!

Here's a Video Clip of that 80s SHOWBIZ Talk Show "RUMORS, FACTS, AND HUMOR" courtesy of VSPRODUCTION but It's not the controversial Valencia-Dela Cruz scene.This Video Clip featured VILMA SANTOS promoting her 1988 movie "Ibulong Mo Sa Diyos" in English "Whisper It To GOD". Tama ba KABAYANS? Ha Ha Ha!! Baduy ba? Well, It's SMORGASBOARD time here on "The Doctor Is In". He He He!!

I uploaded my CD if you're just interested to download all the songs from this great compilation.

RUMOURS: Dance Hits Of The 80s
1) Sahara Nights- F. R. DAVID
3) Lanca Perfume- RITA LEE
4) Life Dance- SONIA BELOLO
6) Around My Dream- SILVER POZZOLI
7) Tonight- KEN LASZLO
9) I Just Don't Have A Heart- CLIFF RICHARD
10) Stay With Me- INDIA
11) Dolce Vita- RYAN PARIS
12) Wait Until Tonight(My Love)- GALAXY
13) Heaven Give Me Words- PROPAGANDA
14) Do It Again Medly With Billie Jean- CLUB HOUSE
15) High Energy- EVELYN THOMAS


PASSWORD: http://docmuzic.blogspot.com/

I uploaded the "LIFE DANCE" track for you to listen to. One of my favorites in this CD. This INSTRUMENTAL TRACK became a massive hit here in MANILA back in the 80s especially in a lot of parties. I also included FIVE MUSIC VIDEOS for you to watch to add some spice in this blogpost of mine. ENJOY THE RIDE!! Like DAVID BOWIE would sing "LET'S DANCE!!"

Listen to "LIFEDANCE" here:

For the first MTV, I will give you this song which is another PHILIPPINE 80s HIT:


Here are some added INFOS in the CD sleeve that I wanna include here in my blogpost.

Executive Producer: Chris Sy
Produced And Compiled by: Matt Fernandez
Artwork Direction: Willie Monzon
Artwork Layout And Design: Kerwin Kaiser Yu

Let's continue watching more MUSIC VIDEOS from the songs included on the compilation:




Well, last but not the least!! The MUSIC VIDEO of TIMEX SOCIAL CLUB where the name of the CD compilation was actually taken but with a different spelling.


I first heard the song "RUMORS" by TIMEX SOCIAL CLUB on 99.5RT back in 1986 and the song was really a big hit here in MANILA back then. MASSIVE HIT!! You can hear the song in a lot of Radio Stations and even TV shows during those times. The MTV of the song was also all over the MUSIC VIDEO Shows on Philippine Television too."Rumors" was from Timex Social Club's debut album Vicious Rumors which was released back in 1986 and it was big on both the U.S and U.K. CHARTS. I hope you liked and enjoyed my RUMOURS blogpost. THANKS for dropping by again!!

Let's LISTEN to these



One of the hottest DJs here in MANILA today is DJ JON TUPAZ who has a weekly music mix show on MAGIC 89.9 WTM entitled "THE 12" MIX by DJ JON TUPAZ" every Fridays from 9pm to 12mn. YUP!! I am lucky and honored to feature this Legendary DJ and head of one of MANILA's LEGENDARY MOBILE "PSYCHODECO" here on my little blog "The Doctor Is In". This is an exclusive blogpost about this ICON BEARER for Magic 89.9’s FRIDAY MAGIC MADNESS PARTY SERIES. Btw, I'll also be featuring "PSYCHODECO" in the future here in my blog so just stay tune okay. In 2004, 99.5RT gave him his own program which is CLUB 24K from 12:00nn to 1:00PM EVERY FRIDAYS and this was before sister station Magic 89.9 got him on the DJ rosters. Jonathan V. Tupaz aka. "DJ JON TUPAZ" started wayback 1986 as a Disc Jockey at HOTEL MIRADOR and from 1987-1989 he became the Head DJ of GUEZZ DISCO in Clarkfield, Pampanga. This lead onwards to being pirated to FACES Disco in Makati City as Head DJ at the height of the disco scene then from 1989 to its closure in 1994. He capitalized on his vast knowledge in music along with his personal collection of around 2000 pcs (and counting) of rare VINYL RECORDS ranging from New Wave , Jazz, 80's and early 90's disco. He also got into Ballroom Music Operations where he started a new trend in modern ballroom dancing then came latin, salsa, rumba, foxtrot, samba reggae etc. Wheew!! That's a music enthusiast indeed!! Well, I wanna THANK Miss Peachy Tupaz, wife of DJ Jon, for helping me out regarding the informations I'm giving you right now guys. THANKS Mam!!

