Well, It's exactly three weeks ago when "BALLAD OF THE TIMES" radio show bid farewell to all their listeners and followers on NU 107. The guys in the blogpost header photo are CHARLIE, GLEN, BOY, GEORGE FREDERICK, and POGZ. Their FINAL EPISODE was aired last November 3, 2010 and would you believe that the show extended up to 2 a.m. the following morning. Wheeew!! There was actually a sort of a farewell party inside the NU 107 booth. I guess everything really in this world is not permanent and we should ride the wave of life because in time we don't know what lies ahead of us. Definitely, I miss the show because It's the only radio show I listen to on NU 107 in the recent year. I have to admit that I outgrew already the real music of NU 107 ever since I became one of the original listeners and followers of "The Home OF NU Rock" back in the 80s. I was not that much into radio anymore when the news of NU 107 closing down spread, but nevertheless it affected me too since It reminded me of those years when I used to listen to NU 107 back in the day. BALLAD OF THE TIMES(B.O.T.T.) was the HITS and BEATS of NEW WAVE indeed with lots of memorable guests on the show like ELY BUENDIA, RAYMUND MARASIGAN, TRUE FAITH just to name a few. TANYA MARKOVA who won "BEST NEW ARTIST" on the recently concluded and the last NU 107 2010 ROCK AWARDS graced also the show. Their song "DISNEY" was first played on B.O.T.T. way before it became a hit and it even won "BEST MUSIC VIDEO" on the 2010 NU 107 ROCK AWARDS. Well, we know that Legendary WXB102 DJ Sir GEORGE FREDERICK was one of the DJ host of this great radio show, it paved the way for Legendary XB Jocks to guest also on the show like JULIUS CEASAR, MICK FLAME, COOL CARLA (Identity Crisis) and the last DJ on board XB before signing off back in 1987 none other ALLAN K.(not the comedian) who incidentally played EBTG's "BALLAD OF THE TIMES" song as the last WXB 102 song on air wherein the title of this radio show came from. There was also ALAN SAVAGE of "The Flaming Mussolinis". CES RODRIGUEZ of 80s Legendary Philippine Record Shop "A2Z Records" guested too and enlightened all listeners regarding this memorable record store. Of course who would forget the RADIO REUNIONS of IDENTITY CRISIS and ETHNIC FACES. Finally, the elusive JACK SIKAT of ETHNIC FACES and BUDDY ARCEO of IDENTITY CRISIS were available for these two rare occasions and it only happened on "BALLAD OF THE TIMES". PINOY NEW WAVERS/PUNKS were delighted to hear their Idols on air again. That was really a BLAST FROM THE PAST!!




Here's a MUSIC VIDEO clip that the guys from B.O.T.T. made as a simple tribute to the show. Two songs were used here and these were the XB classic "BALLAD OF THE TIMES" by EVERYTHING BUT THE GIRL and an NU 107 classic FADE AWAY by FRA LIPPO LIPPI which was a Todd Rundgren original. I uploaded the B.O.T.T. video directly here on Blogger to spice up this blogpost of mine.


CLICK the photo to enter my very first BALLAD OF THE TIMES blogpost
Dated: 2/06/09

CLICK the photo to enter my second BALLAD OF THE TIMES blogpost
Dated: 2/09/10

I just brought you my third and final blogpost of "BALLAD OF THE TIMES".I hope you enjoyed another trip down memory lane of not so distant past. Btw, did you notice that CRIS CRUISE was wearing a "Ballad Of The Times" T-Shirt on the final broadcast of NU 107? THANK YOU VERY MUCH "BALLAD OF THE TIMES"!! THANKS for dropping by again!!

I'll leave you with a song from TOY DOLLS "The Final Countdown" which was an original from "EUROPE". I uploaded this song for your listening pleasure. This song became a sort of a trademark of "BALLAD OF THE TIMES". . ENJOY this funny version!!




