"HEAD OVER HEELS" were two different New Wave songs which were sang by two different bands namely TEARS FOR FEARS and THE GO-GOS that made it to the charts back in the 80s globally and here in MANILA. Both songs were introduced here in MANILA by WXB102 back in 1985 and became very popular for PINOY NEW WAVERS back then. "HEAD OVER HEELS" by THE GO-GOs was considered a party and slam dance favorite back on those days. I included both Music Videos of the two different classic New Wave Hits in this blogpost of mine since these two MTVs were also a hit on Music Video Programs here in MANILA back in the 80s. Of course, the lyrics of both songs are also here. ENJOY!!

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Lyrics | Tears For Fears Lyrics | Head Over Heels Lyrics

"Head over Heels" is a TEARS FOR FEARS song which was taken from the band's 2nd album "Songs from the Big Chair". It was the 4th single from that album and was the band's 10th single released in the U.K. The song peaked at #12 in the U.K. Top 40 back in 1985. In the U.S., It peaked at #3 on the Billboard Hot 100. Well, here in MANILA It was also a big hit back then. YUP!! Even the MTV brings back a lot of memories!! I remember my classmates and I back in high school used to sing this song while in the Library since if you recall the MTV was taken from a library. He He He!! Hmmmp? The Library? I wonder how many Kids of Today's Generation visits their school library nowadays? Come to think of it guys? With the advent of the Internet and other hi-tech information alternatives, unfortunately, a lot of people of the younger generations are not into visiting the libraries anymore. Remember your Friendly Neighborhood Librarian? How about your Library Card and the Card Catalog? Wheeew!! MEMORIES INDEED!! I still encourage my students to visit the library once in a while for research purposes and not for "chicka" purposes okay. Ha Ha Ha!! Well, the library was my comfort zone to study on my freetime back on those days especially preparing for an exam. The MTV of "HEAD OVER HEELS" by TEARS FOR FEARS will also be remembered for on-screen appearances of the other two unsung members of the band namely IAN STANLEY and MANNY ELIAS. A limited edition four-leaf clover shaped picture disc was issued for the U.K. single release. The song had been developed nearly two years prior as part of another TFF song entitled "Broken" since the two songs share the same piano/synth motif. "Head over Heels" then eventually came to be sandwiched in between two bookend parts of "Broken" in live performances. Great song and a memorable MTV!!

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Lyrics | The Go-Go’s - Head Over Heels lyrics

"Head over Heels" is a song by the all-female New Wave/Pop Rock band THE GO-GOS back in 1984 which was written by Charlotte Caffey and Kathy Valentine. The song was released as the band's 1st single from their 3rd album entitled "Talk Show". It was the most successful of the album's three singles which peaked at #11 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100. This song was a soiree party favorite here in MANILA back in the 80s. Once this song hits the dance floor then It's adrenaline rush I may say!! Btw, a good friend of mine even have mistaken the CHORUS of the song as "Get Over Here, Where should I go, Can't stop myself, Outta control; Get Over Here, No time to think, Looks like, The whole world's out of sync". YUP!! Instead of "Head Over Heels" he used "Get Over Here". Hmmmp? I can't blame him because It sounds like it don't you think? He He He!! The song also appeared in the Jennifer Garner movie entitled "13 Going on 30" back in 2004. Cool movie!! The "Head Over Heels" MTV of The Go-Gos was the last video played on the MTV's bitter music channel rival "Cable Music Channel" before it went off air back in 1984. Btw, "Cable Music Channel" only lasted for 35 days. This song is also a favorite on Retro Radio Programs here in MANILA nowadays. Another great song and MTV to be remembered by my generation.

Well, that's another trip down memory lane KABAYANS here on "The Doctor Is In"!! It's "The Dr. Stirring Rhod Way" of conceptualizing "Head Over Heels". I hope you enjoyed it!! THANKS AGAIN for dropping by!!

I went
with these songs!!