DJ Jon Tupaz was the consistent 3 year undisputed champion in the art of mixing and scratching techniques DWTM 89.9 “Magic Mixes Battle of the Djs” which was held at the Araneta Coliseum, ULTRA, and Heartbeat Disco. Even DEAN ANREW of Manila Legendary New Wave Mobile EYEBALL DUB has given him high praises too. Definitely, these guys really know their stuffs. No "Wannabe DJ" thing I may say. He He He!! Having around 15 DJs under his wing personally trained by him, He had clients such as CLUB IBIZA in Bel Air, IN THE MOOD Malate and Galleria, THE SPIN (Kudos) at Makati Cinema Square, DAD'S Alabang, LA JOTA PATIO DE BAILE Greenhills to name a few. Hmmmp!! That's not few if you ask me. Well, but in the midst of ballroom, came TIPSY's Bar in Mile Long where he was able to spin his NEW WAVE COLLECTION to make the people travel back in time re-living the Corinthians Party Days. Wheew!! That's MEMORIES INDEED!! I, myself was able to attend twice back on those days and personally that was a helluvah NEW WAVE EXPERIENCE back then.

As the era of ballroom starting to fade, He still gets to play 80s music in special events, corporate parties ,and launchings using the Classic Vinyl Records which he specializes in. Until came such a time wherein that there was a venue that gave a special following for 80's classic disco and new wave music ---- that is PONANA in Libis Q.C in the year 2000. Then followed the stints/ regular gigs at PIER1 (Libis ,The fort, Morato, Roxas Blvd, Ortigas Home Depot) SHIRAZZ Salcedo Village, TEMPLE BAR Greenbelt.

In 1994, with his vast collection of music in different genres paved the way for him to come out with a series of CD collection. DJ Jon Tupaz also has come out with HIS OWN REMIXES in VINYL RECORD named "DANCE TRAXX" with a limited copy release for DJs only commercially in the U.S and in The Philippines. We will be featuring that "DANCE TRAXX" Vinyl compilation in the future which he made during those times. I think that's something to look forward to again guys. DJ Jon Tupaz' reputation and talent has preceded him and opened up for the concerts of MC Hammer, Kalapana, Mike Francis back in the 80’s, Sybil - in the 90s and Rick Astley in Manila in 2008 produced by DMC Philippines. Well, that's DJ JON TUPAZ....exclusively exposed here on "The Doctor Is In". He He He!!

Here's a NEW WAVE MIX from the archives of DJ Jon Tupaz which he made several years ago which was given to me by JON two months ago to be shared here in my blog. YUP!! Another PINOY NEW WAVE MIX here on "The Doctor Is In" which features the ORIGINAL PINOY NEW WAVE MIXES. I didn't make any TRACKLIST so that the MIX would create a little anticipation and surprise for you.

Here's DJ JON's message he gave me regarding this mix:

"No difference actually from the way i used to mix then and now. I dont use computers, effects or anything... im not a techie .... just plain old straight up mix. This mix was done straight from vinyl to recorder...... no practice, no effects,no editing... just straight mixing.... so please bear with me ....... also in this mix is my version of manual and the 80's way of scratching".

