DEAD KENNEDYS was an AMERICAN hardcore punk band of the late '70s/early '80s. The band was introduced here in MANILA by Hardcore and Punk Aficionados. The original RJFM with the Late Howlin Dave was the one who played DEAD KENNEDYS first on MANILA's FM DIALS back in the late 70s. My cousin who is now based in the U.S. was an avid RJ fan back then. Though, I personally got to listen to the band only back in 1986 via WXB102's HARDCORE/PUNK radio program called "CAPITAL RADIO"(taken from THE CLASH song) with the song "MTV GET OFF THE AIR". YUP!! That's my ultimate DEAD KENNEDYS favorite and incidentally the most popular DEAD KENNEDYS song for PINOY WAVERS/PUNKS!!

With the recent death of SENATOR EDWARD KENNEDY, the last of the brothers of powerful Political KENNEDY clan, last AUGUST 26, 2009 I then remembered the band DEAD KENNEDYS so this blogpost was born. Another death of a famous person this year 2009. SENATOR EDWARD was 77 years old.

DEAD KENNEDYS was formed in San Francisco back in 1978 when EAST BAY RAY placed an AD in a music paper wherein their famous vocalist Eric Reed Boucher more widely known as JELLO BIAFRA responded to the AD and the guys were soon joined by bassist KLAUS FLOURIDE and simply known as 6025. The latter departed in March 1979, while TED was replaced at the very end of 1980 by D.H. PELIGRO. Of course, JELLO BIAFRA is the most controversial band member and is consider as a true HARDCORE ICON. KABAYANS, did you know that after a brief rehearsal period, the VERY FIRST GIG of DEAD KENNEDYS was at MABUHAY GARDENS in July 1978? YUP!! The "Fab Mab" as it was popularly known back then was a Filipino restaurant in San Francisco's North Beach section that served as a home to punk bands for nearly ten years. Wheeew!! MABUHAY ang DEAD KENNEDYS!! MABUHAY ang PINOY!! It wasn't too long before the band really gained some following around San Francisco. According to THE ROUGH GUIDE, DEAD KENNEDYS' when playing LIVE sound could be described as a cross between the Sex Pistols and the Ventures and a combination of theatrics and chaos .

Here are my only DEAD KENNEDYS Materials:

2) FRANKENCHRIST Cassette Tape

WXB102 played lots of DEAD KENNEDYS song back in 1986-1987 and their three most popular songs here in MANILA that wouldn't escape the memories of every PINOY WAVERS/PUNKS were "MTV GET OFF THE AIR", "I FOUGHT THE LAW", and "TOO DRUNK TO FUCK". The DEAD KENNEDYS song "I Fought the Law" was a cover originally recorded by SONNY CURTIS AND THE CRICKETS (post Buddy Holly) back in 1959. THE CLASH punk version of 1977 is the most popular here in MANILA. Another popular version for PINOY WAVERS/PUNKS was that of H20 which was first played by DZBM POWER 105 back in 1988. This song was famously covered by BOBBY FULLER FOUR back in 1965 which was considered as the most successful version in the music chart which incidentally ranked #175 on ROLLING STONES list of the 500 GREATEST SONGS OF ALL TIME. Just as the song became a TOP TEN HIT, Bobby Fuller was found dead in a parked automobile near his home at Los Angeles California. Wheeew!! Another controversial singer death!! The police considered the death as an apparent suicide, but people who knew Bobby personally disagreed on the findings and believed that there was indeed a foul play specifically murder.