REQUIEM means any grand musical composition, performed in honor of a deceased person. It's also
a mass said or sung for the repose of a departed soul. But PINOY NEW WAVERS will remember this as one of the legendary get together of BANDS and MOBILES back in the XB and BM days. YUP!! Its' a NEW WAVE PARTY!! Now, some of my KABAYANS who organized it here in MANILA back in the 80s are bringing it back again. Well, this time it will be held at SAN FRANCISCO CALIFORNIA and entitled "REQUIEM RISING" which will be held on NOVEMBER 20, 2010. Performances by JULIE PLUG, GOLDA + GUNS , and PAGES with Music Mixes from two of MANILA's LEGENDARY MOBILES namely MODE ZERO and EYEBALL DUB. Btw, I have already featured MODE ZERO here on "The Doctor Is In" back in JUNE 2009 and you could check it out on my archives under the Label of "MANILA'S NEW WAVE MOBILES". So if you guys are in the vicinity do check this NEW WAVE DANCE PARTY at PAUL SMITH BUILDING. There were already two REQUIEM Parties here in MANILA back in the 80s and so this would be officially It's Third Part of the saga and according to the organizers they will try to bring back the party here in MANILA too. That would be interesting isn't it?





Here's a poster of "REQUIEM 2" back in 1988
courtesy of NILO X . LEGENDARY PARTY indeed with performances from PINOY UNDERGROUND BANDS like ETHNIC FACES, KHUMBMELA BAND, MOHAWK, UNDER BLUE SKIES, VIOLENT PLAYGROUND, and MERE MERCY. Music Mixes were also done by MODE ZERO and EYEBALL DUB together with FIRST RELEASE, WAVES, SPYE, MOBILE ONE, and lastly the very first NEW WAVE MOBILE which I've also featured here in my little blog back in JUNE 2008 none other than HARMONIC TREND. No poster of the first REQUIEM party are available right now so I just posted "REQUIEM 2". WINSTON BAUTISTA of MODE ZERO was the one who created both poster design. That Lady in the poster is definitely REQUIEM's ultimate Logo!!

Legendary XB DJ Sir GEORGE FREDERICK spinning on "REQUIEM 2". Photo courtsey of Aldrin of HARMONIC TREND.

Here's a NEW WAVE Mix created by MAYOR of MODE ZERO for the promotion of "REQUIEM RISING"

Listen and Download MAYOR's "Requiem Rising Mix" here:
Requiem Rising by MixMinister

Dreams Never End -New Order
In between Days -The Cure
More To Lose -Seona Dancing
Duel -Propaganda
Fire In Cairo -The Cure

This is definitely a great mixset!! ENJOY THE MUZIC!!

Well, I hope you enjoyed another blogpost of mine here on my humble blog. YUP!! It's "The Dr. Stirring Rhod Way" of creating a blogpost regarding "REQUIEM". Is it timely for the wake of NU107? Naaah!! It's REQUIEM RISING!! I'll leave you with a classic song from PINOY UNDERGROUND GOTHIC BAND "IDENTITY CRISIS". YUP!! The song is entitled "REQUIEM" which is another PINOY NEW WAVER favorite. THANKS AGAIN for dropping by!!




NU107 1987

NU107 was born back in 1987. Only few months after WXB 102 said goodbye on MANILA airwaves, this great radio station filled in the vacuum that XB left and then a month after NU's test broadcast DZBM POWER 105 came to life again as a NEW WAVE Radio Station. That was 1987 indeed and this is just another NU 107 tribute of mine here on "The Doctor Is In" which is an additional blogpost for my so-called NU-vember posts. Like I've always stated here in my blog, I first heard NU 107 back in November 1, 1987 and my memories about its test broadcast is as clear as drinking water and it gave me hope back then that the musical genre called NEW WAVE will stay during those times when XB left the FM dial. If I'm not mistaken it took three weeks before an initial voice of a DJ was heard on 107.5 FM. YUP!! Cris Cruise was the first DJ to be heard on NU 107 and I was able to record it on tape which unfortunately got lost as what I've mentioned on my "NUvember 1107" blogpost. What you see in the blogpost header photo are the Founders and DJs of NU 107 circa 1987 with the second NU 107 sticker wherein they added the praise "We're young & new.. DWNU 107-FM". I entitled this blogpost as "NU107 1987" because of that photo and I was also able to unearthed my JINGLE MAGAZINE issue that featured for the first time NU 107 and with it is my very first NU 107 sticker.... the very first NU 107 logo sticker!!

