James Bond 007 New Wave Theme Songs

I'm a great fan of IAN FLEMING's fictional character JAMES BOND 007 who he created back in 1952. There are already a total of 21 Official Films that were produced by EON Productions but is currently distributed by UNITED ARTIST. An upcoming 22nd film entitled "QUANTUM OF SOLACE" is in the works that would be due for release November of this year(2008). Recently,I read news of the series of accidents that happened while filming this new Bond movie. Last April 25,2008 the third car crash accident happened in the Italian resort of Lake Garda wherein the Greek stuntman suffered head injuries in a car chase scene. This is just days after the BOND's Aston Martin car plunged into Lake Garda while it was being delivered to the set. Hmmmp!! So what's this all about? A Jinx? Well, hopefully everything turns out fine up to the last shooting day. I also hope that I'll be impress this time by Actor Daniel Craig on his acting styles. YUP!! I'm excited to see this new JAMES BOND film in the wide screen.

Here's the link on my previous Blog Post on my JAMES BOND VCD collection:

I'm featuring right now two videos of my favorite JAMES BOND 007 theme songs taken from two 1980s film namely "A VIEW TO A KILL"(1985) which starred ROGER MOORE and "THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS"(1987) which starred TIMOTHY DALTON. I've also icluded the mp3 of the two songs to be downloaded if you still don't have a copy. If you will notice, both songs have a James Bond Flavor on their sound. The quality of musical arrangements by both DURAN DURAN and A-HA were indeed a SPY-beat with the instruments coming alongside to the film themes and of course that NEW WAVE touch. I remember watching both films on Widescreen back in the Legendary QUAD CINEMA in MAKATI. He He He!! Talking about memories. The old QUAD CINEMA still stands right now as part of the GLORIETTA MALL but it's not anymore a Cinema but a Store Stalls already. TANYA ROBERTS was really Hot & Sexy on "A VIEW TO A KILL". Remember her SHEENA role? Two great BOND films, songs, and videos. REALLY UNFORGETABLE!!


Click here to download the song:


Click here to download the song:

BONDing Moments Muna Tayo!!



FERVENT is another Philippine Bootleg New Wave Compilation released here in MANILA wayback 1998. You might ask what "Fervent" means and here it is according to Merriam-Webster Dictionary: very hot, glowing, exhibiting or marked by great intensity of feeling, zealous (Fervent Prayers). What I will feature here is the DIGIPACK version of the CD courtesy of my high school best friend JACK J. which was released back in 1999(A year after the original release) by NWFaction. This was the time when both CHORUS GIRL and LOST AND FOUND bootleg CD became a big hit here in Manila. I find this compilation very relaxing, smooth and great. The selections are quite good with the likes of GAZEBO(I LIKE CHOPIN, DEPECHE MODE(SOMEBODY), AZTEC CAMERA(HOW MEN ARE) and many more. This CD reminds me of the POWER105 DZBM FM's Noontime Lite New Wave Radio Show entitled "LIGHT AND EASY FAVORITES" wayback 1988-1990 wherein New Wave music is on the lighter side of the genre. Of course, who would forget POWER105 DJ CHEL D's favorite "BROKEN LAND" song which is also included in the CD. That for sure will travel you back into those DZBM days.

This excellent CD includes 17 LITE and EASY Common New Wave songs that's right for a hard days work. Definitely PINOY WAVERS would remember this compilation although it was never made into a Series like the other Philippine New Wave Bootleg CDs I featured here before in my blog. I have to say that this is FERVENT indeed!! Well, I've decided to share to you the entire CD for download here in my blog so I asked JACK J. to upload the CD for me. YUP!! The entire CD for you regular visitors of my humble blog to download. Hopefully you guys would like it the way I did. Feel free to leave a comment about the compilation when you download it. The songs are not Obscure or Hard To Find but it's still worth it as a compilation which was released here in Manila when CD Burning was not yet available during those times.

1) I Like Chopin (NT Edit)- GAZEBO
2) Someday- GLASS TIGER
3) Turn Back The Clock- JOHNNY HATES JAZZ
4) Eyes Without A Face- BILLY IDOL
5) I've Been In Love Before- CUTTING CREW
6) How Men Are- AZTEC CAMERA
7) Don't Dream It's Over- CROWDED HOUSE
9) Forever Young- ALPHAVILLE
10)Somebody- DEPECHE MODE
11)Different Seasons- JOHNNY HATES JAZZ
12)Broken Land- THE ADVENTURES
13)Build(1998 Radio Edit)- THE HOUSEMARTINS
15)Thinking Of You- THE COLOURFIELD
16)You're The Best Thing- THE STYLE COUNCIL
17)With Or Without You- U2