The DEAD KENNEDYS wrote and recorded a different version of I FOUGHT THE LAW as a comment on DAN WHITE'S 1978 murder of San Francisco MAYOR GEORGE MOSCONE and City Supervisor HARVEY MILK, and Dan White's subsequent use of the so-called TWINKLE DEFENSE to influence the court to convict him of the lesser charge of MANSLAUGHTER wherein the song lyrics was adjusted from Dan White's perspective, replacing the line "I fought the law and the law won" with "I fought the law and I won". Hmmmmp!! Very intense change of lyrics indeed!! You fought the law, then you won? How grave can you get? There were other DEAD KENNEDYS songs that made it on the night shift XB playlist like "HOLIDAY IN CAMBODIA" and "KILL THE POOR". Wow!! Talking about song titles. He He He!! With the release of FRANKENCHRIST back in 1985, the band ran into a controversy due to the LP's accompanying poster, "Penis Landscape," by Swiss artist H. R. Giger. For ANDY LEWIS' DEAD KENNEDYS Biography, he considers the band rocked as tight as ever, with Ray's voodoo/surf guitar, Flouride's thumping bass and Peligro's skin bashing providing the perfect "sturm und drang" for Biafra's words.

Just to spice up my Blogpost I also included here some facts about the REAL KENNEDYS.

Bobby, Ted, John, and Joseph

THE KENNEDYS made their first ever appearance in AMERICAN HISTORY in the form of businessman/politician Patrick Joseph Kennedy.

Lt. Joseph Patrick Kennedy, Jr. : The eldest of nine children died during World War II on August 12, 1944 when his airplane crashed over Suffolk, United Kingdom.

U.S. President John F. Kennedy: The U.S. 35th President who was assassinated three years into his term that took place on Friday, November 22, 1963, in DALLAS TEXAS at 12:30 p.m .

Senator Robert F. Kennedy: U.S. Senator from New York and Democratic presidential candidate back in 1968 when he was assassinated.

Senator Edward Kennedy: He was one of the most influential and longest-serving senators in U.S. history. He had brain cancer, which was diagnosed back in May 2008. He just passed away last August 26, 2009.


John F. Kennedy, Jr.: Son of the Late President John F. Kennedy was killed in a plane crash along with his wife and sister in law on July 16, 1999.

This made Rumors that there was indeed a so-called curse in the KENNEDY FAMILY.

I decided to make my DEAD KENNEDYS "Give Me Convenience Or Give Me Death" CD available for DOWNLOADING for you guys to have a copy. So if you're interested feel free to download it here in my blog. I really don't know why "MTV Get Off The Air" was not included in this DEAD KENNEDYS compilation. Don't you worry I included a VINYL RIP of the song as bonus track.

"Give Me Convenience Or Give Me Death" CD

1. Police Truck
2. Too Drunk To Fuck
3. California Uber Alles
4. The Man With The Dogs
5. Insight
6. Life Sentence

7. A Child and His Lawnmower
8. Holiday in Cambodia
9. I Fought the Law
10. Saturday Night Holocaust
11. Pull My Strings
12. Short Songs
13. Straight A's
14. Kinky Sex Makes the World Go 'Round

15. Prey, The
16. Night of the Living Rednecks
17. Buzzbomb From Pasadena

18 DSR Bonus Track "MTV GET OFF THE AIR"


PASSWORD: http://docmuzic.blogspot.com/

I also uploaded two of my FAVORITE DEAD KENNEDYS songs for you to listen to in this blogpost.



So what's new about DEAD KENNEDYS? Well according to their official website, the band recently performed last JUNE 2009 at the HARMONY FESTIVAL. Well, I hope you guys liked my Blogpost Tribute for both DEAD KENNEDYS and the real Political Clan of THE KENNEDYS. THANKS AGAIN for dropping by!!