“I’m just all about the music. I’m here to share it with other music lovers. That’s just me.”



Definitely another ONE HOUR of PINOY NEW WAVE MIX that would travel you back in time. I hope you like the NEW WAVE MIX by DJ JON TUPAZ the way I did.More Mixes to come from this great DJ in the future here in my blog so watch out for it. I wanna THANK the TUPAZ FAMILY namely DJ JON and MISS PEACHY for the trust they gave my blog for this blogpost of mine. I hope you guys liked my special "DJ JON TUPAZ" blogpost. THANKS for dropping by!! Well, for my finale, I'll leave you with this song from "THE CHURCH" which I will dedicate to both JON and PEACHY. One of my personal favorites from "THE CHURCH" which is an XB CLASSIC!! Just listen to the song and find out why.


"TUPAZ for you"
"Fast For You"
"TUPAZ for you hoo hoo"
"Fast For You"



Dirty Dancing

"DIRTY DANCING" is a classic 1987 Romance Film that featured the late PATRICK SWAYZE and the lovely JENNIFFER GREY. YUP!! You got it right guys!! Another 80s Icon I may say just passed away again recently and that's Patrick Swayze so I was reminded of this great 80s movie which I saw at the wide screen wayback 1987 at the SM CITY NORTH EDSA Cinema when the MALL was still newly built back then . Hmmmp!! Total Recall!! PATRICK SWAYZE died from PANCREATIC CANCER last Monday September 14, 2009 in LOS ANGELES. It was MARCH 2008 when Patrick revealed his illness which was diagnosed on JANUARY 2008. According to Annett Wolf, Patrick passed away peacefully with his family at his side after facing the challenges of his illness for the last 20 months. I was also saddened by this news because It's the big "C" again. YUP!! CANCER is such a dreaded disease!! PANCREATIC CA was also the cause of death of PINOY ACTION STAR RUDY "DABOY" FERNANDEZ last JUNE 2008. I guess that this reminds us again that LIFE IS FRAGILE so make the most out of it. I'm talking about good deeds to others that would entail positivity in your character and could leave a lasting legacy for people around you.

DIRTY DANCING is a drama story that depicts on a young debutante's named Frances "Baby" Houseman(played by JENNIFER GREY) rebellion against her father by starting a relationship with Johnny Castle (played by PATRICK SWAYZE) who is her dance instructor during a family summer vacation. This film was written by Eleanor Bergstein and was directed by Emile Ardolino. Of course, this film is very romantic in a way because I myself fell in love with the simple plot of this movie. Both Baby and Johnny Castle developed romance while practicing those dance moves they call "Dirty Dancing". Blaming pregnancy to a guy who wasn't really the father makes the scene complicated at one point. The scene I can't forget here was when Johnny Castle and Baby danced their so-called final dance even though Johnny was fired earlier. In here, the culprit of who's the father of Penny's child was revealed and It wasn't Johnny at all but instead It was Robbie. A heart-warming story that will always be remembered back on those days. MEMORIES INDEED!!

I uploaded my "DIRTY DANCING" Original Motion Picture Soundtrack CD for you guys so if you're interested to have a copy of the music on the film then grab it.

1. "(I've Had) The Time of My Life"
- Bill Medley, Jennifer Warnes
2. "Be My Baby" - The Ronettes
3. "She's Like the Wind" - Patrick Swayze
4. "Hungry Eyes" - Eric Carmen
5. "Stay" - Maurice Williams & the Zodiacs
6. "Yes" - Merry Clayton
7. "You Don't Own Me" - The Blow Monkeys
8. "Hey! Baby" - Bruce Channel
9. "Overload" - Alfie Zappacosta
10. "Love Is Strange" - Mickey & Sylvia
11. "Where Are You Tonight?" - Tom Johnston
12. "In the Still of the Night" - The Five Satins



Here's a great VIDEO SCENE from the movie with the classic ERIC CARMEN song entitled "HUNGRY EYES". YUP!! One of my favorite songs from the OST.