Thanks to my good friend JACK J. for sharing his CD on my blog!!
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Last Month, I recieved news that an XB REUNION PARTY was in the works. If I'm not mistaken this would probably be the 4th time this was planned ever since WXB102 was resurrected by MIKE SUTTON in 2005 as an Internet Radio Station on LIVE 365. This planned 102 party was to be held at EASTWOOD CITY LIBIS before and now there was a change of venue. This is good news!! Finally, after 2o years this would be the first ever "102 PARTY" to be organize presented by SUTTON MUSIC GROUP. At first, I thought It is to be held inside the ARANETA COLISEUM. WheeeW!! That's quite a big venue for it and TAAARAAAH it is schedule to be held tomorrow night at the venue called "SERVE" also in ARANETA COLISEUM but it's not inside the big Coliseum itself as a lot of people thought. I guess this would be start of another series of the so-called "102 PARTIES" that were very famous wayback 1986-87!!

Last Saturday(APRIL 19,2008), before we entered the Coliseum for the "LOST 80s LIVE in MANILA Concert" I had a chance to walk in front of SERVE and was able to take pictures of the XB REUNION Ticket Booth and the big Banner posted in front of the venue.

I have included here in my Blog Post messages from both George Frederick and Mike Sutton.


Hello hello hello!

Some of us know that we are going to have a grand reunion party this April 25 2008. If you don't, well then now you do!

This project is Julius's idea and I do remember that he brought this up with me the very first time we met after the long silence of WXB102.

We need everybody's help in telling people about this, so please get in touch with us as soon as you can! We need DJ's... anybody who feels like letting it all out even for just a few minutes hahaha

Is Allan K ready to mix? Carla? Jojo? Hilary? Mikey? Tell us!

No pre-selling of tickets this time, so all tickets will be sold at the gate. Please inform us if you guys in the group are coming so that we could put you in our guest list. If you are not on this list, you will have to pay at the gate!
Who knows? Maybe the next grand reunion will be in 2028.

JULIUS CAESAR on the XB BOOTH!! He was the one who designed the Poster Ad of the WXB102 GRAND REUNION DANCE PARTY.

Message from MIKE SUTTON:

Legendary New Wave DJs Reunite After 20 Years At WXB 102 Dance Party


Manila, Philippines) - From the ominous roar of Killing Joke to the pulsating synthesizers of New Order to the sunny afternoon reggae rhythms of UB40 to the jumpy rockabilly of the Stray Cats to the dreamy romanticism of the Lotus Eaters, no other radio station in Manila could claim to own such an eclectic, adventurous sound than WXB 102. Lead by Program Director George Frederick, from 1986 to 1987 WXB 102 pioneered alternative music in the Philippines, introducing an entire generation of kids to the New Wave beats of Fra Lippo Lippi, Echo & the Bunnymen, U2, the Smiths, Depeche Mode, R.E.M., Joy Division, Gene Loves Jezebel, among thousands of others. WXB 102 smashed through the Top-10 ratings by playing cutting-edge acts that no other FM station had the balls to throw on the air and championed the Pinoy underground, breaking local acts such as the Dawn, the Introvoys, Dean's December, and the Identity Crisis.

Once faded into legend, WXB 102 was resurrected as an online radio station in 2005, sponsored by lifelong fan Michael Sutton, CEO of Sutton Music Group. Two years later, the entire regular '86-'87 airstaff are together again with George Frederick, Julius Caesar, and the Ghost broadcasting live from Manila daily on http://www.wxb102.tk and Fat Albert, Cool Carla, the Morning Man, and Allan K. doing pre-recorded shows.

With the DJs back over the airwaves, it was inevitable that the dance parties would return as well. Under the guidance of Julius Caesar, that time is now. On Friday, April 25th in the Serve Bar at the Araneta Coliseum, Sutton Music Group presents the WXB 102 Grand Reunion Dance Party. Meet the original WXB 102 DJs as they spin the U.K.-soaked blasts from the past, the colorful and quirky New Wave classics from groups such as Xmal Deutschland, Sigue Sigue Sputnik, Care, Wire Train, among many others -- the records which defined "102 Music" and made competitors pale in comparison.

Entrance fee is PHP 300.00. For ticket information, please call Julius Caesar at 09108885716 or at 09228305866. For media inquiries, please contact Michael Sutton at Sutton Music Group at xb102music@yahoo.com.

Listen to WXB 102 live from Manila every day Mon-Fri from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. PST at http://www.wxb102.tk with the Ghost, George Frederick, and Julius Caesar.