They Are The



When you read this little blog of mine "The Doctor Is In", definitely most of my entries here are meant to bring you BACK TO THE EIGHTIES. Though, this is not really a PURE 80s blog but time travel is one of my very purpose why I created this blog two years ago. My good friends from THE VAULT have this special broadcast entitled "BACK TO THE EIGHTIES" in their obscure internet radio which became very succesful and so as of writing It has already three episodes. YUP!! So successful that BENJIE aka. THE BOY WONDER and the rest of THE VAULT DJs are planning to have a fourth episode. Of course, It's all original concept I may say and definitely THE VAULT ACCEPTS NO IMITATIONS. For today's blogpost I decided to feature this succesful "BACK TO THE EIGHTIES"Internet Radio broadcast of THE VAULT. I missed out the first BACK TO THE EIGHTIES but was able to tuned in on PARTS 2 & 3 . Well, THANKS to BENJIE, this blog of mine had the priviledge to be the FIRST to blog about "THE VAULT" back in MAY 8,2008 with the blogpost title "LET'S VAULT IN" which I conceptualized and I was really glad that BENJIE liked the blogpost title and the contents too.

Click "The Vault" LOGO to enter the FIRST BLOG about THE VAULT:

So let's start to rumble by looking at THE VAULT STUDIO and take a trip to the road that does not end going back again to the 80s........ "THE VAULT" style. I will be sharing you some INFOS courtesy of BENJIE aka. The Boy Wonder regarding "BACK TO THE EIGHTIES".

I asked "The Boy Wonder" a couple of questions and his answers are well indicated.

Benjie Collantes aka. "The Boy Wonder"

How was BACK TO THE EIGHTIES conceptualized?
Boy Wonder: We were really eager to broadcast a night of live mixing, reminiscing the kind of 80s music that all of us grew up with.

When was this conceptualized?
Boy Wonder: Summer of 2008

Who were the brains of these events?
Boy Wonder: Dean Andrew, DJ Danny and Benjie “The Boy Wonder”

Boy Wonder, Dean Andrew, and DJ Danny

Boy Wonder: What’s more fun than doing a live 80s party/show on-line for 6 hours with friends, who were also products of the 80s, here at the studio with super cold brew & cocktails, etc.

What INSPIRED you to do this?
Boy Wonder: Because, we haven’t heard of any stations on live365 doing live seamless 80s mixing. I’m talking about 6 hours of non-stop live mixing using old school techniques from both ANALOG (2 turntables and a mixer) and DIGITAL (Serato) formats.

Boy Wonder

Dean Andrew

Jun P.

DJ Danny

What are your FOND MEMORIES of doing the BACK TO THE 80s TRILOGY?
Boy Wonder: Taking everybody with us on memory lane all night every series, getting together with fellow DJs here in the studio. Also, we had one incident of a friend who actually bump her “butt” on the turntable while we were on the air, and you can hear the needle scratching the vinyl, hahaha.

BACK TO THE EIGHTIES 1 (August 2, 2008)

BACK TO THE EIGHTIES 2 (September 27,2008)

BACK TO THE 80s 3 (May 9,2009)

HIGHLIGHTS of PARTS 1,2 and 3?
Boy Wonder: Having guest djs in the studio partying with us.like DJ Mignonelle of the now defunct Power105BM-FM (Manila) and her hubby DJ Big Daddy Jeremie made the night really special by helping us on the mic, communicating with listeners around the world.

DJ Mignonelle

What's the secret of BACK TO THE 80s?
Boy Wonder: No secrets here, no preservatives, no computer software mixing, just 100% live ANALOG 80s mixes from our own collection.

Any plans of a PART 4? If ever when is the estimated date?
Boy Wonder: We are planning Part 4 probably in September 09 and we have another special guest DJ for the event, so watch out.

STATS of BACK TO THE 80s each From PARTS 1,2,and 3?
Boy Wonder: Can’t remember the exact numbers, cant find the list on file, but they were overwhelming enough to inspire to continue with the series

Well, I guess that's great INFOS for you guys courtesy of the main man "The Boy Wonder". YUP!! It's "The Dr. Stirring Rhod Way" again of giving tribute to these KABAYANS of mine who are all base in the U.S. right now. PROUD TO BE PINOY I may say. "Eto ang TOTOONG DEKADA OTSENTA , huwag basta-basta maniwala sa mga KWENTONG BARBERO". In ENGLISH TRANSLATION: "This is the REAL DECADE OF THE 80s, don't just believe in some BARBER'S STORIES". Huh? BARBER'S STORIES? Diba "Kwentong Barbero"? Ha Ha Ha!! Well, If you ask me I would prefer BARBER'S ITCH. Ha Ha Ha!!

