Famous Last Words and Classic TEARS FOR FEARS

Last Christmas 2009, my cousin gave me two TEARS FOR FEARS compilation CDs namely "TEARS FOR FEARS Famous Last Words- The Collection" and "CLASSIC TEARS FOR FEARS" as Christmas gifts which I'm featuring right now. I used the CDs as my Blogpost Header Photo. I told him before that I will not really buy these two CDs since I have that much TFF materials already in my CD collection but when I received these two CDs I was still delighted even though It's not that so called "Rare" or "Hard To Find". Both are still great materials to be added to my modest music collection and It's for free right?He He He!! I'm not going to upload the CDs since they are still much available on the local record bars here in MANILA and I'm very sure that both CDs would be sold on the gates on the TEARS FOR FEARS Live in MANILA Concert this MAY 2, 2010. Wheeew!! I'm really excited to see them finally perform LIVE in concert. TEARS FOR FEARS still reign in the hearts of a lot of PINOY NEW WAVERS who have long been waiting to watch them LIVE in the flesh. The band still continues to sell out shows around the world and have already sold more than 22 million albums worldwide. Hmmmp? That's a great achievement on the world of music.

1. Pharaohs - Single Version
2. Brian Wilson Said
3. New Star
4. The Way You Are
5. Break It Down Again
6. Sowing The Seeds Of Love - Album Version
7. Lord Of Karma
8. Ideas As Opiates - Album Version
9. Suffer The Children Album Version
10. When In Love With A Blind Man
11. We Are Broken
12. Cold
13. Year Of The Knife - Album Version
14. Famous Last Words - Album Version
15. The Big Chair
16. Deja-Vu And The Sins Of Science
17. Ghost Papa

1. Shout - Album Version
2. Mothers Talk - Album Version
3. I Believe (A Soulful Re-Recording)
4. Head Over Heels
5. Advice For The Young At Heart - Album Version
6. Laid So Low (Tears Roll Down)
7. Mad World - Album Version
8. Change - Radio Edit
9. Everybody Wants To Rule The World - Album Version
10. Woman In Chains - Album Version
11. Tears Roll Down - Album Version
12. The Prisoner - Album Version
13. The Body Wah
14. The Marauders
15. The Hurting - Album Version
16. Johnny Panic And The Bible Of Dreams
17. Empire Building
18. The Conflict

1. Break It Down Again
2. Shout
3. Goodnight Song
4. Bad Man's Song
5. Power
6. Cold
7. Dog's A Best Friend's Dog
8. Swords And Knives
9. Famous Last Words
10. Mothers Talk
11. Head Over Heels
12. Advice For The Young At Heart
13. Everybody Wants To Rule The World
14. Sowing The Seeds Of Love
15. Woman In Chains

Well in this time of mp3s and Ipods, I guess these two compilations are still worth having on your music collection if you are like me who prefers and collects the original stuffs. It's quite nice listening to these CDs straight without interruption while remembering the good old days when the songs invaded the airwaves back then. THANKS AGAIN for dropping by!!


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