NU 107 continued the flame of NEW WAVE music by playing XB Staple Songs from THE SMITHS, THE CURE, ECHO AND THE BUNNYMEN, GENE LOVES JEZEBEL, and much much more to the delight of all PINOY NEW WAVERS. NU 107 also introduced more BANDS and ARTISTS that were very new to the consciousness of FILIPINO NEW MUSIC enthusiasts like JOHNNY HATES JAZZ, WHEN IN ROME, SCREAMING BLUE MESSIAHS, and 10,000 MANIACS just to name a few. NU 107 also supported PINOY LOCAL UNDERGROUND BANDS during those times and have been doing it until it's closure which was proven due to the creation of the NU 107 ROCK AWARDS back in 1994.
They were the first ones who coined the term "MODERN ROCK" here in MANILA. MODERN ROCK that time was considered NEW WAVE and It's subgenres....."The Pinoy Flavor". Definitely, one great moment in MANILA FM Dials and this time the sound is crystal clear and you don't have to adjust your radio antennas anymore to where the radio signal was good. I remember on my end that a lot of jeepneys were already tuning in to NU107 so that's why It's nice to listen to it while commuting during those times. Well, those jeepneys were basically termed as "PATOK JEEPNEYS" due to their great sound system. Just imagine, NEW WAVE Music at It's best. That would really make you feel good right? YUP!! The good ol' days....the 80s, one great decade in fashion, music, and everything between. Up until now It's still a MYTH for me why there were no former XB Jocks on the DJ line-up especially on those years when MODERN ROCK/NEW WAVE was the in-thing which was the early years of NU 107. Well, that's probably a different story I suppose. Nevertheless, NU 107 was indeed "The Home Of NU Rock"!!

CLICK THE PHOTO to enter my "NUvember 1107" Blogpost:

Here's my Legendary JINGLE MAGAZINE which featured NU 107 for the very first time together with my NU 107 sticker which was the very first NU 107 Logo sticker. I have more NU 107 stickers in my vaults but with different logos already of different time frames but nothing really compares to the original 1987 NU 107 logo sticker. I'm just lucky I still have one. My NU 107 sticker was actually a four-sided sticker that you can cut into four individual stickers that's why you can see two lines, one at the top and one at the side. I got this sticker few days after CHRISTMAS 1987 when my friends and I went to visit the station on the 17th Floor of the SOLIDBANK BUILDING at PASEO DE ROXAS in MAKATI which was their very first location. Btw, MAKATI was not yet an independent city back then. It was still known as MAKATI,METRO MANILA.It was only in 1995 that it was known as MAKATI CITY. Wheeew!! MEMORIES INDEED!! The title of the JINGLE MAGAZINE article was "THE CUTTING EDGE ......NU 107" which included a photo of the SIX ORIGINAL NU107 DJs namely GERRY WHY, JOHN GREGORY, MARK NOODLES, GERRY DRIS, MAJOR TOM, and CHRIS CRUISE. Take note the spelling of CRIS CRUISE which was spelled "CHRIS CRUISE" on the article.I also recall REEMA who started to be the only LADY among the thorns being the NEWSCASTER who later became one of the DJs too. "The Cutting Edge", "Modern Rock", and "Home of NU Rock". It all pertains to NU 107. There were also PHILIPPINE Vinyl Records and CD compilations which were inspired by the terms "The Cutting Edge" and "Modern Rock" which I will also feature here on my little blog since I have those on my modest collection.

We are lucky that QUARK HENARES uploaded a VINTAGE VIDEO of "THE BAPTISM OF NU 107" back in DECEMBER 1987. YUP!! You got it right!! This Video was taken by none other than QUARK's Mom DRA. VICKY BELO ex-wife of Sir ATOM HENARES. YUP!! That's the voice of Dra. Vicky Belo who was one of the reasons why NU 107 was born. CLASSIC VIDEO I may say!! Good thing this existed. I wonder if WXB 102 or POWER 105 DZBM have such videos like this. Hmmmp? That would be interesting right? I edited the original video QUARK posted just to show only the INTRODUCTION of the Original NU 107 DJs and uploaded here in my blogpost. A successful DIY edit for a non-PRO like me. He He He!! THANKS QUARK for this video!!


As you can see GERRY WHY was the one who introduced the guys namely CRIS CRUISE, JOHN GREGORY, GERRY DRIS, and of course Tom Lupton aka. MAJOR TOM. One last guy that was introduced was MARK NOODLES who was making those Pa-Cute moves on the last part of this edited video.