We are fortunate today that BENJIE was kind enough to share some of the MIXES that was featured on BACK TO THE EIGHTIES for you to LISTEN and DOWNLOAD here in my little blog. Btw, just another TRIVIA, "The Doctor Is In" was also the very first blog to feature "The Boy Wonder Mix" back in MAY 2008 from the same blogpost entitled "LET'S VAULT IN". If you wanna listen to more Boy Wonder Mixes do check out my good friend THE BEATMEISTER's "TOTALLY MIXED UP" blogsite which incidentally has a new and great BLOG LOGO created by none other than "The Boy Wonder" himself. YUP!! My pal BEAT has also THE BEAT!! Of course, "The Doctor Is In" was also the very first ever blog to feature the first NEW WAVE MIX of "THE BEATMEISTER" back in MAY 24, 2008. YUP!! That was a special project I gave BEAT back then. It was also the very first New Wave Mix of BEAT on his website. Cool site too and one of my very first website link when I started blogging back in August 2007. I'm VERY PROUD that BEAT is now a part of THE VAULT. Talking about EVOLUTION here in the blogosphere. MILLION THANKS to THE VAULT people!! And Of course, MILLION THANKS also to you guys who supports my blog. MARAMING SALAMAT for making it a success for the past two years and I hope you will still continue supporting "The Doctor Is In".


TRACKLIST? Naaah!! It's a surprise for you guys to ENJOY okay. "The Dr. Stirring Rhod Way" would say "If It's from The Boy Wonder.....It must be gooooood". Wheeew!! AYUZ BA?

DOWNLOAD "The Boy Wonder Mix" HERE:

Let's Go



Yesterday, I received an email from an MCA RECORDS representative regarding this new PHILIPPINE release 2-CD compilation package entitled "FRIDAY MADNESS: BEST OF 80s" that included a AD text and an mp3 promo. YUP!! The CD title was taken from MAGIC 89.9 RETRO RADIO PROGRAM every FRIDAY entitled "FRIDAY MAGIC MADNESS" which officially began in the mid-90s and up to now It's still wild and crazy on MANILA's FM DIALS. Well, this is the REAL THING and not an imaginary sort of thing so I decided to make a blogpost out of it. Of course, It's about the 80s which is my favorite decade so here it goes. I'll post the entire text from the PROMO AD which was sent by MCA RECORDS. Btw, this is not a paid advertisement guys. It's for the LOVE OF SHARING.

I'll present you first the PROMO VOICE FILE so get ready to travel again back to the 80s.


Time to tease your hair, put on your acid washed jeans, and wear neon clothing. THE 80s ARE BACK!!! Magic 89.9 and MCA Music present - FRIDAY MADNESS, the album. Featuring the best music from the 80s On 2 CDs.

The 80s were dominated by the widespread use of synthesizers and keyboards. In the United States, MTV was launched and music videos began to have a huge effect on the record industry. Pop artists such as Duran Duran, Tears For Fears, Wham!, and Michael Ja
ckson mastered the format and helped turned this new product into a profitable business.

The 80’s saw a time when the charts, MTV and Arena venues were overloaded with big hair, load guitars and people that should really know better. This retrospective release takes you back to that time to bask in the glory of a bygone period when men could look like women and no one knew the damage we were causing to the ozone layer with our excessive usage levels of aerosol hairspray cans.