Famous Last Words and Classic TEARS FOR FEARS

Last Christmas 2009, my cousin gave me two TEARS FOR FEARS compilation CDs namely "TEARS FOR FEARS Famous Last Words- The Collection" and "CLASSIC TEARS FOR FEARS" as Christmas gifts which I'm featuring right now. I used the CDs as my Blogpost Header Photo. I told him before that I will not really buy these two CDs since I have that much TFF materials already in my CD collection but when I received these two CDs I was still delighted even though It's not that so called "Rare" or "Hard To Find". Both are still great materials to be added to my modest music collection and It's for free right?He He He!! I'm not going to upload the CDs since they are still much available on the local record bars here in MANILA and I'm very sure that both CDs would be sold on the gates on the TEARS FOR FEARS Live in MANILA Concert this MAY 2, 2010. Wheeew!! I'm really excited to see them finally perform LIVE in concert. TEARS FOR FEARS still reign in the hearts of a lot of PINOY NEW WAVERS who have long been waiting to watch them LIVE in the flesh. The band still continues to sell out shows around the world and have already sold more than 22 million albums worldwide. Hmmmp? That's a great achievement on the world of music.

1. Pharaohs - Single Version
2. Brian Wilson Said
3. New Star
4. The Way You Are
5. Break It Down Again
6. Sowing The Seeds Of Love - Album Version
7. Lord Of Karma
8. Ideas As Opiates - Album Version
9. Suffer The Children Album Version
10. When In Love With A Blind Man
11. We Are Broken
12. Cold
13. Year Of The Knife - Album Version
14. Famous Last Words - Album Version
15. The Big Chair
16. Deja-Vu And The Sins Of Science
17. Ghost Papa

1. Shout - Album Version
2. Mothers Talk - Album Version
3. I Believe (A Soulful Re-Recording)
4. Head Over Heels
5. Advice For The Young At Heart - Album Version
6. Laid So Low (Tears Roll Down)
7. Mad World - Album Version
8. Change - Radio Edit
9. Everybody Wants To Rule The World - Album Version
10. Woman In Chains - Album Version
11. Tears Roll Down - Album Version
12. The Prisoner - Album Version
13. The Body Wah
14. The Marauders
15. The Hurting - Album Version
16. Johnny Panic And The Bible Of Dreams
17. Empire Building
18. The Conflict

1. Break It Down Again
2. Shout
3. Goodnight Song
4. Bad Man's Song
5. Power
6. Cold
7. Dog's A Best Friend's Dog
8. Swords And Knives
9. Famous Last Words
10. Mothers Talk
11. Head Over Heels
12. Advice For The Young At Heart
13. Everybody Wants To Rule The World
14. Sowing The Seeds Of Love
15. Woman In Chains

Well in this time of mp3s and Ipods, I guess these two compilations are still worth having on your music collection if you are like me who prefers and collects the original stuffs. It's quite nice listening to these CDs straight without interruption while remembering the good old days when the songs invaded the airwaves back then. THANKS AGAIN for dropping by!!




"MAD WORLD" is a song by the British band TEARS FOR FEARS which was written by Roland Orzabal and sung by bassist Curt Smith, The song which was included on the band's debut album "The Hurting" was Tears For Fears' very first International Hit, reaching the Top 40 in several countries between 1982 and 1983. It also reached #3 on the UK Singles Chart in November 1982. "MAD WORLD" by TEARS FOR FEARS was first introduced here in MANILA by WXB102 back in 1983. Definitely, a very popular song for PINOY NEW WAVERS back in the 80s. It invaded both the Radio airwaves and of course the Television via Music Video Shows. YUP!! The weird and cool dance moves of Roland Orzabal in the Music Video of Mad World also became an instant hit here in MANILA back on those days. I remember my friends and I used to dance it on soiree parties. Ha Ha Ha!! Synchronized dancing I may say. He He He!! We also used to make the intro sound of the song by making clicking sounds on our mouth using our tongues. Try it guys!! You'll have the Mad World music on your oral cavity. He He He!! Those were the good old days indeed!

Here's what ROLAND and CURT have to say with "MAD WORLD":

"That came when I lived above a pizza restaurant in Bath and I could look out onto the centre of the city. Not that Bath is very mad – I should have called it “Bourgeois World”!"

"Lyrically the song is pretty loose. It throws together a lot of different images to paint a picture without saying anything specific about the world."

—Roland Orzabal

"“Mad World” was the first single off the finished album. The intention was to gain attention from it and we’d hopefully build up a little following. We had no idea that it would become a hit. Nor did the record company."