"NO MORE I LOVE YOU'S" was originally sang by THE LOVER SPEAKS back in 1986 which was taken from their self-titled debut album and was revived by ANNIE LENNOX in her 1995 solo album "MEDUSA". I definitely love this song and for me both versions are great and very refreshing to listen to. A very famous song here in MANILA among Pinoy Wavers and Punks so I decided to make a Blog Post on it. COOL SONG!! The original version is a DZBM POWER 105 Classic!!


I used to be lunatic
From the gracious days
I used to be woebegone
And so restless nights
My aching heart would bleed
For you to see
Oh but now...
(I dont find myself bouncing home whistling
Buttonhole tunes to make me cry)

No more I love you's
The language is leaving me
No more I love you's
Changes are shifting outside the word

I used to have demons in my room at night
Desire,despair,desire,so many monsters
Oh but now...
(I dont find myself bouncing home whistling
Buttonhole tunes to make me cry)

No more I love you's
The language is leaving me
No more I love you's
The language is leaving me in silence
No more I love you's
Changes are shifting outside the word

They were being really crazy
They were on the come
And you know what mammy
Everybody was being really crazy
Uh Huh
The monsters are crazy
There are monsters outsides

No more I love you's
The language is leaving me
No more I love you's
The language is leaving me in silence
No more I love you's
Changes are shifting outside the word

Outside the word

I Uploaded the two VIDEOS of the song!!



Check out my previous Blog Post on THE LOVER SPEAKS for more info:






NEW WAVE HITS of the 80's

I was in MEDSCHOOL when this excellent 80s Compilation CD entitled "NEW WAVE HITS OF THE 80s" was made available here in MANILA at ODYSSEY RECORDS. It was 1994 and the Philippine Music Scene was in the middle of the ALTERNATIVE ROCK BOOM both Foreign and Lokal Acts when this great RHINO Records Compilation was released here in MANILA and a lot of Volumes were also conceptualized after the success of the first one. If I'm not mistaken, there were a total of 18 Volumes created by RHINO Records and for me each Volume is a great catch for NEW WAVERS who really missed the music during those times it was released. YUP!! The DECADE of the 90s was really dedicated to the so-called ALTERNATIVE ROCK MUSIC and this Compilation back then would at least have revived the music of the Decade which just ended....and it was the Unforgetable 80s. I consider it as one of the early NEW WAVE COMPILATION CDS that were released in the 90s which made a great tribute to the Musical Genre called NEW WAVE. Since, the CD SERIES is a mixture of the COMMON and HARD TO FIND New Wave Music I decided to buy only 5 CDs from the compilation which included the Special HOLLOWEEN and CHRISTMAS release which were also made available on the now defunct TOWER RECORDS Philippines by year 1999-2001 . The Inner Cover Sleeves of each Volume is very impressive because it contain informations about the songs on the Tracklist and it's Chart Success if there were any and of course there were also Band photos and stories included on the Inserts. A Great Compilation Indeed!!

Well, luckily fellow Blogger BABAKAZOO have uploaded 16 CDs from the NEW WAVE HITS OF THE 80's Series in his blog. It also contain the whole Tracklist of each Volume.

Do check it out!!

to enter BABA's site and download 16 CDs from the series!!

I featured the HOLLOWEEN edition before here in my blog.

Thanks BABA!!



Hello Everyone!! Well, it has been almost a month since my last Blog Post. I've been very busy lately in all my priorities in life. Hmmmp!! Very serious? Naaah!! Blogging is not really my cup of tea and I don't even earn posting here. HE HE HE! It's only an anti-stress thing I could do once in a while aside from my usual daily activities. I would like to thank those regular visitors of my humble blog especially those people who took time out to post some comments both on the Chat Box and directly on my Blog Post. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!! Bloggers like me really needed those comments to inspire us to continue improving our site. I've watched some concerts recently and the highlight would be last night's LOST 80's LIVE Concert here in MANILA featuring WHEN IN ROME, REAL LIFE and A FLOCK OF SEAGULLS at the ARANETA COLISEUM. I'll be having a Blog Post about that excellent concert. SWING OUT SISTERS and DURAN DURAN also came back to MANILA to perform for the second time, but I still consider their previous concerts better than their recent visit.

There will also be a lot of 80s acts that are bound for MANILA to do some Live Concerts anytime this year or next year. Some future MANILA 80s Concert line-up which was promoted during the LOST 80s LIVE MANILA CONCERT will be GENERAL PUBLIC, WANG CHUNG, THOMPSON TWINS, TONY HADLEY, and RICK ASHLEY. Of course, like what I have mentioned before in my previous Blog Post
U2, WILD SWANS, and GENE LOVES JEZEBEL are also in the works. Hopefully all of this plans will push through.