Few weeks ago, I was able to visit a KABAYAN website that featured this PINOY INDIE Record label called "StickySweetSounds" aka. SSS Records. Hmmmp!! Of course, not related to our very own Social Security System I may say. He He He!! I was amazed with the music that were featured that comprised of different genres. That's not all guys!! The music is FREE FOR DOWNLOAD. Wheeew!! So I got to download some of it. PROUD TO BE PINOY again KABAYANS!! Then I got to know Bong Tan of "foodshelterandclothing" who is primarily the brains of this SSS Records. The acts that Bong featured were mostly from the province of BACOLOD here in the PHILIPPINES and definitely when I got to listen to some of the Artists/Bands I immediately thought of featuring them here in my little blog "The Doctor Is In". I did enjoyed listening to the different sounds of SSS Records so I then asked Bong if It would be possible that he could compile a CD for my little blog that would showcase the music that I usually feature here in my blog. Anything that's NEW WAVISH, PUNK, ELECTRONIC, and SYNTH-POP would do since I've already heard some music from the SSS Artists/Bands. I was really excited on the songs that Bong would compile since I know that I haven't listen to all the SSS Records acts and It would be interesting what kind of music Bong would share here in my blog. I was not disappointed since the selections were really great and I'm glad to have the opportunity to feature it here on my blog. Big THANKS to Bong!! You're the man bro!!

Well, before we go to the SSS compilation for "The Doctor Is In" It would be nice to know how "StickySweetSounds" came about. According to Bong, he was inspired by another On-line Record Label which was based here in MANILA called QED Records which was responsible for releasing some of their older stuffs so he thought of starting "StickySweetSounds" (SSS RECORDS) as an experiment late last year 2008. He was just testing if It could also click in BACOLOD at the same time It would also serve as a venue to release their Back Catalog as "foodshelterandclothing" as well as some various side projects like the recent release of "THE SUGAR COLLECTIVE COMPILATION". Bong was just happy with the very warm responses it got from a lot of people and of course that includes me so that's why I'm glad to present you SSS Records here in blog for you guys to know about them too. I guess the WORLD is ready also for some REAL SUGAR to speak. He He He!!

So here it goes....."The Dr. Stirring Rhod Way" of presenting PINOY INDIE RECORD LABEL 'StickySweetSounds" of Sugar City aka. "SSS RECORDS".

"The Doctor Is In" and "StickySweetSounds" Compilation
Here are 15 great Artists/Bands!! I've arranged it in order of the TRACKLIST and uploaded some songs for you to listen to. Btw, did you noticed the hot chick on the "PILLSSS" Cover? Well, that's the TRADEMARK of "SSS RECORDS" Music Releases but I requested just a mild version for my blog's compilation. He He He!! Bong has a lot of CENSORED/PARENTAL GUIDANCE CD Covers I may say. Ha Ha Ha!! It wouldn't be "SSS Records" without these Hot Chicks as covers and posters. Hmmmp!! I personally termed it as STARLETS. He He He!!

1) OKAY (AGAIN) by FoodShelterAndClothing

The compilation started with none other than SSS's main man Bong's "food shelter and clothing".

I asked Bong regarding label and band name and here are his answers:

Bong: As for the Label name, besides being the name of Madonna's tour,hehe, it somehow represents our City and Province with its apparent sugar production and sweet delicacies. I reckon its a nice pun to the Social Security System records and its kinda close acronym wise to Jello Biafra's SST

Bong: Our name was inspired by the Alison Anders flick "gas,food, and lodging", and also from 60s and 70s acts with "3 names" e.g. "Earth,Wind and Fire", "Blood Sweat and Tears", Crosby Still and Nash", "Peter, Paul, and Mary", etc. hehe!

I just thought that Bong would include "Tito, Vic, and Joey" on the list. He He He!!

LISTEN TO "Okay (Again)"by "foodshelterandclothing" here:

2) GELATIN by Peer Parser

3) BAC-UP by The Colloidal Mixtures

4) GIMME THA GIFT BAG by Light$leep3r



7) SANDY G (the roadside bums mix) by Barbi Na Doll

8) RUINED IN BABYLON by The High Command

9) KILL THE PARANOID by Katumbal

10) CARRIE (the roadside bums mix) by Hardwater

11) LOVE ON THE 29th by Ambient Sky feat. Joyce Agacer

12) SEVEN MINUTES by Mascobado Groove

13) HIGHER GROUND (thc mix) by Muted Film

14) MORTAL THOUGHT (her version) by Half And Half
feat. Karen Kunawicz

15) THE STRIP by Stripstrip

Well, there goes the entire ARTISTS/BANDS and their SONGS for "The Doctor Is In" and "StickySweetSounds" Compilation Project entitled "PILLSSS". So what's The Doctor's advice? Take Your PILLSSS!! He He He! !YUP!! It's for you regular and not so regular visitors of my little blog. I just wanna THANK Bong Tan for helping me out with this special "SSS Records" blogpost and for compiling the songs exclusively for my blog. MABUHAY Ka!! THIS IS PINOY MUSIC!! I hope you like the music that we just shared to you guys as much as I did listening to it and most especially my way of conceptualizing my blogpost. THANKS AGAIN for dropping by.


PASSWORD: http://docmuzic.blogspot.com/


Have you checked your
SSS Records?


StickySweetSounds said...

warmest thanks to the doctor for giving us the opportunity to share our label's music to his "patients" :-) bless you doc, mo' power indeed!

DrStirringRhod said...

THANKS also bong!! MABUHAY ANG MUSIKANG PINOY!! :-) I'm just glad to share these stuffs to my patients este my readers. He He He!! So guys don't forget to take your PILLSSS(the compilation). :-)


StickySweetSounds said...

hi doc a pal just pointed out that the download link for this album is "dead" anyhow here's the alternate link http://tiny.cc/pillsss
thanks so much and hope to hear from you soon:-)

giz said...

Wonderful to hear from you Doc after all this time:-)

skyray is love,

DrStirringRhod said...

Hi Miss G.!! This blogpost was done last year pa. :-) THANKS for dropping a line directly on this blogpost.

Dr. Rhod

DrStirringRhod said...

Hi boing!! THANKS for the new link. :-)I just posted it for update for those who wanna still download it. Nice to hear from you again Sir!! :-) If you wanna do another compilation again for my blog "just beam me up scotty". :-)

Dr. Rhod

StickySweetSounds said...

thanks so much for the offer doc.ill keep u posted indeed:-)