"It’s very much a voyeur’s song. It’s looking out at a mad world from the eyes of a teenager."

—Curt Smith

Here's the Music Video of the original MAD WORLD by TEARS FOR FEARS uploaded by "NualaDieFee" on YouTube. YUP!! I included the lyrics for you to sing along with too. So start dancing guys and watch the great and very unique MAD WORLD Dance Moves of Roland Orzabal. Wheeew!! It brings back memories of the good old days when life was really simple. That's the 80s......A GREAT DECADE!!

Lyrics | Tears For Fears Lyrics | Mad World Lyrics

After 20 years, "MAD WORLD" would then get a second round of chart success and this time around It's the cover version by MICHAEL ANDREWS and GARY JULES for the 2001 DONNIE DARKO film. The release was a runaway success which became the CHRISTMAS #1 U.K. single back in 2003, a feat Tears for Fears themselves never accomplished.This version had massive airplay here in MANILA after It was featured on the "SMALLVILLE" TV series. YUP!! You can hear the "Mad World" version of Andrews and Jules in almost any FM radio stations for the new generation to listen to when it made it into the Philippine radio airwaves. It was very popular for the PINOY youngsters especially those music enthusiasts. While the original Tears For Fears version featured various synthesizers and percussion, the Andrews/Jules cover version was very different in a way since the beat became much slower and the music score was stripped down. So instead of a full musical backing, it only used a set of piano chords, a cello, and modest use of a vocoder on the chorus. Their version was originally released on CD in 2002 on the DONNIE DARKO film soundtrack, but an increasing cult following because of the movie's DVD release prompted Andrews and Jules to issue the song as a single. The Music Video of the Andrew/Jules version is also quite interesting and has a unique concept which was directed by Michel Gondry and is also very popular on YouTube with its most posting garnering over 21 million views as of this month April 2010. Wheeew!! Talking about popularity!! I wonder If the DANCING INMATES of The Cebu City Jail will do a dance music video of this song? Will It also make that same number of view hits. He He He!! "MAD WORLD" also experienced another resurgence in popularity after a version of it similar to the Andrews/Jules arrangement was performed by Adam Lambert on American Idol Season 8. A recording of this performance was subsequently released as a digital single and reached the top 20 of the Billboard Hot 100 back in 2009.

Here's the Music Video of the MAD WORLD rendition of Michael Andrews and Gary Jules shared by "orijimi" on YouTube.

So I guess "MAD WORLD" definitely deserves to be here on my little blog "The Doctor Is In". Actually, there were lots of renditions of MAD WORLD but I just featured the two most popular ones. I just can't wait to hear this song on the TEARS FOR FEARS Live In Manila Concert on MAY 2, 2010. Hmmmp? That's roughly two weeks from now. Btw, Everybody is already feeling the MAY 2010 Election Fever here in the Philippines and by JUNE 2010 hopefully we finally have a new President. We are really living in a mad world if you'll be conscious on what's going on around you nowadays. Personally, I still like the original MAD WORLD done by TEARS FOR FEARS. I just don't take the slower version since It gets a little boring.

I'll leave you with the "SPIRAL TRIBE" version of MAD WORLD by TEARS FOR FEARS. I have featured the SPIRAL TRIBE CDs here in my blog before and this remix version makes the song longer and you could also hear some portion of New Order's "Thieves Like Us". I hope you enjoyed again another trip down memory lane!! THANKS AGAIN guys for dropping by!!

All around me are familar faces,
Worn out places. worn our faces.
...It's a very very MAD WORLD!!


Tears For Fears - THE HURTING

TEARS FOR FEARS are an English New Wave duo formed back in 1981 by ROLAND ORZABAL and CURT SMITH coming from the dissolution of their first band "GRADUATE" which was really MOD-Influenced. The band's name was inspired by a trauma-based psychotherapy called PRIMAL THERAPY developed by the American psychologist ARTHUR JANOV. In Janov's 1980 book entitled "Prisoners of Pain", he suggested "tears as a replacement for fears". When Orzabal and Smith finally met Janov in the mid-80s, they were disillusioned to find out that he had become quite the term "Hollywood" and wanted the band to write a musical.

