Last AUGUST 23, 2009, we were able to catch this MALL TOUR of "BEATLEMANIA" at SM MEGAMALL and we were glad we saw them for free. He He He!! Because right after the set BEATLEMANIA BAND went straight ahead to HARD ROCK CAFE for the REAL CONCERT. Well, I was a BEATLEMANIA back in grade school and of course up until now even though I'm more inclined in the NEW WAVE/PUNK/ POST PUNK Genre and It's sub-genres. Complicated? Naaah!! I just love music. Ha Ha Ha!! My brothers, cousins and I really love singing BEATLES songs back in the 70s. Huh? Am I that old? Nope!! I'm talking about grade school guys. He He He!! I can still remember that AM Radio Station that plays BEATLES songs every Sunday morning wherein sometimes I got to record some songs directly from that radio show back in the late 70s. Who would forget RJFM's Traditional November 1(UNDAS) "BEATLES vs. ELVIS" poll wherein the listeners were asked to VOTE for their IDOLS. MEMORIES INDEED!! I personally consider "THE BEATLES" as "THE GREATEST BAND OF ALL TIME". You may agree or disagree....so spin a win. Huh? I just remembered that PINOY GAME SHOW back in the late 70s called "SPIN A WIN" hosted by the beautiful JEAN YOUNG. Do you still remember that KABAYANS? Ha Ha Ha!! I was looking at the excellent BEATLEMANIA MEMORABILIAS being displayed on the venue at SM MEGAMALL just before "BEATLEMANIA" performed. Of course, I took some photos of it so that I could share it to you guys here in my little blog "The Doctor Is In". YUP!! The photos was shot again from MY HANDY DANDY CELLPHONE. Well. I'm not a photographer so bear with my shots okay.

First stuff would be THE BEATLES MANILA CONCERT POSTER wayback 1966. Wheeew!! I wasn't born yet. Ha Ha Ha!! YUP!! THE BEATLES were here LIVE IN MANILA wayback 1966 and It's very interesting to see the names of PILITA CORALES and THE REYCARD DUET on the POSTER AD. If you wanna know more about that said 1966 MANILA CONCERT of THE FAB FOUR then I found a website that you might be interested to visit. You just have to click THE BEATLES 1966 MANILA CONCERT TICKETS to enter the site.


So let's look at more BEATLEMANIA MEMORABILIAS from that MEGAMALL show:










THE BEATLEMANIA BAND started their set with the classic song " I WANNA HOLD YOUR HAND" with the crowds cheering them. Hey guys I really don't know their real names because these guys addressed themselves on stage as JOHN, PAUL,GEORGE, and RINGO. This was followed by "I SAW HER STANDING THERE", definitely I saw them standing there and singing. He He He!! As the show progressed with "ALL MY LOVING", "CAN'T BUY ME LOVE", and "A HARD DAYS NIGHT", I just remembered that I still know every SONG TITLES and SONG LYRICS. Wheeew!! THANK GOD!! Good thing It didn't fade away because I haven't listen to any BEATLES song in a long time.

It gave me a relief that after all these years I still remember everything. THE BEATLEMANIA BAND actually sang 15 songs which also included some ballads like " I WILL", "AND I LOVE HER" then who would forget the immortal "YESTERDAY" which still holds "THE GUINESS BOOK OF WORLDS RECORDS" as THE MOST COVER VERSIONS OF ANY SONG EVER WRITTEN with more than 3,000 recorded cover versions up to date. WOW!! That's a REAL SONG indeed!! "GET BACK" and "GOT TO GET YOU INTO MY LIFE" were the last songs of that set but the crowd shouted "MORE...MORE...MORE!!" so the set was extended with one great tune in "TWIST AND SHOUT"wherein everyone danced, twisted, and shouted the lyrics with accompanying echoes. Wheeew!! That was indeed a great finale I may say. I even remembered that classic 1986 JOHN HUGHES film "FERRIS BUELLER'S DAY OFF" when they played "TWIST AND SHOUT".

Defnitely one memorable set for us and the crowd!! SHORT but WORTHWHILE for the MEMORY BANKS to store forever since we weren't able to see the real BEATLES played LIVE IN CONCERT in our lifetime and I guess this is the closest thing to it. We ENJOYED their set!! KUDOS to "THE BEATLEMANIA BAND"!! THANKS GUYS for dropping by MANILA. I do hope you guys like this blogpost of mine. A LITTLE TRIBUTE TO THE BEATLES!!

I'll leave you with a SHORT VIDEO CLIP I took from my Cellphone from that show. My very first time to upload a CELLPHONE VIDEO here on "The Doctor Is In".



The Pope said...

Thanks for sharing this one, this is my era, I started learning to play guitar during mid 70's and the first songs I played were Beatles hits, I been addicted to their music, and I have almost memorized all the trivia questions hanggang college days ko hehehe.

Tama ka, personally they are the Best Band para sa akin.

God bless.

DrStirringRhod said...



AL Jose Leonidas said...

Dear Dr. SR,

I am also a Beatles fan. I am grade 6 in 1966. It is also now that I public expressing my appreciation to the band,siguro I made is only onto myself. Sa akin lang. Thus I am slowly building my Beatles collection and friends who are Beatles fan. I have three fans at Miriam college. I am a college professor teaching sociology. If you have Beatles activities do drop me a line.
AL Jose Leonidas, mobile: 0917 8566747

DrStirringRhod said...

THANKS Sir Al for dropping by a line here in my little blog. :-)It's nice to know that you are also a BEATLES FAN like me. I guess, there are still a lot of BEATLEMANIACS around since this BAND really plays and composes good music.