James Bond 007 New Wave Theme Songs

I'm a great fan of IAN FLEMING's fictional character JAMES BOND 007 who he created back in 1952. There are already a total of 21 Official Films that were produced by EON Productions but is currently distributed by UNITED ARTIST. An upcoming 22nd film entitled "QUANTUM OF SOLACE" is in the works that would be due for release November of this year(2008). Recently,I read news of the series of accidents that happened while filming this new Bond movie. Last April 25,2008 the third car crash accident happened in the Italian resort of Lake Garda wherein the Greek stuntman suffered head injuries in a car chase scene. This is just days after the BOND's Aston Martin car plunged into Lake Garda while it was being delivered to the set. Hmmmp!! So what's this all about? A Jinx? Well, hopefully everything turns out fine up to the last shooting day. I also hope that I'll be impress this time by Actor Daniel Craig on his acting styles. YUP!! I'm excited to see this new JAMES BOND film in the wide screen.

Here's the link on my previous Blog Post on my JAMES BOND VCD collection:

I'm featuring right now two videos of my favorite JAMES BOND 007 theme songs taken from two 1980s film namely "A VIEW TO A KILL"(1985) which starred ROGER MOORE and "THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS"(1987) which starred TIMOTHY DALTON. I've also icluded the mp3 of the two songs to be downloaded if you still don't have a copy. If you will notice, both songs have a James Bond Flavor on their sound. The quality of musical arrangements by both DURAN DURAN and A-HA were indeed a SPY-beat with the instruments coming alongside to the film themes and of course that NEW WAVE touch. I remember watching both films on Widescreen back in the Legendary QUAD CINEMA in MAKATI. He He He!! Talking about memories. The old QUAD CINEMA still stands right now as part of the GLORIETTA MALL but it's not anymore a Cinema but a Store Stalls already. TANYA ROBERTS was really Hot & Sexy on "A VIEW TO A KILL". Remember her SHEENA role? Two great BOND films, songs, and videos. REALLY UNFORGETABLE!!


Click here to download the song:


Click here to download the song:

BONDing Moments Muna Tayo!!


bingbong said...

Hi doc, i have the first Casino Royale made for TV way back in the 50s. Then there's also the one made in the 60s which is kinda comedic. Email me if you're interested.

DSR said...

YUP Bingbong!! I was able to borrow that from a friend of mine too. Galing diba? Thanks!!


bingbong said...

Yup galing nga. The original Bond in the 1950s was a blonde guy. That's why when they introduced Daniel Craig, they said they're going back to the original looks of Bond. Just saw your previous Bond posting in 2007. Nice collection doc. Other than "Never Say Never" being unofficial because it wasn't released by UA, do you know more info about it? Kasi, I was wondering why Sean Connery would agree to star in an unofficial bond film. To prove that he still has what it takes even though Roger Moore is younger? The movie is okay but they weren't able to use the orig bond theme in it being unofficial and all. Iba kasi dating ng orig bond theme e di ba? (The Art of Noise's cover of the theme is cool too) But the thing that's made "Never Say Never" interesting for me would be the appearance of Rowan Atkinson, AKA Mr.Bean, as Bond's informant. Ain't it hilarious seeing him there? Though he was kinda serious in his role. Well, Sir Sean Connery is still the best Bond ever!!!