TEARS FOR FEARS was first introduced here in MANILA by the early disco WXB102 format back in 1983 by playing "PALE SHELTER". This song was from the band's debut album "THE HURTING" which I'm featuring right now. During those times XB was still known as "Cute 102". It was then XB DJ "THE UNBEATABLE", known for that Legendary Manila New Wave Radio Show called "WAVE 180" on 89DMZ back in the 90s, who first played the song on air. YUP!! Andy Santillian aka. "The Unbeatable" was part of the very early XB DJs back then. Btw, I have already featured "WAVE180" here in my little blog "The Doctor Is In" before so just search it on my Label's list. According to "The Unbeatable, during one of his on-air shifts he saw a cassette tape lying around the booth which included the song "Pale Shelter" by Tears For PEARS. YUP!! You got it right guys!! It was spelled with a "P for PEARS" and not with an "F as FEARS". He immediately liked the song so he played it on air announcing the artist as TEARS FOR PEARS and not TEARS FOR FEARS? Well, of course nobody had heard of them back then so even though he was embarrassed he didn't sound that stupid okay. After a couple of days of playing it on air, people then started calling and asking about the song and "The Unbeatable" told them its "Pale Shelter" by Tears For Pears up until a good Samaritan told him that the artist was TEARS FOR FEARS and not TEARS FOR PEARS. Wheeew!! After having gotten over the embarrassment of sounding all-knowing on the radio airwaves but getting the name wrong he still continued playing the song. The requests never really stopped even with those discrepancies of information. THANKS Unbeatable for sharing this trivia for us to know!!

Since we were just talking about "Pale Shelter", then It's fitting for us to hear a special remix version of the song done my our friend from MixMinistry none other "THE MAYOR". YUP!! "The Mayor" was also a member of one of MANILA's Legendary New Wave Mobiles "MODE ZERO" which I have also featured here on my blog before. So to spice up this blogpost of mine I present you "The Mayor" of MixMinistry with "The Mayor's PALE SHELTER ANNEXED MIX" which he exclusively created on their MixMinistry site last year 2009. I uploaded it in a different music file share for you to listen to, but you can download it only on Mix Ministry site. THANKS Mayor!!


DOWNLOAD the Mix on MixMinistry Site by clicking their Logo:

THE HURTING was released back in March 1983 and TEARS FOR FEARS achieved their first taste of success with their 3rd single entitled "MAD WORLD" which reached #3 in the U.K. back in 1982. For this album and their second album "SONGS FROM THE BIG CHAIR", IAN STANLEY (keyboard player/composer) and MANNY ELIAS (drummer) were considered as full band members, though Smith and Orzabal were still essentially the frontmen and public face of the band. Both IAN and MANNY were also popular for PINOY NEW WAVERS during those times. The album was produced by CHRIS HUGHES and ROSS CULLUM which showcased synthesizer-based songs with lyrics reflecting Orzabal's bitter childhood. I guess that's why it was called "The Hurting". Be sure to check all song titles because they really reflected bitterness I may say. This album may be considered as the band's only true concept album as references to emotional distress and primal scream therapy are found in nearly every song. There were rumors here in MANILA back then that both ROLAND and CURT were treated and confined in a Psychiatric Institution when the band was in hiatus. I wonder how true that was? The album itself was a big success and it stayed for 65 weeks in the UK Charts where it peaked at #1 and gained platinum status. It also reached the Top 20 in several other countries and yielded the international hit singles "Mad World", "Change", and a re-recorded version of "Pale Shelter. All three of these singles reached the Top 5 in the U.K. Here in MANILA, the MUSIC VIDEOS of both "MAD WORLD" and "CHANGE" became very popular and had massive exposure on Music Video Shows on Philippine television back then. YUP!! Even the dance steps of ROLAND ORZABAL on both music videos became popular too especially to all PINOY NEW WAVERS. Those were the good ol' days indeed KABAYAN!! Definitlely, the two most popular songs in the album here in the Philippines were "MAD WORLD" and "CHANGE" since almost all FM Radio Stations played them frequently. Since the album is very much available in the internet on different music formats so I decided not to upload it anymore here on my blog. All tracks on the album were played by WXB102 and also got airplay on both POWER105 DZBM and NU107 back in the 80s. Well, aside from the popular songs in the album I really like the songs "WATCH ME BLEED" and "START OF THE BREAKDOWN". Of course, that very enchanting child voice on "SUFFER THE CHILDREN" makes it also a personal favorite.