Catch the launch of FRIDAY MADNESS – The album
on August 28, 9PM E’s Bar, Edsa Shangri-La

The event also features Pinoy Band TRUE FAITH(got their band name from a NEW ORDER Song) and of course MAGIC 89.9's very own DJ JON TUPAZ. Btw, my little blog "The Doctor Is In" will feature DJ JON TUPAZ in the near future so do STAY TUNE for that guys. Of course we will also feature DJ JON TUPAZ' Legendary Mobile PSYCHODECO and even his very own 80s and NEW WAVE mixes here in my little blog. Hmmmp!! I think that's really something to look forward to. THANKS to the TUPAZ family namely DJ JON and MISS PEACHY.


(Photo courtesy of Mrs. Peachy Tupaz)

Here's my newly bought CD:


CD 1
1) Wild Boys-Duran Duran
2) Saved By Zero-The Fixx
3) Don't You Forget About Me-Simple Minds
4) Shout (US Mix)-Tears For Fears
5) In A Big Country-Big Country
6) Blue Monday '88- New Order
7) A Forest- The Cure
8) Tainted Love '05 -Soft Cell
9) Situtaion (US 12" Mix) - Yazoo
10)Fade To Grey (Extended) - Visage
11)The Great Commandment - Camouflage
12)Poison Arrow -ABC
13)Money's Too Tight To Mention (Cutback Mix) -Simply Red
14)Rapture -Blondie
15)Black Man Ray -China Crisis
16)Time (Clock Of The Heart ) - Culture Club

1) I Can Dream About You (12" Mix) - Dan Hartman
2) Owner Of A Lonely Heart - Yes
3) Take On Me - A-Ha
4) Square Rooms - Al Corley
5) Manic Monday- Bangles
6) Venus -Bananarama
7) Mickey- Toni Basil
8) Girls Just Wanna Have Fun - Cyndi Lauper
9) I Eat Cannibals - Toto Coelo
10)Come On Eileen - Dexys Midnight Runners
11)Addicted To Love - Robert Palmer
12)Steppin' Out (Full Length Version) -Joe Jackson
13)When Doves Cry - Prince
14)Never Gonna Give You Up -Rick Astley
15)Wake Me Up Before You Go Go -Wham
16)Somebody's Watching Me (12" Mix) -Rockwell
17)Breakout (N.A.D. Mix) - Swing Out Sister

Well, not really RARE or even HARD TO FIND music but definitely GOOD VIBES 80s MUSIC that's worth the TIME TRAVEL. A total of 33 GREAT HITS OF THE 80s in this compilation wherein CD1 contains 16 songs and CD2 contains 17 songs.

I also took a photo of this PAGE from a MAGAZINE I bought before that featured the CURRENT MAGIC 89.9 DJs to spice up this blogpost of mine.



DocMuzic 2nd Birthday!!

HAPPY 2nd Birthday
"The Doctor Is In"!!
It's DocMuzic
2nd Year Anniversary!!

Hello everyone!! Exactly two years ago, that's AUGUST 24, 2007 I started this little blog of mine with a very simple blogpost entitled: BIG NEW BEGINNING. YUP!! I got it from the song of THE BIG DISH and personally I never expected that this blog will really grow. THANKS to you guys at least people are reading my blog entries which I always try to make it very interesting. Well, It's "The Dr. Stirring Rhod Way" of sharing what I could share here in the blogosphere. A lot have changed around the blogosphere with the two years that I was into blogging. If you'll read my first ever blogpost back in AUGUST 2007, It's just a simple "HI" and an "INVITATION" for you guys that I'm already here in the blogosphere.

Here's the link of MY VERY FIRST BLOGPOST:

I was able to make friends here in the blogosphere and I was really happy to know some KABAYANS who share the same passion of NEW WAVE MUSIC and It's subgenres. Although my blog is not 100% NEW WAVE, It's still anything UNDER THE SUN I may say!! A lot of my KABAYANS also shared some of their stuffs here which made me very proud. I THANK these guys who one way or the other have contributed their music and even their stories to spice up some of my blogposts. Like what I've mentioned before, my blog practices PINOY BAYANIHAN SPIRIT and discourages PINOY CRAB MENTALITY. A lot have happened in the blogosphere for the past two years, and I'm just very greatful and blessed that "THE DOCTOR IS still IN" and will still continue blogging ORIGINAL STUFFS as long as you guys are still there supporting this little blog of mine.