So what's PANCREATIC CANCER? Let's first define the big "C" which is Cancer. CANCER is a class of diseases which is mainly characterized by "Out Of Control cell growth". Pancreatic cancer occurs when uncontrolled cell growth begins in the pancreas which is the only organ in our body that have both EXOCRINE and ENDOCRINE functions. I always tell this to my students. So instead of developing into normal and healthy pancreatic tissue, these abnormal cells continue dividing and form masses and lumps or tissue called TUMORS . These tumors will then interfere with the main functions of the pancreas. If a tumor stays in one spot and demonstrates limited growth, it is generally considered to be BENIGN but if the tumors migrate to other parts of the body through the blood or lymph systems and It's MALIGNANT. When a tumor successfully spreads to other parts of the body and grows, invading and destroying other healthy tissues then METASTASIS is considered which is the very fatal and dangerous part of the disease. Well, I guess that would give you a little input about Pancreatic Cancer. When PATRICK SWAYZE first went public with the illness last year, reports gave him only few weeks to live but his attending physician said his situation was "considerably more optimistic" than that. Swayze acknowledged that time might be running out given the grim nature of the disease but still he did some shows and TV appearances lately.

Well, this blogpost of mine is my little tribute to PATRICK SWAYZE as we also remember the classic 80s film "DIRTY DANCING". Although, there was a sequel to this entitled "Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights" back in 2004 which I only saw on a bootlegged DVD, still nothing beats the Original 1987 film. Actually I was not able to finish watching the sequel on DVD because I got bored. He He He!!


Before I end my blogpost let's listen to some classic tunes from the 1987 "DIRTY DANCING" film. YUP!! It's a combination of decades from 50s, 60s,and 80s. Cool Soundtrack I may say!! I uploaded three songs for you to listen here on "The Doctor Is In".

(I've Had) The Time Of Your Life



(August 18,1952- September 14,2009)

Just SWAYZEing to the beat of



Little Drummer Boy

Today is September 16, 2009 and for THE PHILIPPINE CHRISTMAS COUNTDOWN then It's 100 days before CHRISTMAS 2009. YUP!! The Philippines has the longest CHRISTMAS SEASON which officially starts on the so-called BER MONTHS and I guess that would be September One. The "Little Drummer Boy" is a popular Christmas song, with words and music by KATHERINE K. DAVIS. The most popular version was the one sung and recorded by THE HARRY SIMEONE CHORAL. HENRY ONORATI and HARRY SIMEONE have been credited with writing the song, even though they were only the arrangers for their recordings of it which is also known as the "Carol of the Drum" transcribed from a traditional Czech carol back in 1941. It's officially 100 Days before PHILIPPINE CHRISTMAS 2009, so here It goes another "The Dr. Stirring Rhod Way" blogpost entitled "LITTLE DRUMMER BOY". Personally, I love this song and whenever I hear this It really creates goosebumps all around reminding me that CHRISTMAS is indeed just around the corner like any other CHRISTMAS CAROLS which are being played very early here in MANILA.Well, comparing in the 80s and 90s the celebration of PINOY CHRISTMAS was really felt very early but in these days It's very different. I guess time have changed the overall concept of the BER MONTHS but still PINOYS are always there to celebrate the CHRISTMAS SEASON in any form of simplicity even during difficult times. The fact of celebrating it with the family, love ones, and friends are good enough to take the lead for everyone. Well, with much of politics all around here in MANILA nowadays I guess we still have to remember this important season of LOVE, JOY,HAPPINESS and of course THE BIRTH OF CHRIST. I decided to feature this classic CHRISTMAS CAROL.

