Last Christmas, I made a Blogpost about "THE CHIPMUNKS" who for me are three of the lovable characters ever created. The movie "ALVIN AND THE CHIPMUNKS" was to be shown here in MANILA during Christmas 2007 but due to the METRO MANILA FILM FESTIVAL that's usually schedule yearly on that time it was then moved last JANUARY 2008. Well, it's a bit late to review this movie but I find the movie very entertaining, funny, and it brought me back to my old childhood days. He He He! We've watched it at THE POWER PLANT in Makati.

It's just one of the movies that would relieve you from the harsh environment of the real world. Ha Ha Ha! It would give you an oppurtunity to laugh and smile just for a while. "ALVIN, SIMON, and THEODORE" were really great doing there own stuffs making people laugh on the big screen with their own antics. Each of them have their own personal qualities that differentiate one from the other. DAVE was also there to guide these three little cute creatures. Hmmp Creatures? ALVIN could get mad at me calling them creatures. He He He! Of course, trouble began when The Chipmunks started feeling a "STAR" and was blinded by fame and money by Uncle IAN. The first part of the movie tackled on the origins of The Chipmunks on how Dave Seville(played by Jason Lee) met these three lovable chipmunks and by then the rough rollercoaster ride for DAVE started to rumble. The songs in the movie were quite impressive with The Chipmunks renditions of "Witch Doctor", "FunkyTown", and "Bad Day" which I uploaded. There were touches of Modern Rock, Hip Hop, Funk, Pop, and Reggae in the Sountrack. A very cute movie indeed and with accompanying great story lines.

Just like the banner says "TALENT COMES IN ALL SIZES"!! I agree with that. Good for people of all sizes, and ages. That's ALVIN, SIMON and THEODORE.


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I uploaded 3 songs from the movie namely FUNKY TOWN, WITCH DOCTOR, and BAD DAY:
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Great movie!!!

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