NEW ORDER - State Of The Nation

NEW ORDER was an English New Wave band formed back in 1980 by Bernard Sumner, Peter Hook, and Stephen Morris in the wake of the demise of their previous group Joy Division, following the suicide of vocalist Ian Curtis. They were soon joined by additional keyboardist Gillian Gilbert who incidentally was Stephen Morris' Girlfriend back then who ultimately became his wife too. This band is just so famous among PINOY NEW WAVERS and PUNKS and their songs have been on regular airplay on Legendary Philippine New Wave Radio Frequencies WXB 102, POWER 105, and NU 107 back in the 80s. Last JULY 26, the Filipinos heard the first ever "State Of The Nation Address" aka. SONA by the newly elected PHILIPPINE PRESIDENT BENIGNO AQUINO III and so I thought of featuring the song "STATE OF THE NATION" by NEW ORDER here in my little blog "The Doctor Is In". Of course, there's a much more popular "STATE OF THE NATION" song for Filipinos which was the one sang by "INDUSTRY" but we will be featuring It on a different blogpost. Btw, last year July 12, 2009 Bernard Sumner revealed to Mojo Magazine the official disbandment of the band. That's no new album from New Order and sad news for their supporters and fans.

"STATE OF THE NATION" by NEW ORDER was a single by the band back in 1986 and was first played here in MANILA by WXB102 back in 1987. The 12" version of the song is almost twice as long as the 7" version that included an additional verse and It's B-side is entitled "SHAME OF THE NATION". Huh? Will that be true for the recent SONA Kabayans? Well, some Filipinos were contented hearing and watching the SONA while others find it to be lack of substance. I guess, to each his own. I really love both songs from NEW ORDER and the synthesizers will perk you up to go club dancing. He He He!! Though not included on most standard releases of the album "Brotherhood", the 12" version of "State Of The Nation" was included as a bonus track on some versions and was originally included on the US 12" version of "Bizarre Love Triangle." The 12" version of "Shame of the Nation" on the other hand, was included on the 2008 Collectors Edition of Low-Life. Memorable songs indeed for Pinoy New Wavers!!

"The State of the Nation Address" aka. SONA in Pilipino "Talumpati sa Kalagayan ng Bansa" is an annual event here in my country, the Republic of the Philippines, wherein the President of the Philippines usually reports on the status of the nation, normally to the resumption of a joint session of the Congress that includes the House of Representatives and the Senate. I do hope and pray that we will see some improvements in the coming six years of P-NOY's term. THANKS for dropping by!!





METRIC - Eclipse (All Yours)

METRIC is a Canadian Modern Rock Indie band originally formed in Toronto by vocalist EMILY HAINES and guitarist JAMES SHAW back in 1999 . Emily and James decided to call their partnership "Metric" coined after a synthesizer beat that James used on his sampler and as a reference to the duo's musical precision. The band is also consist of bassist Josh Winstead and drummer Joules Scott-Key. ECLIPSE is the third installment of The Twilight Saga film series, following 2008's Twilight and 2009's New Moon. Recently, I just watched the movie on the big screen and although I'm not a hardcore fan of this series I find this third movie much better than It's two predecessors. I just love the fight scenes when the vampires and wolves combined forces to destroy Victoria's ruthless followers. Well, I was blown away by the soundtrack and what I really liked the most was this song from METRIC. "ECLIPSE (ALL YOURS)" by METRIC was first played here in MANILA by JAM 88.3 as one of their featured songs on "New Music Wednesday" back in MAY 2010. YUP!! Just a month before the said movie was shown here in MANILA. I was driving when I first caught this song on JAM 88.3 on that said radio show and I immediately liked it. So here it goes, I decided to make a blogpost about it.“Eclipse (All Yours)" by Metric is featured in the latest movie in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse and is the lead-off track from the original motion picture soundtrack. The instrumental arrangement played on the movie is just awesome.

METRIC had the honor of writing the "Twilight: Eclipse theme song" with legendary film score composer HOWARD SHORE. Great song indeed accompanied by great Music Video done by director and photographer BRANTLEY GUTIERREZ. I included the MTV of the song uploaded by "GoLowerThanDeep" on YouTube here in my blogpost to make it interesting. THANKS AGAIN for dropping by!!

WATCH the music video of "ECLIPSE (All Yours)" by METRIC here:

That's a METRIC ECLIPSE of the heart!!


Samu't Saring GARY GRANADA "The Legend Series"

GARY GRANADA is an excellent FILIPINO musical performer who is both a poet and a songwriter who has ventured into various musical genres. A veteran in the PINOY music scene indeed!! It's another different blogpost for today my dear friends and I hope you'll like it. Btw, "Granada" in English means "Grenade". Well, I guess that's how explosive Gary is in the Philippine music industry. So what do you think KABAYANS? He has brought his music around the world and has written a lot of songs already in his career ranging from different musical genres like folk, rock and even gospel to satirical and political songs. Wheeew!! That's what I call diversity. Gary also received a quite number of music awards already and what Ill be mentioning are his 80s awards since my little blog "The Doctor Is In" really reflects the decade of the 80s. The awards include the 1988 KBP MUSICFEST with “Bahay”, the 1984 METROPOP for the song “Salamat Musika”, and in 1989, Gary’s Earthkeeper won the top prize in the United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP) Songwriting Contest. Of course, there are more awards aside from the ones mentioned. Both songs "Bahay" and "Salamat Musika" are included in the CD that I'm featuring right now. Gary Granada should not be mistaken from another great fellow Pinoy musician Noel Cabangon.

