Well, It's exactly three weeks ago when "BALLAD OF THE TIMES" radio show bid farewell to all their listeners and followers on NU 107. The guys in the blogpost header photo are CHARLIE, GLEN, BOY, GEORGE FREDERICK, and POGZ. Their FINAL EPISODE was aired last November 3, 2010 and would you believe that the show extended up to 2 a.m. the following morning. Wheeew!! There was actually a sort of a farewell party inside the NU 107 booth. I guess everything really in this world is not permanent and we should ride the wave of life because in time we don't know what lies ahead of us. Definitely, I miss the show because It's the only radio show I listen to on NU 107 in the recent year. I have to admit that I outgrew already the real music of NU 107 ever since I became one of the original listeners and followers of "The Home OF NU Rock" back in the 80s. I was not that much into radio anymore when the news of NU 107 closing down spread, but nevertheless it affected me too since It reminded me of those years when I used to listen to NU 107 back in the day. BALLAD OF THE TIMES(B.O.T.T.) was the HITS and BEATS of NEW WAVE indeed with lots of memorable guests on the show like ELY BUENDIA, RAYMUND MARASIGAN, TRUE FAITH just to name a few. TANYA MARKOVA who won "BEST NEW ARTIST" on the recently concluded and the last NU 107 2010 ROCK AWARDS graced also the show. Their song "DISNEY" was first played on B.O.T.T. way before it became a hit and it even won "BEST MUSIC VIDEO" on the 2010 NU 107 ROCK AWARDS. Well, we know that Legendary WXB102 DJ Sir GEORGE FREDERICK was one of the DJ host of this great radio show, it paved the way for Legendary XB Jocks to guest also on the show like JULIUS CEASAR, MICK FLAME, COOL CARLA (Identity Crisis) and the last DJ on board XB before signing off back in 1987 none other ALLAN K.(not the comedian) who incidentally played EBTG's "BALLAD OF THE TIMES" song as the last WXB 102 song on air wherein the title of this radio show came from. There was also ALAN SAVAGE of "The Flaming Mussolinis". CES RODRIGUEZ of 80s Legendary Philippine Record Shop "A2Z Records" guested too and enlightened all listeners regarding this memorable record store. Of course who would forget the RADIO REUNIONS of IDENTITY CRISIS and ETHNIC FACES. Finally, the elusive JACK SIKAT of ETHNIC FACES and BUDDY ARCEO of IDENTITY CRISIS were available for these two rare occasions and it only happened on "BALLAD OF THE TIMES". PINOY NEW WAVERS/PUNKS were delighted to hear their Idols on air again. That was really a BLAST FROM THE PAST!!




Here's a MUSIC VIDEO clip that the guys from B.O.T.T. made as a simple tribute to the show. Two songs were used here and these were the XB classic "BALLAD OF THE TIMES" by EVERYTHING BUT THE GIRL and an NU 107 classic FADE AWAY by FRA LIPPO LIPPI which was a Todd Rundgren original. I uploaded the B.O.T.T. video directly here on Blogger to spice up this blogpost of mine.


CLICK the photo to enter my very first BALLAD OF THE TIMES blogpost
Dated: 2/06/09

CLICK the photo to enter my second BALLAD OF THE TIMES blogpost
Dated: 2/09/10

I just brought you my third and final blogpost of "BALLAD OF THE TIMES".I hope you enjoyed another trip down memory lane of not so distant past. Btw, did you notice that CRIS CRUISE was wearing a "Ballad Of The Times" T-Shirt on the final broadcast of NU 107? THANK YOU VERY MUCH "BALLAD OF THE TIMES"!! THANKS for dropping by again!!

I'll leave you with a song from TOY DOLLS "The Final Countdown" which was an original from "EUROPE". I uploaded this song for your listening pleasure. This song became a sort of a trademark of "BALLAD OF THE TIMES". . ENJOY this funny version!!


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