Well, every PINOY NEW WAVERS knows how popular DJ MAJOR TOM was back on those days. A commercial model, DJ turned T.V. host also. YUP!! He became the co-host of the beautiful PLINKY RECTO on the well love and the first PHILIPPINE DATING GAME Television show entitled "IT'S A DATE" back in early 90s. Matinee Idol? I met MAJOR TOM only twice, one on our station visit back in 1987 and one on a Band Explosion contest back in 1991 and definitely he wouldn't recall me. That was ANCIENT TIMES!! He He He!! Those were the good ol' days!! Last November 7, 2010 on the final broadcast of NU107 I was really surprised to hear MAJOR TOM's voice. A home-recorded NUlogy for NU107 done by MAJOR TOM was heard on air. THAT'S INCREDIBLE!! THANKS to Miss CARLA VARGAS who was responsible for that since she was able to contact the ELUSIVE TOM LUPTON aka. MAJOR TOM. Finally, after decades, original NU 107 followers were able to listen to MAJOR TOM's voice. I also uploaded that NUlogy here to spice up my blogpost. Btw, that MAJOR TOM photo I used was from QUARK's NU 107 Baptism Video. It's a DIY photo I just made.

Listen to MAJOR TOM's NUlogy here:

Here's an article of NU 107 featured at the 1988 issue of "The Manila Chronicle" courtesy of GERRY WHY. The different spelling of DJ names were also present. GERRY WHY was JERRY Y. and CRIS CRUISE was CRIS CRUZ here. This time It's not only the PATOK JEEPNEYS that were tuned in to NU 107 but THE PEDICAB BOYS too. That's how NU 107 became a hit back then. Btw, that's Gerry Why and Major Tom on the Photos.

Well, I hope you enjoyed the ride back in time here in my special tribute of the 1987 NU107 here on "The Doctor Is In". YUP!! "The Dr. Stirring Rhod Way" again of creating a blogpost!! Although the CLOSING DOWN of NU 107 was a sad news, but then again, their LEGACY will live on to every generations of PINOY ROCKERS. THANKS AGAIN for dropping by!! THANKS NU 107 for the music and memories!! WE WILL MISS YOU INDEED!!

"NU 107 is DWNU FM in Makati




As my blogpost title says...PACMAN just ate eight straight titles and another achievement in Boxing History. This made us PROUD to be PINOY again!! Wheeew!! A lot have been said and done about the PACQUIAO versus MARGARITO fight yesterday NOVEMBER 14 (MANILA Time) at the COWBOY STADIUM at ARLINGTON TEXAS so I just like to congratulate my KABAYAN MANNY "PACMAN" PACQUIAO for a job well done again. How come those three COWGIRLS sang the AMERICAN NATIONAL ANTHEM with those skinny shorts? Huh? If that happens here in MANILA, it would really create a lot of controversies. Right KABAYANS? He He He!! Well, I think Zyrene Parsad sang the PHILIPPINE NATIONAL ANTHEM in a superb way. That's one of the highlights usually of a PACQUIAO fight whether the person who will sing the "LUPANG HINIRANG" would give justice to it. This is my 5th Blogpost about MANNY's Fights since year 2008. YUP!! I had blogposts about his fight with DE LA HOYA, HATTON, COTTO, CLOTTEY, and now MARGARITO. Just search for my "SPORTS" Labels to read those blogposts of mine. And all these fights were won by none other than PHILIPPINES' PRIDE and GLORY MANNY PACQUIAO. It was indeed a UNANIMOUS DECISION but MARGARITO put up a deserving fight too compare to CLOTTEY. MANNY and COACH FREDDIE ROACH even told the referee to stop the fight to prevent further devastation of MARGARITO's face but Referee COLE just didn't listen so it really resulted in a worn out and damage face . WOW!! All those punches!!

So what's next for PACMAN? Well, I think he better get a rest and be a CONGRESSMAN again. Are we looking for a PACQUIAO-MAYWEATHER fight? Naaaah!! I guess PRETTY BOY FLOYD is just too afraid to face MANNY. Too much TRASH TALK from the MAYWEATHER camp without actions makes you wonder if FLOYD JR. is really up to the challenge or just scared to have his FIRST LOSS in his boxing career. MANNY did made a lot of MONEY again in this fight and also made every FILIPINO Happy and Proud!! Very inspiring indeed for this humble guy from SARANGANI.