I personally bought a half-size UBE CAKE and TWO LITTLE CANDLES just for a SIMPLE CELEBRATION of my little blog "The Doctor Is In" 2nd BIRTHDAY here in the Blogosphere. So JOIN ME GUYS sing HAPPY BIRTHDAY......the ALTERED IMAGES way.

Here's an MTV of the XB Classic

I'll leave you with another favorite of mine. YUP!! It's another BIRTHDAY SONG from PINOY SKA BAND "PUT3SKA".

LISTEN HERE TO PUT3SKA "Birthday Holiday"

"The Doctor Is In"!!
A Million THANKS
to all of you!!


Remembering AUGUST 21

AUGUST 21 is a date that every FILIPINOS would definitely remember as the day Senator Benigno Servillano "Ninoy" Aquino, Jr. was assasinated at the MANILA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT (MIA) back in AUGUST 21, 1983. The said AIRPORT is now known as the NINOY AQUINO INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT (NAIA) in honor to him. AUGUST 21, 2009 marks the 26th DEATH ANNIVERSARY of this great FILIPINO that will never be forgotten on PHILIPPINE HISTORY because of his contributions. His death gave birth to an uprising that would restore DEMOCRACY here in the PHILIPPINES back in 1986 when her wife the LATE CORAZON COJUANGCO-AQUINO became the PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF THE PHILIPPINES. YUP!! That was the HISTORICAL EDSA PEOPLE POWER REVOLUTION of 1986. A LEGACY that would be pass on to generations. According to NINOY "THE FILIPINO IS WORTH DYING FOR". NINOY AQUINO (November 27, 1932 – August 21, 1983).

AUGUST 21 is also a date every PINOY MUSIC ENTHUSIASTS will remember as the day Teodoro de Villa Diaz who is more popularly known as Teddy Diaz was stabbed to death on AUGUST 21, 1988 in front of his girlfriend's house in Quezon City by two bystanders allegedly under the influence of drugs and alcohol. The son of Legendary PINOY ACTOR Vic Diaz, PINOY ROCKERS, WAVERS, PUNKS will definitely remember TEDDY's contributions in the PHILIPPINE MUSIC INDUSTRY as the FOUNDING LEAD GUITARIST of PINOY LEGENDARY BAND "THE DAWN". Unfortunately, he died at the peak of THE DAWN's career and popularity. AUGUST 21, 2009 marks the 21st DEATH ANNIVERSARY of this great musician who according to his close friends have a true PASSION FOR MUSIC. As Yours Truly, Dr. Stirring Rhod would sing "Singing out my ENVELOPED I-DIAZ"!! TEDDY DIAZ (April 1, 1963 - August 21, 1988).

Well, we're just remembering the 80s and of course remembering NINOY and TEDDY for this blogpost. THANKS to NINOY and TEDDY for their own contributions for the FILIPINOS to cherished.

Just remembering



It was 1999 when this PHILIPPINE NEW WAVE CD compilation was released by WARNER MUSIC under WEA RECORDS entitled "HANG THE DJ: The Very Best Of New Wave Punk And The Rest" which has 16 interesting tracks that will travel you back in time. YUP!! It's still those thrilling days again of the NEW WAVE/PUNK Era here in MANILA. When I saw this compilation at ODYSSEY RECORD SHOP at SM NORTH EDSA back in 1999 and saw the TRACKLIST, I immediately bought the CD primarily because of the EXTENDED VERSION of RAMONES "I WANNA BE SEDATED" if I'm not mistaken was not released on CD during those times. There's a song from THE SMITHS in the selection but unfortunately It's not "PANIC" which every PINOY WAVERS and PUNKS knows where the title "HANG THE DJ" was taken from. Instead of "PANIC", the MANCHESTER MIX of "THIS CHARMING MAN" was the one included. YUP!! It's PHILIPPINE release and definitely if you love collecting stuffs of this kind then It doesn't matter if It's locally pressed since It was conceptualized here in my country and the songs are also good wherein It made it to the playlists of XB, BM, NU and even RT.