Henry Onorati arranged the song for a recording by the Jack Halloran Singers on Dot Records back in 1957, but was not released in time for Christmas. I guess It's not really time for the song to be heard that time. Harry Simeone re-arranged the song in 1958 and retitled it for his Chorale's hit single version which was issued on a 45rpm picture sleeve by 20th Fox Records then It was followed by an LP release entitled "Sing We Now of Christmas" which then became a hit. The company then became known as 20th Century Fox Records in 1963 which reissued and retitled their album and by this time It was called "The Little Drummer Boy: A Christmas Festival" to boost up sales even higher because the original 45-rpm single had continued to be a seasonal hit. In the 1980s, it was released on CD by Casablanca Records with the 1963 re-issue title, but without the "original version" credit. Harry Simeone signed to Kapp Records in 1964 and recorded a new version of "The Little Drummer Boy" in 1965 on Kapp K-711 with a 45rpm picture sleeve. Well, I think that's enough info about The Little Drummer Boy and let's go to the different versions that I'll be featuring here on "The Doctor Is In". We will not be including those original versions but instead those renditions that I love to listen to. YUP!! I uploaded FOUR of my favorite "Little Drummer Boy" versions for you to listen to and download here in my little blog. ENJOY THE MUZIC guys!!

Listen Here:



Listen Here:


Listen Here:


Btw, SHANGHAIED is a PINOY ALTERNATIVE ROCK BAND. I featured this PINOY CHRISTMAS ALTERNATIVE ROCK COMPILATION entitled "CHRISTMAS ON THE ROCKS" last CHRISTMAS SEASON 2008. Check it out by clicking the photo of my CD and cassette tape.

Definitely, "Little Drummer Boy" is a classic Christmas Carol!! I still remember back in GRADE ONE when we use to dance this tune as a statue dance. Hmmmp!! MEMORIES INDEED!! I'll leave you with this last version from BONEY M. and I also included the lyrics.

Listen Here:

- Boney M. Lyrics


I hope you guys liked my "LITTLE DRUMMER BOY" blogpost which just reminds us that CHRISTMAS is coming. MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone!! THANKS AGAIN for dropping by.

Pa Rum Pum Pum Pum!!


DJ Rhom's Desert Wave Megamixx

Hello everyone!! I'm back again with another PINOY NEW WAVE MIX here just for you regular visitors and lurkers of my humble blog. YUP!! This time It's from KABAYAN DJ Rhom and definitely this is another treat for you guys on the BLOG that started it all.....where else but here on "The Doctor Is In". PINOY NEW WAVE MIXES at It's best!! The Original okay!! DJ Rhom actually submitted this New Wave Mix very late due to his busy schedule but I wanna still THANK him for making time and It's a masterpiece for you guys to relive the decade of the 80s again. It's "DJ Rhom's DESERT WAVE MEGAMIXX" since he is now based in DUBAI, U.A.E. He started this passion of mixing music using two cassette tapes then his father gave him a 4channel DJ Mixer which made it more interesting for him. He then started mixing on CD and cassette then his friend asked him to DJ in his small mobile which opened a new horizon for him. He then became a DJ and Technician in 1995 to 2000 on both Visual Frequency and Extreme Sound which he his a part owner. He also became a technician in RSL Light and Sound of Lupe (DJ OUCH of DMZ). His parents encouraged him to continue learning and practicing mixing and gave him lots of comfort and confidence that he needed when joining in any DJ competitions back then. He named the late Francis M ("The Mouth" on 89DMZ), DJ Kimozave, DJ Qbert and DJ Mod as his idols because they helped him also continue this hobby of his which is mixing music. He loves listening to Hip Hop, 80’s 90’s music and also NEW WAVE which is the theme of the Music Mix that we will be featuring. I uploaded the Mix on both 4-shared(Listening mode) and DivShare(Download Link).

So guys, get ready to be blasted again back into time where NEW WAVE MUSIC was at It's best!! Here's "DJ Rhom's Desert Wave Megamixx"!!




