When you read this little blog of mine "The Doctor Is In", definitely most of my entries here are meant to bring you BACK TO THE EIGHTIES. Though, this is not really a PURE 80s blog but time travel is one of my very purpose why I created this blog two years ago. My good friends from THE VAULT have this special broadcast entitled "BACK TO THE EIGHTIES" in their obscure internet radio which became very succesful and so as of writing It has already three episodes. YUP!! So successful that BENJIE aka. THE BOY WONDER and the rest of THE VAULT DJs are planning to have a fourth episode. Of course, It's all original concept I may say and definitely THE VAULT ACCEPTS NO IMITATIONS. For today's blogpost I decided to feature this succesful "BACK TO THE EIGHTIES"Internet Radio broadcast of THE VAULT. I missed out the first BACK TO THE EIGHTIES but was able to tuned in on PARTS 2 & 3 . Well, THANKS to BENJIE, this blog of mine had the priviledge to be the FIRST to blog about "THE VAULT" back in MAY 8,2008 with the blogpost title "LET'S VAULT IN" which I conceptualized and I was really glad that BENJIE liked the blogpost title and the contents too.

Click "The Vault" LOGO to enter the FIRST BLOG about THE VAULT:

So let's start to rumble by looking at THE VAULT STUDIO and take a trip to the road that does not end going back again to the 80s........ "THE VAULT" style. I will be sharing you some INFOS courtesy of BENJIE aka. The Boy Wonder regarding "BACK TO THE EIGHTIES".

I asked "The Boy Wonder" a couple of questions and his answers are well indicated.

Benjie Collantes aka. "The Boy Wonder"

How was BACK TO THE EIGHTIES conceptualized?
Boy Wonder: We were really eager to broadcast a night of live mixing, reminiscing the kind of 80s music that all of us grew up with.

When was this conceptualized?
Boy Wonder: Summer of 2008

Who were the brains of these events?
Boy Wonder: Dean Andrew, DJ Danny and Benjie “The Boy Wonder”

Boy Wonder, Dean Andrew, and DJ Danny

Boy Wonder: What’s more fun than doing a live 80s party/show on-line for 6 hours with friends, who were also products of the 80s, here at the studio with super cold brew & cocktails, etc.

What INSPIRED you to do this?
Boy Wonder: Because, we haven’t heard of any stations on live365 doing live seamless 80s mixing. I’m talking about 6 hours of non-stop live mixing using old school techniques from both ANALOG (2 turntables and a mixer) and DIGITAL (Serato) formats.

Boy Wonder

Dean Andrew

Jun P.

DJ Danny

What are your FOND MEMORIES of doing the BACK TO THE 80s TRILOGY?
Boy Wonder: Taking everybody with us on memory lane all night every series, getting together with fellow DJs here in the studio. Also, we had one incident of a friend who actually bump her “butt” on the turntable while we were on the air, and you can hear the needle scratching the vinyl, hahaha.

BACK TO THE EIGHTIES 1 (August 2, 2008)

BACK TO THE EIGHTIES 2 (September 27,2008)

BACK TO THE 80s 3 (May 9,2009)

HIGHLIGHTS of PARTS 1,2 and 3?
Boy Wonder: Having guest djs in the studio partying with us.like DJ Mignonelle of the now defunct Power105BM-FM (Manila) and her hubby DJ Big Daddy Jeremie made the night really special by helping us on the mic, communicating with listeners around the world.

DJ Mignonelle

What's the secret of BACK TO THE 80s?
Boy Wonder: No secrets here, no preservatives, no computer software mixing, just 100% live ANALOG 80s mixes from our own collection.

Any plans of a PART 4? If ever when is the estimated date?
Boy Wonder: We are planning Part 4 probably in September 09 and we have another special guest DJ for the event, so watch out.

STATS of BACK TO THE 80s each From PARTS 1,2,and 3?
Boy Wonder: Can’t remember the exact numbers, cant find the list on file, but they were overwhelming enough to inspire to continue with the series

Well, I guess that's great INFOS for you guys courtesy of the main man "The Boy Wonder". YUP!! It's "The Dr. Stirring Rhod Way" again of giving tribute to these KABAYANS of mine who are all base in the U.S. right now. PROUD TO BE PINOY I may say. "Eto ang TOTOONG DEKADA OTSENTA , huwag basta-basta maniwala sa mga KWENTONG BARBERO". In ENGLISH TRANSLATION: "This is the REAL DECADE OF THE 80s, don't just believe in some BARBER'S STORIES". Huh? BARBER'S STORIES? Diba "Kwentong Barbero"? Ha Ha Ha!! Well, If you ask me I would prefer BARBER'S ITCH. Ha Ha Ha!!

We are fortunate today that BENJIE was kind enough to share some of the MIXES that was featured on BACK TO THE EIGHTIES for you to LISTEN and DOWNLOAD here in my little blog. Btw, just another TRIVIA, "The Doctor Is In" was also the very first blog to feature "The Boy Wonder Mix" back in MAY 2008 from the same blogpost entitled "LET'S VAULT IN". If you wanna listen to more Boy Wonder Mixes do check out my good friend THE BEATMEISTER's "TOTALLY MIXED UP" blogsite which incidentally has a new and great BLOG LOGO created by none other than "The Boy Wonder" himself. YUP!! My pal BEAT has also THE BEAT!! Of course, "The Doctor Is In" was also the very first ever blog to feature the first NEW WAVE MIX of "THE BEATMEISTER" back in MAY 24, 2008. YUP!! That was a special project I gave BEAT back then. It was also the very first New Wave Mix of BEAT on his website. Cool site too and one of my very first website link when I started blogging back in August 2007. I'm VERY PROUD that BEAT is now a part of THE VAULT. Talking about EVOLUTION here in the blogosphere. MILLION THANKS to THE VAULT people!! And Of course, MILLION THANKS also to you guys who supports my blog. MARAMING SALAMAT for making it a success for the past two years and I hope you will still continue supporting "The Doctor Is In".


TRACKLIST? Naaah!! It's a surprise for you guys to ENJOY okay. "The Dr. Stirring Rhod Way" would say "If It's from The Boy Wonder.....It must be gooooood". Wheeew!! AYUZ BA?

DOWNLOAD "The Boy Wonder Mix" HERE:

Let's Go


DJ SnooG said...

Congratulations The Vault DJs ^_^

DrStirringRhod said...

IDOL!! :-)


Pia said...

love this!!! beautiful! got here when you commented on my multiply account, you left a link of your site.

DrStirringRhod said...

THANKS Miss Pia!! Hope to see you again here in my humble blog.:-) Glad you love it!! MABUHAY!!


Kenshin said...

Ang ganda ng track selection ni boy wonder. Galing din ng mix nya. Thanks for posting DSR. Idol na kita. 80's is the best decade for me..hehehehe.....By the way pwede ko bang malaman ang title nung last track sa mix ni boy wonder? thanks again and more new wave and back to 80's blog......mabuhay!!!

DrStirringRhod said...

Hi KenshiN!! The last track is from THE OUTFIELD and the song title is "ALL THE LOVE". THANKS for the comments and for dropping by my blog!! :-)