WHAT IS A D.J.? According to Wise Geek a DJ, Deejay or DISC JOCKEY is a person who plays musical recordings for a living. This may take place in a variety of venues. Therefore, the exact role of the DJ may vary depending on the setting or the purpose of the music. Actually, there are different definitions and kinds of DJ that you could search but I just wanna tell you guys that being a DJ is not something to brag about or even shout to the world especially if you're those I termed as "wannabes jolly be DJs". Funny thing is that this wannabes are those who can't seem to stop showing off their skills. Ha Ha Ha!! Well, I could use the Tagalog word "MAYAYABANG". Like what I've stated before "SUPPORT PINOY DJs......with GOOD ATTITUDES and most especially THE HUMBLE ONES." That I think you guys will agree. But again...you might not. Ha Ha Ha!! If in my previous blogpost I've stated these IMITATORS/COPYCATS are GUILTY....as CHARGED then for this blogpost of mine THE PUNISHMENT/PENALTY is "HANG THE DJ". Ha Ha Ha!! In simple TAGALOG...... "BITAY". He He He!!

Here's my "HANG THE DJ" CD:

The Inner Sleeve is pretty cool with photos of the NEW WAVE ARTISTS and LYRICS of the SONGS were included.

Well, I'll just include here in my blogpost the 16 NEW WAVE/PUNK ARTISTS that were featured in this great compilation:

10) X

It's remembering the good old days of The BEST of NEW WAVE PUNK and The REST!!

There was also a Promotional Sampler CD release of this compilation but with only 5 tracks from 5 Artists/Bands I've just mentioned namely RAMONES, THE REPLACEMENTS, PETER SCHILLING, AZTEC CAMERA, and of course THE SMITHS. The difference was that this Sampler CD contains two different songs from THE SMITHS and AZTEC CAMERA. The Main Original Compilation Release have "This Charming Man" and "Somewhere In My Heart" while the Promo has "Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now" and "Still On Fire". The Promo CD also mentioned 89 DMZ's WAVE 180.


So what are we going to do with these COPYCATS WANNABE DJs?


.....HANG THE DJ!!



Hello FANS!! I'm back again with another NEW WAVE MIX from the MAN who MADE ME STARTED THIS ALL. YUP!! This special Music Mix is from my good friend SNOOG. This little blog of mine was THE FIRST and STILL THE ORIGINAL BLOG that features PINOY NEW WAVE MIXES. YO SNOOG!! Kaw din ang may sala kaya kinokopya ang Blog ko. He He He!! Tuloy pinipirata kana. Ha Ha Ha!! In ENGLISH TRANSLATION: "Yo Snoog!! It's also your fault that's why my blog is being XEROX. See, you're being pirated." Okay naba TRANSLATION yun mga KABAYAN? Ha Ha Ha!! This would be the 8th Music Mix that Snoog have shared here in my humble blog "The Doctor is In" since we BURN and gave FIRE IN THIS HOUSE "The Home Of Dr. Stirring Rhod" by featuring these kind of MIXES wayback MARCH 2008. YUP "SUNOG" in ENGLISH is "FIRE". This is more than a FIRE IN CAIRO, this is "SNOOG SUNOG MIX 8"!! I just wanna THANK my buddy Snoog for being a LOYAL SUPPORTER of this blog of mine. LOYAL ba talaga? Ha Ha Ha!! Just kidding man!! There's nothing wrong with blogging and sharing music as long as you don't step on someone's foot or even imitate and copy the concept without giving due credit. It's nice to ENJOY these things when we RESPECT each other okay. Snoog entitled this Mix as "HOOK OF THE 80s" so definitely you'll be hook to the 80s while listening to this Mixset. So let's BURN DOWN THE HOUSE!!