The NEW WAVE Mix started with a great informative INTRO regarding the VIETNAM WAR by Peter Thomas. Wheeew!! Is this related somewhat to THE DESERT STORM? He He He!! It's an hour of great NEW WAVE VIBES for us to recall and very creative indeed I may say. Lite and Easy songs like "Somebody","Don't Dream It's Over", and "Come Undone" made a cool and relaxing mood start that would make you sway. Two more easy favorites followed with "Upside Down" and "Question Of Lust". The tempo increases a bit with the band that according to news is scheduled to visit MANILA early next year 2010 to do a concert and that's TEARS FOR FEARS with their song "Shout". Btw. you'll hear a lady shouting as an effect that DJ Rhom added. Hopefully, PINOY WAVERS/PUNKS would hear Roland Orzabal and Curt Smith sing live here in MANILA next year. Let's just cross our fingers KABAYANS!! The next bunch of songs will get you fired up to rock and roll more into that NEW WAVE Groove. Hmmmp!! Running Away with some Thieves Like Us that would create an Animal Magic? Wheeew!! That's The Bottom Line guys okay, then we will be Walking Away with a great finale while our Beds Are Burning. Nice Outro again!! This is a NICE SET indeed for time travelling. I hope you guys like the New Wave Mix like the way I did. THANKS DJ Rhom for sharing your New Wave Mix here in "The Doctor Is In"which is still "The Original" and "The one and only" Blog that features "The Best Of PINOY NEW WAVE MIXES". YUP!! It's still here and will always be here so expect more to come in the future from my KABAYANS who mixes music for the love of sharing. YUP!! It's VIRUS SCANNED this time!! He He He!!

Btw, here's a great message from DJ Rhom that he wanna share to us:

DJ Rhom's Message:
"Before I start, I would like to thank Dr. Rhod for inviting me to share something in his BLOG. I’m Romeo dela Torre aka DJRhom. I’m a simple guy who was born and raised in Novaliches Quezon City and would like to share some of my hobbies and interest when it comes to music. It’s an overwhelming experience to have an opportunity to share in Dr Rhod's blog. I am looking forward to meet more people who have their same passion that I have. It's free to give some comments and suggestions or can give some advice for me to enhance my talent more.Keep on reaching for goals…find our own bliss… Thank you and I hope you enjoyed my mix."

I guess that's all for today's blogpost folks!! I just wanna THANK AGAIN DJ Rhom!! Bro, baka mapirata ka na nyan ng mga COPYCATS ng blog ko. Ingat lang! He He He!! THANKS also guys for dropping by!!

Let's Rhom Around




Few weeks ago, I was able to visit a KABAYAN website that featured this PINOY INDIE Record label called "StickySweetSounds" aka. SSS Records. Hmmmp!! Of course, not related to our very own Social Security System I may say. He He He!! I was amazed with the music that were featured that comprised of different genres. That's not all guys!! The music is FREE FOR DOWNLOAD. Wheeew!! So I got to download some of it. PROUD TO BE PINOY again KABAYANS!! Then I got to know Bong Tan of "foodshelterandclothing" who is primarily the brains of this SSS Records. The acts that Bong featured were mostly from the province of BACOLOD here in the PHILIPPINES and definitely when I got to listen to some of the Artists/Bands I immediately thought of featuring them here in my little blog "The Doctor Is In". I did enjoyed listening to the different sounds of SSS Records so I then asked Bong if It would be possible that he could compile a CD for my little blog that would showcase the music that I usually feature here in my blog. Anything that's NEW WAVISH, PUNK, ELECTRONIC, and SYNTH-POP would do since I've already heard some music from the SSS Artists/Bands. I was really excited on the songs that Bong would compile since I know that I haven't listen to all the SSS Records acts and It would be interesting what kind of music Bong would share here in my blog. I was not disappointed since the selections were really great and I'm glad to have the opportunity to feature it here on my blog. Big THANKS to Bong!! You're the man bro!!