1. "The Hurting"
2. "Mad World"
3. "Pale Shelter"
4. "Ideas as Opiates"
5. "Memories Fade"
6. "Suffer the Children"
7. "Watch Me Bleed"
8. "Change"
9. "The Prisoner"
10. "Start of the Breakdown"

Btw, if you are a keen observer, both Tracks #2 and #3 namely "MAD WORLD" and "PALE SHELTER" has no gap in between. YUP!! You cannot hear any space just after "Mad World" finishes and when "Pale Shelter" starts playing. This "No Gap" thing was carried down also to their greatest hits compilation entitled "TEARS ROLL DOWN (Greatest Hits 82-92)". It reminds me of the similarities on the CUTTING CREW album "BROADCAST" wherein there was also no gap between "ONE FOR THE MOCKING BIRD" and "I'VE BEEN IN LOVE BEFORE" which was also carried down on CUTTING CREW's greatest hits compilation "THE BEST OF CUTTING CREW". Interesting isn't it?

I guess that's it for todays blogpost guys!! I'll leave with the title track of the album. I also included the lyrics just in case you wanna sing a long with it too. THANKS for dropping by!!

LISTEN and SING-A-LONG to the title track

Lyrics | Tears For Fears Lyrics | The Hurting Lyrics



EVO-XR Tears For Fears Remixes

My KABAYAN and blogger friend bingbong aka. McDoc have done two great remixes of TEARS FOR FEARS songs namely "SUFFER THE CHILDREN" and "EVERYBODY WANTS TO RULE THE WORLD" before. Since I also love these two songs, I decided to share McDoc's remixes to you too here in my little blog "The Doctor Is In" because the band will be having a concert here in MANILA on MAY 2, 2010. He posted this in his cool "Evo-XR Remixes" Blogsite last year 2009 and definitely these two Evo-XR versions are great original creations of his. Both songs were introduced here in MANILA by WXB102 back in the 80s. "SUFFER THE CHILDREN" was the first TEARS FOR FEARS composition just right after the 1981 breakup of Roland Orzabal and Curt Smith's previous band "GRADUATE". This song would eventually be re-recorded for TEARS FOR FEARS smashing 1983 debut album "THE HURTING". According to ROLAND ORZABAL, the song title "SUFFER THE CHILDREN" bears a resemblance to a Biblical passage on The Book of Matthew (19:14) wherein JESUS CHRIST teaches on the innocence of children. The song reached #52 in the U.K. Singles Chart back in 1985. Caroline Orzabal provided the enchanting child voice which made a mark for those who remembers this song. I wonder how old is she right now? On the otherhand, "EVERYBODY WANTS TO RULE THE WORLD" was the band's 9th single released in the U.K. and the 3rd single from their record breaking second album "SONGS FROM THE BIG CHAIR". It was also their 7th U.K. TOP 40 Chart hit which peaked at #2 in April 1985. In the U.S., the song reached #1 on both the Hot Dance Music/Club Play and Hot Dance Singles Sales and was the lead single from that 1985 album and gave the band their first Billboard Hot 100 #1 hit which remained there for two weeks. Wheeew!! Talking about chart success!! According to ROLAND ORZABAL, the beat of "EVERYBODY WANTS TO RULE THE WORLD" was borrowed from another U.K.Top 40 chart hit by a SIMPLE MINDS song entitled "WATERFRONT". Actually, some Filipino artists have released their own versions of "EVERYBODY WANTS TO RULE THE WORLD" and one of them was BAGETS and 80s Icon Raymond Lauchengco on his 2007 "FULL CIRCLE 80s" album which I already featured here on my blog last MAY 2009. Just check my "OPM" Labels for it. Btw, I'll be featuring both "THE HURTING" and "SONGS FROM THE BIG CHAIR" albums here in my blog so just stay tune.

So without further a do, I bring you the T
EARS FOR FEARS remixes of McDoc!!