(By DJ SnooG)
Date: August 2009
Lenght: 73:00 minutes
Quality: 192 kbps
Channels: Joint Stereo / 44 khz
Nonstop mix: Yes! Yes! Yes!
Archive size: 100mb

01 Nowhere Girl
02 With or Without You
03 Human
04 Enjoy The Silence
05 Fade To Grey
06 Everything Counts
07 Safety Dance
08 Blue Monday
09 Strange Love
10 Our House
11 Take On Me
12 One Thing Leads To Another
13 Owner Of A Lonely Heart


I uploaded the music file on 4shared so I'll be giving the link Snoog gave me and the 4shared link that I created and It's up to you where you wanna download.

DOWNLOAD THE MIX on 4shared:

DOWNLOAD THE MIX on divshare:

This is definitely HOUSE MUSIC, NEW WAVE FLAVOR!! The MIX of course started with DJ Snoog's Trademark Stinger that includes the famous "MGA KABABAYAN" for PINOY Identification I guess and the classic "DJ Snoog On The Mix". NOPE!! We will not be talking about Stinger here, right BEAT and Boy Wonder? He He He!! This New Wave House Mix begins with a B-MOVIE classic in NOWHERE GIRL, followed by U2's chart topper from the record breaking album "JOSHUA TREE" which is "WITH OR WITHOUT YOU". Then a good song "HUMAN" that would remind as that we are all HUMAN born to make mistakes and an APOLOGY is the best way right. If you have a good up-bringing then It really matters if you get my drift. Ha Ha Ha!! A Depeche Mode song followed next with ENJOY THE SILENCE but we don't definitely enjoy the silence with this kind of Mix or else we will FADE TO GREY. He He He!! EVERYTHING COUNTS here in this Mix so don't miss it. I remember seeing the DEPECHE MODE Live Concert here in MANILA and EVERYTHING COUNTS was the best song they performed back then wherein everyone was singing the CHORUS while waving their Lighters above their heads. MEMORIES INDEED!! I guess we are just doing such SAFETY DANCE on a BLUE MONDAY and that would be a STRANGE LOVE of music don't you think? This is OUR HOUSE indeed!! So TAKE it ON ME okay because this ONE THING LEADS TO ANOTHER causing you to be an OWNER OF A LONELY HEART. Does it make sense? Ha Ha Ha!! THANKS guys for the time you spend dropping by this little blog of mine. THANKS AGAIN Snoog for this great MIX SET. MABUHAY KA KAIBIGAN!!




The Manila Light Rail Transit System popularly known as the LRT in Filipino "Sistema ng Magaan na Riles Panlulan ng Maynila" had this PAINTING EXHIBIT/CONTEST entitled "LRT ART" last JUNE 2009 marking year 2009 as It's 25th year anniversary since it began operating wayback DECEMBER 1984. The LRT is the main Metropolitan Rail System here in the Philippines that serves the METRO MANILA area and I can still remember that back in the 80s TOKENS were used to enter the LRT and these days we have already the MAGNETIC TICKETS. Wheeew!! Talking about changes!! He He He!! I usually ride the LRT and even the MRT when I don't use my automobile going to work and definitely It helps a lot. I was able to take pictures of the great ARTWORKS being displayed on the corridors at the CUBAO STATION. The winners were announced last JULY 2009.

Here are the PHOTOS which I took from my ever reliable cellphone.

I don't have any idea what happened on the AWARDS NIGHT and I'm just sharing to you these interesting WORKS OF ART. I wasn't able to take the photos of all the entries and these are just some of them. VERY NICE INDEED!! Asteeeeeg!!

I hope you guys enjoyed viewing the ARTWORKS. Just to be different for today's blogpost. THANKS A LOT for dropping by again.
Here's the LRT MAP:

This Is