Well, before we go to the SSS compilation for "The Doctor Is In" It would be nice to know how "StickySweetSounds" came about. According to Bong, he was inspired by another On-line Record Label which was based here in MANILA called QED Records which was responsible for releasing some of their older stuffs so he thought of starting "StickySweetSounds" (SSS RECORDS) as an experiment late last year 2008. He was just testing if It could also click in BACOLOD at the same time It would also serve as a venue to release their Back Catalog as "foodshelterandclothing" as well as some various side projects like the recent release of "THE SUGAR COLLECTIVE COMPILATION". Bong was just happy with the very warm responses it got from a lot of people and of course that includes me so that's why I'm glad to present you SSS Records here in blog for you guys to know about them too. I guess the WORLD is ready also for some REAL SUGAR to speak. He He He!!

So here it goes....."The Dr. Stirring Rhod Way" of presenting PINOY INDIE RECORD LABEL 'StickySweetSounds" of Sugar City aka. "SSS RECORDS".

"The Doctor Is In" and "StickySweetSounds" Compilation
Here are 15 great Artists/Bands!! I've arranged it in order of the TRACKLIST and uploaded some songs for you to listen to. Btw, did you noticed the hot chick on the "PILLSSS" Cover? Well, that's the TRADEMARK of "SSS RECORDS" Music Releases but I requested just a mild version for my blog's compilation. He He He!! Bong has a lot of CENSORED/PARENTAL GUIDANCE CD Covers I may say. Ha Ha Ha!! It wouldn't be "SSS Records" without these Hot Chicks as covers and posters. Hmmmp!! I personally termed it as STARLETS. He He He!!

1) OKAY (AGAIN) by FoodShelterAndClothing

The compilation started with none other than SSS's main man Bong's "food shelter and clothing".

I asked Bong regarding label and band name and here are his answers:

Bong: As for the Label name, besides being the name of Madonna's tour,hehe, it somehow represents our City and Province with its apparent sugar production and sweet delicacies. I reckon its a nice pun to the Social Security System records and its kinda close acronym wise to Jello Biafra's SST

Bong: Our name was inspired by the Alison Anders flick "gas,food, and lodging", and also from 60s and 70s acts with "3 names" e.g. "Earth,Wind and Fire", "Blood Sweat and Tears", Crosby Still and Nash", "Peter, Paul, and Mary", etc. hehe!

I just thought that Bong would include "Tito, Vic, and Joey" on the list. He He He!!

LISTEN TO "Okay (Again)"by "foodshelterandclothing" here:

2) GELATIN by Peer Parser

3) BAC-UP by The Colloidal Mixtures

4) GIMME THA GIFT BAG by Light$leep3r



7) SANDY G (the roadside bums mix) by Barbi Na Doll

8) RUINED IN BABYLON by The High Command

9) KILL THE PARANOID by Katumbal

10) CARRIE (the roadside bums mix) by Hardwater

11) LOVE ON THE 29th by Ambient Sky feat. Joyce Agacer

12) SEVEN MINUTES by Mascobado Groove

13) HIGHER GROUND (thc mix) by Muted Film

14) MORTAL THOUGHT (her version) by Half And Half
feat. Karen Kunawicz

15) THE STRIP by Stripstrip

Well, there goes the entire ARTISTS/BANDS and their SONGS for "The Doctor Is In" and "StickySweetSounds" Compilation Project entitled "PILLSSS". So what's The Doctor's advice? Take Your PILLSSS!! He He He! !YUP!! It's for you regular and not so regular visitors of my little blog. I just wanna THANK Bong Tan for helping me out with this special "SSS Records" blogpost and for compiling the songs exclusively for my blog. MABUHAY Ka!! THIS IS PINOY MUSIC!! I hope you like the music that we just shared to you guys as much as I did listening to it and most especially my way of conceptualizing my blogpost. THANKS AGAIN for dropping by.


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