"SAMU'T SARING GARY GRANADA : The Legend Series" is a 13 Track CD compilation of Gary Granada's diverse music. YUP!! Nice compilation which I bought because of the kind of music in it although It doesn't really reflect the entire works of Gary since this talented musician has composed several songs and had several albums in his hands. I uploaded my CD just in case you wanna have a copy of it and clearly this is for promotional use only okay. My favorite here would be the LA 105.9 classic "KAHIT KONTI" in English "just a little". Who would forget the Philippine Basketball Association(PBA) theme during those times entitled "Pag Natatalo Ang Ginebra". YUP!! For die-hard GINEBRA Team fans ..... which I'm not. He He He!! The Ginebra basketball team was indeed a crowd favorite back then and definitely my KABAYANS would remember these things especially ROBERT "The Big J." JAWORSKI also known as "The Living Legend". That's why they were called "BARANGAY GINEBRA". MEMORIES INDEED!! Hmmmp? I wonder how's the PBA right now? I'm a great PBA fan back in the 80s and 90s and declined my interest come the Millenium.

LISTEN to my favorite "KAHIT KONTI":

Album: Samu't Saring Gary Granada
Artist: Gary Granada

1. Kahit Konti
2. Ang Aking Kubo
3. Kapag Sinabi Ko Sa Iyo
4. Kung Ika'y Wala
5. Bahay
6. Huwag Kang Mangako Ng Kailanpaman
7. Address
8. Kung Ayaw Mo Na Sa Akin
9. Bilin
10. Holdap
11. Hanggang Kailan, Hanggang Saan
12. Pag Natatalo Ang Ginebra
13. Salamat Musika


PASSWORD: http://docmuzic.blogspot.com/

in English "When GINEBRA IS LOSING"

Well, Gary Granada also made a winning version entitled "PAG NANALO ANG GINEBRA" this time sang by "BAYANG BARRIOS". I included the Video uploaded by "itchelielie" on YouTube so guys who love the PBA prepare for another Nostalgic Trip with this Music Video with lyrics. You will remember the players of the GINEBRA TEAM too since they were all mentioned.

composed by GARY GRANADA and sung by BAYANG BARRIOS:

That's all for today everyone!! Hope you like my little tribute to "Gary Granada". THANKS AGAIN for dropping by!!

These are the GRENADES of



The Pin-Up Girls

THE PIN-UP GIRLS aka. The Pin-Ups are a FILIPINO INDIE BAND formed back in 1996 composed of MONDO CASTRO (formerly NU107 DJ on their New Wave Radio Program "CLUB RETRO") on vocals/guitar, PAMELA AQUINO (formerly of all-female Pinoy Indie Band KELTSCROSS) on vocals/ guitar, and JENG TAN on vocals/bass. The band also added guitarist RYAN NACHURA and drummer NOEL GARCIA on their line-up and began performing NEW WAVE Covers on different clubs and gigs. Like any usual bands, they also had some line-up changes throughout their Independent Career having JAJA MANUEL and MITCH SINGSON. The band got their name from Jennifer's Bettie Page T-Shirt and recently dropped the "Girls" and adapted "The Pin-Ups" instead since only 25% of the member is a lady. Hmmmmp? The Pin-Up Girls officially released their debut album entitled "HELLO PAIN" back in 2001 with their budget coming from raising funds on a garage sale. Wheeew!! That's really "Indie" I may say!! Of course, "Hello Pain" included my favorite song from the band entitled "RIDE ROCKET WILD". In 2003, The Pin-Up Girls made a 5 track EP entitled "TASTE TEST" which was re-issued in 2004 under Mike Sutton's "Know It All Records" label with added tracks and even had good reviews both in the U.S. and U.K. That's proudly FILIPINO!! The Pin-Up Girls then released locally a compilation of their rare tracks and demos entitled "TAKE ON THE WEAKENED SKY" back in 2005. Their second album "ALL SEATS ARE TAKEN" was then released in 2006 wherein It also included the band's collaboration with the late great FRANCIS MAGALONA and KENNETH ILAGAN of Iconic 80s PINOY Band VIOLENT PLAYGROUND. I only saw the band performed LIVE once and that was wayback 2003. A great FILIPINO band indeed that's very underrated. The Pin-Up Girls as of today are still very active in the underground music scene.

The Pin-Up Girls were also the front act on the Per Oystein Sorensen solo FRA LIPPO LIPPI concert here in MANILA back in 2006. Some songs of the band were even played by radio stations in the U.S. and even New Jersey's Internet Station"www.flashbackalternatives.com". Their lead vocalist Mondo made available for download all the band's CDs in the Internet and so I'm making it also available here on my little blog "The Doctor Is In" by placing the link to the files Mondo uploaded before for those who still doesn't have a copy of it. THANKS Mondo for sharing these stuffs!! YUP!! It's for your listening pleasure everyone!! Interesting CD covers !! Pin-Up Girls indeed I may say!! He He He!! I didn't include the TRACKLISTS for each CD anymore since the individual songs are well indicated on the Music Files. ENJOY THE MUZIC guys!!







I Uploaded Three Music Videos of The Pin-Up Girls just to spice up this blogpost of mine regarding the band. Interesting and great videos!!

WATCH "DOWN"here :



The Pin-Up Girls were also featured on NME-EUROPE last MARCH 31,2010. Click the band's photo to read the article:

Last Year 2009, a U.K. Indie Record Label "BABY BOOM RECORDS" included The Pin-Up Girls song entitled "JACKSON POLLOCK 9" on their compilation sampler.

Track # 20


Well, for the finale LISTEN to my favorite "RIDE ROCKET WILD" :

I hope you guys like my little tribute on "The Pin-Up Girls". It's "The Dr. Stirring Rhod Way" again. THANKS for dropping by !!

Ride Rocket Wild
The Pin-Up Girls!!