Samu't Saring GARY GRANADA "The Legend Series"

GARY GRANADA is an excellent FILIPINO musical performer who is both a poet and a songwriter who has ventured into various musical genres. A veteran in the PINOY music scene indeed!! It's another different blogpost for today my dear friends and I hope you'll like it. Btw, "Granada" in English means "Grenade". Well, I guess that's how explosive Gary is in the Philippine music industry. So what do you think KABAYANS? He has brought his music around the world and has written a lot of songs already in his career ranging from different musical genres like folk, rock and even gospel to satirical and political songs. Wheeew!! That's what I call diversity. Gary also received a quite number of music awards already and what Ill be mentioning are his 80s awards since my little blog "The Doctor Is In" really reflects the decade of the 80s. The awards include the 1988 KBP MUSICFEST with “Bahay”, the 1984 METROPOP for the song “Salamat Musika”, and in 1989, Gary’s Earthkeeper won the top prize in the United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP) Songwriting Contest. Of course, there are more awards aside from the ones mentioned. Both songs "Bahay" and "Salamat Musika" are included in the CD that I'm featuring right now. Gary Granada should not be mistaken from another great fellow Pinoy musician Noel Cabangon.

"SAMU'T SARING GARY GRANADA : The Legend Series" is a 13 Track CD compilation of Gary Granada's diverse music. YUP!! Nice compilation which I bought because of the kind of music in it although It doesn't really reflect the entire works of Gary since this talented musician has composed several songs and had several albums in his hands. I uploaded my CD just in case you wanna have a copy of it and clearly this is for promotional use only okay. My favorite here would be the LA 105.9 classic "KAHIT KONTI" in English "just a little". Who would forget the Philippine Basketball Association(PBA) theme during those times entitled "Pag Natatalo Ang Ginebra". YUP!! For die-hard GINEBRA Team fans ..... which I'm not. He He He!! The Ginebra basketball team was indeed a crowd favorite back then and definitely my KABAYANS would remember these things especially ROBERT "The Big J." JAWORSKI also known as "The Living Legend". That's why they were called "BARANGAY GINEBRA". MEMORIES INDEED!! Hmmmp? I wonder how's the PBA right now? I'm a great PBA fan back in the 80s and 90s and declined my interest come the Millenium.

LISTEN to my favorite "KAHIT KONTI":

Album: Samu't Saring Gary Granada
Artist: Gary Granada

1. Kahit Konti
2. Ang Aking Kubo
3. Kapag Sinabi Ko Sa Iyo
4. Kung Ika'y Wala
5. Bahay
6. Huwag Kang Mangako Ng Kailanpaman
7. Address
8. Kung Ayaw Mo Na Sa Akin
9. Bilin
10. Holdap
11. Hanggang Kailan, Hanggang Saan
12. Pag Natatalo Ang Ginebra
13. Salamat Musika


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in English "When GINEBRA IS LOSING"

Well, Gary Granada also made a winning version entitled "PAG NANALO ANG GINEBRA" this time sang by "BAYANG BARRIOS". I included the Video uploaded by "itchelielie" on YouTube so guys who love the PBA prepare for another Nostalgic Trip with this Music Video with lyrics. You will remember the players of the GINEBRA TEAM too since they were all mentioned.

composed by GARY GRANADA and sung by BAYANG BARRIOS:

That's all for today everyone!! Hope you like my little tribute to "Gary Granada". THANKS AGAIN for dropping by!!

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