Just can't get enough of those New Wave Mixes here in my blog? Well, here's another one for you guys from none other than ALEX aka. "THE BEATMEISTER". This fellow "Blue And Gold" blogger is actually my first Pinoy Music Blogger that I've linked in my blog. I've asked BEAT to do me a Fast Beat New Wave Mix that would at least remind us, PINOY WAVERS, the smooth slam dancing days of High School Dances and Soirees. He He He!! Hmmmp!! Memories indeed right? BEAT(as I call him) grew up with old-school funk and hip-hop tunes but was largely influenced by ‘80s new wave music and even have a massive collection of vinyls which he keeps to this day. WOW!! A fellow Vinyl Record collector too like me. He termed himself as a Hobbyist and Filipino bedroom DJ. Hmmmp!! ....Bedroom DJ? His interest in DJ’ng started when he first saw some friends playing in school fairs so he got amazed with it tried his hand at mixing and it got him interested to up to this date. He also remembered borrowing his friend’s equipment to practice and eventually bought his own gadgets. Thus, becoming his friend’s mobile group’s DJ and were invited to small events and parties to provide the music. He then thought of creating his own Music Mix Blog "TOTALLY MIXED UP" wherein he shares his talent for mixing and have some DJ friends featured on his blog. He was also invited by a European-based Internet radio station which broadcasts his mixes in a regular slot that lasts for a good one hour. PROUD TO BE PINOY!!

So here it goes!!! We've got "THE BEAT" in my blog!!

"THE BEATMEISTER" with his "Slamdance final mix"
Time: 49:28
67.9 MB

1) The First Picture Of You (12" Mix) - Lotus Eaters
2) Catch Me (I'm Falling) (12" Mix) - Real Life
3) Major Tom (Retro Shock Remix) - Peter Schilling
4) Cool Places (12" Mix) - Sparks feat. Jane Wiedlin
5) Chamber Of Hellos (12" Mix) - Wire Train
6) I Wanna Be Sedated (Ramones-On-45 Mix) - Ramones
7) Metro (Remix) - Berlin
8) Dancing With Myself (12" Mix) - Billy Idol
9) Take On Me (12" Mix) - A-ha
10) Boys Don't Cry (The Beatmeister's Remix) - The Cure
11) Everywhere I Go (Album Version) - The Call
12) Birds Fly (Whisper To A Scream) (12" Mix) - Icicle Works
13) This Charming Man (12" Mix) - The Smiths
14) Walking On Sunshine (12" Mix) - Katrina & The Waves


This great fast New Wave Mix started smooth with LOTUS EATERS and then the beat goes up with recent Manila Visitor REAL LIFE with their LOST 80s finale song "CATCH ME I'M FALLING".4...3...2...1.... It's "MAJOR TOM" next, now we're getting more pumped up with music from SPARKS and WIRE TRAIN. Of course, who would not go slam dancing with RAMONES extended version of "I WANNA BE SEDATED" that would let you shout "OI!! OI!! Let's Go!!". The next songs will definitely make you more wild with two PINOY all-time New Wave slamdancing favorites BILLY IDOL's "DANCING WITH MYSELF" and THE CURE's "BOYS DON'T CRY"(I still remember EAT BULAGA's Boy's Don't Cry Dance Contest). This is one kind of Nostalgic Trip you wouldn't like to miss. He He He!! Birthday Boy MORRISSEY with THE SMITHS is really cool to hear with "THIS CHARMING MAN". HAPPY BIRTHDAY MORRISSEY!! BEAT ended the mix with "WALKING ON SUNSHINE"......well guys "don't you feel good?" I enjoyed listening to the mix and I wanna thank THE BEATMEISTER for sharing this on my Blog. High School Dances and Soirees memories indeed Bro!! Thanks a lot BEAT!!

Visit BEAT's Blogsite here:

We've Got "THE BEATmeister" on my Blog!!
As BEAT and I would sing:
"And When Night's Angels Soft Shall Close Our Eyelids"


the beatmeister said...

ei docstir!!

again, MARAMING SALAMAT!!! i greatly appreciate it bro. :) am glad you liked it. just like old times di ba?

wait... those lyrics sound very familiar to me... i think i can name that tune in 1 note. HAHAHA!!

who doesn't remember our alma matter theme. hehe.

more power to you bro and hope to see you soon!!


DSR said...

You're very welcome BEAT!! Sa susunod ulit. :-)


nilo said...

@thebeatmeister -deleted na ung link,pwedeng pa re-up??