PINOY NEW WAVERS have something to look forward to next month MAY 2010!! "The Dr. Stirring Rhod Way" will refer to it as "2 TFFs in MANILA"!! Why? It's about Two bands with an abbreviation of TFF namely "THIS FINAL FRAME" and "TEARS FOR FEARS" that will be invading MANILA this MAY 2010. Firstly, the new album of THIS FINAL FRAME" will sure hit MANILA's Record Bars. YUP!! This band from Liverpool, England headed by PAUL SKILLEN on vocals which made waves for PINOY NEW WAVERS with that controversial song entitled "STORIES" will be releasing their latest album "MY BLUE HEART" here in the Philippines courtesy of UNIVERSAL RECORDS. Hmmmp? Very interesting right? This new album will be launch on the last week of April and by May the album will hit all the major record bars. So do get your personal copies okay. Here in MANILA, THIS FINAL FRAME's song "STORIES" followed the footsteps of SEONA DANCING's "MORE TO LOSE". YUP!! If "More To Lose" was to "MEDIUM by FADE", then "Stories" was to " 10 PORTRAITS OF A JEW by SNAKES AND LADDERS". Definitely, exclusive PINOY NEW WAVER's true stories. He He He!! Of course, the main event here in MANILA coming next month will be the other TFF and the most popular of the two none other than "TEARS FOR FEARS Live In Manila". YUP KABAYANS!! Finally another New Wave Band coming over here in my beloved country just few days before the much anticipated "MAY 10, 2010 Philippine Presidential Election". It would be really great to see and hear TEARS FOR FEARS' ROLAND ORZABAL and CURT SMITH perform LIVE and sing their classic songs here in MANILA. Wheeew!! I can't say more about it because TEARS FOR FEARS was really big around the world and also here in the Philippines back then. Who wouldn't know TEARS FOR FEARS? With such hits like "Change", "Pale Shelter", "Everybody Wants To Rule The World" and much much more. Hopefully, these two TFFs events would be both successful. I just wish that THIS FINAL FRAME would also do a concert here in MANILA in the future. There were actually rumors before but It remained as rumors. He He He!! So KABAYANS, be sure to get hold of the Original CD of THIS FINAL FRAME and be there on the TEARS FOR FEARS Concert on MAY 2, 2010. Btw, that's two of my VINYL RECORDS from the TFFs bands on the Blogpost Header Photo. THANKS AGAIN guys for dropping by!!

I'll leave you with a TEARS FOR FEARS MASH-UP created by DjDocT exclusively for my little blog "The Doctor Is In" which I published here two years ago back in December 21, 2008. This is one of the New Wave Mash-ups for my Music Project entitled "New Wave Mash-acre" I asked him to make for my blog back then .This is his newer version. THANKS DJDocT!!


Two Formidable Forces!!

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