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A Culture Club song? Nope!! Since we are on the roll here regarding NEW WAVE MIXES I have decided this time to share three sets of different NEW WAVE MIXES given to me by djdocT, Snoog, and bingbong that would end up the wonderful Month of MAY 2008.YUP!! There's no stopping us sharing this type of mixes so we will make MIXtake #3 yeah!!

MIXtake #1
This first set was shared by djdocT but the mix was done by PDDJ djMarlon of 89.1

1) icehouse - electric blue
2) tears for fears - break it down again
3) blue zoo - love moves in strange ways
4) u2 - with or without you
5) fra lippo lippi - everytime i see you
6) duran duran - save a prayer
7) simple minds - dont you (forget about me)
8) depeche mode - everything counts
9) mighty lemon drops - out of hand
10)duran duran - the union of the snake
11)tears for fears - mad world
12)belouis some- animal magic
13)new order - bizarre love triangle
14)when in rome - the promise
15)erasure - a little respect
16)a flock of seagulls - wishing
17)siouxsie and the banshees - cities in dust
18)cccp - american soviets
19)new order - dont do it
Download The Mix Here: MIXtake #1

MIXtake #2

This second set was shared by Snoog but the mix was done by DJ Kaiser Soze.The mix is a blend of New and Old DEPECHE MODE Songs in a Tune of 2008 Remixes.

1. Only When I Lose Myself (Zone Depeche Remix)
2. It's No Good (Apathy In Motion 2008 Mix)
3. Nothing's Impossible (Zone Depeche Remix)
4. Goodnight Lovers (Dominatrix Remix 2008)
5. Behind The Wheel (David Dieu Remix)
6. Dream On (Dark Remix)
7. Lilian (MegaMode Mix)
8. Strangelove (Tony Arzadon Electro Remix)
9. Enjoy The Silence (DJ F Garage Remix)
10. Martyr (Acid Bit Crush Remix)
11. John The Revelator (Zone Depeche Remix)
12. Personal Jesus (DJ Young feat. Mechanica Progressive Dub)
13. World In My Eyes (Powerms House Mix)
14. Precious (White Noise Remix)
15. Photographic (Ektom vs Dominatrix Remix 2008)
16. I Want It All (Zone Depeche Remix)
Download The Mix Here: MIXtake #2
MIXtake # 3
Duran Duran's "A View To A Kill [The 007 Killer Mix]"
Well, this is much different from #1 and #2 because this time it's only one song from "THE FAB FIVE" themselves DURAN DURAN. This was shared by bingbong and has audio excerpts from the James Bond film "Octopussy" and maybe as a promo for the next Bond film "A View to a Kill" back in 1985. The audio quality is not that good because it was recorded from vinyl to the so-called Indonesian Cassette Tapes which were also popular here in MANILA during the late 80s. Bingbong paid someone to convert it into mp3 wayback late 90s.
Download The Mix Here: MIXtake#3

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