This is MANNY's EIGHT TITLE and he definitely deserves it with his determination and devastating skills. The TIJUANA TYPHOON is just isn't too good for MANNY. YUP!! There's even a joke here that MARGARITO can be called "MAGA RITO" which in Pilipino means "INFLAMED HERE". A lot of INFLAMMATION indeed in MARGARITO's face put an exclamation point on MANNY's power. CONGRATULATIONS MANNY PACQUIAO!! The whole FILIPINO COMMUNITY around the GLOBE are VERY PROUD of YOU!!

As of what I have gathered, here are the EIGHT BOXING TITLES that MANNY PACQUIAO won. I included it here in my blogpost and just inform me if there are some corrections since I'm not really a Boxing Expert. THANKS!!

1) The Ring Featherweight World Title
2) WBC Super Featherweight International
3) WBC Lightweight World Title
4) WBO Welterweight World Title
5) WBO Super Champion Belt
6) The Ring Junior Welterweight World Title
7) IBO Junior Welterweight
8) WBC Super Welterweight

MAGA RITO (Inflame Here),
MAGA ROON (Inflame There),


DSR's NUvember 1107

"Blogpost #301: DSR's NUvember 1107" is just my simple recollection of the final days of NU 107 in MANILA's FM Dial. While I was thinking of a blogpost title then It just popped up my mind regarding spelling NOVEMBER into NUvember as a tribute month for "The Home Of NU Rock" NU 107 then I realized that when you write the date of NU 107's final broadcast date, It's 11-07-10 and you'll see the 107 number on the date. Then KABOOM!! Here's "The Dr. Stirring Rhod Way" again of remembering NU 107. Last week I had a Blogpost about the "17th and Last NU 107 ROCK AWARDS", and do you notice again the numbers 1 and 7 on the "17th". YUP 17 years of ROCK AWARDS which started back in 1994 as a small gathering to give recognition and honor to the finest people in the PINOY ROCK community and have since then been the BIGGEST and most ANTICIPATED rock event in the country up until 2010 .So what do you think guys? Hmmmp? That's too much coincidence about NUvember 1107 right? That's why this blogpost of mine was born. Interesting isn't it? Btw, that's a photo of the last NU 107 Djs courtesy of Miss Niña Sandejas. Well, a lot have already been written of what had happened to NU 107 all over the web, even the YOU TUBE site is flooded with excerpts from the final hours and minutes of NU 107 so no need to tackle it in full details. November 1, 1987 was the very first time I was able to tune in to NU107 on it's test broadcast and It's very raw and new back then. No DJs, no commercials but only music... NEW WAVE MUSIC. Definitely, I consider NOVEMBER as a memorable month for this great radio station that lived for 23 years. Wheeew!! It really stood against time and memorial if I may say. Recently, all my blogposts were about NU107 since up to now I still am saddened of what had happened so this is my little way of giving tribute to "The Home Of New Rock" or "The Home Of NU ROCK". This blogpost is just from a listener and one of the original followers of NU 107.....and that's me "Dr. Stirring Rhod"!! The contents here are mainly based on a fan of the 80s NU107 because different generation of listeners have been influenced by this station and it would be very different in the minds of 90s listeners and even to those so called Millennium (2000-2010) followers . So I'm speaking as one of the early followers of NU 107. Although I've listened to the station during the 90s ALTERNATIVE ROCK explosion, there's nothing quite like it when I got to be an avid listener back in 1987-1991. This was also the years I was also glued to POWER 105 DZBM. When the MILLENNIUM (year 2000) came, I was not really into NU107 aside from listening to their NEW WAVE Program "CLUB RETRO" and of course the just concluded "BALLAD OF THE TIMES". The perception of a tribute will be very different from my point of view if It were made by an avid NU107 listener of the 90s and the MILLENNIUM and beyond. THANK YOU NU 107!!

ATOM HENARES co-founded NU107 together with MIKE PEDERO back in 1987. According to the interview on ANC few days before NU 107's final broadcast, Sir Atom did this in order for him to win over controversial Dra. Vicky Belo who had crushes on many DJs back then. I remember seeing a photo of Sir Atom Henares beside his Black Mercedes Benz with a PLATE # "WNU 107" on the papers back in 1988. I wonder if that car is still alive? So after 23 years in the FM dial, NU 107 bid farewell last November 7, 2010 to the disappointment of their followers. THANK YOU SIR ATOM HENARES for making NU 107 our "Home Of NU Rock".