"SUFFER THE CHILDREN McDoc Evo-XR 8185 Mix" Here:




Check out McDoc's Evo-XR Remixes Blogsite by CLICKING the LOGO:

So why EVO-XR? According to McDoc, Its the EVOlution of eXtended Remixes. YUP!! He just loves listening to Extended and Remix Versions of songs. His blog showcases his unique talent of creating extended/remix versions of songs that does not have an official extended/remix versions. He also loves to create his very own extended/remix versions of his favorite songs mostly of the NEW WAVE Genre and the 80s. Well, that's the McDoc Remix style. I hope you enjoyed listening to bingbong aka. McDoc's TEARS FOR FEARS Remixes. THANKS bing for sharing these stuffs!! THANKS AGAIN guys for dropping by!!

That's McDoc's
TFF's Evo-XR Remixes!!


Tears For Fears MANILA 2010

Finally, the long time rumors of TEARS FOR FEARS coming to MANILA has come to an end. PINOY NEW WAVERS get ready for ROLAND ORZABAL and CURT SMITH of TEARS FOR FEARS Live In Manila on MAY 2, 2010 at the ARANETA COLISEUM brought to you by Ovation Productions. Just continuing my month long TEARS FOR FEARS Special here on my little blog "The Doctor Is In" so I hope you'll enjoy the ride. So get ready to travel back to memory lane. See you there KABAYANS!!




PINOY NEW WAVERS have something to look forward to next month MAY 2010!! "The Dr. Stirring Rhod Way" will refer to it as "2 TFFs in MANILA"!! Why? It's about Two bands with an abbreviation of TFF namely "THIS FINAL FRAME" and "TEARS FOR FEARS" that will be invading MANILA this MAY 2010. Firstly, the new album of THIS FINAL FRAME" will sure hit MANILA's Record Bars. YUP!! This band from Liverpool, England headed by PAUL SKILLEN on vocals which made waves for PINOY NEW WAVERS with that controversial song entitled "STORIES" will be releasing their latest album "MY BLUE HEART" here in the Philippines courtesy of UNIVERSAL RECORDS. Hmmmp? Very interesting right? This new album will be launch on the last week of April and by May the album will hit all the major record bars. So do get your personal copies okay. Here in MANILA, THIS FINAL FRAME's song "STORIES" followed the footsteps of SEONA DANCING's "MORE TO LOSE". YUP!! If "More To Lose" was to "MEDIUM by FADE", then "Stories" was to " 10 PORTRAITS OF A JEW by SNAKES AND LADDERS". Definitely, exclusive PINOY NEW WAVER's true stories. He He He!! Of course, the main event here in MANILA coming next month will be the other TFF and the most popular of the two none other than "TEARS FOR FEARS Live In Manila". YUP KABAYANS!! Finally another New Wave Band coming over here in my beloved country just few days before the much anticipated "MAY 10, 2010 Philippine Presidential Election". It would be really great to see and hear TEARS FOR FEARS' ROLAND ORZABAL and CURT SMITH perform LIVE and sing their classic songs here in MANILA. Wheeew!! I can't say more about it because TEARS FOR FEARS was really big around the world and also here in the Philippines back then. Who wouldn't know TEARS FOR FEARS? With such hits like "Change", "Pale Shelter", "Everybody Wants To Rule The World" and much much more. Hopefully, these two TFFs events would be both successful. I just wish that THIS FINAL FRAME would also do a concert here in MANILA in the future. There were actually rumors before but It remained as rumors. He He He!! So KABAYANS, be sure to get hold of the Original CD of THIS FINAL FRAME and be there on the TEARS FOR FEARS Concert on MAY 2, 2010. Btw, that's two of my VINYL RECORDS from the TFFs bands on the Blogpost Header Photo. THANKS AGAIN guys for dropping by!!

I'll leave you with a TEARS FOR FEARS MASH-UP created by DjDocT exclusively for my little blog "The Doctor Is In" which I published here two years ago back in December 21, 2008. This is one of the New Wave Mash-ups for my Music Project entitled "New Wave Mash-acre" I asked him to make for my blog back then .This is his newer version. THANKS DJDocT!!


Two Formidable Forces!!