As my blogpost title says...PACMAN just ate eight straight titles and another achievement in Boxing History. This made us PROUD to be PINOY again!! Wheeew!! A lot have been said and done about the PACQUIAO versus MARGARITO fight yesterday NOVEMBER 14 (MANILA Time) at the COWBOY STADIUM at ARLINGTON TEXAS so I just like to congratulate my KABAYAN MANNY "PACMAN" PACQUIAO for a job well done again. How come those three COWGIRLS sang the AMERICAN NATIONAL ANTHEM with those skinny shorts? Huh? If that happens here in MANILA, it would really create a lot of controversies. Right KABAYANS? He He He!! Well, I think Zyrene Parsad sang the PHILIPPINE NATIONAL ANTHEM in a superb way. That's one of the highlights usually of a PACQUIAO fight whether the person who will sing the "LUPANG HINIRANG" would give justice to it. This is my 5th Blogpost about MANNY's Fights since year 2008. YUP!! I had blogposts about his fight with DE LA HOYA, HATTON, COTTO, CLOTTEY, and now MARGARITO. Just search for my "SPORTS" Labels to read those blogposts of mine. And all these fights were won by none other than PHILIPPINES' PRIDE and GLORY MANNY PACQUIAO. It was indeed a UNANIMOUS DECISION but MARGARITO put up a deserving fight too compare to CLOTTEY. MANNY and COACH FREDDIE ROACH even told the referee to stop the fight to prevent further devastation of MARGARITO's face but Referee COLE just didn't listen so it really resulted in a worn out and damage face . WOW!! All those punches!!

So what's next for PACMAN? Well, I think he better get a rest and be a CONGRESSMAN again. Are we looking for a PACQUIAO-MAYWEATHER fight? Naaaah!! I guess PRETTY BOY FLOYD is just too afraid to face MANNY. Too much TRASH TALK from the MAYWEATHER camp without actions makes you wonder if FLOYD JR. is really up to the challenge or just scared to have his FIRST LOSS in his boxing career. MANNY did made a lot of MONEY again in this fight and also made every FILIPINO Happy and Proud!! Very inspiring indeed for this humble guy from SARANGANI.

This is MANNY's EIGHT TITLE and he definitely deserves it with his determination and devastating skills. The TIJUANA TYPHOON is just isn't too good for MANNY. YUP!! There's even a joke here that MARGARITO can be called "MAGA RITO" which in Pilipino means "INFLAMED HERE". A lot of INFLAMMATION indeed in MARGARITO's face put an exclamation point on MANNY's power. CONGRATULATIONS MANNY PACQUIAO!! The whole FILIPINO COMMUNITY around the GLOBE are VERY PROUD of YOU!!

As of what I have gathered, here are the EIGHT BOXING TITLES that MANNY PACQUIAO won. I included it here in my blogpost and just inform me if there are some corrections since I'm not really a Boxing Expert. THANKS!!

1) The Ring Featherweight World Title
2) WBC Super Featherweight International
3) WBC Lightweight World Title
4) WBO Welterweight World Title
5) WBO Super Champion Belt
6) The Ring Junior Welterweight World Title
7) IBO Junior Welterweight
8) WBC Super Welterweight

MAGA RITO (Inflame Here),
MAGA ROON (Inflame There),

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