Btw, as I was creating this blogpost I found out that my 3rd and my 300th blogposts here on "The Doctor Is In" are both about NU 107. Wheeeew!! I thought my "NUvember 11-07" is already coincidental, so what more can I get but another weird discovery. YUP!! My 3rd blogpost was entitled "The Rise Of NU107 while my 300th blogpost was "Goodbye NU 107". Too much coincidence!! Now, we are talking about numbers indeed. Do check out the blogposts I'm talking about by clicking both the NU 107 1987 logo and the NU 107 2010 logo to be mesmerize. I can't believe it myself!!

CLICK THE NU 107 LOGOS to enter my blogpost:

Blogpost # 3 "The Rise On NU107"
Dated: August 25, 2007

Blogpost #300 "Goodbye NU107"
Dated: November 8, 2010

The Last Week Radio Schedules of NU 107 (November 3-7, 2010)

CRIS CRUISE (Then and Now)

Cris Hermosisima aka. Cris Cruise was NU107's Network Operations Head when NU 107 bid farewell. Cris was the first and last voice over at NU 107. YUP!! CRIS CRUISE was the Musical Director and Station Manager and one of the original NU107 DJs back in 1987 that included MAJOR TOM, GERRY DRIS, GERRY WHY, MARK NOODLES, and JOHN GREGORY. It was the voice of CRIS CRUISE that started the official broadcast of NU 107 having DJs on the booth. I can't find my cassette tape anymore of my own recording of that first DJ voice of NU107. YUP!! I was able to record that initial presence of a DJ on NU107 and It was after the song of THE CUTTING CREW which was "One For The Mocking Bird". Unfortunately, I CAN'T FIND IT ANYMORE!! Waaaaah!! I remember playing that TDK cassette tape back in 1998 when I saw it among my JINGLE MAGAZINES. That was the last time I can remember playing that vintage tape. SAYANG!! As of what I can recall from my caseeette tape, these were the first words of CRIS CRUISE "HELLO!! Good morning everyone!! This is The Home of New Rock NU107. We are young, we are fresh, and we are new. We are DWNU FM 107.5 Megahertz in Makati!! A member of the KBP, this is NU107 signing on. If you wanna say "hi" this is our number _ _ 0- _ _- 6 _." YUP!! The phone went berserk once they announced their numbers on air after three weeks on test broadcast. Btw, I intentionally didn't place the entire original phone number of NU 107 for you to fill in the blanks. Hmmmp? What's this? A contest? A Dr. Stirring Rhod quiz? He He He!! The cassette tape I lost also included some early "COOL SEVEN AT SEVEN" portion which If I'm not mistaken was the very first NU 107 Radio Portion back then. "COOL SEVEN AT SEVEN" featured SEVEN STRAIGHT SONGS that was aired every 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m which were based on telephone requests. Well, I consider it as the ANCESTOR of "STAIRWAY TO SEVEN". We will also feature "COOL SEVEN AT SEVEN" here on "The Doctor Is In" because I was able to make a list back in 1987-1988 and I'll try to look for it in my vaults. Let's cross our fingers and hopefully I can get those lists. So I guess, It's real!! NU 107 is finally gone on the FM Dial.

Here's Cris Final Letter:

Here's the final two minutes of NU 107 in the station's booth uploaded on YOU TUBE by "isabetlog". Wow!! Watta name!!

I'll leave you with the Music Videos of the VERY FIRST and FINAL songs heard on NU 107.

First song on Test Broadcast back in 1987.

Final song before NU107 went off the air just last November 8, 2010 at 12:10 a.m. Btw, this was the first ever "VIDEO OF THE YEAR" award winner on NU 107's annual ROCK AWARDS. This was "Video Of The Year" on the 1996 NU 107 Rock Awards which was directed by AUREUS SOLITO.

Ang Huling El Bimbo - Eraserheads - Official Music Video from Chito Francisco on Vimeo.

I hope you guys enjoyed this special blogpost of mine about NU 107. Hopefully, It traveled you back in time to the good old days!! THANKS AGAIN NU 107 for the music and memories!! Your LEGACY will always be remembered!!

