DjDOCT's Wave After Wave Mix!!

Well, here's another New Wave Mix for you guys here in my blog. I have requested DjDOCT if he could make me a New Wave Mix which I will feature here on my blog to give another blogpost spice and indeed he was also delighted with the idea of him sharing his talent for us. NAKS!! DjDOCT is a DENTIST by profession in Pampanga and have some DJ experiences back in his High School and College Days. Hmmmp!! When was that Doc? He He He!! A great music enthusiast and a Vinyl collector, he also created his own Music Blog called Vinyl 80s which is included on my Links that features his own ripping of his Vinyl Records. Definitely another PINOY talent and a self-confessed Power 105 DZBM fan. I'm just glad to feature his mix and I hope you guys would love it the way I did. If you wanna travel again back in time and listen to those New Wave Dance Party Mixes of the 80s then better download his mix and enjoy the music that would enter you into another Time Capsule.

djdocT's wave after wave mix
73-145-92bpm D-minor
Time: 25:37min. 33.15MB MP3 VBR

1-i've been in love before-cutting crew
2-more to lose-seona dancing
3-new life-depeche mode-inc. samples of pop goes the world(men without hats)and this corrosion(sisters of mercy)
4-stay with me-india
5-every beat of the heart-the railway children
6-highly strung-spandau ballet
7-dancing with tears in my eyes- ultravox
8-just like heaven-the cure
9-china-red rockers
10-tainted love-soft cell
11-rock lobster-b-52's
DjDoct New Wave Mix

Check out his Blog here: http://vinyl80s.blogspot.com/

The Mix started smooth and slow with CUTTING CREW's "I'VE BEEN IN LOVE BEFORE" and followed by an All-Time PINOY New Wave favorite "MORE TO LOSE" by SEONA DANCING that increases the tempo a bit. Wheew!! It's time to really dance. A song from DEPECHE MODE follows "NEW LIFE" and I remember the spoof lyrics of this song back in the 80s which were popular in school campuses "Circulating, Masturbating, NEW LIFE(2x)". Ha Ha Ha! Nice to hear THE RAILWAY CHILDREN too and this guys are not related with " MGA BATANG RILES" that starred Kempee De Leon, Gary Estrada and other young stars in the Philippine Cinema ok. OooWs!! The beat gets faster as you go on and it made you feel "JUST LIKE HEAVEN". How to end the mix with a B52s classic "ROCK LOBSTER" which was also a massive hit here in MANILA back in 1980. Another great mix indeed!! He informed me that it would be quite a while before he could make another New Wave Mix like this one. Well, he just made it especially for my little blog. I am honored Doc!!

Thanks DjDoct!!!
"The Dentist Is In" my blog!!

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