Kula Shaker - Peter Pan R.I.P.

KULA SHAKER is an English psychedelic rock band led by CRISPIAN MILLS, grandson of Sir John Mills and son of actress Hayley Mills and film director Roy Boulting. The band was actually formed back in 1995 from the ashes of "Objects of Desire" and "The Kays". KULA SHAKER came to prominence during the Post-Britpop era of the late 1990s. KULA SHAKER was first introduced here in MANILA by NU107 back in 1996 with the song "GOVINDA" which I guess is still the most popular song of the band here in the Philippines. KULA SHAKER's Peter Pan R.I.P. was first played here in MANILA by JAM 88.3 only last JULY 2010 via their "NEW MUSIC WEDNESDAY" radio show hosted by LAMBERT.. YUP!! I remember hearing this song for the first time when I was driving and It really caught my attention because of the enchanting instrument and most especially the dark rhythm and beat that accompanied it. PETER PAN R.I.P is the opening track from the band's new 2010 fourth full length album entitled Pilgrim's Progress. The song kicks off with a grand cavalcade of cellos in this haunting elegy, inspired by Andrew Birkin's J.M Barrie and the Lost Boys. I really love the INTRO!! Of course who wouldn't know PETER PAN? Hmmmp? I just remembered, there was this Philippine Movie back in the days entitled PETER PANDESAL which starred the Boy Wonder of Philippine Movies NiƱo Muhlach as Peter Pandesal with Philippine Cinema's Bruce Lee none other than the late Ramon Zamora as Pete. He He He!! They don't make movies like this anymore. Well, since today NOVEMBER 2, 2010 is "ALL SOULS DAY" here in the PHILIPPINES then may I present you one of the year 2010 songs that I really love playing over and over again ... PETER PAN R.I.P by KULA SHAKER!! As the song title suggests, a take on a classic fairy tale's influence combined with the band's psychedelic sound.

WATCH and SING with the MUSIC VIDEO of "PETER PAN R.I.P" here:

Lyrics | Kula Shaker lyrics - Peter Pan R.I.P. lyrics

Well, that's my take on KULA SHAKER's PETER PAN song here on "The Doctor Is In" . THANKS AGAIN for dropping by guys!!

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randybazooka said...

i like their rendition of the song hush

DrStirringRhod said...

That's a cool KULA SHAKER version!! :-)