NU 107 (R.I.P. 1987-2010)



For my 3ooth Blogpost, I just wanna say THANK YOU NU 107 for the memories and for the music!! Like what I always state here in my blog "MUSIC MATTERS AND MEMORIES OF IT MATTERS MOST!!" GOODBYE NU 107!! These past few days I had a lot of blog visitors from Google Search regarding the CLOSING OF NU 107. THANKS guys for the brief visit here on "The Doctor Is In". Finally the curtains were closed last night November 7, 2010 on the last broadcast of NU 107 "The Home Of NU ROCK"!! I was able to tune in around 8pm and continued until the farewell song of "HULING EL BIMBO" by ERASERHEADS at exactly 12 midnight. Honestly, I got teary eyed when "HULING EL BIMBO" started playing and I just can't believe myself because tears just flowed from my eyes throughout that ERASERHEADS song. Wheew!! I even got goosebumps so I thought that there was a ghost already beside me because It's midnight. Well, definitely that was one heck of a farewell broadcast. If I felt that way at home so I definitely believe that the energy in the station is much greater and outside the booth were a lot of supporters were having their vigil too. I tried to look for Videos on YOU TUBE regarding the final minutes of NU 107 on air and I got this very touching and moving video uploaded by "nakedmindleo" which I wanna also share in this blogpost of mine.

"HULING EL BIMBO" uploaded by "nakedmindleo"

Inside the station

Outside the station

These two photos are courtesy of DJ Pogz
of NU107 "Ballad Of The Times" radio show.

"It's a minute before 12:00. NU107 is DWNU FM at 107-dot-5 Megahertz in Pasig. ONCE the LOUDEST and PROUDEST member of the KBP. This has been NU107, the Philippines' one and only Home of NU Rock. This is NU107!! WE ARE NOW SIGNING OFF!!"
-Cris Cruise

We will miss you!!


The 17th and LAST NU 107 ROCK AWARDS

The Home Of New Rock NU 107 presented its 17th and probably the LAST NU 107 Rock Awards last October 29, 2010 at the NBC Tent recognizing and honoring the best of the best in the Philippine rock music. Tomorrow November 7, 2010 would be the last radio broadcast of this premiere Rock Radio station which started broadcasting at 107.5 in the FM dial wayback 1987. So be sure to stay tune for their farewell broadcast tomorrow night with a special episode of "NOT RADIO". Well, I guess this would also be my 4th and last NU 107 ROCK AWARDS blogpost which I have started since year 2007, also the year my little blog "The Doctor Is In" was born. I'll just present you the winners of the just concluded 17th NU 107 ROCK AWARDS so I hope you'll enjoy this simple blogpost of mine. The 2010 Rock Awards was hosted by Iza Calzado and was another star-studded event like all Rock Awards before with lots of celebrities like KC Concepcion, Anne Curtis and boyfriend Erwan Heussaff, couple Heart Evangelista and Daniel Matsunaga, Tim Yap , controversial couple Vicky Belo and Hayden Kho Jr. The performers included The Dawn who opened up singing a medley of “Iisang Bangka” and “Salamat". Karl Roy (Formerly of Advent Call and P.O.T) sang the Philippine National Anthem wearing a suit. Hmmp? Other performers were Ely Buendia, Rivermaya, Greyhoundz, Itchyworms, Kamikazee, Pupil, Slapshock, Sugarfree, , Up Dharma Down, The Youth, Wilabaliw and Archipelago.

The Five-piece Powerhouse Rock band FRANCO composed of Franco Reyes, Gabby Alipe, Paolo "Ocho" Toleran, Buhawi "Buwi" Meneses and JanJan Mendoza bagged the big awards of the night with a total of four wherein three of which were major ones.

Artist of the Year - Franco

Album of the Year - "Franco" Franco

Song of the Year - "This Gathering" Franco

Listeners' Choice Award - Franco

Lyrics | Franco lyrics - This Gathering lyrics

Another big winner was the band TANYA MARKOVA

Best New Artist - Tanya Markova

Best Live Act - Tanya Markova

Best Music Video - "Disney" Tanya Markova
(This was presented by Sex Video Expert Hayden Kho Jr)

Vocalist of the Year :
Gabby Alipe of Urbandub

Guitarist of the Year:
Peavy "Sideshow" Nicolas and Fran Lorenzo of Sleepwalk Circus

Bassist of the Year:
Lalay Lim of Urbandub

Drummer of the Year:
Otep Concepcion - Ozawa / In Love and War

Best Album Packaging:
"Great Secret Show" Sleepwalk Circus

Producer of the Year:
Ely Buendia and Francis M†

Hall of Fame:
Angelo "Angie" Rozul

In The Raw Award:
The Flying Ipis

I hope you enjoyed "The Dr. Stirring Rhod Way" of presenting The 17th and LAST NU 107 ROCK AWARDS 2010!! CONGRATULATIONS to the winners!! THANKS for dropping by again!!

