DSR's NUvember 1107

"Blogpost #301: DSR's NUvember 1107" is just my simple recollection of the final days of NU 107 in MANILA's FM Dial. While I was thinking of a blogpost title then It just popped up my mind regarding spelling NOVEMBER into NUvember as a tribute month for "The Home Of NU Rock" NU 107 then I realized that when you write the date of NU 107's final broadcast date, It's 11-07-10 and you'll see the 107 number on the date. Then KABOOM!! Here's "The Dr. Stirring Rhod Way" again of remembering NU 107. Last week I had a Blogpost about the "17th and Last NU 107 ROCK AWARDS", and do you notice again the numbers 1 and 7 on the "17th". YUP 17 years of ROCK AWARDS which started back in 1994 as a small gathering to give recognition and honor to the finest people in the PINOY ROCK community and have since then been the BIGGEST and most ANTICIPATED rock event in the country up until 2010 .So what do you think guys? Hmmmp? That's too much coincidence about NUvember 1107 right? That's why this blogpost of mine was born. Interesting isn't it? Btw, that's a photo of the last NU 107 Djs courtesy of Miss NiƱa Sandejas. Well, a lot have already been written of what had happened to NU 107 all over the web, even the YOU TUBE site is flooded with excerpts from the final hours and minutes of NU 107 so no need to tackle it in full details. November 1, 1987 was the very first time I was able to tune in to NU107 on it's test broadcast and It's very raw and new back then. No DJs, no commercials but only music... NEW WAVE MUSIC. Definitely, I consider NOVEMBER as a memorable month for this great radio station that lived for 23 years. Wheeew!! It really stood against time and memorial if I may say. Recently, all my blogposts were about NU107 since up to now I still am saddened of what had happened so this is my little way of giving tribute to "The Home Of New Rock" or "The Home Of NU ROCK". This blogpost is just from a listener and one of the original followers of NU 107.....and that's me "Dr. Stirring Rhod"!! The contents here are mainly based on a fan of the 80s NU107 because different generation of listeners have been influenced by this station and it would be very different in the minds of 90s listeners and even to those so called Millennium (2000-2010) followers . So I'm speaking as one of the early followers of NU 107. Although I've listened to the station during the 90s ALTERNATIVE ROCK explosion, there's nothing quite like it when I got to be an avid listener back in 1987-1991. This was also the years I was also glued to POWER 105 DZBM. When the MILLENNIUM (year 2000) came, I was not really into NU107 aside from listening to their NEW WAVE Program "CLUB RETRO" and of course the just concluded "BALLAD OF THE TIMES". The perception of a tribute will be very different from my point of view if It were made by an avid NU107 listener of the 90s and the MILLENNIUM and beyond. THANK YOU NU 107!!

ATOM HENARES co-founded NU107 together with MIKE PEDERO back in 1987. According to the interview on ANC few days before NU 107's final broadcast, Sir Atom did this in order for him to win over controversial Dra. Vicky Belo who had crushes on many DJs back then. I remember seeing a photo of Sir Atom Henares beside his Black Mercedes Benz with a PLATE # "WNU 107" on the papers back in 1988. I wonder if that car is still alive? So after 23 years in the FM dial, NU 107 bid farewell last November 7, 2010 to the disappointment of their followers. THANK YOU SIR ATOM HENARES for making NU 107 our "Home Of NU Rock".

Btw, as I was creating this blogpost I found out that my 3rd and my 300th blogposts here on "The Doctor Is In" are both about NU 107. Wheeeew!! I thought my "NUvember 11-07" is already coincidental, so what more can I get but another weird discovery. YUP!! My 3rd blogpost was entitled "The Rise Of NU107 while my 300th blogpost was "Goodbye NU 107". Too much coincidence!! Now, we are talking about numbers indeed. Do check out the blogposts I'm talking about by clicking both the NU 107 1987 logo and the NU 107 2010 logo to be mesmerize. I can't believe it myself!!

CLICK THE NU 107 LOGOS to enter my blogpost:

Blogpost # 3 "The Rise On NU107"
Dated: August 25, 2007

Blogpost #300 "Goodbye NU107"
Dated: November 8, 2010

The Last Week Radio Schedules of NU 107 (November 3-7, 2010)

CRIS CRUISE (Then and Now)

Cris Hermosisima aka. Cris Cruise was NU107's Network Operations Head when NU 107 bid farewell. Cris was the first and last voice over at NU 107. YUP!! CRIS CRUISE was the Musical Director and Station Manager and one of the original NU107 DJs back in 1987 that included MAJOR TOM, GERRY DRIS, GERRY WHY, MARK NOODLES, and JOHN GREGORY. It was the voice of CRIS CRUISE that started the official broadcast of NU 107 having DJs on the booth. I can't find my cassette tape anymore of my own recording of that first DJ voice of NU107. YUP!! I was able to record that initial presence of a DJ on NU107 and It was after the song of THE CUTTING CREW which was "One For The Mocking Bird". Unfortunately, I CAN'T FIND IT ANYMORE!! Waaaaah!! I remember playing that TDK cassette tape back in 1998 when I saw it among my JINGLE MAGAZINES. That was the last time I can remember playing that vintage tape. SAYANG!! As of what I can recall from my caseeette tape, these were the first words of CRIS CRUISE "HELLO!! Good morning everyone!! This is The Home of New Rock NU107. We are young, we are fresh, and we are new. We are DWNU FM 107.5 Megahertz in Makati!! A member of the KBP, this is NU107 signing on. If you wanna say "hi" this is our number _ _ 0- _ _- 6 _." YUP!! The phone went berserk once they announced their numbers on air after three weeks on test broadcast. Btw, I intentionally didn't place the entire original phone number of NU 107 for you to fill in the blanks. Hmmmp? What's this? A contest? A Dr. Stirring Rhod quiz? He He He!! The cassette tape I lost also included some early "COOL SEVEN AT SEVEN" portion which If I'm not mistaken was the very first NU 107 Radio Portion back then. "COOL SEVEN AT SEVEN" featured SEVEN STRAIGHT SONGS that was aired every 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m which were based on telephone requests. Well, I consider it as the ANCESTOR of "STAIRWAY TO SEVEN". We will also feature "COOL SEVEN AT SEVEN" here on "The Doctor Is In" because I was able to make a list back in 1987-1988 and I'll try to look for it in my vaults. Let's cross our fingers and hopefully I can get those lists. So I guess, It's real!! NU 107 is finally gone on the FM Dial.

Here's Cris Final Letter:

Here's the final two minutes of NU 107 in the station's booth uploaded on YOU TUBE by "isabetlog". Wow!! Watta name!!

I'll leave you with the Music Videos of the VERY FIRST and FINAL songs heard on NU 107.

First song on Test Broadcast back in 1987.

Final song before NU107 went off the air just last November 8, 2010 at 12:10 a.m. Btw, this was the first ever "VIDEO OF THE YEAR" award winner on NU 107's annual ROCK AWARDS. This was "Video Of The Year" on the 1996 NU 107 Rock Awards which was directed by AUREUS SOLITO.

Ang Huling El Bimbo - Eraserheads - Official Music Video from Chito Francisco on Vimeo.

I hope you guys enjoyed this special blogpost of mine about NU 107. Hopefully, It traveled you back in time to the good old days!! THANKS AGAIN NU 107 for the music and memories!! Your LEGACY will always be remembered!!

NU 107 (R.I.P. 1987-2010)


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