For my 3ooth Blogpost, I just wanna say THANK YOU NU 107 for the memories and for the music!! Like what I always state here in my blog "MUSIC MATTERS AND MEMORIES OF IT MATTERS MOST!!" GOODBYE NU 107!! These past few days I had a lot of blog visitors from Google Search regarding the CLOSING OF NU 107. THANKS guys for the brief visit here on "The Doctor Is In". Finally the curtains were closed last night November 7, 2010 on the last broadcast of NU 107 "The Home Of NU ROCK"!! I was able to tune in around 8pm and continued until the farewell song of "HULING EL BIMBO" by ERASERHEADS at exactly 12 midnight. Honestly, I got teary eyed when "HULING EL BIMBO" started playing and I just can't believe myself because tears just flowed from my eyes throughout that ERASERHEADS song. Wheew!! I even got goosebumps so I thought that there was a ghost already beside me because It's midnight. Well, definitely that was one heck of a farewell broadcast. If I felt that way at home so I definitely believe that the energy in the station is much greater and outside the booth were a lot of supporters were having their vigil too. I tried to look for Videos on YOU TUBE regarding the final minutes of NU 107 on air and I got this very touching and moving video uploaded by "nakedmindleo" which I wanna also share in this blogpost of mine.

"HULING EL BIMBO" uploaded by "nakedmindleo"

Inside the station

Outside the station

These two photos are courtesy of DJ Pogz
of NU107 "Ballad Of The Times" radio show.

"It's a minute before 12:00. NU107 is DWNU FM at 107-dot-5 Megahertz in Pasig. ONCE the LOUDEST and PROUDEST member of the KBP. This has been NU107, the Philippines' one and only Home of NU Rock. This is NU107!! WE ARE NOW SIGNING OFF!!"
-Cris Cruise

We will miss you!!


muffineer said...

Hi doc. There is one great program in Nu 107, before club retro. Actually sunday din. Pagkatapos ng wave180, hintay ka mag 4pm, lipat mu sa nu 107. The new rock philes naman. Puro new wave din. I think Jerry dris ang name ng D.j. - meron din silang intro, parang violent femmes (jingle) bgo magsimula ang program. Patok din sa marikina at bulacan ang programa.

DrStirringRhod said...

Hi Ian!! Nice to hear from you again!! :-) YUP!! I also remember that radio show but it only lasted around three months so it didn't really made such an impact as CLUB RETRO. THANKS for dropping a line!!

rey said...

Goodbye legend NU 107!

DrStirringRhod said...

LEGEND indeed rey!! THANKS!!