My LAST NU 107
ROCK AWARDS Blogpost!!



NU 107 Closing Time?

It has been 23 years since I was able to first catch the test broadcast of NU107. YUP!! My memory is still crystal clear that It was exactly November 1, 1987 when I first caught the radio signal of DWNU 107.5 and this was on my way to the cemetery on UNDAS time. This was 5 months after Legendary WXB 102 wave goodbye to their listeners, and now after two decades "The Home Of New Rock" or "The Home Of NU Rock" is bidding farewell this coming November 7 ,2010. It's been all over the news for the past weeks and confirmation will definitely be given once the station closes down and rumours of a format change are indeed very loud. Hmmmp? A pop radio-format "Pang Masa Station" would replace the current Rock Radio format. Although I don't usually listen to the station that much nowadays comparing back in the late 80s and early 90s, I'm still saddened by this news since It has become a very influencial radio station for a lot of generations. From NEW WAVE, MODERN ROCK, ALTERNATIVE, and other forms of Rock Music. So what will happen to "BALLAD OF THE TIMES" radio show? YUP!! Tonight is their last episode so better tune in okay. I have some memories of visiting the radio station a couple of times on different locations since I was able to win some prizes back then and have watched some benefit gigs too. I'll try to feature them here in my little blog "The Doctor Is In" in the future. Last October 29, 2010 , NU107 held their last NU107 ROCK AWARDS 2010. Since I have featured the NU107 Rock Awards from year 2007 to 2009 then we will be featuring it too here in my little blog. So I guess that's it for today's blogpost so better listen to the last NU107 Home Of NU Rock Broadcast on November 7, 2010. Bye Bye to the Home Of NU Rock DWNU FM 107 dot 5, loud and proud member of the K.B.P.!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH NU107 for the music!!

NU 107 signing off?


Kula Shaker - Peter Pan R.I.P.

KULA SHAKER is an English psychedelic rock band led by CRISPIAN MILLS, grandson of Sir John Mills and son of actress Hayley Mills and film director Roy Boulting. The band was actually formed back in 1995 from the ashes of "Objects of Desire" and "The Kays". KULA SHAKER came to prominence during the Post-Britpop era of the late 1990s. KULA SHAKER was first introduced here in MANILA by NU107 back in 1996 with the song "GOVINDA" which I guess is still the most popular song of the band here in the Philippines. KULA SHAKER's Peter Pan R.I.P. was first played here in MANILA by JAM 88.3 only last JULY 2010 via their "NEW MUSIC WEDNESDAY" radio show hosted by LAMBERT.. YUP!! I remember hearing this song for the first time when I was driving and It really caught my attention because of the enchanting instrument and most especially the dark rhythm and beat that accompanied it. PETER PAN R.I.P is the opening track from the band's new 2010 fourth full length album entitled Pilgrim's Progress. The song kicks off with a grand cavalcade of cellos in this haunting elegy, inspired by Andrew Birkin's J.M Barrie and the Lost Boys. I really love the INTRO!! Of course who wouldn't know PETER PAN? Hmmmp? I just remembered, there was this Philippine Movie back in the days entitled PETER PANDESAL which starred the Boy Wonder of Philippine Movies Niño Muhlach as Peter Pandesal with Philippine Cinema's Bruce Lee none other than the late Ramon Zamora as Pete. He He He!! They don't make movies like this anymore. Well, since today NOVEMBER 2, 2010 is "ALL SOULS DAY" here in the PHILIPPINES then may I present you one of the year 2010 songs that I really love playing over and over again ... PETER PAN R.I.P by KULA SHAKER!! As the song title suggests, a take on a classic fairy tale's influence combined with the band's psychedelic sound.

WATCH and SING with the MUSIC VIDEO of "PETER PAN R.I.P" here:

Lyrics | Kula Shaker lyrics - Peter Pan R.I.P. lyrics

Well, that's my take on KULA SHAKER's PETER PAN song here on "The Doctor Is In" . THANKS AGAIN for dropping by guys!!

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